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NFS Payback Casual Speedlist Hacker or a Bug ?
The weird Race starts at 2:00 A Few things come together which are suspect to me. 1. He's using a RX7. 2. He's invisible. 3. At 2:36 to increase distance that fast he needs to drive at least 430km/h if not more. 4. At 3:30 he slowed down for no Reason. So he's driving 430km/h+ in a RX7 ? I've driven ~2500Races and never seen such a thing, idk i was just like wtf.
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Need for Speed Payback - Offroad Newhaven Circuit 3:30.15
I'm not trying that hard very often for records but while this is an awesome track i thought i give it a try. there is still room for improvement tho.
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