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Guntwave - Guntstream Intro Music Video (Juntao Remix)
#Killstream #synthwave #Guntwave Juntao's version of the Killstream Intro (Ralphwave Remix). He doesn't have a channel but I wanted to make a music video for it using the new software so here it is. Tommy C parody song is coming this week (just got to finish music video). For for music, parody songs and other stuff subscribe and also check out: https:bitchute.com/earjuice
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Shane Holmburg (Vic Mignogna's BFF) Vs Reality Vs His Tweets Vs Nick Rekieta #VicKicksBack
#Shane_Holmburg #VicKicksBack #Lawsplaining Finally joined Twitter @JuiceEar and wow what a trip after only 1 week. So much trolling to do and trolling to see. Anyways, @Shane_Holmburg came on the Lawsplaining Stream in a drunken state and lost touch with reality. Shame he forgot to private and delete his Twitter. Can you search for his replies and stuff? Oh well, I showcase the tweets with clips from the stream to back up his accurate assertions. He's Vic Mignogna's Best Friend Forever didn't you know. I'm sure there are many other Tweets. Shane was also in a Discord during the stream with a bunch of #KickVic supporters, but he cares about Vic...... totally...... no honest. I just checked and he just blocked me as well. Check out Nick Rekieta and the Rekieta Law streams for #VicKicksBack info and check out Hero Hei for all the #KickVic douche alerts and rundown on Vic Mignogna who lost his career over allegations that have little to no evidence. Seems like it was just #Timesup for Vic as they thought he was too touchy. Shameful Display. Man I love this Twitter stuff. Hopefully I go under the radar there as well for at least a while. I'll try not to be super mean. You can find me on Twitter @JuiceEar You can find me on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/earjuice You can find me on Minds.com/Anime As I am the one and only Anime over there sucker. No numbers or symbols just straight up Anime.
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Sargon of Akkad - Hit New Song - White Ni**ERS (Breakbeats by EarJuice) Sargoy
#Sargon #sargoy #Patreon #whiteniggers Yes. Even thou I don't have an account for this channel I will be uploading this to Patreon as a matter of principle. All Parody songs are free to use as you want and are designed for use in streams. Creative Commons License. 2019 so I finally have some time to upload between work days. Sargon was nice enough to drop be the studio this time to lay down his vocals for the new song. I hope you enjoy. Like and sub. I don't monetize due to Goggle reviews and never will. Put your money where your mouth is. There is nothing wrong with racist jokes if they're funny and it's annoying to see so many back down and become PC due to the efforts of the platforms they are on and the money they don't want to compromise. You can find me on bitchute: https://bitchute.com/earjuice Probably win't be back for a while due to work but I will try. Also bought a Switch and it's just too good.
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The Last Jarbo - A Character Study of MundaneMatt, his Antics & Apology That is Worthless
A Character Assessment of Matt Jarbo the Hutt and why it doesn't matter if he apologized or not. He won't change he keeps repeating himself and his actions over and over again... because he's insane. ATTENTION ATTENTION: There WAS a part 2 where we showed that he was removing ALL negative comments (with the help of a word filter). It had incorrect info so I took it down. * Do Not Kick Matt in the Balls (That be wrong yo)! I just can't help myself. He just pissed me off enough that I'm now late for work typing this. Lot's of Links and shout outs so let's do this: Joy Sparkle BS Video Talking about the Apology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WDdACtzo5I&t=0s&list=PLmdpU6vRXsoar4THsEWIrPlCF86rbDIYp&index=4 Full KillStream Starring Matt but ANIMATED YAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhrb28hiX6U&list=PLmdpU6vRXsoar4THsEWIrPlCF86rbDIYp&index=4 World Class Bullshitters Steam where they have Matt on to discuss all the bullshit he stated with the Star Wars videos (Interesting stuff): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCJi0cN-m_o&list=PLmdpU6vRXsoar4THsEWIrPlCF86rbDIYp&index=1 Drummr828 and his video interviewing Matt's old friend. This is a great growing channel who also makes music (I am a Patron). Check him out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xqjYuyQYrY&list=PLmdpU6vRXsoar4THsEWIrPlCF86rbDIYp&index=2 Harmful Opinions Part 1 of 9 Expose on the Candid App and all the Bullshit that occurred: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQYSw5g2yCI&list=PLmdpU6vRXsoar4THsEWIrPlCF86rbDIYp&index=5 The Carousel Music is a Field Recording from Free Sound: klankbeeld__barrel-organ-of-carousel (Thanks Klankbeeld). Heaps of great sounds recorded at free sound that anyone can download and use. Intro EarJuice Logo https://www.youtube.com/user/theMaxGFX The Other Music is My Own. You can find me on Mind.com @Anime https://minds.com/anime You can find me on BitChute: https://bitchute.com/earjuice Check out Doomcock/George Lucas here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCJB88u93eq91U0rlJsW-A Thanks. Don't flag me please.
