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Lea's house tour
So here's the promised video that I uploaded. I look pretty dumb in here. :) Oh well I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it's kinda boring though. Well, RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE! Watch in HighQuality! K shooots.
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Crazy Moments - Soap Eating :)
Ivy eating soap, it's pretty disgusting & I sped it when the soap went in her mouth...Oops! I shoulda let it went normal. But oh well ENJOY this disgutsing video :) Rate, comment & suscribe!
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We's baaaack!
Sorry, it's been such a LONG time since we made a video together. I think it was almost a whole year since we made one. Sorry if this bores you a little, but it's pretty funny. The editing also WASN'T that great, but I'll make annotations later on & stuff. :) We have more videos on her camera & from Iao, (if she still has it) we'll upload it later. MAYBE! Okay comment, rate, subscribe!!! Bye!!! We ♥ you.
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Paddle '08
umm .. a bunch of pics from last years season .. hope you enjoy .. :) .. i mss you all from last year .. :D
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This was the day me and my friend Ivy were at the beach! This may seem kinda boring, but I figured since I haven't uploaded a video in an eternity this would be a cool one to do. And it's the only one I have =) I hope you enjoy this video! Don't forget to rate, suscribe, and comment! Oh and I almost forgot! I know this is late, but happy new years everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful year this year filled with fresh and new beginnings! Well I hope you have a wonderful day! Much love and aloha from me ;) Love always, Mina.
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First Video Of Us. :]
bored and we had nothing else to do . so yea umm i was making funn of my ukulele teacher mr . arakawa .. haha i bet u all agree with me dont u .. well if u kno him anyways
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Old Lahaina LUAU
Heyyy Parf here (: I know what you guys are thinking, we haven't made a video in FOREVER! I'm so so so so sorry about that! I've really missed making videos, so I suuuure will make more soon! I can guarantee that. Well anywhooo, this was at the Old Lahaina Luau! I had such an amazing experience, something I will never forget :D So if you're in Hawai'i, watch it! It's a must. Mmmkay, that's it. Byeee!
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8th Grade Times
fun in school umm ...i miss how things used to be .. like in this video .. no fighting or hate..but now they like all hate me.exept for deeann and a few others. but i miss my old best friends.. and if they watch this, i want them to kno that i lovee them and i always will .. : [ music .. everything in my life - dakineent
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We totally went to Paris .. :]
Me Kayla and Luz went to France during Hoku .. Chee hee buu.. !!!! Dass how we kind of roll !!! :D
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Our last Summer adventure!
Alright, well I know we haven't uploaded a video in such a LOOOOOOOONG time! I apologize for that. :) But pshhh, not like we have much suscribers or video watchers anyways! Blah. :( Haha, but yeah for the sake of you 4 suscribers I hope you enjoy this video, & NO cheating! Watch the whole thing please. :) Alrighty, well subscribe, rate, comment, watch in high QUALITY. & Whatevers. K bye!
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We're back! Updates!
Alright, so here is a little video from me and my friend Ivy! I'm sorry for the lack of videos lately, but since I'm stuck at home with the flu I've decided to upload this video from this recent weekend! :) It was at Border's and American Eagle. (Even though we can't use a camera in stores! Oops!) Yeah we're bad! ;P Just joking, we're angels! ;) This may seem pointless, but oh well! Be nice and suscribe and comment! Ask for any questions! K thanks! Bye!
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My Birthday! :D
Lea being a little fut :] On my b-day. Haha. Lea looks pretty in here! The last part is the funniest! ;]
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032109-032209 Spring Break!
Well this is a Video of me & Lea's day. It isn't fully finished, I have another video coming up. Sorry if this video is kinda JUNK, cuz I was rushing & I was sorta LAZY. But yeah hmmm, to us it may seem funny, but to you it may seem BORING. But oh well, keep your negative comments to yourself. ;] If you have something bad to say....WELL TOO BAD. xP No PUT DOWNS! Watch in HighQuality. Click HQ. Rate, comment. Thanks. ILY.
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Haha 'Doodoo Brother'
we was messin around in media class on top da computer . oh yessah .. :p i was talkin bout my little brothers personal life .. p.s. dont tell him i put this on youtube .. thanx
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This was the best FOOTBALL game ever! I miss it so much....this was for Shante who missed it. Aw, man these were gooood memories. I'm never gonna forget it! WELL enjoy! Comment, rate, suscribe. Byeee! Oooh & follow me on Twitter: minasweets.
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New Years In Dah '09
umm kaleo and dustyn slept ova and so yyea hope u like it
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Bored in class
i stay stronger den alyssa .. yay meeh
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We're in Polkadot Land .. Yay us !!! :]
chea man .. were in polkadot land .. !!!
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Kim & Kiro
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