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Ray Allen & Paul Pierce vs. Kevin Durant & Dirk Nowitzki - 2011 NBA All-Star Practice - World Record
from the 2011 all star game practice. the guiness book of world records decided to make a record of most 3's in one minute made by a tandem. they chanted for kobe to do it but it ended up being kevin durant and dirk nowitzki.
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Demi Lovato Meet & Greet - AT&T store August 25th 2011
i took my niece to go see one of her favorite singer / actress, demi lovato. here's some footage of the crazy meet and greet at the at&t store.
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My ndtitanlady x little big planet level.
here's my ndtitanlady level i made on little big planet. the object of the game is to find mr. doughnut. let me know what you guys think. gimmie feedback and if you have the game heart me, and subscribe. and shoutout to ndtitanlady too!
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carsland - radiator springs racers ride breakdown / evacuation ... twice! (6/17/12)
we were pretty lucky to wait about an hour to get on the ride, and normally stand by line is about 2 and a half hours. during the race part of the ride, our car suddenly stops, but the car next to us keeps going. we get escorted out by cast members to get seated on the next available ride. the beginning of the ride went smoothly until we were about to head into the cave, then it stopped again. we were out in the heat again for a good 5 minutes until a cast member had to escort us out again. on our way out a cast member had said it was a "severe malfunction", we never got any other info on it, but it looked like we saw firemen with tool bags coming while we were walking out. oh well, it happens. they gave us fast passes to go back onto the ride when it got fixed that day, but we never got to use them.
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Meeting Gary Payton "The Glove"
Here's a quick video of my meeting with my basketball hero Gary Payton. And I had to ask him what his favorite signature shoe was.
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Lakers vs Bulls - Pau Gasol's return (starting lineup & video tribute) - 1/29/2015
Here's the ovations of Pau Gasol's return to Los Angeles. Here are the starting lineups and also the video tribute for him.
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My Sassy Wind - (My Sassy Girl + Windstruck ending / intro)
Here's a clip i made with My Sassy Girl and Windstruck. I synced up the video without having to edit the original length of each one, and it makes some interesting video. for all the fans of both movies; enjoy. for the people you havent seen these movies yet; dont watch it, and watch the movies first! i call it my sassy wind.
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Jordan Farmar's Ring Ceremony Lakers vs Nets - Welcome Back
here's jordan farmar picking up his 2010 nba championship ring. i miss him.
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kimbra - somebody please (live at the troubadour) 4/17/2012
here is her encore song : somebody please. i think it's funny when she laughs and looks up, when the light hits her at the :32 mark.
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Kimbra - Marigold - The Fonda Theater - October 3rd 2012
Here's Kimbra performing one of my favorite songs, Marigold. Love this song, and I love Samaritan, and I wonder why she's never released them.
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USWNT vs Australia WNT - 9/16/2012 - highlights & autographs
Here are a few things we caught on video from the victory tour game. We missed Alex Morgan's goal, but we did get Shannon Boxx's penalty kick goal. Pia's farewell, as the team presented her with a signed guitar, and of course Pia sings herself into the sunset. And just a little big of the team's victory lap around the stadium while signing some autographs for the fans. I walked away with Carli Lloyd signing by Topps Olympics card, Heather Mitts signed Panini's Father's day card set, Sydney Leroux (not filmed) signed ticket, and also got to high five Abbey Wambach. Pretty awesome day.
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2011 NBA All-Star Practice - Let's try and get some autographs.
i try to get some autographs from the players from the all star practice. here are the results.
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Meeting Gillian Jacobs from Community! (six seasons and a movie art show)
Here's video of me getting to meet my favorite character of Community, Gillian Jacobs. To my subscribers, this video is less creepy if you've watched the show. If you would like to know where this is from, it is from the Paradigms of Human Memory Episode 21 of season 2.
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D23: Let's go to Gravity Falls Mystery Shack!
Here's just a tiny tour of the Mystery Shack that was up at D23. And guess what? Alex Hirsch showed up and signed some autographs. It was really cool to walk in it and it was cooler to meet Alex Hirsch again!
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Alison Brie & The Girls - My Name is Jonas - Live at the Hotel Cafe 9/7/2013
Here is Alison Brie & The Girls (Julianna Guill and Cyrina Fiallo) covering the Weezer song , "My name is Jonas". Taken from the show at the Hotel Cafe on September 7th 2013.
