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Welcome to the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program
UC Berkeley Haas Dean Lyons welcomes students and partners to explore a new short-term, business study-abroad opportunity for international students. The program focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology and launches in fall 2017. Learn more about the program at extension.berkeley.edu/static/international/bhgap/.
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Inside Look Into the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design Global Access Program
Interested in learning more about the innovative College of Environmental Design Global Access Program? Watch this video to hear from Dean Jennifer Wolch, Coordinator of Policy and Strategic Initiatives Elizabeth Bowler, Lecturer Tommy Haddock and recent graduates. You’ll get an inside look into what makes this short-term, study-abroad program fascinating, academically stimulating and uniquely Berkeley. Learn more and apply here: http://bit.ly/2IQHVAr
Online Course: Introductory Biochemistry
Take an inside look at the online course, Introductory Biochemistry. Here, you'll see how online courses are set up with lectures, interactivity, quizzes and more. Learn more at: http://extension.berkeley.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=41566
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Berkeley Leadership Accelerator
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business faculty member Frank Schultz takes you through the flexible, online Berkeley Leadership Accelerator course that can jump-start or accelerate your leadership career. Learn more at http://bit.ly/1JBNq2r
It's a Good Time to Be a Project Manager
Project managers are in high demand across multiple fields. Sit down with Program Director Tim Bombosch to learn where our graduates find jobs and how you can get started.
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A Designer's Innovative Approach to Branding, Storytelling and Experience Design
Learn more at: http://extension.berkeley.edu/public/category/courseCategoryCertificateProfile.do?method=load&certificateId=17023 Jim Bull, Co-founder and chief creative officer of Moving Brands, discusses his own professional path. He was instrumental in developing an innovative approach to branding, storytelling and experience design. His deep understanding of how to create successful brands has enabled Moving Brands to help define internationally known brands such as Apple, Google, Nokia, Microsoft and Stella McCartney. In this dynamic lecture, he speaks about his 16 years of running a creative, global business—when to take risks, how to win work and why you need to pick a leader.
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Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child Panel Discussion
Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension's Arts & Design programs here: http://extension.berkeley.edu/areas-of-study/art-and-design.jsp Following a screening of Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child at the Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD), a panel of academics and artists discuss the enduring impact of this legendary artist.
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Clinical Laboratory Science Preparatory Program Online Information Session
Learn more about the Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Preparatory Program, and career paths in laboratory medicine! See the certificate description and required courses here: https://extension.berkeley.edu/public/category/courseCategoryCertificateProfile.do?method=load&certificateId=33547
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Welcome to Career Planning for College Admissions
This course applies toward UC Berkeley Extension's Certificate Program in College Admissions and Career Planning. Choosing a college major and exploring career options is of critical importance for high school students who face a changing workforce after graduation. Understand how career assessments and internship/job search tools (including professional and social networking) can help students and clients of all ages explore and choose college majors and career options. Learn more about this course: http://extension.berkeley.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=40868
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Emiliana Simon-Thomas: The Science of Happiness vs. Sustained Happiness
At the October 20, 2015, UC Berkeley Extension HR/Learning Advisory Board Symposium, Greater Good Science Center science director Emiliana Simon-Thomas talks about the science behind "sustained happiness."
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Certificate Program in Marketing Online Information Session
Find out how UC Berkeley Extension's Certificate Program in Marketing equips you with a solid understanding of the field's most up-to-date concepts and techniques. This online information session was recorded on Nov. 5, 2014. Learn more at: http://bit.ly/1fUG50X
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UC Berkeley Extension Intensive Academic English Program
Learn more about our Intensive Academic English Program (IAEP). Hear from students, instructors and staff about what makes the UC Berkeley Extension IAEP unique.
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Genomics and Precision Medicine
Jeanette McCarthy, Ph.D., M.P.H., is an adjunct associate professor of medicine at Duke University and a visiting faculty member in the Division of Medical Genetics at UCSF. In this public program, she provides an overview of how advances in genomic science are affecting health care by dramatically changing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. This is an important issue for everyone in the community to understand, as it will enable all to make better and more educated decisions about personal health. Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension's science offerings @http://bit.ly/1MqmNfU
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Current Topics in Cybersecurity
The 21st century is characterized by the use of the Internet for our personal and professional daily lives. National security depends on a stable, safe and resilient cyberspace. We rely on this vast array of networks to communicate, socialize, network, travel, automate our homes, run the world economy, and provide many government programs and services. Unfortunately, cyber intrusions and attacks have increased dramatically during the past decade, exposing sensitive personal and business information, disrupting critical business operations and disrupting economies. Get an overview of cybersecurity from multiple perspectives in this timely lecture.
