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Random: Kirby Super Star Boss Battle: Marx
And again, I fought with Mirror. Ya, you guys wouldn't like it, but I like this ability, besides Yo-Yo, Suplex and Ice/Fire (both).
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Random: Kirby Super Star Boss Battle: Computer Virus
Lol the computer OS is Windows 98!!! Just kidding XDDD, This is one of my favourite bosses from Kirby Super Star, and I defeat it with my favourite ability: Mirror. The game is Milky Way Wishes, if you're wondering...
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Mario vs Airman (Mario)
WOW! I got this cool 1 level hack! Though I don't know who made it. The song is pretty cool too, Airman ga Taosenai is its name, I guess, also know as "I can't defeat Airman" or "Airman Will not die". I really don't know. Anyway, 1st video, played as Mario. Being Mario is kinda easy, but I'll try Luigi, soon.
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Blue Mario Bros. 3 World 8
I was serious about the shortness of this world. Just in this video I already reached and beated Bowser in his castle. Whatever, thanks for those who watched/rated/commented all my videos. See ya next hack!! PD: meanwhile, resuming the upload of random games and Game Overs...
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Kirby Super Star: Game Overs & Losses
Although the Game Over screen is the same for all minigames (with 2 exceptions, already covered in this video) the music is completely different. A standard Game Over music is for Spring Breeze, Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Metaknight and Dynablade. But a different noted music of the Star Rod screen from Milky Way Wishes is played in that minigame. And the 2 losses screens, from Gourmet Race and The Arena. The music is the same on these two minigames. Update: Annotations Added just to make specific explanation of this video and the Game Overs of Kirby. lol.
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Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge World 3-2
Hey there, If you can watch this video, then YT encoded the almost 11 min (literally) video. LOL.
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Mario in Some usual day world 4 part 3
Last part. Here I finally can kick Bowser's rear part (yeah, right) and rescue... HEY WTF IS GOING ON HERE??? NO FAIR!!!
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Blue Mario Bros. 3 World 3-1
Good!! This hack looks better, and more challenging (But WHY THE HELL are those cheep cheep levels there? I HATE cheep cheep levels!!! It's annoying!!)
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Mario Chronicles World 7-1
Alright. This is what happens: 7-1 is unbeatable, so I don't play it. And this world is really weird with its overworld. Just in this video I ALREADY reach the world's final level!!! WTF?!?!?!
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Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge World 7-4 (?)
Well well well! Look what I did! Honestly I got VERY lucky at some parts of this video, but I was thinking about do it with a P-Wing. And normally in a situation like this one, I'd get damage on purpose, but it seems I had a good timing with the buttons. Whatever the reason could be, anyway, I finally managed to beat world 7. Let's see how cuberootinbinary can beat this world in his "Let's Play" series! PS: after reading a recent comment from JMFSpike, I think that he says could be a good reason, and I did it without realizing that.
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Donkey Kong - Luigi Edition
Luigi Time! Description from romhacking.net below: Here's yet another entry in the Year of Luigi's hacks. This time, it's nothing more and nothing less than the classic Donkey Kong. Play as Luigi in a quest to save his brother Mario from a barrel-tossing gorilla who's up to no good. This hack is based on some Donkey Kong stages found in Wii U's NES Remix. Hack by Clippit
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Blue Mario Bros. 3 World 5-3
There. We're done with this world. HammerBro suit rules!!! XD
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Blue Mario Bros. 3 World 3-3
Well, This is, aparently, the final of the cheep cheep levels. Lol, I hate them...
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Frank's 2nd SMB3 Hack W 5-3
last part. Soon world 6.
Views: 11445 Vincent Hernandez
Super Nomal Bros
Recently I have playing in Kaillera with Project64k, or Snes9k, or Nestopia (whatever), so that's why I haven't uploaded more videos of rom hacks. (EDIT: OOPS I put the another video by mistake). I don't remember who make it, but It's from the same place where I found Extra Mario Bros (The video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azll6F8CY8o and the site here: http://smbarchives.run.buttobi.net/ )
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Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge World 2-1
'Sup! Starting with world 2! Hmmm...
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Frank's 2nd SMB3 Hack W 5-1
First part of this nice world. Finally I could get a suit finish in the ship level. And I played all the world with this suit, for a P-wing in exchange.
Views: 25358 Vincent Hernandez
Luigi's Chronicles 2 World 5-3 (HD)
Nothing to say for now, only these fast facts: 1- Video now in HD for your enjoyment! 2- Levels getting longer and harder to beat, but nothing too hard if you just focus on it 3- I HATE CHEEP CHEEPS! That's all. Enjoy the video!