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Let's Play Mickey's Fun Wheel Challenge
There is a new interactive game, 45 minutes before World of Color starts. It's pretty much just like playing Simon. The coolest part about winning the game is that you can control Mickey's Fun Wheel for a few seconds before the next round would start.
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Lea Salonga - Reflection (D23 8/19/2011)
Here is Lea Salonga singing Reflection from the Disney movie Mulan. from the D23 Expo Legends event.
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Kimbra - Something In the Way You Are - The Fonda Theater
Here's Kimbra performing Something In the Way You Are. From her show at The Fonda Theater. October 3rd 2012
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kimbra - call me (live from the troubadour) 4/17/12
here's a video from the opening of her show in l.a. damn, i love her.
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Jordan Farmar's imitation of Pau Gasol & Derek Fisher's 0.4 second shot
one last video to put up from my time at basketball 101. Jordan Farmar's imitation of Pau Gasol & Derek Fisher's 0.4 second shot
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Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Official Trailer Reaction from Downtown Disney
Here's my reaction to the official trailer. This was taken from the Downtown Disney public event.
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sia - buttons (live at amoeba records 1/24/2008)
sia performing her song buttons at amoeba records in hollywood.
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Comic Con 2013: Gravity Falls Signing
I got to go to the Gravity Falls panel and also got to get the main cast to sign my Dipper Pines hat. awesome time!
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my favorite little big planet level.
i got the beta last night for little big planet. and so heres me and my favorite level.
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Pop Vinyl - White Elephant Christmas Exchange
that was a long title. but here's the pop vinyl themed white elephant exchange we had.
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Sasha Vujacic's return to Staples Center - Lakers vs Nets - Thanks Machine
here's a portion of the montage they played on the jumbotron and the ovation he gets when he goes into the game. thanks machine! he played a great game also with 17 points off the bench.
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Comic Con 2013: Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad signing
I waited about 4 and a half hours to meet Aaron Paul at the Urban Outfitters store in the Gas Lamp area. As the signing was getting closer and closer to start, the crowd outside got a bit crazy just to see him and take a picture through the windows. The security team was not good at all, and there was one small skirmish in the front of the store. anyways, I met Aaron Paul, signed my print and I was very happy.
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Pau Gasol First Pitch @ L.A. Dodgers Vs. Seattle Mariners Game 6/26/2009
I originally went to this game because I really wanted to see Ken Griffey Jr. in a Mariner's uniform again. Instead i get to see Pau Gasol of the 2009 world champion Los Angeles Lakers in a Dodger uniform and for him to take the ceremonial "first pitch" of the game. It was asian night at the stadium but the Spaniard took over. He threw the ball a little high on the strike zone. =) the dodgers won 7 - 2. =)
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tristan prettyman - shy that way @ the roxy 2/3/06
heres a clip of my time at the tristan prettyman show. jason mraz came out to do the song shy that way with her.
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Corinne Bailey Rae Live at Amoeba - Just Like A Star
Here's a clip from one of my favorite songs from her.
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my allen iverson collection
hey everyone, with allen iverson back on the 76ers, just wanted to do a small vid on my small collection of his stuff. shout out to rezrection and throwbacking! rookie year 1996 - 97 road uni the question 1 blue tip (retro) 2001 nike swingman road uni the question 4 black / white (retro) 2004 reebok swingman USA Olympics home uni 2008 - 09 Fleer Hot Prospects Game used 2009 - 10 Upper Deck SP Game Used - Detroit Pistons quad
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The Girls - These Girls - Live from the Hotel Cafe
Sorry for the camera noises, it was really picking up the zooming in and out of the camera. Here are The Girls: Alison Brie, Julianna Guill and Cyrina Fiallo covering Childish Gambino's song "These Girls". Taken from the show at the Hotel Cafe on September 7th 2013.
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51 things i found in my room.
