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VS. Yellow Devil (SMB hack)
NO ASKING FOR THIS GAME! I WILL NOT GIVE IT OUT! And... about time I had to play this hack, It seems that it was made by the same creator of Vs Airman (also a SMB hack), but instead of facing that robot master, you will "meet" the Yellow Devil, featured in the very first Mega Man game on the NES, and I say meet, because you actually can NOT fight it... a shame, really
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Fooling around with Donkey Kong Original Edition
Also, a little bit of a rant for Nintendo, keep reading! Yes, this is the so called game that Nintendo will give out for free when you purchase the downloadable version of a selection of games for your 3DS, some of them are already out and some of them will be released soon. One of those games is Paper Mario: Sticker Star, which will be out next month. I do plan to get it, but... on retail. Even though this DK game is kinda rare and all, I think it's not worth it. I mean, yeah it's DK, it's a good game! But... If you just google it you can get it and play it in an emulator like I did. And believe me, it's EASY to get. Also the game is short, obviously, and most likely you'll be playing it like 4 or 5 times max, and then that's it. I might be wrong, but... And there's the thing that I can't purchase titles from the E-shop, at least not yet. And when I can, I'll get some different games that I've been wanting for some time now (I'm looking at you, Kirby's Adventure! And don't go too far, Mario Land 2!)
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The Land After Time (SMB3 Hack) World 3 (Final) + DOWNLOAD LINK
And this is it! Pretty short hack, isn't it? Thank you guys for watching this trilogy! Download Link, provided by the Author of this hack, I take no responsibility if you decide to download it! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?73zz8ai5cy9bkzz See you next hack!
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Netplay Gaming: Mario Kart 64 - Luigi Raceway
And a netplay video! It's been a while since I uploaded one of this kind, Hmm... Anyway, Luigi Raceway on all its glory, I'm Luigi, and the other players are Galaxia Shadow, Arron Munroe (aka Nick Reynolds) and MetalYoshi4 (aka MetalKirby/Tetran/TailsMK4) as Wario, Yoshi and Mario respectively. This race is in my opinion a really fierce one. The end was a bit too close for comfort. But it was really fun, that's for sure.
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Gradius II AC to FC hack
Well, like the title says, this is Gradius 2 hack, which makes it look like the arcade version, and enhanced the NES game a little. Now, I haven't uploaded any Konami related videos mainly because of... you know, but since it is now a common thing for any user in here, I just decided to give it a new try. Anyways, this is a hack made by some user (or group of users) known as Death. I really, REALLY forgot where did I get the hack, and obviously I will not give out the pre-patched rom to anyone. Sorry! Try Google, lol. This is my full run of the game, no lives lost, it WAS a struggle to perform that, ugh... Enjoy the video! And for those you don't know, Konami + Youtube = FAIL
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Luigi's Chronicles 2 World 4-3
Last part of world 4! Well, even though those levels didn't have cheep cheeps (for a change! I HATE THEM!) they were not a piece of cake... *cough*Lakituevilplaced*cough* Well... Videos of world 5 is on the encoding process, I kinda want to make them HD, but it will take some time. And maybe one little thing too, but I'll see... In the meanwhile, enjoy my silly deaths! See ya soon! PD: Mario Adventure will be resumed soon! Just wait!
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Super Mario Bros. Extended (SMB1 Hack) Part 2
Hack made by Insectduel, formerly known as "After World 8". It does have some new features. This video continues from World 5 and is up to World 8. More info here: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1028/
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The Land After Time (SMB3 hack) World 1 + DOWNLOAD LINK
READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION, OK!?!? THANKS! Yeah, so... NEW HACK! This one's made by RadonMario, and it's just 3 worlds long, but don't let it fool you! The levels may give you SOME challenge if you are careless! But anyway, the plot of this hack is (extracted from the readme file): After defeating Bowser, Mario, Peach, and Luigi celebrated by going off on vacation in the Caribbean. As they plunged into the good life (picking up some tans along the way), the Toads managed the Mushroom Kingdom and sent letters every few weeks to assure them that everything was all right. Months went by smoothly, but there came a day when Peach and the Bros. hadn't heard from the kingdom in a long time. They decided to investigate, and upon their return they found their world in chaos! Time had changed the land, and Bowser had come back to wreak havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom. He had spread his minions across the first three worlds and trapped each of the kings, giving his children the wands once more. And, worst of all, Mario, Luigi, and Peach had walked right into his trap... Bowser kidnapped Peach again and brought her to his new castle. And... yeah, that's basically it, lol. So, Mario & Luigi in this gameplay. World 2 will come soon... after doing some workout... ugh. Download Link, provided by the Author of this hack, I take no responsibility if you decide to download it! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?73zz8ai5cy9bkzz
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Super Mario Bros. Special (SMB1 Hack)
Or is it a port? I think it's both. Keep Reading! Did you watch this yet? If not, then what are you waiting for? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5KBc1dtzlA Well, then, If I can't play the original version (because I couldn't even beat World 1), then I Should have played the hack! And I actually did! Last video (link above) showed a somewhat obscure game, developed by Hudson in a somewhat obscure gaming console, or two consoles, the NEC PC-8801 and the X1 Series from Sharp. But now, thanks to this: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/527/ that game was "ported" to the NES! frantik and Levi "Karatorian" Aho, I must say, Thanks for making this hack! Anyway, about my run, I don't really know what to say about it, because most of it is almost like a speed run. Let me clarify that this is NOT a speed run, just in case... Of course there are mistakes, and lives lost, mainly on World 6, oh well... And... yeah, that's it, lol. Watch and enjoy!