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#GuntGate The Hypocrisy of Ethan Ralph aka Jabba the Gunt #Guntwave
#Guntgate #Guntwave #Killstream Some new guntwave music along with some statements made on the Killstream and how they relate to his own actions. I'm on Twitter @JuiceEar
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Let's Talk About Mu Depression Story & How I Got Help From NeverHelp.com (Great Service)
#defranco #depression #betterhelp #parody After having recent mental health issues due to making too many YouTube videos while working a day job I thought I would share mu experience and how I got such great help via NeverHelp.com Make sure you check them out and get your 7 day trial today using the code phillipdecrack today. Also if you are part of phillipdecrack Elite then I signed you up automatically. that's how much I believe in this service. * 7 day free trial is only available when signing up for 6 month package. All good thou. Totally worth the few hundred..... or so. You help me out by purchasing the service. WIN WIN! YAY. Original Video of BetterHelp.com Review from 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EESnYs4hQd4&list=LL98E3IsLmBwP64UjcLIODoQ&index=5&t=0s The Song: Pissing in the Wind (aka: Social Justice) is my track. If you would like to use it then let me know. Secret Link of the Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3nPJ4R3y4g You can find me on minds.com @Anime: https://minds.com/anime You can find me on bitchute: bitchute.com/earjuice #Killstream
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MundaneMatt: Apology & Cries for help? Response to his latest video. Please don't do anything silly.
MATT RELEASE A STRAIGHT UP VIDEO & QUIT WITH THE SECRET MESSAGES! Seems I was right and other videos have now popped up talking about the subtext within his new videos. Mundane Matt is using a story about a nurse committing suicide to send out a message. His other new videos also have this weird subtext others have discovered. I wasn't going to make another Mundane Matt video (accept for new song) or any video accept for music but I watched his new video and thought I better make the clear message 'Matt please get help and do not kill yourself' after seeing some weird subtext within his 'opinions' section of the new video. It's all just very odd. It's my opinion so you can totally think I'm stupid. I'm not looking for views. I just saw a cry for help from someone I don't like and thought I would respond. He needs to know that people are still going to give him shit and he needs to stop being a victim and get off the internet for a while if he can't handle the shit. You can find me on Minds: https://minds.com/anime You can stick Twitter up your ass. I am looking into bitchute and other platforms. Sources: Background music is all me. Cyberbully Movie can be found here (funny shit and the mum also goes on a campaign to censor the internet. Yay) https://youtu.be/be6gjjWdUw4 MundaneMatt Original video about Nurse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGclB6enQh0 MundaneMatt Apology: http://mundanematt.com/post/177038792839/i-apologize
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Third Wheel - Night Trips (the most Explicit, Sexiest, Dirty Music Video of them all)
Before you report it THERE IS NO NUDITY, showing of dirty bits, etc so watch the entire thing before you judge. There is a split second of areola at one point. Even thou it's the clean version it's still a porno music video so be warned. This music video is cut from the porn film Night Trips (1989). The audio is my attempt at a psy-breaks track also named Night Trips and uses samples from the sequel as you will here. I used Reason 6 to smash out the track. There are 1 or 2 Rex samples otherwise I created the sounds and patterns myself and even created my first randomiser combinator effect which I am now using in other tracks. This is the 2nd music video I've ever made (watch my hip hop Smurf Theme song Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUY7b9ydaKQ for my 1st). I did play around with the sequences a tad but the fact some of it times really well is mostly just accidental. The plot of the film is a sex obsessed woman goes to doctors to get help. They use a dream activator (a vibrator) to watch and study her fantasies on a TV. The doctors watch the fantasies but then decide to get involved on the action themselves. This factor probably damages the patient but ey it's a porno. I have made an Explicit version, but it is an X rating so prob no YouTube.