51 things. 1. jordan spizikes 2. jordan 4 retro blue 3. nike sb shoes 4. nike sb socks 5. blu rays 6. harry potter movies.... on HD DVD =( 7. battle royal - korean movie 8. my sassy girl - remake 9. my sassy girl - original korean 10. street fighter the movie 11. street fighter the movie 12. tetris for the nes 13. super mario 3 for the nes 14. zapper 15. mighty mugg - wolverine 16. mighty mugg - thing 17. mighty mugg - black spider-man 18. mighty mugg - iron man 19. best buy name tag 20. kermit the frog 21. chocobo 22. final fantasy 7 - ps1 23. shenmue - dreamcast 24. metal gear solid 3 - ps2 25. little big planet - ps3 26. blue ds lite 27. 12" apple ibook g3 28. 12" apple powerbook g4 (signed by happyslip) 29. wine 30. baseball glove 31. fiona apple extraordinary machine cd 32. fiona apple extraodinary machine vinyl 33. jay-z - the city is mine vinyl 34. madonna crazy for you 45 vinyl 35. the beatles love songs vinyl 36. nintendo ds r4 37. e3 badge 38. amoeba music bag 39. pimp cup 40. canon ae-1 slr 41. canon xt rebel digital slr 42. pin collection 43. optimus prime helmet 44. dodger hat 45. my wallet 46. ps3 controller 47. my tool box 48. post secret book 49. heroes - saving charlie hmm i forgot my rubik's cube in the rendering. oh well, you can count some of the other objects to get to 51. =)
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Kobe Bryant Slam Dunk Championship Collection
Happy Birthday Kobe ! Just a small update on my Kobe Bryant collection. Here are my stuff that he rocked during the 1997 Slam Dunk Competition. My Mitchell & Ness road rookie year jersey, warm up, and Adidas Crazy 97's.
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8/24/10 Happy Kobe Bryant Day!
just some of my Kobe Bryant collection on a once in a lifetime day. ha.
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THE PROPOSAL - part 2 ft IN-Q
ah.. no its not ugo's big day part 2. but heres my friend valeska and richards proposal. the setup: they were picked to play a improv game at an open mic session at urbane culture. and watch the rest. urbane culture: http://www.myspace.com/urbaneculturelounge IN-Q: http://www.myspace.com/inqmusic go check them out!
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What did I get at Comic Con 2013 ? swag.
Here's just a video of the stuff I got this year at Comic Con. from free stuff to autographs.
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sia - breathe me (live from amoeba records 1-24-2008)
heres sia performing breathe me from her album colour the small. live from amoeba records.
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Earthquake at Disneyland !!!! (evacuation) 3/28/2014
Here's just a bit from that small earthquake at Disneyland in clouding the evacuation. A 5.1 magnitude earthquake was centered at La Habra. Pretty close to where Disneyland is. And sorry that my camera is out of short focus. I had my prime lens on my camera and I couldn't really see what I was recording.
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kimbra - withdraw (live at the troubadour) 4/17/2012
another favorite from her vow's album.
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My Blu Ray / DVD collection - Ayroq Challenge #2
Hey guys, here's challenge number 2 from Ayroq. This is part of my collection, I didn't really want to show all of mine just because it would take forever to go through them all. I just did my favorites, and it ended up being a 20 minute video. =/ sorry guys, I never made a 20 minute video in my life. but oh well. hope you guys stay all the way to the end.
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My 2017 San Diego Comic Con Haul #SDCC17
Hey guys here are all the things that I got from San Diego Comic Con 2017.
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Rock Your Disney Side vlog - 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom (5/23/2014)
Hey, loooook I'm at Disney World !!!! My friends and I planned out this vacation months before we found out they were going to have this 24 hour event. So when they released the news, we already knew what we were going to do. So here's the Vlog of what happened at the Rock Your Disneyside event.
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sia - sunday (live at amoeba records 1/28/2008)
heres sia performing sunday from her album colour the small one.
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Adult Swim Fun House: Comic Con 2013
Let's run through this damn thing! it was one of the funnest part of the show, I'm glad I waited in line for the ticket. It's well worth it .
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D23 2017 Haul & Vinylmation Unboxing
Hey guys here's what I picked up at D23 this year.... warning, it's not a whole lot. lol.
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D23 2015 Haul & Vinylmation unboxing
Hey guys here's what I picked up at D23 2015.
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Vlog: Lakers vs T'wolves 2/2/2016 Kobe 38 points!
Hey guys here's just a few moments from the Lakers game I went to. Kobe had a great game, and I'm really going to be sad when he calls it quits.
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Let's Play - Tsum Tsum @ the Arcade !! 1st time versus mode
Here's my first time getting to play Tsum Tsum at the Round 1 Arcade in Puente Hills. We heard about it through @DisneyLifeStylers on instagram, and that it was going to be there for only a limited time, so we decided to try it out. I have to say that versus mode makes the game really really fun.
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kimbra - old flame (live at the troubadour) 4/17/2012
one of my favorite songs on the vows album, i had to record it.
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