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Tom Tries To Learn How To Hit A Bitch
Tom has probblems with his wife and a pimp named slickback helps him out kinda. Twitter page is www.twitter.com/sospiplup I recorded this from my computer so it might not sound too good. I dont own The Boondocks and have nothing to do with them. I was just bored.
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L Plays Tennis
This is a tennis match between Light and L. I thought it was pretty neat. I also like the quote light used. "In all things, one can not win with defense alone. To win you must attack."
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Snow Towing Fail
People try to get there car out of the snow but fails to do so.
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Epic Fail
Tom fails to catch a basketball
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Motorcycle Jump Fail
Someone really tears them self up. Rate and Comment!
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Motorcycle Trick Fail
Someone drives there motorcycle into the back of someone car.
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Death Note Theme Song(Rise Spirit)
This is the first theme song to Death Note. Sorry it's not perfect quality. Plz rate and comment. I will try to get other Title Songs soon!
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Truck Jump Fail
Person fails in a truck jumping event.
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Pokemon Crystal Champion Song
This is the pokemon crystal champion song. I put this up here because my sister was playing the game. And i heard the music. Hope you guys like it. And if you notice that It says sospiplup. Don't worry I didn't take it me and sospiplup work together. That's why are names are kinda similar.
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Tunnel Fail
Somehow some idiot can't see and fails to go through a tunnel.
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Yu-Gi-Oh Cards I Need
These are just yugioh cards that I need. Some other cards I need aren't listed here. So Here they Are Monsters: Black-Winged Dragon Exploder DragonWing Blue Eyes White Dragon Junk Warrior Junk Destroyer Nitro Warrior Fortune Lady Water Fortune Lady Light Fortune Lady Earth Fortune Lady Light Fortune Lady Fire Fortune Lady Wind Black Rose Dragon XX-Saber Fulhelmknight x2 Red Eyes Black Dragon Ancient Fairy Dragon Red Dragon Archfiend Kuriboh Dark Magician x2 Dark Magician Girl Mokey Mokey X-Saber Urbellum Red Dragon Archfiend(Again) Red Nova Dragon Spell Cards: Dark Hole Future Visions Pot of Duality Mokey Mokey Smackdown Half Shut Trap Cards: Urgent Tuning Time Machine Spellbinding Circle Level Retuner Dust Tornado x3 Miracle Locus Gravity Bind Trap Stun Rising Energy x3 Pitch-Black Power Stone Cemetary Bomb x3 Secret Barrel Sakuretsu Armor Thanks :)!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait and if you guys want to make trades or want me to buy cards off of you plz pm me. Just make sure the card isn't a really bad one.
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Death Note Theme Song(Rise Spirit)Fast
This is the first Death Note theme song except it's fast. So Plz rate and comment.
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Optical Illusion Test
This is the installment of optical illusion tests. check me out at www.twitter.com/sospiplup
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Taxation Project for US LAW AND Society
Just for class
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Pikachu Surfboarding
I recorded my pikachu surfboarding on pokemon yellow.
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Skateboarding Fail
Someone tries to grind on a rail but FAILS.
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One of the coolest moves naruto made up.
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Skating Fail
Some dude fails in skating.
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