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Miraculous Ladybug-Girl From Sweden (Ladybug)
All rights go to the correct owners, i own nothing!! (lol)
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Miraculous Ladybug-Miss Fortune and Chat Blanc- Partners in Crime
❌All Credit goes to the rightful owners. I own none of the artwork or the music. ❌
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Miraculous Ladybug-Control
❌I do NOT own any artwork or the music. All credit goes to the rightful owners❌
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Miraculous Ladybug - Adrien Agreste - Be Somebody
❌All Credit goes to the rightful owners. I do NOT own any artwork or the music❌
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Aphmau-Faster Car MyStreet PMV
I finally did a WHOLE SONG its amazing! This time its Aphmau not Miraculous Ladybug, and yes i did use some photos twice, dont yell at me, Enjoy! ✖️All the photos in this video are shown in Aphmau's videos and the credit for the artwork goes to the rightful artist! The music is also not mine and goes to the rightful artists, nothing belongs to me!✖️
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DMS Alexandria MN 8th Grade Farewell Class of 2021
This is a video I took of the farewell slideshow for my school of my class. Im proud to be a member of the Class of 2021, Love all of my fellow classmates to!
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