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Prank Airport Announcements - From the Chris Morris radio show on BBC Radio 1
Prank Airport Announcements. Airport announcers were tricked into making these announcements under the pretence that they were foreign names. This was not done by me - it was originally done by "Paul" on the Chris Morris radio show on BBC Radio 1 on or around 30th November 1994, and this part of that show can be listened to from time 8:07 on the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJFgQx3B1DM I pinched the audio from another website (see credit in video and below) and made it into a video. Some people may recall that the audio was circulated around the early days of the internet (in the 1990's) embedded in a Microsoft Word document. Here is the story ... "Wed go and sit on the balcony at Terminal 3 at Heathrow, directly under one of the speakers as the roof is low. We put the tape machine in our bag with the microphone poking out of the top. Wed look for a flight that had arrived in the last 40 minutes from somewhere where youd expect mental names, then write a letter saying, 'Could you go and pick up etc. etc. from flight, etc.' That way, it looked like itd been arranged in advance as the flight arrival details were written on the note. We also wore an ID-style badge and carried a mobile so that we looked like taxi drivers. One of us would get the first one read out and then the other did the second. We d pretend to be unable to pronounce it and then hand them the bit of paper with the name written on it. Long winded, but well worth it! "We got rumbled doing the 'My colleague just, etc.' They actually threatened to arrest us as apparently theyd actually had complaints over the previous weeks! We were toying with doing it again just to see what theyd arrest us for, but we rang Chris and all he said was, 'Go to Gatwick!' This is the reason the last one sounds so crap cos Gatwick is a much noisier place and the ceilings are high, and it was difficult to get near a speaker. The lengths we had to go to ...." http://www.queenhill.demon.co.uk/airspeak/air_speak.htm
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The Kennington Loop
If you travel on a southbound Northern line train from Waterloo or any other station on the Charing Cross branch, it will normally terminate at Kennington. But what happens if you don't get off the train? The answer is that it carries on south into a big loop of track that is not used for normal passenger services, taking you right back into Kennington station ready to form the next northbound service again on the Charing Cross branch. This is known as the Kennington loop, and legend has it that it is haunted. A must-do for every railway geek. By the way you're officially not allowed to travel around the loop. But if you keep a low profile I'm sure you'll get away with it. Can you see any ghosts? Muahahahaha!!
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Eclipse. Watch from minute 7. Shadow approaches from sea.
Amazing RARE video for astronomers not of the sun itself during the eclipse, but the horizon as the eclipse shadow comes. Start watching 3/4 of the way through (minute 7). View looking South of the approaching shadow as seen from the town of Side in Turkey. Watch as the sky turns almost black - well cool. Sorry about the bleeding plane buzzing around during it. Somebody should have shot it down.
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Ken in his lorry driving days
Clearly the inspiration for David Hasselhoff's character in Baywatch. Where are the Baywatch babes? What a hunk! (snigger)
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Anthem Of The Seas maiden departure from Southampton
Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship turns around and departs Southampton Docks, England, on Saturday 18th April 2015, for a short trip in preparation for its first European tour. With two fire tugs offering a watery celebration (getting my camera a little damp in the process lol). Video taken from aboard the Hythe ferry.
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THE MONEYMEN - a must-watch UK TV drama from 1987
This is an ITV television play broadcast in 1987, a drama about the new world of de-regulated financial trading of the Thatcher era in the UK (Big Bang), and the impact that that de-regulation had on those involved with it. Long before the use of the computerized trading systems of today, it was an era of open-outcry bargaining across a trading floor or over the telephone, high levels of stress experienced by those traders, and the greed/fear dynamic that this led to. Very well written, with a plot that grabs your attention, and a tense finale - a must watch. And look out for a number of actors who would find fame later in their careers, such as: Perry Fenwick - Billy Mitchell in Eastenders Edward Tudor Pole - Crystal Maze Ross Kemp - also in Eastenders This particular copy of the play was recorded to VHS tape when it was aired, and now, 29 years later, it has survived with not very much loss of quality.
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Killer cows roam Pamber Forest looking for victims!
My brother recorded these three lovely animals walking though the forest near Beggars Bridge. They must have escaped from a field!
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Those Were The Days - All 50 Versions (inc Mary Hopkin, Dolly Parton, Bing Crosby...)
