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Fritz Hansen™ | The birth of the Egg™
Watch how the iconic Egg™ chair design by Arne Jacobsen is created. The Egg™ is available in a wide range of fabric and leather upholstery. The star base is made of aluminium mounted on a satin polished steel pedestal. The shells are made of a synthetic material, padded with cold-cured foam. An upholstered foot stool with aluminium base is available for the Egg. www.fritzhansen.com
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Fritz Hansen™ | Arne Jacobsen & SAS Royal Hotel
This year the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen is celebrating their 50th anniversary. We wanted to mark the occasion by celebrating Arne Jacobsen - the master behind this great project. That's why we decided to create a film about the creation of the hotel and the Egg™ and the Swan™ chair - both were created specifically for this project. We met in the suite, room 606, with two of his former employees, architect - Poul Ove Jensen and sculptor - Sandor Perjesi. So... Congratulations to SAS Royal Hotel from Republic of Fritz Hansen™. You can read more about Arne Jacobsen at www.arne-jacobsen.com
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Meet Oki Sato | Designer of the N01™ for Republic of Fritz Hansen
Japanese and Danish design traditions have a lot in common and the new dining chair N01 is a sublime example of this. In collaboration with the Japanese design studio nendo, we have created an armchair that is both minimalist and highly detailed. N01 is a chair fit for the many moments we share at home, be they with our family, around our favourite meal, or working on a project that excites us. nendo represents a design language that both complements the Fritz Hansen design DNA and at the same time challenges it with a new take on working with genuine craftsmanship. N01 is a very honest design that tells the story of the warmth of wood and of uncompromising quality. Its light expression is serene and seductive and its construction is clever and crafted with Japanese perfectionism. N01 combines a seat and a back in nine layers of veneer - characteristic of the Fritz Hansen stacking chair collection - while the base is a pure and elegant interpretation of working with solid wood.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Nordic Aesthetics
Republic of Fritz Hansen´s value proposition.
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Fritz Hansen™ | History in the making
The cooperation between Arne Jacobsen (1902 - 1971) and Fritz Hansen dates back to 1934. But in was in 1952 the break-through came with the Ant™. It was succeeded by the Series 7™ in 1955. This propelled his and Fritz Hansen's names into furniture history. Arne Jacobsen was very productive both as an architect and as a designer. At the end of the 50s Arne Jacobsen designed the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, and for that project he designed the Egg™, the Swan™, the Swan™ sofa and Series 3300™ as well. Arne Jacobsen was and is an admired and outstanding designer. While the significance of Arne Jacobsen's buildings was less appreciated, his furniture and other design work have become national and international heritage.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | minuscule™ by Cecilie Manz
minuscule™ is a new formal chair and table designed for an informal setting by Danish designer Cecilie Manz for Fritz Hansen that launches during the 2012 Salone Internazionale del Mobile, at Republic of Fritz Hansen's showroom in Milan.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Repairing Wicker guide
At Fritz Hansen we want to help you take care of your originals. Wicker is a natural and also very delicate material. Therefore it is sensitive to different climate conditions. We produced this short film with our best tips and recommendations on how to repair and maintain your Fritz Hansen wicker furniture.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | The making of Poul Kjærholm wicker chair
Watch how the original wicker versions of PK20™, PK22™ and PK24™ designed by Poul Kjærholm is handmade.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Pluralis™
The Danish designer Kasper Salto has designed the Pluralis™ table series for Republic of Fritz Hansen. Pluralis is a table that’s open to possibilities. As its Latin name implies, Pluralis pertains to more than one. Meaning, more than one type of situation, setting, occasion or meeting. Designed for the contemporary work culture, Pluralis can adapt to any kind of communication exchange you have in mind.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | The return of the DROP™ (English subtitles)
Fritz Hansen re-introduces the Drop™, designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen for the SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Ro™ lounge chair by Jaime Hayon
Interview with Jaime Hayon
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Fritz Hansen™ | Retrospective look of Arne Jacobsen
This video takes a retrospective look at one of our time's most influential furniture architects - Arne Jacobsen.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Leather maintainance guide
At Fritz Hansen we want to help you take care of your originals. Leather is a natural material - it needs regular care and treated the right way it will stay beautiful much longer. We produced this short film with our best tips and recommendations on how to maintain your Fritz Hansen leather furniture.
