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Fen Farm, East Mersea.
Me and my parents visiting Fen Farm (caravan/campsite) on East Mersea, Essex, in July 2013 for the first time since the summer of 1994. My late grandparents had a caravan there, and the whole park has been modernised with a modern caravan now long since been put in it's place. It's far more cramped than it used to be all those years ago, however there are now far more facilities. It's a very strange experience going back for the first time to the exact place you last were 19 years ago, only to realise times have changed.
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ChiChime's 9th Birthday Fundraiser Special
Psytrance party I went to @ Chinnerys, Marine Parade, Southend-on-Sea. ;-)
Views: 256 Chris Heinrich
Singing Pig
Singing Pig on the toilet!
Views: 697 Chris Heinrich
Fen Farm and beach - East Mersea.
Visiting the beach in July 2013 on Fen Farm caravan site, East Mersea, Essex.
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Southend Pier - Summer 2013.
Me and my mate Alex taking a trip to the end of Southend pier one hot sunny Saturday in the summer of 2013.
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Poor street lighting in Southend
Southend council install new LED street lighting which doesn't even work.
Views: 43 Chris Heinrich
Shoelaces tied together
Mad Mick of Southend gets pissed round a mates, falls asleep, and gets his shoelaces tied together!!
Views: 2217 Chris Heinrich
Pont Aven Party!
New Years Eve 2008/2009 on the Pont Aven Ferry in the port of Santander, Spain.
Views: 1019 Chris Heinrich
Amsterdam Sex Museum - Man Pissing!!
Went to Amsterdam Sex Museum when I was out there and saw a bloke doing this.. how rude!!
Views: 13278 Chris Heinrich
Graham Wright aka 'Go-Go!' pissed as Hell outside Bell pub in Southend! This man is a legend haha!!
Views: 88 Chris Heinrich
Street party celebrations for the Queens Golden Jubilee (2nd June 2002)
Street party in Briarwood Drive, Leigh-on-sea, Essex, celebrating The Queen's Golden Jubilee back in June 2002.
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The View @ Hard Rock Calling Festival 2013.
The View at Hard Rock Calling Festival 2013.
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Oli the African Grey Parrot
Oli having his water changed. ;)
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This has got to be the strangest bedroom light in the world ever.
what is that strange clear plastic object hanging over the light? none of you will ever guess!!
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Brighton Wheel
Short film taken by myself on the Brighton Wheel. Great view from up there! (late summer 2013)
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Me filming at the top of the Euromast in Rotterdam.. if you're scared of heights don't watch!!
Views: 68 Chris Heinrich
Go-Go burns remote control
How can ANYONE on Earth manage to do this to a DVD remote control?.. Intense heat or what?!
Views: 48 Chris Heinrich
Nutty Random Idea!!
Me, Eddy and Mick being VERY random indeed! Has anyone in the world ever smoked a cigar in their loft before?!! ;)
Views: 108 Chris Heinrich
Inside the University Museum of Bergen, Norway.
so how on earth do they make this ball float in mid-air like that?...
Views: 51 Chris Heinrich
My mate Eddy and his fantastic keyboard playing!
Keyboard Edd featuring meself Chris H, Mad Mick, Graham-Go-Go! and Danielle (singing 'Stand By Me') :)
Views: 162 Chris Heinrich
Euro Trance Raver
Myself (Chris H) @ home ravin away to Technobase.fm on Winamp.
Views: 147 Chris Heinrich
Electro Plasma Lava Lamp
Note: The lightning also follows your finger if you touch the glass. Works a treat with the psytrance dont u think?!
Views: 7600 Chris Heinrich
Charter Day in Southend-on-Sea (19/09/92)
Charter Day Parade in Southend-on-Sea way back in September 1992.
Views: 95 Chris Heinrich

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