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Flipping lit cigarette in my mouth three in a row
Smoking my weed in the garage and flipping my lit cigarettes
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Kim K- Gibberish. A song I wrote about men. Kim Howell
Gibberish. A song I wrote about men. I write songs, poems, and children's books, funny songs and real comedy.I can't sing but I love to write. My last song is called you never call me on my flip phone please look it up it is funny! Thank you hope you enjoy. Peace.
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Hotboxing in the car wash
Hotboxing in the car wash peace and love to everybody
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Zro I know to Ricky my love
Made your poster too it's on here and I'm cutting a rug for you lol that means dancing πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’πŸŒ»πŸŒΊπŸ’‹πŸ”₯I love you my 🍯
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The perfectpipe.com
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Jingle Bud Rock
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Cannabis Queen
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Georgia Boyz Ridin High
I love this song
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Smoking on the way to the beach jamming to Rihanna
Smoking on the way to the beach jamming to Rihanna lightning strikes everytime she moves
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Two cigarettes flicked in my mouth - both lit
Smoking out while flipping cigarettes in my mouth
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*How to flip a joint*
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Smoking weed in the garage and flicking my cigarettes
Smoking weed in the garage flipping my cigarettes in my mouth trick
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Hip Hop-Kim Shady Baby! Free style! A song I wrote for Slim.Second take.
Kim lady. Or Kim Shady .A song for Slim for. I am reading off my paper. I just wrote the song and filmed it same day, ghetto style! Thank you for watching hope you enjoy. Peace and love. [email protected]
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Light up toilet seat tester from Home Depot
Light up toilet seat my boyfriend got to review from Home Depot what do you think lol
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Elko Nevada
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Country music play list- channel 19. I wrote this song same day. First take. In memory of my dad.
Breaker 19. A song I wrote about my dad I am reading off the paper just wrote it same day as I filmed it Ghetto style.lol In memory of my truck driver daddy. Singing sucks I know I sound and look like a hound dog! LOL Hope you enjoy. Ghetto records. Peace. [email protected]
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Pineapple express
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McDonald's hot boxing
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Pineapple Express
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Joint flipping in the garage
Flipping my joint in my mouth not too good this time last time was three out of three this time was 1 out of 4 LOL I should have stopped at 1
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I'm Only Human After All don't put the blame on me
Kim Shady holding a sign and flicking her cigarettes don't put the blame on me
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Calling all ladies do dick pictures get you horny
Calling all women yes or no dick pictures get you horny I say no
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Giveaway Paintings
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Garage smoking and flipping cigarettes
Garage blazing and jamming to lose your self
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Stand up comedy - About ladys and men. Funny stuff. Subscribe- Kim Howell
Stand up comedy. Very funny I promise you will laugh. Just remember I wrote my materials the same day I film them no proof reading even. Written by me. And please watch my first video about men and subscribe to Kim Howell. Thank you. Peace and love to all. [email protected]
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Smoking and jamming to Audioslave in the car wash
Smoking and jamming with my dog in the car wash
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Wake and bake my bitches
Wake and bake bitches. peace
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Just another work day
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I'm in a roll lol
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Kim K Shady- Hotline Bling ( You use to call me on my flip phone) Double G.
Double G in the house. Great grandma. You use to call me on my flip phone. My mom likes the original song so we made a funny video with a song I wrote called, You use to call me on my flip phone! This was first take and she would only let me do two takes. Lol. first take she forgot to hold her flip phone!Shout out to my mom! And she does not live in a nursing home. Hope you get a good laugh! Enjoy. Peace and love to all. mommatried [email protected]
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Harper Valley PTA jamming and smoking
Harper Valley PTA jammin and smoking the weeds
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