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Boogie1488 Song 2 Boogie Bomb B.T.J (HipHop Track) By EarJuice
#Boogie1488 #Boggie2988 #Parody Boogie I don't mind you but you just keep doing this to yourself. Enjoy another Boggie1488 song. Made with Reason 10 (mainly just Rex loops for this one) and the Magic Visual software. You can find me on Minds.com @Anime https://minds.com/anime You can find me on BitChute: https://bitchute.com/earjuice
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Worst Song of All Time (White Rapper Ed.) & The Worst Tattoos of All Time: Buzy Nutz - Only Way
Let's get dem nuts busy, as white rapper Buzy Nutz brings his masterpiece to YouTube with the track It's Da Only Way. I recorded this guy at a studio. I helped him make the track on Reason (or Record?) as well. He did another song a few years later which I might upload as well. He will get in contact every now and then asking for an audio CD to get made again. I have made him about 5 but he keeps giving them to people. Not sure if he's trying to submit the songs or anything. The mix down and everything is pretty bad as I told him I wasn't working on the song because it was bad and I didn't want to. He thinks it's great and there's nothing wrongs For those who love bad songs enjoy. I threw up my folder of worst tattoos so that people had something entertaining to watch.
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Quinton Reviews - I F@cking Hate (EarJuice Parody Drum & Bass Track) Shocking Racist Rant
#QuintonReviews #EarJuice #parody #Drum&Bass #creativecommons FULL PERMISSION TO MIRROR AND USE. Quinton Reviews this time stopped by the studio to lay down his thoughts into a new song. Who would've thought it would turn into a shocking racist rant. This is just done as a joke and to make a statement against Quinton's new/uncovered stance on ideas. I'm guessing he will flag me down if he finds out (because that's the way he is). That's why I'm giving permission for anyone to download and mirror and/or use in any of their content. I don't make money out of YouTube anyways. WARNING TO QUINTON: You flag me and I will upload to all the alt accounts and come after you with a whole bunch of follow up videos (just like Matt). Let me have my fun and take a joke dude. Chin up my man and I hope you come back around. I now have Twitter @JuiceEar as I wanted to troll some people and be able to share my music and videos... mainly troll people until I get banned. You can find me on BitChute (where I will upload this as well): https://www.bitchute.com/earjuice I'm not really using the minds accounts @anime Have a good one.
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Fling-AMA-String modified with motion sensor, etc
Here is a vid of my modified/upgraded Fling-AMA-String cat toy which now has 12v supply via an AC invertor or battery, a 12v motion sensor with timer and step down voltage convertor.
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MundaneMatt Parody Song: I'm a Soy-Filled Bitch: Feat. Keemstar (Stream Edit) By: EarJuice
*NO COPYRIGHT - FREE USE FOR STREAMS, CHANNEL VIDEOS & WHATEVER ELSE. Use, download, mirror as you need. (CREATIVE COMMONS) Here is the second Edit of I'm a Soy-Filled Bitch by EarJuice. This version is shorter, takes out the outro, Metokur sample, breakdown and just gets to it with lot's of beats and samples from Keemstar & Mundane Matt. Made with Reason 10. You can find me on minds: https://minds.com/anime Check out my other deplorable music and other videos on my channel. Trying to change the name to EarJuice (for music tracks) but YouTube won't let me yet.
