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MEI Bisphera
MEI edger Bisphera-XDD
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Manage your optical dispensary more effectively with Frames Data
Frames Data helps eyecare professionals manage their frame dispensaries for efficiency and profit. This short video explains how!
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My Frame Gallery: Tutorial Part 1
Learn how to use My Frame Gallery!
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Schneider Optical Machines hosted a four-day event including classroom technical training plus hands-on experience with Schneider machinery. They also unveiled several new products for optical labs including an all-in-one digital surfacing center.
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Using SPEX UPC with My Vision Express
Use Frames Data's SPEX UPC with your My Vision Express software to manage your frame inventory electronically. ● Fast, easy import of detailed frame info ● "Synchronize Inventory" makes updates automatically ● Receive new frames by scanning UPC codes
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My Frame Gallery by Frames Data Product Overview Spring 2018
Could an online frame gallery help grow your bottom line? My Frame Gallery by Frames Data will help you engage with patients, is easy to set up, and includes a virtual try-on feature from FittingBox Inc. Learn more at http://www.framesdata.com/gallery
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Installing SPEX UPC into Officemate
Is your third party practice management software Officemate? Learn how to easily install SPEX UPC into Officemate.
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My Frame Gallery by Frames Data Product Overview Sept 2018
Build a virtual frame board for your optical practice, so your patients can browse frames from home, in-store, or on the go. Includes a wish list to improve patient engagement and enhance the customer experience of your practice. Ready to learn more? Visit www.framesdata.com/gallery Need a demo? Visit https://info.framesdata.com/my-frame-gallery-live-demo-request Visit our blog channel at https://blog.framesdata.com/topic/my-frame-gallery
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Get Ready to be SCANdalized
Use Frames Data Online and any generic barcode scanner to check for the latest wholesale frame prices. Double-check your retail rates with ease.
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My Frame Gallery: Tutorial Part 4
Part 4 of our My Frame Gallery tutorial. How to use the Publish page.
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My Frame Gallery by Frames Data launches September 2017
Recreate your in-store frame selection online.
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LabTalk covers Schneider's DigiCON 2013
LabTalk covers Schneider's DigiCON 2013
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What is Frames Data?
Learn how Frames Data can help your dispensary or lab better compete and succeed in the optical industry. From eliminate hand entering data, viewing full color images, accessing wholesale pricing to choosing the correct lens blank in the lab, and accessing detailed frame measurements Frames Data helps keep the optical industry moving forward.
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Up Your Frame Game
Change the way you search for frames!
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Frames Data Dispensary Minute: The future is now!
Coming soon! Frames Data IDA (Immediate Data Access) will work with your practice management software to drastically improve the efficiency in your frame dispensary. Frames Data is working with several software companies to launch this new product, contact your software vendor for details.
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My Frame Gallery: Customized for your practice
Add your logo, hours, and even frames you carry. My Frame Gallery is your online solution for in-store sales.
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LabTalk Video Spotlight On...Dietz Lab
Ed Dietz, III's grandfather started the family business in 1933 and was joined by his son, Ed Dietz, Jr. in the 50's. Today, Dietz Lab of Fort Worth, Texas, is owned and operated by Barbara Dietz and her son, Ed Dietz, III. The lab runs between 65 and 80 jobs per day, serving a small but loyal client base.
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PriceCenter Tutorial 1
PriceCenter is an online wholesale look up tool available to eye care professionals who subscribe to Frames Data SPEX UPC, Quarterly DVD or Print.
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The Importance of Managing Your Inventory Electronically
Your practice's greatest growth potential is most likely, your frame dispensary. To realize its full potential, one must pay very close attention to the inventory and the information that it contains. Tracking your frame inventory electronically is much more efficient than trying to keep track on paper, or worse, off the top of your head. E-inventory management will allow you to track your store's top selling frames, what you have in stock and tools for projecting future revenue based on trends. Even if you feel you may have a handle on what sells in your store already, there is nothing like real hard numbers based on what is happening in your dispensary and in the current market. Frames Data integrates with various practice management software providers allowing the user to realize its maximum potential when managing inventory electronically. Using Frames Data SPEX will allow you to upload frame information directly into your compatible software. This will eliminate hours spent on tedious data entry that can introduce errors. Using SPEX also means you are able to make use of the reporting functions and start learning about your business right away. To learn more about our products and how to manage your inventory electronically, start by visiting www.framesdata.com. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!
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My Frame Gallery makes adding frames a breeze! 30 second video
My Frame Gallery makes adding frames to your website a breeze. Simply search for the frames you want and select to add. So easy!
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Frames Data and Vision Monday accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – our thanks to VisionWeb and Local Eye Site for nominating us! Frames Data now nominates Joe Savarese and team at Jobson Interactive, Leo MacCanna & Janet Johnson and the team from Ocuco, and Robert Liener and his team from A&A Optical. Vision Monday now nominates Mike Daley of The Vision Council, Bal Scott of International Vision Expo, and our friends at optometry Giving Sight. You have 24 hours to complete the challenge! Don’t forget to also donate at www.alsa.org! #IceBucketChallenge #StrikeOutALS
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Tutorial Series: How to Login to Frames Data Online
Having trouble logging into Frames Data Online? Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to log in to Frames Data Online with an active Frames Data subscription. Not yet subscribed? Subscribe today by visiting http://www.framesdata.com/products/retailers.aspx
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Learn how easy it is for DVI users to download your weekly Tracing Points file. Tracing Points is a database of frame information and trace files that allow optical laboratories to select a lens blank and begin servicing without having the actual frames.