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The Land After Time (SMB3 Hack) World 2 + DOWNLOAD LINK
So, World 2... And something REALLY unexpected happened here. But aside that, this world sure is interesting. Next (and last) world soon! Watch this in the meanwhile, and enjoy! Download Link, provided by the Author of this hack, I take no responsibility if you decide to download it! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?73zz8ai5cy9bkzz
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Random: TwinBee (Game Over 1P run)
So, here's the thing: I got the 3DS version of this game (Yes the 3D Classics game), and I suddenly cleared it on my first try. That was... surprisingly odd, because I've played the original (Famicom) version, and NOT EVEN ONCE I could clear it, ever... And it's still the same, as shown in this video. I got a Game Over on the last stage. This game is hard, even if you got rapid fire, so... Why did I clear it on its 3D Classics version? Hmm...
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Super Mario Bros. Extended (SMB1 Hack) Part 1
Hack made by Insectduel, formerly known as "After World 8". It does have some new features. This video is up to World 4. More info here: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1028/
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Rockman 3 Endless - Vs Yellow Devil (WIN)
Heh, I know it's been a WHILE since the first video of me vs this guy... and losing to him. Actually, I had recorded this video, but I COMPLETELY FORGOT to upload it... um, derp? Anyways, this is my second attempt against this OPTIONAL boss, it is optional because you (obviously) have the choice to face it or not, but if you do, you get no reward by beating it... besides a +1 on your score, so... yeah better not face it.
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Device Capture Test: Mario Kart Wii World Wide Races
Just as the title says... and... yeah, I got a capture device, and I do plan to use it! Keep Reading! The device is a weird brand (for me at least): Kworld DVD Maker. It does work, though. But I might need a better software than the one bundled with the device. Suggestions anyone? This is just the raw video, no editions were made to it. Also, Wii is the only gaming console I own. It is softmodded at least, so I'm able to try some New Super Mario Bros. Wii hacks that are out there. Oh, and I do accept friend requests on this game (and in Mario Kart 7 as well) these are my codes: Mario Kart Wii: 3352-5807-8325 Mario Kart 7/Nintendo 3DS:3652 - 0651 - 0217 Let me know if you added me at any one of those games, or in both!
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Super Mario Bros. Special! Either I suck at this game or...
The game is just awful... Keep reading! Super Mario Bros. Special. It is a somewhat "obscure" Mario game that was released by Hudson at the year of 1986, in an also somewhat "obscure" console (well, not at all, since it was only on Japan, as usual), the NEC-PC8801 and the Sharp X1 series. Why is this game awful? Well... It does have: Bad physics... Burning colors... although there are just a FEW... Unforgiving "scrolling" screen... wait, there's no screen scrolling in here! What is this... No continues... I don't even... I will not bother to play the full game, but I might do the hack (which link is this one: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/527/ ), since it is for the NES Super Mario Bros. I'll see... But in the meantime, enjoy this failed run of World 1. Ugh... And now a slightly severe sound desynch, just what I need... Also, if you DO want to watch a full LP of this game, check Mr Podoboo's channel out! This is his starting video of this game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0HQOKmAPRA
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Low video file size test (Volume Warning!)
Don't mind me, I'm just doing a test of how fast this little video (357 KiloBytes big, 8 seconds long) is uploaded... The upload was lightning FAST, lol. And Youtube suggested me to fix it, because it had a problem with the "lighting"... Well, that's... ok I guess... So, I wonder if this thing on this video did happen to anyone else, on normal gameplay, It happened to me, that's for sure, but on very RARE moments. Still it's a bit fun to see.
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Gunslinger Gaming: 2012 Mario Kart Wii Frosty Pints - WorldWide Races
Gunslinger Gaming: http://www.gunslingergaming.com/ Basically, a "mini" tournament between GS members. It was fun, but my average performance on the worldwide demotivated me a little. On this WorldWide (WW) room the GS racers were: Merky Water. Balkii. Korchie (wow, really? Nice!). Ichabod. And me, Vincent. Also, sorry for the bad quality of this video, it's because I don't have a capture device like a dazzle or a gamebridge... might get one someday...
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Random: Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue - Vs DarkManα
Hmm... I've been playing this game lately, lol. This is one of many goals that I have to complete in this game... The first time I faced this Navi was when I had WoodShadow, and it was... kind of tricky. So now that I have HeatTeam, things "might" be... the same? lol, watch and enjoy!
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SMRPG Boss Series - 20 & 21
After a LONG time, moving on... Ok, the Magikoopa went back to his senses, and now we have an "infinite" supply of coins... That's good, I guess. But now, going deeper into Bowser's Castle, Mario and co. encountered Boomer... Yep. He's the last guy just before that giant Sword... Exor, methinks. He does not blink against a certain attack, does he? We'll see, let's do this!... lol xD (a cookie for anyone who gets this last sentence).
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Gunslinger Gaming: Mario Kart Wii Frosty Pints - Nov. 10th 2012
Yep, as the title says, this is a video for the community I'm a member at, the Gunslingers! Keep reading! This time, the racers were: Balki ZeroXGT Merky Water Captain Scarlet NightFury Typo VincentΩ™ (That'd be me, lol) And some guests as well! Lots of races! Lots of VR earned and wasted! Lots of racing madness on a single night! I lost almost (if not over) 1000 VR in this single session, wow... Then again, I don't really care about that at all ._. Also, there are parts of this video where I'm acting weird, or the video itself is acting weird, well that's the capture device's fault, and mine as well because I'm still a noob with it, lol. So, enjoy this long video (hopefully in a decent quality).
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