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Boogie1488 - Gas The Gunt #Guntwave (Creative Commons) Breaks Track #Ralph #GuntGate
#Guntwave #Killstream #GuntGate (Free total use of this content for whatever) I have my reasons that are all 100% truth. In the end it comes down to respect and he lost mine. That and he's a lying Vagina. I had it all typed out but it doesn't matter. Thanks Boogie for the vocals. You're the greatest. Respect. You can find me on Twitter @JuiceEar Bitchute/earjuice, Minds @Anime It's a quick 2hr slapped together song n music video for a Sunday.
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Real Life Consequences of Feminism & Times Up (I'm NOT Hiring Female Employees)
#culturewar #feminism #timesup Just a quick discussion about the fact that I am basically breaking the law by not opening up my new job posting to female applicants because the push by feminists and hashtags like #timesup has made my own workplace unsafe for me if I hired on a female when I will usually be the only other person there and all my other employees are male. It's basically asking for trouble in the believe woman, PC culture we now face, especially when you look at the content I make on YouTube and how that could easily be used against me if a female employee were to make a false claim or found out about my YouTube channel and the other channels I support (via Patreon , Superchats, views, etc) and felt offended by that or by my everyday behaviour (or my other employees) within my own workplace. It's a real shame when you think about the fact that this shouldn't be a problem and yet I wouldn't even take the risk considering our current climate thanks to the culture war, the left and the government run ABC propaganda (also considered News) that fills all aspects of media within Australia. Thanks feminism! You are making me do this because I want to be able to say what I want, make my usual jokes and watch what I want when I'm at my own workplace.
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YouTubeWakeUp An Expose of a Large, YouTube Audience & the Sexualized Pedo Content They are Watching
#youtubewakeup #Pedogate #Loligate #Lolicon WARNING: THIS IS NOT A FUN VIDEO & SHOWS (BLURRED OUT) YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF YOUNG GIRLS WITHIN A SEXUALIZED CONTEXT. I have made this in a hope to help expose what is happening within a dark corner of YouTube and the large audience of old adult men watching and commenting on a massive library of sexualized content featuring young underage girls. If you make videos then please talk about this issue and help spread the word and try to put a stop to what is happening here. Link to Pedophiles Rampant on YouTube: https://youtu.be/JVd0YfqwgfE I won't be linking the other videos. Not a fun video to make at all. I really hated this whole experience. Back to fun stuff hopefully.
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New Song by MundaneMatt: I'm Soy-Filled' feat. Keemstar & Metokur (EarJuice Mix) (re-Upload)
Don't flag my song. All audio is already on YouTube. I just sampled it and put it into the drum machine. I went back into the song and fixed the beat and added a few more elements as well. Hope you enjoy Version 2. I have also made a Stream Edit that is 3 minutes. Should be up later tonight. Hope you enjoy the song. Use for any videos, streams, mirrors, etc. Preferably link us in the description if you do. Made with Reason 10 You can find me on minds: https://minds.com/anime I'm making more content. If you want a intro song for the channel videos or something then hit us up. Exposure is a valid payment. Just depends what channel you are.
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Boogie1488 Exposes That His Workforce is Down to 6 Million
What happened to the rest Boogie? Just a quick clip. Also in new song on my channel.
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Mumkey Jones - YouTube Termination Guide (Mirror Updated & Edited 4 New News)
#mumkeyjones #deleted #junglejimmy Video Link is no longer working sorry. New Channel he talks about is also gone along with the de-demonetization of the Podcast he was a guest on. He has a third channel Jungle Jimmy (link shown near end of video). This is no longer the survival guide but the termination guide. Here are his active links...... for the moment Mumkey's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mumkey Mumkey's Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mumkeyjones Mumkey's Website: http://mumkeyjones.tv/ Jimmy's Twitter: https://twitter.com/VincentHatesGod The news was breaking while I was uploading this so we will see if he either has his third channel deleted OR the news/drama that will start up over the next few days will help. I tried adjusting his video and adding context otherwise have left it as is with some text with updates and my opinion.
