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"Return of the Jedi" Slave Leia Scene - Special Edition
I uploaded my first video to YouTube four years ago today, so here's a remake of one of my older works. Have fun!
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Slave Leia and Jabba Loop 9
Been ages since my last proper loop video, so here's one today! Don't forget to stop by https://www.reddit.com/r/jabbaleia/ if you get the chance.
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Jabba's Slave Girl Moments - Subtitled (Rancor Eats Luke!)
Premiere of TFA is only hours away, so here's a special "Best Of" scene compilation featuring Oola and Slave Leia. Subtitles are included; some from the movie, and some I came up with. Hopefully, TFA is really good!
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"Return of the Jedi" Slave Leia Scene
Per a request I recieved, here's a batch of clips not organized as a music video (or ect.) of Jabba and his scantily-clad metal bikini-wearing slave girl, Princess Leia.
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Jabba's New Entertainment: Lapti Nek Edition
This is a new Oola gets killed video, but now with old-school Lapti Nek. Enjoy!
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Jabba's Slavery Compilation (Featuring "Lapti Nek Overture")
I managed to dig up a rare version of Lapti Nek somewhere, so I spliced bits and pieces of it to make this video. Have fun!
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Slave Leia Watches Oola Get Eaten: Remake
A remake of one of my older videos. About time I uploaded something again.
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Interview with Slave Leia fan
Christy Marie: Slave Leia
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Jabba and Slave Leia: Manga Version
Title is self-explanatory.
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Jabba Always Gets His Girl
Here's a special Valentines Day upload for all you good folks. If any of you notice any subtle plopping sounds, you can thank plrbj for those. :D
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Slideshow of girl in Slave Leia costume
Slideshow of Christy Marie as Slave Leia. Consider this my Christmas present, hehe.
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Jabba Won't Regret This
How Jabba spends his time on the Sail Barge; I've been on a roll lately!
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Leia the Huttslayer
Here's another project I meant to finish several months ago before my computer broke down. I haven't really explored the conclusion of Leia's time as Jabba's prisoner in my videos, so I hope you all enjoy!
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Slave Leia's Embrace
My latest request: a video with some Slave Leia cosplayers embracing Jabba (or statues/puppets of him at any rate).
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 4
Finally, a new looping video to be enjoyed!
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Jabba's Slave Girl Moments 2 - If Luke Fails
What happens when Leia, without hope for rescue, is forced to come to terms with being Jabba's slave for a really long time.....
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Friends: The Princess Leia Fantasy Explained
As a special Halloween treat, here's audio from the infamous Leia Fantasy episode of Friends mixed in with actual clips from ROTJ. Reading all the comments over the years about how watching clips from that Friends episode lead people to my videos, I'm surprised I haven't done this sooner, heh heh. Have a Happy Halloween, everybody!
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 1: Short Version
In celebration of Valentine's Day.... :P
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Oola & Jabba Loop 1
Felt like doing a looping video of Oola......
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Did Jabba the Hutt Do Princess Leia?
Question raised by "I Love the 80s: 1983".
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 8 (HD Remaster)
If anyone's curious why my HD loop project has been delayed, I've been working on this new Jabba's Slave Girls fansite: http://jabbaslaves.webs.com/
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Slave Leia Cosplayers at Gentle Giant: Documentary Footage
I might have uploaded a snippet or two from this source before, but never the full thing. Kinda ancient, but enjoy it all the same!
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Gold Bikini Leia: Rescue, or Enslave?
Happy 4th of July weekend! Sorry for the long absence, but I've been messing around in one of my typical sound/video experiments. So for a change of pace, here's some concentrated non-looping Slave Leia goodness!
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New Documentary Slave Leia Footage
Preview from the Blu-Ray set coming out.
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Princess Leia: Damsel In Distress
Leia Organa is holding out for a hero..... or is she?
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Slave Leia: Satisfaction Guaranteed
Here's a new music video from me featuring Oola and Princess Leia enslaved, just in time for the holidays.
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 5
The one where Leia chokes Jabba....
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Manga - Jabba Captures Leia (Japanese Dub!)
Special thanks to Jabba's Palace for obtaining the Japanese audio of this scene. PS: YT mysteriously cut off my first upload, so here is a reupload.
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Slave Leia Choking Jabba the Hutt: Alternate Takes
I took these specific clips from Frank's documentary: thank you Frank!
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Alternate Slave Leia Footage: Choking Jabba
Complete version of the side shot of Leia strangling Jabba the Hutt.
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Princess Leia Enslaved
Princess Leia captured and enslaved by the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 1
Recieved a request to make a looping video, so here it is.
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Paula Labaredas: A Smokin' Fox
Slideshow of Paula Labaredas. It's about time I made a video about a new subject . :P
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 3 (HD Remaster)
Hope you all had a merry Christmas! ^_^
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After Dark: Jabba & His Slave Girl
A new Slave Leia music video. Featuring movie footage, artwork, and cosplay all in one! :O
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 2 (HD Remaster)
Yet another HD loop for you all. Hopefully, I can get these out at a reasonable time frame.
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Slave Leia Cosplay Lechery
Because the fantasy is not confined to Carrie Fisher alone. Inspired by the Oracle scene from 300.
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 5 (HD Remaster)
By popular demand, here's my same loop as before but without Jabba in it...... I don't think I'll be making another variant, lol.
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Slave Leia Loop 6
Getting the gun.....
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Slave Leia and Jabba the Hutt
A video montage of Slave Leia and her master, Jabba the Hutt, from Return of the Jedi, with some shots of Oola thrown in for good measure.
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 4 (HD Remaster)
RIP Carrie Fisher.
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Luke Skywalker's Slave Leia Fantasy
How Luke wished Return of the Jedi actually turned out. Audio from 1977 Star Wars TV spot for humorous reflection.
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 2
Here's another looping video I was asked to make.
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Jabba the Dragon?
Here's a little something I had cooked up before my computer went haywire for several months. The audio clip for this video comes from some documentary that aired on the History Channel a while back. PS: The original version of my Slave Leia scene video hit a million views today! And its remake is hot on its heels at around 900,000+. Thank you all who've tuned in over the years I've had my channel running. ^_^
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 3
Last looping video for the time being...
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 1 (HD Remaster)
My first foray into using the YT video editor. Also my first attempt at remaking a past video using HD. Hope y'all enjoy!
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Slave Leia and Jabba Loop 8
Forgot I made this loop a while ago. Here it is!
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Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 7
And here's another loop video, and I think that'll do it for Leia loops actually.
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Cut Slave Leia Footage: Rancor Fight
Finally back with a new video!
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Mentos Commercial with Jabba the Hutt
Something stupid I did, inspired by this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEipVhk4taE . Happy Holidays, everyone!
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