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Benjamin Hubert | Republic of Fritz Hansen
Born in the UK in 1984, Benjamin Hubert studied at Loughborough University and graduated in 2006 in Industrial Design and Technology; he founded his studio in 2007 in London. The studio specializes in materials driven, process led, industrial design across furniture and lighting sectors working with international manufacturers in Europe.
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Jaime Hayon | Republic of Fritz Hansen
As a teenager, he submerged himself in skateboard culture and graffiti art, the foundation of the detailed, bold-yet-whimsical imagery so imminent in his work today. After studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris he joined Fabrica in 1997, the Benetton-funded design and communication academy, working closely with the legendary image-maker and agitator Oliviero Toscani. In a short time he was promoted from student to head of their Design Department. Eight years later, Jaime broke out on his own, first with his collections of designer toys, ceramics and furniture, later followed by interior design and installations.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Flagship store opening Singapore
We recently opened a brand new Flagship Store in Singapore together with our local partner W.Atelier.For the very first time in Singapore, the entire collection can now be appreciated in the 3,000 sqf store. See the video made for the event
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Oxford™  Premium | St Catherine's College, Oxford
Oxford™ Premium is an elegant and iconic re-launch of the classic Oxford™ chair by Arne Jacobsen, initially produced by Fritz Hansen in 1962. Watch for an array of new, soothing colours, in a lovely soft fabric or leather, along with a subtle pattern of clean, horizontal lines. Adding extra comfort is a special foam that makes the chair all the more inviting to sit in for hours on end.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Making of the Series 7™
The Series 7™ designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955 is by far the most sold chair in the history of Fritz Hansen and perhaps also in furniture history. The pressure moulded veneer chair is a further development of the classic Ant™ chair.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Kasper Salto - his life as a designer
Watch Kasper Salto talking about his life as a designer, his approach to design and how to design a new chair. Kasper Salto is the designer behind the stacking new chair that will be launched at Salone del Mobile in April 2010.
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Fritz Hansen™ | CPH Airport, Denmark
Copenhagen Airport present the brand new area in the video. A carefully thought out Series 7™ setup is paving the way for new strategies in the marvelous expansion of Copenhagen Airport.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | New Fri™ Chair
This video was made by Design Milk. Jaime Hayon tells about the design of his new Fri chair for Republic of Fritz Hansen.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | The return of the DROP™ UK dub + UK sub
Republic of Fritz hansen re-introduces the Drop™ chair, designed by Arne Jacobesen in 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ |The creation of  NAP™
In this video Kasper Salto speaks about designing the new NAP™ chair in collaboration with Fritz Hansen. What was his initial inspiration behind the new product and what did he want to achieve. "If people who sit in the chair notice they have been sitting comfortably, I think I've succeeded." Say's Salto.
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Introducing the Pot™  | Fritz Hansen
Fritz Hansen | Radisson Collection Royal Copenhagen The Pot™ was first launched by Fritz Hansen in 1960 together with the iconic Egg™, Swan™ and Drop™ chair, all designed by Arne Jacobsen for the SAS Royal hotel. With the opening of the SAS Royal Hotel in 1960, Arne Jacobsen presented a true Gesamtkunstwerk – the German expression for a total or ideal work combining several art forms. The hotel project deeply influenced Arne Jacobsen as a furniture designer, heralding the beginning of a long series of iconic furniture works – most of them still in the Fritz Hansen collection today.
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Watch Dan Stubbergaard, Founder and Creative Director at COBE Architects talk about beauty, functionality and architecture.
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Republic Of Fritz Hansen Carousel
Welcome to Jakarta - and to the Fritz Hansen Carousel! Take a tour with us and with CASA Indonesia and watch the classics swirl.
