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Big Stan Funny Shower Scene[HD]
Big Stan fights one of the biggest bad-ass in Oaks-burg State Penitentiary. Unfortunately, Don Frye was lucky to think to get out before the fight ended.
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Prison fight: Big Stan vs. Big Raymond Funny Scene[HD]
Big Stan challenges the most dangerous sexual predator of all the prisoners, Big Raymond. Somebody call a doctor! I felt sad for Big Raymond's fingers!
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Big Stan vs. Cleon & Black dudes[HD]
Big Stan got into trouble with Cleon's gang and a couple of black dudes. Fortunately, Cleon get to keep his golden teeth.
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Undisputed II: Last Man Standing -- The Last Fight
The last fight of the movie Undisputed II between George and Boyka in the prison.
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Lazy Song (Bruno Mars) cover by 3 Jade Idiots
Vocalist is Paul Vincent Pansacala, beat-boxer is Fr. Christian Dave Hilario and the lead guitarist is Dominic Joey C. Moncada III This is a footage of our practice on 7/8/11.. This was only for fun and not serious so don't think we suck! HAHA!!!
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Naruto vs Sasuke & Orochimaru !
my very first sprite animation using only MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker..I'm exhausted so it's gonna take a while for me to make 'Sasuke vs Itachi' !
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Stopmotion Smiley
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Pivot Sword Animation
my first pivot animation... feel free to leave comments and don't forget to rate my vid... it's up to you to subscribe but I will make more! P.S. sorry about it that it has no sound(got tired putting and got tired of audioswap)but next time I'll try to put some!
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Callalily-Magbalik intro lead
cooldodi789's webcam video June 19, 2011 10:06 PM
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all my tricks compiled
please,no bad comments coz'this is my first video!!so,comment on what you think,rate then you know what's next!! Music is 311-Come Original
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John Mayer-Dreaming With A Broken Heart (Karaoke)
I am making some karaoke of John Mayer's song. Here's one I made.
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My football skills
I was in my mother's office and I was going bonkers! I was bringing my ball so I decided to videocamera me doing these skills and tricks and stuff. The editing and football skills need improvement so I'll practice more next time! Enjoy and don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe! Regards, Dominic Joey C. Moncada III
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all my tricks compiled (part 2)
second video of my tricks..hope yah like it..comment,rate and subscribe
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Drawing #1
A little testing for my CamStudio ! It sucked (both CamStudio and my drawing) but I decided to post it just to raise my ego a little bit ! HAHA anyway enjoy and subscribe !
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Football versus 2 kids!
Me alone vs 2 kids! Sorry for the bad, no not bad, stupid quality! I'll try a better one next time!
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Drawing # 2
Secong part of my boring drawings . . .
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Fun with my Cousin Yeoj: WinterRowd reactions!
We were searching for games and we reached this website called winterrwod.com... FALSE ALARM!
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Compilation of my best FIFA World Cup 2002 scores! (PART 2)
PART 2 of my video ''Compilation of my best FIFA World Cup 2002 scores!''. Enjoy and as I said, I'll try to save some replays and make a PART 3.
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Funny fire effect...
funny fire effect with windows movie maker and ms paint... fire animation stolen from "sasuke sprite sheet-(katon-goukakyu no jutsu)"
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Chidori effects!!
chidori effect using only MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker...comment plzz!
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Transferring dimension effect!!
Kakashi's sharingan technique that made Deidara lost his arm. Here it is, in funny form! Enjoy. Don't forget to comment,rate and subscribe for more funny effects!
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Compilation of my best FIFA World Cup 2002 scores! (PART 1)
I compiled my best goals of the game FIFA World Cup 2002. Enjoy and sorry for the bad quality because our CamStudio sucks and I have to use a camera.
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