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Pokémon White Version: Where to catch Terrakion
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Pokémon GO Ep.1
Playing Pokémon GO in the snow if I fall don't laugh lol. Sorry about the audio I will lower the volume and turn off the music next time.
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Destiny SRL Sparrow Racing League
Lol omg I thought I was on the 3rd lap but I was on the 2nd lol
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Uncharted 4: Thieve's End Beta - Live PS4 Broadcast
Might not do so well just letting ya'll know
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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: Eon Ticket
I received the Eon Ticket and I wanted to share a video of it with you guys. Credits to my girlfriend for filming to the best of her ability. To receive the Eon Ticket you have to keep your wi-fi on.
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Destiny: This is why you shouldn't be a butt buddy
Killed half of the team that was all huddled up in the hallway
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Dead Island Glitch Lol
Me & My friend was playing Dead Island & we saw a Thug so my friend whooped him with his bare hands 1st then he cuts off his limbs then he kicks him but hes nowhere near me lol & da body is next to me but on his end the body isn't near me & it's in the water lol check it out
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Cinnamon Challenge #3 My Sis & Her Boyfriend
Ok here is the third & last Cinnamon Challenge Enjoy
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Shiny Chikorita! In Pokèmon Soul Silver only 844 Soft Resets!
I was not expecting this at all! I started soft reseting on thursday not even a week and I found it ☺
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Gears of War 3 Glitch On Act II Chapter 6
I was playing arcade mode with my friends & I died but when I respawned for some reason I ended up on the roof then I tried to get down then I started floating on air & got stuck this is the second time this happened it's weird but pretty funny
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Pokémon Y: Showing the starters & 1st battle
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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection™
Sorry for running all over the place lol I was treasure hunting UNCHARTED The Nathan Drake Collection https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA02320_00
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Cinnamon Challenge #1 Me & My Friend
Ok I didn't know the rules I just thought you couldn't spit it out that's all ya'll can say I failed or whatever but I didn't spit it out so I don't care well enjoy
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Pokémon Y: Shiny Female Combee!! Only 27 Eggs!!
Omg!! I still can't believe I got it on the 27th egg and it was the third female I hatched I got soooo lucky! I wanted to be loud but couldn't. I hope ya'll like and subscribe. I hope I can record alot more soon!
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Cinnamon Challenge #2 Me & My Friend Again!!
Ok again we doing the challenge or whatever because my bro told me that I gotta just swallow it I tried but this is not so easy but, but it's not that hard neither but yeah again I didn't give in my friend this time though lol I hope ya'll enjoy
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Pokémon Y & Alpha Sapphire: 75 shiny pokémon so far
I hope ya'll liked the video thanks for watching like, comment and subscribe if ya'll wanna see more. I made of mistake ya'll will see two shiny swablus, so it'll be a count of 76 shinies but I have 75 sorry about that.
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