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Jungamals Test
Phamanex Children's Supplement JUNGAMALS is a superior choice for your kiddos! Great dissolution, no artificial sweeteners or colors, and additional minerals in contrast to most leading drugstore brands. Contact NuSkinbyJodi on Twitter or [email protected] for more information.
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Swinging on Daddy's foot
Having a dad with strong legs comes in handy for your own in-home amusement ride!
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Never Enough (Gacha Life) Jenny Lind
From the greatest showman
Jodi “close to You” at Velez’
Camila’x expression!! Lol
Silliness with Stella Bird
1st grade January 2015
JUNGAMALS are yummy!
Something of a "taste test," my kids had taken Gummy Vitamins for two years and now these have revolutionized our "vitamin time." They weren't too excited about Gummies and it took four vitamins of Gummies to total what is in the JUNGAMAL. If you're interested in trying JUNGAMALS please contact me at [email protected] or NuSkinbyJodi on Twitter.
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Stuck in the mud
Mini van mom stuck in the mud.
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Our Australian instruments
We were doing our yardwork and this evolved. Had to film for Pammo.
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Getting bangs trimmed
Z has a funny expression--always did this when she was a baby too! Her eyes cross because she is so focused. April 2011
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A mile is pretty close for any family...
But the same city would be nice! I love watching Brady jump up and down on the computer screen, and Roman and Zara are quite engaged yet at this early point in the conversation. So besides the cut-off sentence at the end, this is a cute video of the cousins seeing and actually "interacting" for the first time via Skype. Brady is in Arizona, Horner Twins in Colorado.
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Aftermath of Mac and Cheese
My first recipe from Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious." I am NOT a cook. I have sustained my pre-schoolers thus far on lean turkey meat in hotdogs & taco mix for quesadillas, steamed veggies from the bag, and Annie's mac and cheese. Veggies are somewhat of a battle & with my husband's anti-oxidant score being LOW and my kids being medium we are ready for Mom (that's me) to start becoming kitchen savvy. I've been excited to try these recipes but have stated (repeatedly) that "I'll cook when I know it won't be thrown on the floor." I think we're there, folks. And here is just a (sort of) humorous scan of my kitchen after I frantically assembled the mixin's for this great recipe. Page 104 of her cookbook, by the way.
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ADHD spoof
My Mohammed Ali impression in Sharon & Ray's bathroom
Kids were taking a bath. They'd been unhappy about it so Todd and I attempted to entertain them. Bunny and I had a good boxing match.
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Toddler voices
I filmed this of Roman and Zara because they were doing a lot of talking back and forth. Someday (probably not too far off) this will seem obsolete! July 7, 2010
the Horner children jumping over the candle stick
I filmed this for a friend of ours "the Horners are jumping over a candle stick." She sort of mixed two nursery rhymes for fun (Little Jack Horner and Jack be Nimble).
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Uncle Mike in the groove
Bye Roman and Zara!! Created by Zara
ET finger!
Trying to make the pulse-ox fun
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I'm Doctor Kim!
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Opening Christmas Gifts with Aunt Mimi
December 11, 2011
We love our volunteers
I came in too late, Josh Weidmann really cringed and it’s rare to see him act embarrassed!!
Zara "snowboarding"
Age 7
Gracias Elsa!
Happy Dance for the New T-Shirt from Espana!
Zara demonstrates the summersault
Mr. Peter uses Zara to be a helper.
Z's Pokemon loot
I love Pokemon so i hope you do to. And i love evee but the 1 in the pack is ugly.
Kids dancing for Church song performance
Roman & Zara are "into" it.
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Froggie pool for Romey and Zizi
July 12, 2010
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talk to the Toucan Alyssa Whiting
Taken at the all-raw-food restaurant in Minneapolis that Alyssa dragged me to.
Roman and Zara blow out their birthday candle
Zara seems to be enjoying the song for herself, then Roman excitedly starts his own song when it 's his turn. Watch for the wet blowing out of his candle!
Denver Zoo Christmas Lights
Dec. 28, 2011
She's been pretty loving and tender but I think being on camera she tries to be "funny," so maternal tenderness goes out the door!
MVI 4619
Nurse Mandie in the hospital
Roman's stay in the hospital week of January 16, 2012
Zip lining Zara
Aug 2012