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A Great Trolling Song - Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)
This was made just for MundaneMatt within one of my vids The Last Jarbo Part 2, however I was asked for the song n pony dance without all the boring talking so they could use it to troll others. Meme away my friends. Meme away. #memesong #trollsong Original Song is by Perry Como. It's my fav. cause it's gay as all fuck. Just makes you want to sway n dance around and have a gay day of happy dreams. Intro (Credit https://www.youtube.com/user/theMaxGFX) Started using Fiverr to get someone else to redo some chords for me in Midi cause I'm not very good at all anymore with piano and music theory. That's where the intro and outro and some other professional looking stuff is coming from. Such a great site.
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James Mathews Feat. Count Dankula - Gross Offense (C.S Breaks Remix) - Mirror
A mirror for my friend C.S. Made with Reason 8. This is a joke/funny song within the context of using James Mathew's own words right back at him. Like one big F.U to the media narrative. This is not meant to be offensive to anyone accept James Mathews. C.S would like to remain anon. He does run @Anime on Minds.com if you would like to send him love.
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Daft Gunt - Got Dat Gunt #Guntwave #GuntGate - EarJuice Electronica - feat. Ralph & Da Gunt #Meme
#Guntwave #guntgate #DaftGunt #Killstream CREATIVE COMMONS - FREE TO USE FOR WHATEVER Daft Gunt - Got Dat Gunt (Beats EarJuice) Full Version I will make a shorter 3minute version for streams, etc during the week. Sorry for the length but I wanted to have the full song. Man got a tad high last night for the first time in ages. I wake up the next morning and I have finished this song with a whole bunch of vocoders and singing. Hit me up on Twitter https://twitter.com/JuiceEar I'm on Bitchute especially with the songs that get flagged and taken down: https://www.bitchute.com/earjuice Minds.com @Anime yo STOP FLAGGING MY CONTENT AND GO SOMEPLACE ELSE.
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Boogie1488 Chimes in on Whole Killstream Situation, Ralph & Knoxville Antics #GuntGate
You just can't keep ol Boogie1488 down. #GuntGate #Guntwave #Boogie1488
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Channel Intro EarJuice
It's just the Channel Intro (although still funny). You can find me on Minds.com @Anime: https://minds.com/anime You can find me on BitChute: https://bitchute.com/earjuice
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Did MundaneMatt Flag My New Song Soy-Filled? On August 15th. Is he that low?
I did push the video sharing links all over the place. I can't say if Matt flagged it or not, but it seems so weird since the vocal samples are all currently active on YouTube and it's about Matt. I just didn't think he would still be flagging content after getting called out. Is he really that low? If I'm missing something obvious for why it was flagged then let me know. I just really wouldn't think he would still be flagging content. I can't believe he is that silly and that much of a douche. FEEL FREE TO USE SONG (or this vid) IN OTHER CONTENT OR MIRROR. Links: Mirror of Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4UUfY7GcII The original video on Minds.com: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/876348326095396864 Find me on Minds.com/Anime If you want a custom song made (funny, intro for channel, etc) then hit me up on minds. If it's good exposure I will just do it for free.
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Matts'WhatItIs A Douche but YouTubers R Downplaying What he found & #YouTubewakeup
#YouTubewakeup #MattsWhatItIs #Sargon #Defranco ALSO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ACTUAL VIDEOS. ARE THEY DELETED? FIND OUT. No one else seems to care (not even Matt). Sargon, Tipster, Harmful Opinions, Defranco, ReviewTechUSA, Jim Sterling, Mista GG, Computing Forever and Many More are pushing a false narrative downplaying the type of content and comments that MattsWhatItIs, myself and others before have discovered. Matt is a douche and DESERVES all the hatred but lying to your audience to downplay his concerns because money isn't right so I made this to set the record straight and show what has happened to the content I reported on back in October 2018. Many of the videos are now deleted or have comments disabled and suggested videos are back to normal rather than ALL recommending more of the same disgusting content. The content WAS DISGUSTING and it wasn't JUST kids videos and timestamps. Matt did make a positive change and finally bought attention to the issue that I tried to push, but tried to get content for his live streams by harassing advertisers and the hate is justified as he has impacted ALL of us. I watched some of his video but it was just a direct copy of what I already found and discussed. Not sure for how much longer I will survive on YouTube. Hopefully they won't find out about me and my EVIL ways. Can't have satirical fun anymore. I'm now on Twitter so I can troll Jussie and Vic supporters: @JuiceEar You can find most of my videos on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/earjuice I'm on minds but hardly use it @Anime, @EarJuice and a bunch of other accounts.