In the middle of last year I was in Paris, and an accordian-playing busker came onto the metro train I was travelling on, and started playing a bit of catchy music that I thought I had heard somewhere before. After a but of careful humming, my phone's "SoundHound" app identified it for me as being a track called "Those were the days". Originally written by a Russian, it has been covered by at least 15 artists in several countries, mainly during the 1960's and 70's, but particularly by Mary Hopkin, who in 1968 made it world famous, getting to number 1 in the UK charts. Downloading a few of the versions onto my phone to listen to, I thought I would lose interest in it after a few days, but no my interest has only continued to grow. Now I have completed a project to download all 50 versions of the track that I can find, and upload them to YouTube as a single file, with links to each in the text description here. Yes I could have used a "playlist" to link them, but I didn't think of that until I'd done most of the work! Starting with the famous Mary Hopkin version, the following versions are the efforts of big names at the time, such as Dolly Parton (my favourite version), The Three Tenors, Bing Crosby, and even Vera Lynn. After around 25 English language versions, the second group of versions is from foreign language singers, all the way from Argentina to Japan. The third section is Russian language versions, based on the fact that Russia was the originating country of the music (though not the lyrics). And finally a few purely instrumental versions. Below is a list of each of the 50 items, and you can click on the time shown in blue font to jump straight to them if you like. With each is the link to the Youtube video where I downloaded the song from, and if you are the uploader for one of these links, and you want me to remove it, then send me a message and I'll try to remove it. 1_1. Mary Hopkin: 0:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3KEhWTnWvE 2_2. Dolly Parton: 5:03 v=w_sjHnzPyT4 3_3. The Three Tenors: 9:33 v=IfT9W80_W0Q 4_4. Bing Crosby: 11:52 v=D9ArphpVxtg 5_5. Vera Lynn: 17:14 v=yU4IbVbJfSM 6_6. Englebert Humperdinck: 21:28 v=vl-_4EDwmgM 7_29. Bonnie Tyler: 26:18 v=7ehQNgfRwwY 8_15. Sandie Shaw: 28:38 v=a6SavBwy8cs 9_19. Liam Clancy (Irish singer): 32:39 v=8fILx3zMHaY 10_36 Darby Walker (The Voice 2016): 38:22 v=0ccW_1WVoDg 11_21. Cynthia Lennon: 40:26 v=gDmijKZZ4bc 12_18. Turisas (Finnish heavy metal): 44:09 v=RCubsJtkxY0 13_12. Leningrad cowboys: 48:15 v=lh_h-KdbBrE 14_20. The Limelighters: 52:36 v=2O5EeBjxhiY 15_17. Rossi Kirilova (Bulgaria): 55:52 v=YOAfiV7i_0s 16_8. 5th Dimension: 1:00:41 v=Nj8RJWU2EVA 17_32. Yulia Live At Chambord Castle: 1:03:48 v=JC18mlgHS48 18_33. Sons of Maxwell (Canadian): 1:06:40 v=4QryfWMuMLk 19_34. Robert Goulet: 1:11:21 v=xAg1uzzU87Q 20_11. Hermes House Band: 1:16:36 v=ROCQoqjCU6U 21_38. 1:20:08 v=LamlzkctYpk 22_42. Jessica Lee Morgan: 1:24:52 v=VJV0nMZn4lY 23_43. Raindimple: 1:30:44 v=MiJXVg1NSeE 24_46. Alexandra: 1:35:30 v=QNXmtKJLBns 25_49. Kyle Buckley: 1:38:32 v=265EydkoG48 Start of foreign language versions (non Russian): ***** 26_9. Dalida le temps des fleurs (in French): 1:42:06 v=EdWdqfGmocA 27_13. Päivi Paunu (Finnish): 1:46:07 v=QNSJyPOrnh4 28_28. Quelli eran giorni (Gigliola Cinquetti) (Italian): 1:50:16 v=l_ppLzPRQO8 29_31. Niizuma Seiko - Japanese: 1:55:27 v=33g2fIy0JRM 30_41. Gelu - Qué tiempo tan feliz Spanish: 1:57:40 v=S5aSGx9ITAs 31_45. Teresa Teng: 2:01:43 v=gigu-bOMj4U 32_47. TORMENTA - Aquellos Fueron Los Días: 2:05:39 v=lA1PgQyl_kk 33_16. Halina Kunicka (Polish): 2:09:00 v=f6VDm2npVkI Start of Russian language versions ***** 34_22. Alexander Vertinsky - Dorogoi dlinnoyu - By the long road (original 1926 version): 2:13:12 v=mMaz70bOd7w 35_10. True Symphonic Rockestra (Russian): 2:16:12 v=ILagOlPa_D4 36_7. Nikolay Baskov (in Russian I think): 2:19:33 v=xazMJtUXCbg 37_23. Nani Bregvadze. Dorogoy dlinnoyu: 2:23:20 v=neUQXiwZIWc 38_24: 2:27:07 v=CmRynue6_MA 39_25. A.Malinin: 2:31:00 v=Rsl9TIUFUSA 40_26: 2:36:16 v=akkOjw9b7bQ 41_27. Yana Gray - Russian: 2:40:36 v=KjILYI7GGdY 42_30. Manca Izmajlova: 2:44:03 v=2UxC8AW_EKE 43_35: 2:46:46 v=bMly5NzZ5Ek 44_37. Alexandrov Red Army Choir (2007): 2:51:03 v=2y4pdH12xDM Start of instrumental (non singing) versions ***** 45_14. Paul Mauriat - French: 2:55:48 v=II5yIzAQUxs 46_44. - Boston Pops Orchestra: 2:58:42 v=mEfm3faqSbM 47_48. Sumanta Basu on Harmonica: 3:03:19 v=_FuFMm6Q1Sc 48_50. GIOVANNI MARRADI: 3:08:30 v=0adMddgSBv8 49_40. Vladimir and Anton: 3:10:38 v=ZiL0EnvXlP8 50_39. Tamer Sharaf: 3:13:20 v=gvKonWTBWvQ
