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Poul Henningsen Style Artichoke Lamp
The Artichoke Pendant is a Light fixture originally designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958. The design centers on a 360-degree glare-free light, that resemble an artichoke. The light source or bulb/s cannot be directly viewed; the light is directed and reflected upon leaves until it illuminates the entire artichoke. The Artichoke Pendent comes brushed aluminium laser-cut steel leaves with the underside of each leaf painted white. It is mounted from the ceiling by stainless steel cables to hold the weight of the light. Ultra modern pendant suitable for any modern, retro large hall way, dining room or reception, a asset to any designer furniture collectors home.
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Poul M. Volther Style Corona Chair
This high-quality reproduction in the style of the original designer was first made in 1962. Volther took inspiration for the Corona Chair's floating elliptical elements from time-lapse photographs of solar eclipses. The Corona Chair has an upholstered high polished steel frame and is available in a choice of fabrics and leathers. The chair features four concentric forms which together create a wonderfully comfortable seating shell.
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Poul Kjaerholm Style PK22 Relax Chair
Reproduced in the style of the original designer, the PK22 relax chair is one of the first pieces designed by Kjaerholm. This furniture piece tests and pushes the limits of the cantilever construction for which he became famous for. The PK22 relax chair is an extension of a chair which Kjaerholm designed for his final examination at the College of Danish Design in 1951. The supple, flexible and effortlessly classy stainless steel frame is finished with Italian leather upholstery. Dimensions: Height: 70cm * Depth: 65cm * Width: 64cm.
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Poul Kjaerholm Style PK20 Easy Chair
This is a high-quality reproduction inspired by Kjaerholm's stylish original. With its clever combination of steel and organic material, the PK20 rocking chair is perhaps one of Poul Kjaeholm's most classic designs. Based on his 1968 design, Interior Addict's super stylish and sleek reproduction piece is as comfortable as it is easy-on-the-eye. The PK20 Rocking Chair's stainless steel frame is finished in a choice of either semi-aniline leather upholstery or hand-woven rattan wicker.
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Arne Jacobsen Style Oxford Office Chair
This is a high-quality reproduction inspired by Arne Jacobsen's original design. Upholstered swivel chair for office and conference use The upper part is moulded wood on a base of satin polished aluminium. The base is a 5-star swivel base with either fixed sitting height or height adjustment by means of a gaslift mechanism. The base with fixed sitting height may be provided with ferrules of black-grey nylon or glides of matt aluminium. The base with height adjustment is always equipped with double castors and is available with a tilt mechanism.
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Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair - Svanen Stol
Arne Jacobsen Style Swan Chair / Svanen Stolen This is a high-quality reproduction inspired by Arne Jacobsen's original. First displayed to the public in Paris in 1958, the Swan Chair's organic, continuously curved form is constructed using a rigid foam shell which is upholstered in either a Danish wool, aniline or semi-aniline top grade Italian leather. Available in a range of semi aniline and anline leather colours and fabric options, the Swan Chair is supported by a four-star aluminium swivel base. Dimensions: Width 74cm * Depth 68 cm * Height 77cm.
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Hans J Wegner Style Elbow Chair CH20
Hans J. Wegner 1950 Elbow Chair CH20 "reproduced to the style of the original designer" This is a high quality reproduction in the style of Wegner's original. Inspired by classical portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming chairs, Wegner created a series of chairs that helped establish Denmark as an international leader of modern design. This contemporary furniture piece is suitable for any kitchen or dining room. It could alternatively be used as a dressing table chair in the bedroom.
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Florence Knoll Style Arm Chair
With simple linear lines and high-quality construction, our Florence Knoll Style Armchair would be an excellent addition to any lounge or office. Originally designed in 1954 as part of the seating series that included the 2-Seat Sofa, 3-Seat Sofa and Daybed, Knoll aimed to create furniture that could adapt to any environment. The Florence Knoll Style Armchair is constructed from a solid wood inner frame and highly polished heavy gauge stainless steel frame and legs. The arm, seat and back cushions consist of variable density foam and is upholstered in the finest Italian leather. The seat and back cushions are fully welted and tufted to provide superb comfort.
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Arne Jacobsen Style Series 7 Chair
This is a high-quality reproduction in the style of Jacobsen's original classic design. The Series 7 Chair has sold millions worldwide after becoming an iconic design piece following Lewis Morley's photo of Christine Keeler sitting naked across it. True to the original Series 7 Chair, the base curves up slightly either side of the seat, and the back is moulded for superb comfort. The fixing of the base is very similar to the original. The chair is a moulded plywood chair with metal legs and unlike cheaper copies, our Series 7 chair cleverly conceals any unsightly screws and fittings by using a stainless steel cap. It comes in a wide range of eye catching colours including black, white, red, dark grey, ice blue, ivory, magenta, orange, petrol, sunny yellow and turquoise
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Arne Jacobsen - Desk Lamp
This is a high-quality reproduction in the style of Jacobsen's original classic. The AJ lamp has a fixture head with a distinct asymmetrical shape, which determines the light characteristics of the fixture. The fixture head is tiltable. The base of the floor lamp has a hole, originally made to accommodate an ashtray. Without the ashtray, however, the hole adds elegance and lightness to the design. The unique quality of its design idiom has made these fixtures modern classics.
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Finn Juhl Style Arm Chair
Finn Juhl Style Arm Chair. This is a reproduction of Juhl's Arm Chair designed in 1954 and is a true Danish master piece, hand finished in American walnut with black Danish upholstery. This piece was Juhl's first arm chair designed for mass production and incorporates an organic curve that fits the human body making it ideal for relaxing in.
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Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Style Barcelona Chair
This is a high quality reproduction of the original design by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe in 1929. It needs little introduction. The Barcelona Chair was exclusively designed for the Barcelona Pavilion and was inspired by modernism and the folding chairs of ancient Egypt. Finished in semi-aniline dyed top grain leather upholstery, with a highly polished, flawless stainless steel finish. Dimensions: Width 75cm * Depth 75cm * Height 76cm.
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Verner Panton Style Side Chair
This is a reproduction piece influenced by Panton's playful and exciting original. Designed by Verner Panton in 1968, the Side Chair was the very first single-material, single-piece chair. Quite simply, the Side Chair is iconic. It's flowing; cantilevered form is created in accordance with the original design and is manufactured to the same specifications. Interior Addict has selected this particular piece from many manufacturers due to the continuity of quality and finish, built for a lifetime of use.
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Arne Jacobsen Style Egg Chair Special Edition
This special edition Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair was originally designed in 1958 for Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen. Now also available in a range of full and semi aniline leather options.
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Poul Kjaerholm Style PK 31 Arm Chair
This is a high-quality reproduction in the style of the original designer. The PK31 Arm Chair's front, back, side and arms are fully upholstered in full-aniline leather. The chair's cushions are cleverly designed to make use of a special six-pocket design which holds the downing in place to maintain form and shape. This is a beautiful furniture piece, which is one of Poul Kjaerholm's most noted and famous designs, is available from Interior Addict in one, two, and three-seater versions; allowing you to create your own groupings to fit any space in your home or office.
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Borge Mogensen Style Arm Chair
Reproduced to the style of Borge Mogensen's original 1962 3-seat sofa design, this four-legged, single slat backed arm chair is a fine example of the designers simple yet functional ideology. The original was designed for Mogensen's home, where it still stands and is widely used today in offices, government buildings and embassies around the world. The legs are available in a choice of Maple or Walnut. The Borge Mogensen Arm Chair is upholstered in Italian leather, which is available in a selection of colours. We also have the 2-seat and 3-seat sofa versions of the arm chair.

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