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Makeup with dungeon lighting..
Have I become Princess Peach? Where's Mario at?
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Skin care bullshit..
If you'd like to know, and i just realized this, how to look like a cat burglar, watch..
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Life lately..
Well things have definitely not been boring the past six weeks.. actually hoping for some boring..also, trying to convince a shy cute guy to take me out for pizza..he's sooo shy and awful with women..but life update..
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Perfect Pink Pout and life lately..
My favorite products for a perfect pink pout, my life as of late, and a small introduction into my minimalistic lifestyle.
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10 minute makeup..editorial style.
For just whatevs..
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Milk makeup stuff..
Just a little makeup chit chat..
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My Mini Makeup Bag!
What's insiiide?!?!? For all ya snoopy's out there! And yes, I truly do try to wear natrual ingredients..
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Every day makeup look.
Easy every day makeup.. self explanatory..
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Glowy springish makeup..
Just a fresh glowly look..check out my IG for a better photo and look at it.. @girlyontheglow. I'll be adding how to do cute outfits in a commune setting soon..
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Pink and Bronze leeeewwwqqq...
The pink and bronzed makeup look I've been obsessed with all spring! Showin ya how it's done, Suns! ;) Sorry the video is so long, but it's hard with my current set up!
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I moooved and theey caaan't gooo. Inside joke..
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Covering the daaaark siiiide..
Every day makeup shit..
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Skin care and room tour/life update..
Some of my skin care, and a life update and room tour..for those curious about how my life is now..
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Jada Pinkett and Will looove maaakeuurrp llewewk.
Making a little pop culture reference joke there.. anyways makeup look..
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Product reviews..
Product reviews..
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Red, Yellows, Oranges, ph maaah goooood leeeave and pumpkin spice laaattes! Maaakeup.
I don't know some autumn makeup i guess..watch while drinking your starbucks..
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