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Online Info Session: The BHGAP Experience
This webinar provides information about the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program, an innovative business program offered by Berkeley Haas that provides top-qualifying undergraduate and graduate students a unique study abroad opportunity focusing on business. Learn more about this entrepreneurship-focused program for international students: http://bit.ly/2zobs3v
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Berkeley Negotiation Accelerator
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business faculty member Holly Schroth explains how business leaders can learn effective negotiation skills for both in the workplace and in their personal lives. The Berkeley Negotiation Accelerator online course teaches you negotiation skills through learning activities you complete at work. Learn more @ http://bit.ly/1JXF2qg
Change Management Intensive Workshop
Instructors Anna Ewins and Mary Winby bring their 25 years of experience to this intensive workshop, where you'll learn how to understand your own response to change and how organizations can facilitate employees' acceptance of a change initiative. Learn more about the intensive workshop at http://extension.berkeley.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=3808214
Using Emotional Intelligence to Improve Communication Intensive Workshop
Developed for both new and seasoned managers, this two-day intensive workshop will help you gain skills to optimize your leadership and management potential. Instructor Danielle Harlan gives you an overview of this intensive workshop. Learn more at http://bit.ly/1FSKKYo
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Architect Julia Morgan: Insights Into Her Genius and Legacy
Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension's Art & Design programs here: http://extension.berkeley.edu/areas-of-study/art-and-design.jsp Historian Karen McNeil takes you on a journey of Julia Morgan's life and work. Morgan, the architect of Hearst Castle, was a person of notable "firsts." A graduate from UC Berkeley's College of Civil Engineering, she was the first woman to be admitted to the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the first female licensed architect in California. She designed more than 700 buildings during the course of her 47-year career, many in Berkeley and San Francisco.
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A Career Changer's Guide to Navigating UC Berkeley Extension and the Job Search Process
Get an orientation to the benefits of continuing education, and gain an understanding of the specific opportunities that exist at UC Berkeley Extension. Learn to think strategically about your academic experience, and get expert advice from a career services specialist, including the importance of joining professional societies, tips on how best to use social media and best practices for a successful job search. Watch Extension students talk about their specific experiences, how they navigated the process and created their own career paths. An expert in social media joins the discussion to explain the best way to leverage your online profile.
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Fundamentals of Management Intensive Workshop
Instructor Nancy Friedman explains how new managers gain important skills, confidence and self-awareness through her two-day intensive workshop. Learn more at http://bit.ly/1t6kSUF.
BHGAP Graduation Ceremony Speech by Hyun Woo (Henry) Park
2018 Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) graduate Hyun Woo (Henry) Park gives a speech about his inspirational experiences with his BHGAP classmates at the graduation ceremony. Learn more about the program and application requirements here: http://bit.ly/2zobs3v
Certificate in Paralegal Studies Online Information Session
In this online information session, you'll learn about the Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies at UC Berkeley Extension. Designed by paralegals and taught by practicing attorneys, each course was approved by the UC Berkeley School of Law. Channel your interest in law into a new career as a paralegal. Learn more about the certificate here: http://bit.ly/2xnzquT
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Transformative Learning for the Lifelong Learner
In this dynamic seminar with UC Berkeley Extension Honored Instructor Dr. Sedique Popal, learn about the dramatic increase in the diversity and needs of student populations and how educators need to reach those students in a culturally responsive manner. Likewise, lifelong learners need instructional methods that are comprehensive, transformative and honor their unique backgrounds and culture. Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension at extension.berkeley.edu.
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Professional Program in Health Informatics Online Information Session
Stan Weisner leads this information session about our fully online Professional Program in Health Informatics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the nation will add 4 million new health care jobs by 2026. This program can help prepare you for positions such as health informatics specialist, clinical informatics specialist and electronic health records (EHR) project manager. Learn more about the program's requirements here: http://bit.ly/2tnFIFc
F1-1 Visa Regulations
Gain an overview of F-1 Visa regulations in order to participate in UC Berkeley Extension's International Programs.
Jobs in the Life Sciences Industry
Noted life sciences recruiter Toby Freedman describes the many career opportunities in industry, government and nonprofits, based on her interviews with more than 200 industry executives. Freedman offers her executive recruiting perspective on networking, résumés and interviewing so that you can be more prepared and stand out from other applicants. Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension at extension.berkeley.edu.
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BHGAP Academic and Professional Achievement with Heidi Weller
Heidi Weller leads the Academic and Professional Achievement classes and coaching for Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) students. Read more about Heidi Weller and the classes here: https://voices.berkeley.edu/international/international-students-learn-what-it-takes-land-job-bay-area Learn more about the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program here: https://extension.berkeley.edu/international/programs/bhgap/
Writing Programs Online Information Session Video
Learn more about how our certificate for aspiring writers can help formalize your training and prepare you for an M.F.A. program, and find out how our specialized program can improve your communication skills in professional settings. This video was recorded on Sept. 4, 2014.
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Osteopathic Medicine: Myths and Realities
Gina Moses, M.Ed., provides an in-depth look into the field of osteopathic medicine. She addresses the nuances of osteopathic medical education and how that differs from allopathic medicine. Moses also highlights the growing need for medical practitioners in the United States and how physicians trained in osteopathic medicine are helping to ease the shortage of health care professionals as the number of students graduating from these institutions has risen dramatically during the past decade. Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension at extension.berkeley.edu.
