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God Gave me YOU-Bryan White (7 yr old)
God gave me you to show me what's real There's more to life than just how I feel And all that I'm worth is right before my eyes And all that I live for though I didn't know why Now I do, 'cause God gave me you God Give me you - Brian White 7 year old sang God Give me you... Acoustic guitar God give me you..
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(EASY Guitar Tutorial by 7 yo)The Lazy Song -Bruno Mars☺
Check my other ACOUSTIC GUITAR "TRY"- http://youtu.be/KNIoA_6RZHI here is my other video "One hello" : http://youtu.be/smrkxEY4DRw (CAPO @ 4th Fret)...Easy Guitar tutorial...She made this Video by herself to share how to play the Lazy song of Bruno Mars...
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(8yo) EASY Guitar Tutorial MISTLETOE - Justin Bieber
Easy Guitar tutorial by 8 yr old... Mistletoe by Justin Bieber... CAPO @ 2nd fret..
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(7 yr old )  Just the Way You are by Bruno Mars(ACOUSTIC)
7 yr old played Just the way you are..She just learned guitar last Jan 2011....She asked Guitar as her christmas present.. ;)
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(7 yr Old)  Forget You - Cee Lo Green
7 yr old Aisha -Forget You I see you driving 'round town w/ the girl I love and Im like forget you!! oo oo oo, I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough I'm like forget you and for get her too..
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7 yo BreakEven- The Script (ACOUSTIC guitar)
Acoustic Break Even
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★ O Holy Night ★
(8yo) Merry Christmas everyone..Hope you have a wonderful Christmas♥
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(8yo-Acoustic version) You and I by Chance(JRA)
She learned to play this song 4days after she heard it..And that is why she keep looking at the lyrics..
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(7 yr old) Almost There - Princess and the Frog
Disney Princess and the frog...
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(7yo) Aisha singing-Daddy's Hand- Holly Dunn(HaPPy Father's Day!!!) Tribute♥
7yo Aisha singing Daddy's Hand as her father's day Gift to her Greatest dad.....
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Undo it - Carrie Underwood w/Lyrics( 4 & 7 yo )
Brother and sister singing Undo it by Carrie Underwood...This song is requested by their cousin .....☺
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Rolling in the Deep -( 8 yo) Adele
8 year old Aisha singing Rolling in the Deep and her 4 yr old brother tried it tooo...
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(7yr.o)The Climb -ACOUSTIC
dedicated to Tita Ina..
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(8yo) Officially Missing You -Tamia (Acoustic)
Bonding w/ my mom.... ♥
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(8yr.old)  Someone Like you - Adele  (w/ my funny lil bro.)
Great song... And watch my FUNNY lil' brother in the background while I'm singing... (w/ my funny lil bro.)
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(8yo) Kunin mo na ang lahat sa Akin- Angeline Quinto(cover)
Requested song by her ate daday...She don't speak tagalog but she learned it anyways...She think it's hard to read tagalog too(She said :The words made her confused 'coz its diff. in english when u read it.. :D ), ... pls.bear with her...... Thanks...
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(8yo) Skyscraper - Demi Lovato( Acoustic )
Skyscraper and Put your records on... CAPO 1st fret... G C Em D
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