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Smurfs - Theme (HipHop Remix) Mirror
Re-upload of old remix track. The Smurfs Theme Song HipHop remix. Minds.com @Anime
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Ozark: The Most Underrated Show That Needs More Hype (Info + Season 2 Review)
Remember if ever falling to your death or driving off a cliff, why not go out in style yelling 'MacGyveeeeeeeer'. More people need to watch this show. It has some hype, great ratings and attention but I believe deserves a lot more viewers. Ozark is a brilliant show that stands up with the rest of the great crime dramas such as Breaking Bad, True Detective, Mindhunter and Law & Order Smell My poo. There are so many great or above average shows on atm, but with shows like The Walking Dead and Stranger Things just not having that same appeal I ask that you add Ozark to the list and give it a go. Just watch the first episode of Season 1 and you will instantly be on board. After watching the Half in the Bag recap the other day and finishing Season 2 I thought I better make a response video to RedLetterMedia's claims about Jason Bateman and just get the word out that Ozark is the bomb and needs to be viewed. Hope you enjoy the video. My editing skills are always getting better and hopefully I can actually be funny some times now. Background Music is my Drop Bears theme for the horror movie I'm working on (see Drop Bear channel). I also have a new intro: Intro Credit https://www.youtube.com/user/theMaxGFX You can find me on Minds @Anime: https://minds.com/anime You can find me on BitChute: https://bitchute.com/earjuice
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10K Subs, Channel Update & Sad News (Where have I been?)
Yo, I had a few questions from subs or viewers and I thought I would just come on and give a quick update to what's going on and why the content has stopped. My dad has passed away so not only am I dealing with that he left me totally in charge of a business. If you want to know more then let me know below. I'm at 10K subs so if you wanna ask a question, make a request or insult me then leave a comment below. Most insulting wins. No editing today. Shot on my phone. I'm tired, busy but will get back into the swing of things over the next few weeks. Thanks.
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My New Girlfriend Sara - A Love Ballad
Lightface is my friend. He found Sara Friday. We had a wonderful weekend so I made this love ballad just for her.
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#Reason10 Tutorial Part 1/3: How I make Parody Songs Like Boggie1488
#Boomer I'm only new to screen capture so I forgot to add the cursor. Hopefully this makes sense. I just show Reason 10, how I make the audio samples, how I sample them in the drum machine and the basics of what make a Boogie1488 and other parody songs. Part 2: I make a simple song starter/loops with Bunty audio about how he is a cuck. Part 3: I use Magic to make a music video (cheap, easy but such professional software). As far as recording sound with screen capture (this is actually complicated) rather than not using the external sound card I ran a jack out of the headphones on my monitors into an external recorder then just synced it up in the video editor. That way you have no issues. I then just used the mic within Reason. Reason Essentials is less than $200 so I highly recommend people check it out if they want to start making great tracks. As I show Reason is really good for making songs live and experimenting. Sign up to me Twitters yo @JuiceEar
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False Flagging a New Trend.  YAAAAAAY Metokur, Kraut, Myself. Is it Matt (Who is also buying subs)?