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Sell More Frames with Frames Data Online
Learn how Frames Data Online can help YOU sell more frames.
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LabTalk Video Spotlight On... 2011 OLA
Welcome to the latest Video Spotlight On...the 2011 OLA Meeting The annual Optical Laboratories Association's meeting and tradeshow was held on September 22nd -- 24th. The meeting started with the traditional Hall of Fame banquet where new honorees were inducted. This was followed with two solid days of education and trade show floor time. Co-located with Vision Expo West, attendees had access to the Vision Expo trade show floor for all three days. The LabTalk's and VisionMonday's Labapalooza party was the place to be with a live band and award presentations for the Optical Laboratory Web Site of the Year and the Top 25 Labs.
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Framey at Vision Expo West 2012
Framey, Frames Data's mascot makes his grand debut at Vision Expo West 2012
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LabTalk Video Spotlight On...Restoring Vision
Welcome to your latest Video Spotlight On...RestoringVision.org LabTalk editor, Christie Walker, traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to participate in a build with Habitat for Humanity. Before leaving for Cambodia, Walker purchased 350 pairs of readers from www.RestoringVision.org a non-profit that provides readers and sunglasses for service organizations helping the poor and needy. Walker distributed the glasses to the local people at the build site, donating the remaining glasses to a local clinic. "It was an amazing experience, one I highly recommend," said Walker.
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Tutorial Series: How to use PriceSearch
Having trouble logging using PriceSearch on Frames Data Online? Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to use PriceSearch with an active Frames Data subscription. Not yet subscribed? Subscribe today by visiting http://www.framesdata.com/products/retailers.aspx
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PriceCenter Tutorial 2
Learn how to navigate PriceCenter where you can easily find wholesale pricing for frames searching by style name, collection name, UPC Code, or recent price change. Search by typing in parts, or the entire style name.
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Frames Data:  Trusted for over 44 years...Vital to your practice now.
Frames Data...trusted by the optical industry to help run a more efficient optical dispensary for over 44 years.
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My Frame Gallery: Your Online Solution to In-store frame sales
An overview of the new product by Frames Data, My Frame Gallery.
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COLA 2011
The California Optical Laboratories Association (COLA) held their annual meeting in Temecula, Calif., this past May, and presented Lori Treadwell, co-owner of Precision San Diego with the 2011 West Coast Good Fellow Award.
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50 years of Frames Data
As Frames Data passes 50 years of continuous publication, we thought it'd be fun to take a look back through our five decades of Big Book covers. To browse our gallery of covers, visit this blog post: http://blog.framesdata.com/50-years-of-frames-data-0-1-0
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Frames Data Directory
Check out Frames Data Online's newest feature - the Directory Tool!
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My Frame Gallery's new Live Try VTO
Patients can try frames on virtually with My Frame Gallery's updated Live virtual try on. Coming in Spring 2019 My Frame Gallery from Frames Data makes it easy to create a virtual frame board customized for your practice. Use it online as an expansion of your website and attract new customers, then use it in-store to help customers find just the right frame. Turn on the new Wish List feature to engage your patients online, and create loyal customers. For more information: http://info.framesdata.com/my-frame-gallery-by-frames-data Request a demo: http://info.framesdata.com/my-frame-gallery-live-demo-request
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Wish List for My Frame Gallery Tutorial
Wish list for My Frame Gallery can help you improve patient engagement. This tutorial video will show you how to set up your wish list and what a final Gallery with a Wish list implemented works. To learn more, visit www.framesdata.com/gallery. To request a demo, visit https://info.framesdata.com/my-frame-gallery-live-demo-request
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What are opticians most afraid of?
Happy Halloween from Frames Data!
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My Frame Gallery: Tutorial Part 3
Learn how to add and edit frames in your gallery!
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Using Search Filters with Frames Data Online
A quick how-to guide on using Frames Data Online's search filters to find the perfect frame.
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January Recap: What's New in Frames
Here's all the manufacturers, brands, and collections we added in January!
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New in Frames Data!  August 2017
August was a busy month for new brands! We welcomed 3 new frame suppliers and many new brands.
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December Recap: What's new in Frames Data?
Here's a list of all manufacturers, brands, and collections added in December 2016.
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Multiple Colorway Virtual Try-On for My Frame Gallery
We now have the ability to show your patients virtual try-ons in more than one color.
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A day with Framey at Vision Expo East 2013
We had a great time at Vision Expo East, and so did Framey! He made lots of new friends.
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My Frame Gallery: Tutorial Part 2
Learn how to use My Frame Gallery!
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Frames Data Dispensary Minute: Use Frame Data Online in your store to sell more frames.
Use Frames Data Online to show your customers full color images of frames you don't have in inventory.
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Tutorial Series: How to use FrameSearch
Having trouble logging using FrameSearch on Frames Data Online? Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to use FrameSearch with an active Frames Data subscription. Not yet subscribed? Subscribe today by visiting http://www.framesdata.com/products/retailers.aspx
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Perfect Optics
Perfect Optics is one of the top 20 independent optical laboratories in the US. Watch this video to learn more about this state of the art lab. Video produced by Jobson Creative Services.
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