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Student Life: Getting Outside the Classroom with BHGAP student Cassie Lin
Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) student Cassie Lin gives us a glimpse of student life outside the classroom. Learn more about BHGAP: https://extension.berkeley.edu/international/programs/bhgap/
Creating Your Job Search Strategy
Career coach and consultant Erin Ewart presents "Creating Your Job Search Strategy: Practical Tips to Find and Land Your Next Role." Read more professional development tips at the Voices blog: http://bit.ly/2BwKl7B Level up your career with a course or certificate: http://bit.ly/2MmZcWT
LinkedIn Profile Tips to Advance Your Career
In this webinar with LinkedIn Learning's Jolie Miller, learn about easy profile edits and ways to use the LinkedIn platform more effectively. Read more career development tips on the Voices blog: http://voices.berkeley.edu/content/professional-pathways
Adult Education and Career Technical Education Teaching Credentials Online Information Session
Find out how to succeed in a career teaching adults with diverse needs. Our classroom-based programs enable you to teach in adult education or career technical education, with a California Designated Subjects teaching credential.
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Interior Design and Interior Architecture (IDIA) Info Session
Learn more at: http://extension.berkeley.edu/public/category/courseCategoryCertificateProfile.do?method=load&certificateId=17017&selectedProgramAreaId=11461&selectedProgramStreamId=15552 Rae Hagner, Program Director for UC Berkeley Extension's Interior Design & Interior Architecture Certificate Program, offers insight into how this comprehensive program can prepare you for a career in the field. February 3, 2015
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College Admissions and Career Planning and College Admission Counseling
Learn how these programs, taught solely in the classroom, provide you with the necessary skills and training to help students in their quests for higher education or career fulfillment, while advancing your own career in advising. This online information session was originally recorded on Sept. 3, 2014.
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Meet Human Resource Management Certificate Graduate Juliet Eichberg
Career-changer Juliet Eichberg tells us why she chose our HR certificate program and how it has launched her career as an HR manager and helped her earn PHR® and SHRM-CP credentials. Learn more about the certificate: http://bit.ly/2s50cmj
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The English Verb, From the Swamp to Squidoo
Constance Hale, longtime UC Berkeley Extension instructor, takes the audience on a romp through the evolution of language and the history of English, mixing in readings from great literature, unforgettable advertising and memorable Tweets. From Beowulf to Bob Marley, with some Walt Whitman, Walt Disney and Walter Mondale thrown in, she helps us understand how to choose our verbs and craft sentences, whether we are writing lofty or low. Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension at extension.berkeley.edu.
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Building and Metaphor: The New BAMPFA and Architecture of Life Lecture Preview
Lawrence Rinder, Director of the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), discusses the new BAMPFA building in Downtown Berkeley as well as the inaugural exhibition "Architecture of Life". Watch the full lecture here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cQ5IrmAw1g
What Every Career-Minded Professional Should Know
Career-coach Marty Nemko offers actionable takeaways that you can use to boost your career or that of someone you care for. Learn more about UC Berkeley Extension at extension.berkeley.edu.
US Army Strategic Broadening Program
US Army Strategic Broadening Program at UC Extension, June 4-16, 2016
Certificate Program in Accounting Online Information Session
Heather Liston, the program director for UC Berkeley Extension's Certificate Program in Accounting, leads this online information session. If you're thinking of changing careers to accounting, advance in your position, or prep for the CPA exam, this certificate can help. Learn more on our website: http://bit.ly/2BbbB9r
Post-Baccalaureate Program for Counseling and Psychology Professions Online Information Session
Whether you are changing careers or already working in the field, learn how this program can help you prepare academically for graduate school and initiate the application process.
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Clinical Psychopharmacology | UC Berkeley Extension
Join instructor Nicola Wolfe, Ph.D., in her Clinical Psychopharmacology course, which will explore the range of medications used in mental health practices in this interactive online course. Learn more @http://bit.ly/1KoOBzv
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Explore UC Berkeley Extension International Programs
Learn more about the different programs UC Berkeley Extension offers international students, including our: College Foundations Program Berkeley Global Access Berkeley Haas Global Access International Diploma Programs Evening Certificate Programs http://bit.ly/2Mg6n2q
BHGAP Graduation Ceremony Speech by Stephanie Tan
2018 Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) graduate Stephanie Tan describes her BHGAP journey and expresses admiration for her classmates at the graduation ceremony. Learn more about the program and application requirements here: http://bit.ly/2zobs3v
Professional Certificates and Specialized Programs of Study
Program director Tom McGuire chats with KOFY's Celeste Perry on UC Berkeley Extension's offerings of professional certificates and specialized programs of study.
Welcome to Early Orientation
This course applies toward UC Berkeley Extension's Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credential and Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Teaching Credential. Get the theoretical background and skills essential for success as a beginning career technical or adult educator. You receive an overview of teaching methods, learning styles, lesson planning, equity and diversity in the classroom, mandated reporting, and legal and ethical issues. You further study these competencies in later coursework. Learn more about this course: http://extension.berkeley.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=40854
(German) Marion Degel's BHGAP Experience
Berkeley Haas Global Access Program student Marion Degel talks about her experience in this entrepreneurship-focused educational opportunity. Learn more about BHGAP: http://bit.ly/2zobs3v Learn more about the program here: https://extension.berkeley.edu/international/programs/bhgap/

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