Yeah probably could have worded this better. I was a tad pinged off. Not accusing any particular person. Just the fact that flagging is going on within the similar types of channels is annoying. This is so annoying. Is this false flagging stuff going to be a new trend? It seems to be everyday now. Now Kraut's channel is down (that's just weird if he's a suspect for flagging Metokur). I didn't put Kraut's response to Meotkur in the video so here it is: https://twitter.com/RealKraut/status/1034612794715455488 I also talk about Matt and the buying of subs. He is a such a douche that he mad me angry enough to start making videos with talking. Thanks for the motivation Matt. Not a big fan of Kraut but less of a fan of false flagging. It's such scummy crap. My new music is pretty good so might be released meaning I might not put it up on YouTube. See what happens. Got the worst songs of all time coming up. I had to record a guy in the studio and thought I might release the crap he made to the world. You can find me on minds: https://minds.com/anime I'm on BitChute as well now: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/KixIMFqmVQpW/
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Tutorial 3/3: Let's Make a Music Video - So Easy with Magic Visuals
#Magic_Visuals #Boomer This time in our last tutorial I go over how we make a music video with visuals that move to the music and look great. It's a technical program but so easy to use and only around 30 pounds so worth checking out. You can hit me up on Twitter @JuiceEar I got flagged again today. One day closer to deletion. Fantastic stuff. Boggie1488 was just too successful. It's still on YouTube so oh well.
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Laidback Electronica: Six Strings - By EarJuice (No Copyright Music)
* NO COPYRIGHT - FEEL FREE TO USE FOR VIDEOS & OTHER CONTENT (CREATIVE COMMONS) A song I made a few years back with Record (kind of like Reason). I've been meaning to add it to some non-copyright channels and sites for free use. My old friend Ben is on guitar and helped create the track. Probably why it's not like my other tracks. I will upload some more usual content and better music soon. You can find me on Minds: https://minds.com/anime
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DJ Mix: Too Gay For May - Nu-Disco, Synth Pop & Guilty Pleasures: Third Wheel
It's time to get you gay on. 80s vibe, modern synth pop, Madonna and Everythmics covers, Bowie samples, Robyn, Visitor and Lifelike with the Barbie Dance Club to help you with the moves. Duane!!! Tracklist: 1) Röyksopp, Robyn - Monument – Music Video Mix 2) Röyksopp, Robyn – Monument – Album Mix 3) Kavinsky - Nightcall - Original Mix 4) Peter & The Magician - Twist – Original Mix 5) DiscoVer. - Vogue - Mart Remix 6) Croatia Squad, Me & My Toothbr - Scream for Pleasure 7) Lika Morgan - Sweet Dreams - Original Mix 8) Visitor - Love - Club Edit 9) Lifelike - Love Emulator – Visitor Remix 10) Cromeo - When The Night Falls – Lifelike Remix 11) Visitor - Coming Home - Lifelike remix 12) Robyn – Indestructible – A-Trak Remix 13) Vistor - Los Feeling - Alan Braxe Remix 14) Robyn, Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat May 2015 Mix. This is the final cut after a few attempts over the years to pull off the right mix of gay without going too far. Sorry I tried to incorporate classic italio disco and night versions but the sound quality and feel just didn't fit. Next Too Gay For May is planned to be just a mix of classics such as Centefold and Frankie goes to Hollywood. A year is a good prep time when you don't DJ much.
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Mt Barney National Park Morning View from Upper Portals Entry
This was taken near our campsite just up from the Waterfall Creek Road Car park and beginning of the Upper Portals hike. We got to the walk too late after hiking the fire trail so decided to camp along the grass fire trail. You can walk but a 4X4 can get up to the car park. Really nice for camping. Wasn't as cold as down in the Upper Portals and we had no wind. Not an official camp site but we didn't have much choice with the sun setting. Video shows Maroon Dam covered in fog, Mt May and Mt Maroon as well as other features in the distance.
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I Was Wrong About Matt But He's Still A Twat (Prob No Bot Comments)
I have deleted the last jarbo part 2. I don't think MundaneMatt is buying comments as explained in this video. I couldn't get to sleep last night so I couldn't be bothered typing any more or making a proper video so you get a gay demon mask thing. Yay.
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Tommy C Came For You & Had to Show His Wife (for Some Perverted Reason)
Tommy C Came For You & Had to Show His Wife (for Some Perverted Reason). LOL 15sec stupid clip gets more views than the music video I spent hours working on. YouTube Yay.
