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How to swap an LS into a Gbody. Video
I have been asked to do a instructional video on swapping an LS into a Gbody. I know alot of people that personally hate videos like this but please be patient with it i worked really hard on it to help people and get the info out. Parts i used are: Car shop inc. 1 inch back plates found on Ebay GM muscle car pan bought from Jegs Advance Adapters flywheel kit 712500A found at Summit Holley intake 300-132 found at Summit Street Demon 750 carb from Jegs MSD 6010 from Jegs S10 LS swap headers found at Ebay. Stock truck accessories. Remember smaller pulley may be needed. Yes my apologies stock power steering lines will work with truck accessories. This list is by no means what you have to use. This is just what worked for me. What works for me may not work for everyone
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5.3 swap almost complete. An apology and a thank you!
My throat was kinda bothering me in this vid so sorry for not being so hyped like always LOL Just wanna say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and my buddy Tom for the video shout out.
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5.3 Build just about done
Got pan and intake put on. Intake is Holley 300 132 Pan is GM muscle car pan. It's pretty much the Hummer pan.
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LS swap 5.3 Malibu. 3rd start. Forgot about first start
Everyone likes first start videos of swaps lol i forgot to make one so here is like the 3rd start
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Malibu finally getting a LS swap
Finally picked up a 5.3. Im nervous but excited at the same time lol. But everyones been big help with advice and i feel really confident. I hope to keep the updates coming. Slowly but steadily
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The Stepside is 5.3 swapped. FINALLY!
I've been gone. But I'm back lol.
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79 malibu quick walkaround
Youtube is flooded with car walkarounds so just wanted to add my own. 79 chevy malibu. 350, 650 edelbrock carb with matching intake, mild cam, lifters, and roller rockers, duel flowmaster super 40s.
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Malibu Update
Update on the Bu i cant wait to get started on her
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88 GMC
This is my 88 gmc stepside. I took the 350 out of my malibu and dropped it in. No the malibus not goin anywhere its my baby. This truck is a built 350 with thumper cam form comp, ported heads, dual plane intake with an edelbrock 1406 carb. It makes at least 350hp ( NOT DYNOED ) at the flywheel and its backed by a 700r4 tranny and a 3.42 rear end. This is also a video response to people on SilveradoSierra and Gbodyforum who kept trying to convince me that it is impossible to convert TBI to Carb. Its very simple and il happily help anyone who wants to try this one day.
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79 Malibu 5.3 Lsx
5.3 with edelbrock 2215 cam, 510/510 lift 300 adv duration, Holley mid rise single plane, 750 Street Demon
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Malibu 5.3 LS6 springs installed.
Valve springs are installed. Cam on the way
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The cam is in on the 5.3. Edelbrock 2215
The edelbrock 2215 is in! I hope everyone enjoys my fun sunday update!
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Another 5.3... Lol
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A short boring update
Another quick sunday funday update on the 5.3
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My 88 GMC Vid
This is a video to show off another project i have laying around. And also an excuse to try out some video editing as ive never done it before lol
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Camera cut off watch part 1 first
Yes I could edit them together but I like my videos raw
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GTAV Lose 5 stars the easy way Lol
Not gear head related but its my channel Lol
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Jak Gold79 - Black Ops II Game Clip
Game Clip
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Black Ops 2 Im confused
Just havin a wtf moment
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Black ops 2 an ok triple kill
Mainly me experimenting with youtube lol
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