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Christina Aguilera Leslie Nielsen Super Bowl National Anthem Duet. Surely you can't be serious?
And don't call me Shirley. Hey look, it's Enrico Palazzo! I mean Frank Drebin! The late, great, Leslie Nielson as "Frank Drebin" sings with a star mangled stammer in the hilarious 80's comedy film "The Naked Gun". Christina Aguilera portion copyright of David Packman Show. God bless the USA!
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My mate's fart causes car breakdown
I was driving into town when my mate dropped a really smelly fart and failed to tell me about it. The smell hits me 10 seconds into the video Then the car engine packs up, I pull into a bus stop, and try to start the engine again without success. Mate you've killed my engine! (I was OK though - the car started OK 30 minutes later and we made it into town)
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rollercoaster on clarence pier, Southsea
weeeeeeee If you look very closely you can see my mate Jim sticking his fingers up at me.
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Disposing of the sodium
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Dutch windmill powering at full speed - right up close to the sails
Kinderdijk. The old fashioned windmills, or "molen" as they are called in clog-land, were built 250 years ago to pump water out of the lowlands (polders) of Holland to keep them dry. This windmill was open to the public so I had a look round it. I couldn't find any mice there, and they certainly weren't going clip clippity clop on the stair. (well the only person doing that was me - I fell down one)
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Cows surrounding my hang glider
A herd of cows is interested in my wing, and give it a lick. I said they could have a flight in it; I'm full of bull.
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canal lock - going through in a kayak
interesting. Aldermaston lock, Berkshire, UK
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Roger Moore, Ken Sims, and Tony Curtis drive from Nice to Monaco
Roger Moore, Ken Sims, and Tony Curtis drive from Nice to Monaco
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Ken on "The One Show" on BBC1
Ken competes with two other film extras for a prize, on "The One Show" on BBC1 at 7pm on 6th February 2015. With Chris Evans and Terence Stamp. Chris Evans says: "Recognise them? Of course you don't because they're extras". But he's wrong! - it's our very own Ken Sims! Apologies I lost a few seconds of it at the end. But it'll all be on iplayer in a couple of hours.
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G20: Bitten by Police Dog. Rioter shows off hole gouged out of his arm.
Close up you could see right down to the bone. It happened on Threadneedle street outside the stock exchange building and Pavarotti's cafe. Four police officers with agressive alsatian dogs were facing east, and this guy ran up to them. One of the dogs jumped up at him and bit his arm. Later on he went back to the police line with another guy with a video camera and pointed out which officer's dog it was. The officer in question arrested the man while the other three officers and dogs walked forward in an impressive display of police training, and prevented the man with the video camera and any of the other rioters from stopping him from being arrested.
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Pub Fight 2
I caught this bit of bother in Basingstoke (UK) as trouble erupted in a taxi queue outside a nightclub. Some good punching. But a little blurred because my camera phone is rubbish.
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jet canoe engine non start
A failed attempt to start the engine of my canoe with a jetski engine in it. The engine turned over slowly, but I saw something glowing red hot, and a whisper of white smoke emerged (neither of which you can see on the video). It's great what you can buy on Ebay... Edit: I have no idea what a "rotating boom" is either.
