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RC truck; MX missile rocket on a R/C tonka truck
this is a R/C yellow tonka truck with 12 wheels and a MX missile model rocket on the top..a tonka truck had 6 wheel drives and 6 wheel steers..it came with all battery powered and 2 stock truck motors plus my hands homemade a gearbox..i used my R/C system with 4 channels as 4 servos on the ground only..this place was at the lucerne dry lake area and nice cool weather..
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Traxxas; three traxxases at the horse park
i played with my 3 traxxases and a R/C trailer at the horse park,,,i was alone playing with a R/C and a videocamera with a tripod
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DIM, replacement water filter for washing machine
use water filter cartridge to keep the clothes very clean and neat, left black hose is hot water pipe, right black hose is cold water pipe, two black hoses to the water filter become one silver hose to the washing machine, one cap lock on the back of washing machine HOT inline pipe closed, only one hose is COLD inline pipe open from the water filter, old brown filter is a dirty filter from home water tap, new white filter is a very new clean white filter, the clear housing plastic jar is a clear and can see throught the filter better than blue housing jar, write date on the wall when a filter is a remind to replacement
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flashing light ringer on SVRS / Ntouch2 / VP
that is a so coool SVRS / VP flashlight ringer... red LED lights are okay... changed to pretty color LED lights are so great pretty colorful and love that...
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GREAT traxxas stampede towing truck
it is so coool a traxxas stampede towing truck with a rustler on the stampede flattop towing truck while R/C playing on the street
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CD lamp
i made 2 CD lamps for my 2 big children last year..2 CD lamps are so pretty, bright, and light weight
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a jack stand for a R/C trailer
i was a good idea about a jack stand for a R/C trailer,,i used a dry idea lid top, drill hole on the center lid, screw became a hitch ball, put a screw hitch ball on a lid top,,look good for a R/C trailer
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two sunflower LED lights / two LED fiber optics
double sunflower LED lights. double LED fiber optics. R/C traxxas with 540 motor from 380 motor.
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windows from simon
believe or not believe... windows with 4 colors came from the simon game... simon game is 4 colors... windows with 4 colors came from simon game was first idea with 4 colors before in 1980's... did bill gates copyed or stole from simon game before in 1980's... comment is welcome here but no bad foul language...
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LED clock kit with clockwork music
big thank to deadmau5 for a great clockwork music. i do love my LED clock kit.
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Velleman MK103 sound to light unit...Part-2
Velleman MK103 sound to light kit pick up the clock alarm sound then flasher light same time... LED color change clock cube alarm sound with LED flasher light same time Velleman MK103 sound to light unit
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LED flashlight and magnifier len
LED flashlight is a small but with a magnifier len to see big LED on the wall,,look alike a honeycomb hive
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too much pat pat on deaf cat back
pat pat on my deaf cat back while eat dry cat food too much. tail was whippy so fast.
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Breath LED star kit with white LED lights
breath LED heart kit HBL-22. apogeekit star kit AK27026 kit and add 5 white LED lights by myself and four AA batterys as 6 volts. beautifully clean fresh breath air and look at the many stars in the evening night time. same as this video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyDQ7FswWrE
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velleman MK172 sound star kit before - after
velleman MK172 have a own design problem with 2 green LED lights. before 2 LED lights stay on. after 2 LED lights off and on. velleman MK104 cricket sound. velleman MK106 metronome sound. velleman MK172 sound star. YSZ-4 C51 clock kit DIY with 4 digit and 7 segment and alarm sound
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LED change color clock cube with 8 sounds
LED change color clock cube with 8 different chrome sounds of alarms on the test with three 48-LED camping portable lights
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Part 2: LED hourglass kit with 6 speakers 🔊))) and 2 fiber optics
part 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgB_Y3w2Ya8
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traxxas; rustler with 4 talon tires
just running around and test it with 4 talon tires,,,a bolt screw became a hitch ball for a trailer and bandit
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Traxxas; R/C trailer with a motorized
this R/C trailer have a motorized under the trailer,,,a black box come with 8 AA batteries,,,this trailer is for a bandit,,,a rustler pull the trailer with a bandit,,,my handfixed a small bolt screw became a hitch ball on the rustler back
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double sunflower LED lights spin
two sunflower LED lights spin with a electronic motor speeding control and battery. very pretty bright colorfully LED lights. sorry that first video was little blur focus then second video is better clear focus
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Velleman MK103 sound to light unit kit
thank to velleman MK103 kit with LED sound to light unit kit. a long thin cob bright white LED light is better than 4 small red lights.
