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Ozploitation w/ Philippe Mora! The Communion Retrospective.
This week Destiny and Casper had the honour to chat with acclaimed Australian director Philippe Mora about his 1989 cult classic Communion. Tune in to hear Ozploitation discuss the brilliant Mora/Walken film and hear Philippe himself reveal how he and Whitley Strieber brought the terrifying, yet oddly beautiful tale of alien abduction to the screen!
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Ozploitation: The Psycho Franchise!
This week Destiny and Casper discuss the Psycho franchise! We discuss Richard Franklin's cult classic Psycho II, the oft maligned Psycho III and the early 90s made for TV finale Psycho IV. And yes, the remake gets a mention as does the hit TV reincarnation of the legend, Bates Motel!
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Post Encounter Author Discusses Westall Incident and '66 photo.
Video of UFO hovering above Post Encounter authors home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxUp7E1Pook The next day chem-trails were seen clearly over the sky. The object began as two separate spheres of red light that eventuated into a triangular mass above us. The author has suffered government harassment after writing the novel and since this sighting. www.FearFrontpublishing.com www.https://www.amazon.com/Post-Encounter-Casper-Jean-Rimbaud/dp/1946082031/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482594961&sr=8-1&keywords=post+encounter
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Happy Days #2 : My Shelf
Elliot T Rimbaud accuses his filthy junkie brother Casper Jean of thievery and hilarity ensues, http://melbournianpsycho.blogspot.com.au/
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Thick Tongue (spoken word)
Licked a knife cut my tongue empires emerald opium
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UFO Sighting In Quairading WA 3/12/14
So, yeah. The guy who wrote a novel about aliens and UFOs without actually being a believer in them saw a UFO. This particularly weird incident began at around 11:30 at night. Upon examining the video, we found some very strange lights flashing above the town. Now, I'm not saying it's an alien craft. It could be anything, so if you have any ideas and can back them up with some verifiable evidence, please do so. I used to laugh at stuff like this to be honest. The incident began with two spherical round lights which hovered over from the horizon and pretty much settled above our street when I commenced filming. If anyone has any idea (Morse code abilities) about what the flashing lights could be conveying, please say so- cynics will be rewarded on their humour, if unfunny will receive my boot in they ass. Watch the entire video please. I slowed down, sped up and screwed with the contrast in an attempt to get a better understanding. It's not a great video, but that lies in the fact it really happened and isn't a CG job. Don't be a prick and whine about the quality, and please feel free to show me a helicopter that does what this thing did. Any explanations welcome. I'm not emotionally invested to the point of freaking out if someone can show me a logical explanation, nor am I carving mountains in my mashed potato. Yet. Ronnie! Ronnie? You're not going to believe this....
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Ozploitation: The Werewolf Genre!
This week Casper and Destiny talk their favourite werewolf movies! From Universal's 1941 masterpiece The Wolfman to The Company Of Wolves, The Howling, Dog Solider's, Ginger Snaps and An American Werewolf in London....stick to the road...keep off the moors....beware the moon!
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The Melbournian Psycho Band: God Wants Me To Cut You.
And the insects wept in their mansions....they ate the flesh of their young....
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Ozploitation: Debut Show!
Finally! The début podcast of Ozploitation, where acclaimed Australian horror novelist Destiny West and her partner in crime Casper Jean Rimbaud talk all thing's Aussie horror related. In this show Destiny and Casper discuss Australian horror films such as The Howling III: The Marsupials, The Loved Ones, Thirst, Saw, Fair Game, Long Weekend, Fortress (1986) amongst other things...such as how and why Wolf Creek sucked. Be sure to listen for the Howling III contest! (Technical difficulties are being sorted out! Learning as we go folks!) www.DestinyWest.com.au www.melbournianpsycho.blogspot.com.au
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The Melbournian Psycho Band: Poltergeist.
It's only a movie...it's only a movie...it's only....
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The Melbournian Psycho Band: Beautiful.
"I still think that you're beautiful..." Bipolar song.
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The Melbournian Psycho Band: 'Preacher Of Pain'
"Be pleased I made you what you are....you'd be dead if I hadn't..."
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Happy Days #1 : Stained with pie
A diary of my current life for those who are interested. Elliot my brother and I discuss dining-room etiquette. please visit http://melbournianpsycho.blogspot.com.au/ :)
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Ozploitation Episode #3 When Animals Attack!
In this weeks Ozploitation, acclaimed horror novelist Destiny West and her partner in crime Casper Jean Rimbaud discuss the animals attack! genre. Casper goes through the Jaws sequels with all the finesse of a chainsaw, Destiny talks Black Sheep and Bait whilst Razorback, Alligator and Hitchcock's classic The Birds also rate a mention. All this and even MORE reviews of bitey animal flicks here on Ozploitation! www.ozploitation.net/ www.destinywest.com.au www.melbournianpsycho.blogspot.com.au
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Happy Days: Swan.
The Brothers Rimbaud present a 'Very Special Episode' concerning the fun and sometimes homicidal downside of drug use. Just say no kids. Oh fuck it, what do I care what you do?
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The Melbournian Psycho Band 'Requiem For A Girl (Bye Bye Destiny)'
"Singing please kismet, let me in..."
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ereh ton emoc sredips gnivaew
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The Melbournian Psycho Band: Dearest Daddy
"...I never finished the Great Gatsby"
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Ozploitation Byte!
Been away, but now we're back. :)
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The Melbournian Psycho Band: The Day That Superman Died *demo
At the laundrymat 'yo! This is something we did to accompany the demo version of this song.
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Ozploitation BITES: Sex in horror films
In this short cast, Destiny and Casper discuss the all important issue of sex in horror films. Listen in, to hear Destiny relay some of her most favoured moments of filth and scandal in the horror genre.Keep your pants on guys.
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Ozploitation: Episode IV: Evil Children!
In this weeks episode, acclaimed Australian horror novelist Ms Destiny West and her ever loyal sidekick Casper Jean Rimbaud discuss the horror's of evil kids in film! From The Children Of The Corn to It's Alive, Resident Evil, Salem's Lot and Jack Ketchum's: The Girl Next Door (plus much more), they discuss the creepiest in evil little tykes and of course drift off course to tackle other horror subjects!
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Ozploitation: The Best and WORST of Ghost Movies!
In this episode Destiny West and Casper Jean Rimbaud talk about the very best and hideously bad that the ghost genre has to offer! From The Changeling to The Others, to The Shining, White Noise, The Sixth Sense and The Grudge, we discuss it all, including a bizarre detour into Gotham City, where Keaton reigns the best Batman.
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