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Train from within Bruce tunnel (canal tunnel) - spooky!
!! Turn the sound up to max !! Bruce tunnel is a canal tunnel in Wiltshire, built to allow the Kennet and Avon canal to travel from Reading to Bath. It runs parallel with the railway from Reading to Exeter. Here I am sat in my kayak in the middle of the tunnel, looking west towards one of its exits, when a train, probably an inter city 125, travels over the top of the tunnel and me. You can hear the sound of the train passing through the air as it approaches the portal, then go quiet as it passes the portal. But then you can hear a deep rumble as it passes overhead, and the sound passes through the ground like an earthquake... Then the same thing in reverse as it heads out to the east.
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LD Lines ferry leaving Le Havre for Portsmouth
Having trouble sleeping? Don't count sheep, watch this video of MV Norman Spirit leaving Le Havre's port for the 5 and a half hour crossing to Portsmouth. Nothing happens. zzzzzzzzzzz...
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Gullfoss Waterfall tourists sliding on ice and nearly falling in!
Gullfoss Waterfall tourists sliding on ice and nearly falling in! This is a video I took in 2007 and have just uploaded in 2017. The walk down to the Gullfoss in the winter time was very icy. And if you slipped, the only thing preventing you from falling into its freezing clutches was a flimsy rope fence. I think they have improved safety since, looking at more recent images of it.
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Ambulance responding to emergency
Check out the Facebook page of AmbulanceCampervans
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Portsbridge Creek
Portsbridge Creek is a narrow tidal canal-like lane of water that separates Portsmouth (UK) from the rest of the UK mainland. I didn't know that it was possible to go all the way along it, but you can. This video covers the trip from the top of Langstone Harbour in the east, across to Portsmouth Harbour in the west, as part of my overall trip to go around Portsmouth anticlockwise. As you can see it is not easy because you have to go on high tides and deal with very low bridges.
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St John Ambulance. CPR training on a dummy
The video is rather dark, but heart attacks don't only happen during the day you know.
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Ken attempts to swim the length of the hotel pool underwater and, er, fails
Despite a cup of tea costing a tenner, the hotel pool of the "La Réserve de Beaulieu" hotel in Beaulieu Sur Mer on the French Riviera is filled with, er, salt water. Nice try Ken :) (I'm sure I wouldn't manage it either though)..
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parrot. Watch this mad parrot dance
parrot at the entrance to a nice bar at the start of Bournemouth pier.
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Wirral police dance
Her Majesty's constabulary's finest on the Wirral tackling an errant citizen brandishing some kind of weapon. Benny Hill would have been proud of them. Yakety Yak.
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Iceland hotpot
A bubbling hot spring at Geysir, Iceland.
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Ken drives a Bentley convertible
Posh sod!
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Ambulance drives through London on blue lights
Check out Facebook for: Ambulance Campervans
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Nearly a collision
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Bad Karaoke in Basingstoke
A sober night spent in "The Tea Bar" exposes me to the horrors of bad karaoke singing. Only in Basingstoke.
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Boat under Tower Bridge
I took my inflatable boat up to London, going from the public slipway on the Isle of Dogs in Docklands, up to Westminster. It was nice waving at the tourists as I motored by. And it was nice waving at other people, who gave me funny looks wondering what I was waving at them for...
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Rocco the dog
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Emergency at Polo
Medic attending injured player, with players rushing to his aid. Action at the other side of the field to the camera.
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Bus lane
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roundabout no indicators
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Oban ferry departs Craignure, isle of Mull, Scotland
Calmac ferry departs
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St John's. CPR training on a dummy Part 2
Our patient today has had a rather large rock fall on him. Will he live? With our intrepid medic Ken, anything is possible!
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Monaco harbour yachts and Grand Prix tunnel.
Lord and Lady Brett Sinclair honoured me with a ride in the back of their BMW 320i convertable as we cruised east along Bd Louis II What are those two classic cars at 0:08 and 0:11 ? Monaco; the millionares' playground.
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Hot chick doing the KINECT dance at Selfridges
Demonstrating X-BOX 360 KINECT This is a motion sensor that allows you to control the XBOX by waving your arms about a few feet in front of it, or (in this case) doing a bit of dancing. Although you can't see it clearly, there is an animation on the TV of a girl dancing, which is driven by the detected motion of the real young lady dancing.
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Speedboat off Bournemouth pier
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Polo at Ascot Park
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