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LCD atima clock AT-605
new to me very good LCD clock
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DIM; update my new jaw bench vise
i put the update new parts on my new bench vise. 1 - one 10in drive extension bar 1/2 inch on a handle lead screw for more torgue turning force, 2 - twin 6in drive extension bars 1/4 inch on the both handle lock screws on a swivel base, 3 - two poly hose washers on a bar of handle lead screw, 4 - two washer spaces on a handle lead screw on the vise, 5 - double 4 washer spaces on the both handle lock screws on a swivel base, 6 - sears bench vise upper body is a weak cast iron metal,
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LED circular kits and LED turbo-mill kits
two LED circular kits. both way spins. two LED turbo kits and two LED windmill kits. both way spins.
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T-mobile; open sidekick 4G
curious open see inside sidekick 4G
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coleman powermate ; the spotlight
i put two rechargeable R/C battery packs on the spotlight,,,one battery is 7.2 volts help the spotlight more brighter light than 6 volts,,it was taking a less 25 minutes of light time
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sunflower LED light with 16 music / 16 sound kit
sunflower LED light spin 16 music / 16 sound kit 3 camping LED lights
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LED dancing speakers / radio shack piano
LED dancing speakers with a radio shack mini piano. good music. Realistic concertmate 370 by radio shack
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Tamiya; super XR311 at rose bowl park
i did homemade a chassic was a little longer inch than normal tamiya cheetah / XR311, 4 tamiya hummer tires, and 4 oilless shocks
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solena mini sunflower LED light with 6 speakers
special thank to PSSL have a good mini sunflower LEDs lights. brightness LEDs lights spin, good sound of lights, six LED sparkling speakers.
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double sunflower LED lights spins
love that double sunflower LED lights. one is battery powered DC 6 volts with four AA batterys. one is electric powered AC 120 volts. both are same brands.
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TOOLS; 3 quick multi wrench tools
i have 3 best quick multi wrench tools,,, 3 tools can fits any bolts / nuts plus both metric and standard system,,, one small tool, one middle tool, one big heavy duty tool
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MB; clear simon game
i got a clear simon game from a person home,,one hologram is on the round side,,my dog smelled this simon game
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sunflower LED light and 2 cats
sunflower LED light 2 cats were curious about sunflower LED light
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solena sunflower LED light
very good and brightness colorfully solena mini sunflower LED light. special thank thank to PSSL.
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velleman MK170 with fiber optics, LED speakers
R/C system with 2.4ghz. two color change fiber optics. two LED sparkling speakers. velleman MK170 with yellow LED light.
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a middle finger on the natural hill
it is a so funny video about the middle finger on the hill,,it is natural that way,,ooop sorry my hand / finger did copy from this hill,,ha ha
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sunflower LED light to LED light spin globe
WOW. that is so awesome. this is a so fun to see the sunflower LED light to LED light spin globe. just easily simple plain and fun. ball bearings, traxxas parts, kyosho 380 motor, DC 6 volts. no need arduino. none. no need bluetooth, none. no need computer program. none. no need raspberry. none. remember that DON'T COPY from me.
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DIM: Galileo 10-30x60mm Zoom Binocular with Mount
i do myself put the mount on the binocaular with a tripod
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LED clock kit with color LEDs
white LED clock kit with different color LED lights. color LED candles and 3 velleman kits.
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adapter hex hub to the rim on tamiya ORV
that is a my tamtrax car... this is a traxxas adapter hex hub with a strong pin to the traxxas rim and put on the tamiya ORV axle driveshift... both 2 front rims wheels and 2 rear rims wheels no loose spin wheels...
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LED change color bulb humming noise
LED change color is a so pretty color but cause interference noise. only 4.5 volts = 6 volts DC batterys. part 1 is a little fast change color. part 2 is a normal change color.
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apogee color LED bell kit AK27027
Color LED Bell Kit AK27027. all electronic component parts on the back PCB. spray white on the front PCB.
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MONSTER;  Monster pop to Wonster pop
M is a monster pop for a man,,, W is a wonster pop for a woman,,,
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2 LED color lights ILY green hand and red heart
i did myself homemade 2 different LED color lights for a deaf person use a hand sign language as ILY is a I Love You.. LED green lights are a ILY hand.. LED red lights are a red heart
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LCD clock glass screen turned black
old westclox LCD clock screen was turning to black LCD screen... the black mat was so hot while sunny day time... LCD clock screen was cool inside and turned back to normal about 3 minutes
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C51 clock kit / sparkling speaker / velleman kits
C51 clock kit YSZ-4. sparkling speaker. velleman MK104 cricket sound kit. velleman MK106 metronome sound kit. velleman MK172 star sound kit.
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twin velleman MK101 💖 heart 💖 kits STOP beats
both velleman MK101 heart kits beats with 6 sparkling speakers stop sound when full LED lights on both hearts. ' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR3ge-HwCno
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part 2: color 16 chase LED lights kit with 6 sparkling 🔊))) speakers sound
great sound with color 16 LED lights kit. part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waNdsgRRr1g
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