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Quinton Reviews Racist Rant (Shocking Exposed Tape)
#subjectivity #objectivity #QuintonReviews Discovered this shocking audio while making a song with Quinton Reviews. It has changed my whole perspective on him. Just wow. One of my hard drives died but we should still be good and there maybe a whole song soon.
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Tommy C - I'm The Biggest Rat (EarJuice Parody Song) Laidback Rat Trap
#TommyC #rat #trap #parody #Biggest I don't are about context. YOU DO NOT RAT! Tommy C is a self-confessed rat. He has no code, no honor and is a scummy dog. If Tommy C grew up where I am from (and many other places) he would be beat up for the lack of code. Apart from this he is as boring as shit so trying to make a song out of the whinging voice that drones on was hard and this isn't my best work (kinda shit which is fitting for Tommy C). Hopefully you enjoy the Rat Trap. At least the visuals came out alright. Speaking of lack of code, Zanta Claws is a self-confessed music thief who was posting other peoples music as his own weekly on his channel. He helps Tommy C and finds content for him. Tommy C also defended this DISGUSTING behaviour. See Drumr828 video proving this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3nPJ4R3y4g&t=1775s Made with Reason 10 and my new fav Magic software for the visuals. The song came out with a sad tone which is fitting. This one goes out to my dad who is quite ill and stuck overseas. Hopefully people know who Tommy C is. You can find me on Minds @Anime: https://minds.com/anime You can find me on Bitchute: https://bitchute.com/earjuice
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C.S Theme Song - (Part 1)
Here is the C.S Theme Song. Made with Reason. You can send your love to C.S @Anime Minds.com
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EarJuice - Get Some (Original Mix) HARD TECH-HOUSE, TECHNO Dancing Girls Kaleidoscope Visuals
#Techno #Techhouse #Electronica Tad annoyed as after 2 tries I couldn't render the visuals better than the preview. Need to get a capture card. See thumbnail compared to video. Colours aren't great and reds blend together. If I can make it better I will re-upload. I made this a few weeks back after I upgraded to Reason 10 and finished off the loops and sequence with the fantastic new synths (all the risers and fx are synths now). Kind of Tech-House or techno. I keep making songs with no specific genre. There is also to bass drums. I was still thinking of changing a few elements and get it mastered professionally, but I'll do that if I get it released. I was going for my usual new style which is hard into the dirt. Lots of arps and filter sweeping dirty synths. Love it. I didn't just use the vocoder for the Get Some sample there is a few other sounds in there. The bass line at the start, few things near the end, etc. The visuals I am now making myself. I used Lilly from fiverr to do the dancing for this one then used Magic music studio and went crazy. I got some more tracks in the works. One is a new version of a recording from when I was in a folk band so a tad different. It's the original version of Cream Bulbs (also on channel) but with vocals and structured. Check out my other tracks as well as Mundanematt videos and random stuff. More content coming soon. You can find me on Minds @Anime: https://minds.com/anime You can find me on Bitchute @EarJuice: https://bitchute.com/earjuice
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Cream Bulbs - EarJuice Nod 2 Instrumental
Chilled instrumental/electronic version of Cloudy Gumption song. The original studio version with vocals is being reworked atm and will be uploaded soon. Nod 2 is the main effect on the guitar from the Kaoss Pad. @Anime www.minds.com/anime
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#Reason10 Tutorial Part2/3: Let's Make a Song with Bunty King - I'm a Cuck
#Bunty #EarJuice So I thought I would show how to make a parody song from scratch. I had some Bunty audio clips that I never used so I make one super shit loop making him sing about been a cuck. Hit me up on Twitter yo @JuiceEar Make you you check me out on youporn live @SexlordZoolong
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DSP Camboy Gaming (KO Fapping)
Satire, Meme, Funny, etc. Guess whose getting their song next? Subscribe so you don't miss it. Going to do a video about the latest stuff he's up to (rage quitting, e-begging, denial... the usual), as well as a song as he is too easy to sample and make fun of. Enjoy the test run.
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