Views: 2109 Vincent Hernandez
Mario in some usual day world 3 part 1
3rd world, and the challenge is starting here, but I'll do it more harder to play, when I use my frog suit in this world. Coming soon the 2nd part.
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VS. Yellow Devil (SMB hack)
NO ASKING FOR THIS GAME! I WILL NOT GIVE IT OUT! And... about time I had to play this hack, It seems that it was made by the same creator of Vs Airman (also a SMB hack), but instead of facing that robot master, you will "meet" the Yellow Devil, featured in the very first Mega Man game on the NES, and I say meet, because you actually can NOT fight it... a shame, really
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Luigi's Chronicles 2 World 5-4 (HD)
Still, I got nothing to say... ugh... I don't wanna even say it... but SHEESH, I HATE CHEEP CHEEPS! That is virtually ridiculous! MAN! Oh... and this video is in HD too, for your enjoyment! See ya soon! Not done yet!
Views: 2371 Vincent Hernandez
Kid niki 3 translated: Final level
Lol, this is the last level. But I still think this was too easy (except the boss of level 5, that one is a random spaz) Anyways, this is it! See ya next game!
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Super Bomberman 5 Boss Rush Mode
READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE! Ok? Thanks! Bye! Previously I did the Boss series of Super Bomberman 3. I had to play the normal game and had to record the part I was interested. Thankfully, this is not needed in Super Bomberman 5. Since this game is not so lineal at all (you can choose where to go next after clearing a level) and you can't fight all bosses in normal game (and it's a fact), a Boss Rush mode was included. But in order to play it, the player does have to go to the options mode, then the password screen. Input the password shown in the video, and there you go! You can even get a partner to blast those enemies out! The more, the merrier... lol. Anyway, in boss rush, you fight all bosses, including the last one with his 3 forms, and even you can get the good ending by clearing this mode. This is my attempt, and this IS a perfect run! (NO lives lost, since you can earn them here, too.) FAIR WARNING: This video does have severe sound desynch after playing it for some time, please bear with it, since I made this video long time ago and the rerecording emulators were still a bit buggy... or the PC where I recorded it is really slow... I'm not sure, but I will not do it again... unless I try boss rush with someone else... Hmm...
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Luigi's Chronicles 2 World 5-1
Why Hello there! It's about time this thing is here! Well, Here it is! This world sure is a PAIN in the... you know... to clear it... *cough*cheepcheepsinalmosteverylevel*cough* But thankfully I AM DONE with this game! Well, I will once I upload the last video. But for now, Watch this one and enjoy it!
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Super Mario Bros. Chaos Control world 2 part 2
Just watch it. I don't have anything to say for now...
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Mario in Some Usual Day world 2 part 1
This is other good hack of Super Mario Bros. 3, and I want to show you my playing of this hack in world 2. I'm starting over, so that explains why I am in normal Mario. Rem: It's NOT made by me, and It's NOT a speed run.
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Super Mario Bros 2nd Run W3-1
Part 1 of 3
Views: 15994 Vincent Hernandez
Super Mario Bros Chaos Control world 8_1
Here it is!!! Finally!! Last world. Divided in 4 parts. Some failures and mistakes in my way to rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser, but it worthed the effort. Thanks to everybody who watched my gameplay of this hack, made by SCHWA. See my channel and you'll get a little gift from me in Bulletins Section
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Luigi's Chronicles 2 World 4-2
Part 2! I HATE CHEEP CHEEPS! Anyway... the levels sure are kinda hard, but not too hard if you keep your cool... thing that I hardly can do because of those CHEEP CHEEPS! UGH!!! Ok...calm down... so, we are not done with this world yet. last video will be up this monday (hopefully) Along with Mario Adventure (I have to redo some things, because of the mistake I did, it also affected this LP)
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Bio World (SMB3 Hack) World 1-1
Back with this Mario 3 hack! it looks good, so I gave it a try. and yes, it IS good. Well, World 1 done, 2 parts. Special Thanks to Qu1ckCur1y by giving me the IPS of this hack.
Views: 20753 Vincent Hernandez
Frank's 2nd SMB3 Hack W 5-2
second part of 3
Views: 12206 Vincent Hernandez
Blue Mario Bros. 3 World 6-3
*Well, since I'm Frozen Solid (until somebody gives me a Flower), I'll just leave the Bot I have to upload the rest of the vids until I finish the world 6*
Views: 19084 Vincent Hernandez
Frank's 2nd SMB3 Hack W 1-1
That's the name of this level hack of SMB3. It includes some color changes, too, and different challenges to get the white mushroom and the whistle. I couldn't get any one of them yet. But that's not important, not at all.
Views: 36375 Vincent Hernandez
Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge World 6-2
Hmm -.- Nothing to comment, at least for now. Enjoy, rate & comment.
Views: 4597 Vincent Hernandez
Mario Chronicles World 6-2
Second part. I forgot this world is splitted in 3... my bad XD...
Views: 4457 Vincent Hernandez
Water Mario (SMB1 Hack)
Hack made by Eden G.T. Get it here (Must register first) http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2703/ "This SMB hack contains hacked music, and hittable underwater blocks, which most underwater hacks you can’t. Contains only one level." Pretty much its description from romhacking.net. Nothing more, nothing less. Still, I think this cool concept should be usable on other Mario 1 hacks. It has a lot of potential.
Views: 12623 Vincent Hernandez
Random: Bomberman Tournament Boss Fight: Golem Bomber
a.k.a. Bomberman Story, this is a really good game (I can't say the same to its sequel, Story DS), this is a zelda-styled game: Must get your weapons, your armor and your power ups through the Main quest. All enemies and bosses are from previous bomberman games (the Super Bomberman Series, actually). To the point: 4th Boss of the Quest. His fighting style is like the battle mode + resident evil (lol, kinda), because you must get rid of the bomber-zombies (LOL!!) while you fight Golem-Bomber. But beware! zombies can use the revenge feature of battle mode. I got hit twice in here. And dont ask me about the creatures, I just picked the useful one against the boss. Remember: Always save the game before fighting a boss. Just in case :P.
Views: 22244 Vincent Hernandez
Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge World 4-1
'Sup! World 4 in here! Well, this part at least =P. Soon the parts 2 and 3.
Views: 7069 Vincent Hernandez
Strange Mario Bros 3 World 2-1
Ok, starting now world 2. Still, this is a very"strange" hack, but try to play Strange mario Bros 2. Ouch...
Views: 7870 Vincent Hernandez
Super Mario Bros. 2 (SNES/Lost Levels) Luigi Game World C
Well, World C. I really HATE the little "adition" Bowser made to his castle... Oh well.
Views: 12804 Vincent Hernandez
Frank's 2nd SMB3 Hack W 8-1
Bowser was lying about his world? Let's see it then. Hmmmm...
Views: 96997 Vincent Hernandez
Super Nomal Bros W8
Well, it's here. Last world of this hack. It really pissed me off, more even in the 8-3 level, jumping by random. Well, now it's finished, with the lame message from Princess Toadstool.
Views: 7146 Vincent Hernandez
Super Nomal Bros W7
World 7 available now. Soon the last world.
Views: 2748 Vincent Hernandez
Luigi's Chronicles 2 World 3-6
World 3 Part 6. Final part of this looooong world! With looooong, annoying, tricky and *cough* FULL OF CHEEP CHEEPS *cough* levels! I hate you Quick... Whatever! Enjoy this video! World 4 coming next week (probably, lol)
Views: 5271 Vincent Hernandez
Random: Super Bomberman 3 Boss Fights
Hey there! Been a while. I do have a lot of videos to upload, but for some reason Youtube gives me errors while uploading. Besides I dont have that much time to take care of it. Anyways, This is one of those games I love to play and play again, and again, and AGAIN! lol xD So, I show you guys my boss fights in one of these games I've played. hope you enjoy it.
Views: 85288 Vincent Hernandez
Mario in some usual day world 4 part 2
Second part. I hope this can be up today, because I'm still having troubles with my PC, but I've ended the gameplay of this hack. Anyway, you'll see a very familiar scene in the fortress. I dunno, maybe it's...
Views: 18217 Vincent Hernandez
Luigi's Chronicles 2 World 5-5 (HD)
Just a little bit more! We're almost done with this hack... Oh... And I made some things in a level to... skip... it... yeah, you'll see what I mean, lol. Watch and enjoy! I HATE CHEEP CHEEPS!
Views: 3118 Vincent Hernandez
Gryzor (Japanese Contra): Intro Scene and levels 1, 2 & 3 Perfect Run - No Spread
Ah, Gryzor! The Japanese version of Contra for NES. I really liked Contra, this is my favorite series from Konami. But the fact that the Japanese version does have features that US version does not... well... Still, this version is the same thing as the US. But in japanese language... ugh... But now thanks to Madhacker, who made a translation patch, available on http://www.romhacking.net this game is now on english for the enjoyment of everyone! And, I managed to record this video, of a total of 3. This LP shows me playing the game ONLY WITH THE MACHINE GUN WEAPON! WITHOUT losing a life. Enjoy!
Views: 26223 Vincent Hernandez
Strange Mario Bros 3 World 4-1
Hey there! Now going through World 4. This world made me a bit mad, because those silly mistakes I did in the last part of this video, and some levels have certain things I didn't expect. Well whatever...
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