Fritz Hansen™ | NORTH EAST WEST - By Tomoko Mizu
Tomoko Mizu, a Japanese designer based in Italy, pays homage to the iconic Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen giving birth to a special edition of 12 pieces. Wood and nature lead the exhibition, they are interpreted by the Nordic tradition, the Japanese sensivity and the undisputed Italian craftsmanship. North East West is the match point for 3 different cultures, all of them with a relevant design background: Milan, the West, is connected to the North, Denmark - Fritz Hansen country- by the delicate lines from Japan, the East. Jun 6th - Sept 28th Fritz Hansen Store Milan Video teaser directed by mindmill
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Architecture of Creativity
We are all familiar with that feeling of when you are totally immersed in something, forgetting all notion of time and space. This state of being is called flow, and research has shown that this is the optimal condition for learning, good working processes and creativity. And you can help to create flow through your design. Nikolaj Bebe is a specialist in design and architecture psychology and he says that some essential factors are needed to be present in architecture in order to create flow. See the video, hear more about these factors and the background for flow.
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The N01™ chair: White Forest
Exhibition of the N01™ chair in Seoul 2018 - thanks to everyone who stopped by! The Fritz Hansen Head of Design, Christian Andresen, and designer nendo told stories of great craftsmanship while exhibiting the brand new wood design inspired by nature. Discover more on fritzhansen.com/n01
Fritz Hansen | Plenum™ high-back sofa by Jaime Hayon
With Plenum™ we are paying homage to modern workspaces and making room for collaboration. This high-back sofa system designed by Jaime Hayon is fit for embracing any space – whether the need is to be individual together or simply together. Plenum is crafted for durability that is reflected in the challenging process of creating a curvy design with no wrinkles and without using glue. The result is a vigorous, versatile design with the possibility of re-upholstery whenever needed. Plenum™ is a high-back sofa system consisting of one-seater, two-seater and three-seater units. It is flexible and offers features such as power plugs, USB ports and mounted or separate tables for a functional but aesthetically pleasing experience in any space, be it for collaboration, concentration or relaxation. Furthermore, Plenum is delivered in a flat box and the entire sofa – including the base – can easily be assembled by two persons. Plenum is designed to fulfil the needs that arise in the modern workplace. In any open office, airport lounge or hotel lobby, Plenum offers the possibility of a refuge, suitable for concentrating in privacy, working in groups or being social in pairs. Plenum is perfectly suited for contract as it is upholstered in the strongest polyester and polyurethane foam materials.
Fritz Hansen™ x Han Kjøbenhavn
In cooperation with Fritz Hansen the high-end fashion brand Han Kjøbenhavn has created a homage to one of Arne Jacobsen's beautiful and iconic chairs -- the Grand Prix™. The collaboration between Han Kjøbenhavn and Fritz Hansen is based on a shared love of quality design. The result is a contemporary interpretation of Grand Prix which follows the example of the original in focusing on craftsmanship, materials and aesthetic qualities.
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Crafting the Egg™ chair  | Fritz Hansen
Ever wondered how Arne Jacobsen's iconic lounge chair is made? Explore the original craftsmanship of cutting, stretching and stitching the Egg™. The craftsmanship behind the Egg™ has not changed since the chair was created in 1958. Each chair is still manufactured by hand by our team of experienced upholsterers, and the leather is meticulously chosen and cut by hand. It takes nothing less than 1100 hand stitches to craft an Egg - this precision is exactly what makes the chair a statement of quality and craftsmanship. Besides being a design triumph Arne Jacobsen’s Egg sprang from a new technique, which the Danish architect and designer was among the first to use. Today, as well as 60 years ago, the iconic chair consists of a shell in polyurethane foam upholstered in either fabric or leather and mounted on a 4-star base. The entire history of Fritz Hansen is characterised by stupendous craftsmanship, unique design and an inherent sense of premium quality. Leading architects and furniture designers from all over the world have regularly contributed to the collection with beautifully shaped and functional furniture that seamlessly meet through the use of innovative techniques and new materials - just like Arne Jacobsen did with the introduction of the Egg.
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Fritz Hansen™ | 7 Cool Architects - Snöthetta
When Fritz Hansen invited 7 internationally well-known architects to interpret the Series 7™ into new contexts, there were few rules attached. The architects accepted the invitation and for the remains of the year the results will be exhibited all around the world – from London to Tokyo. By the end of the project the chairs will be sold on auction for support of Unicef's work.
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Fritz Hansen X Dossier Denmark
Meet the architect and interior designer Mathias Mentze, and get his take on what he think good design is, how he gets inspired by nature, materials and how it's all combined in beautiful spaces. The same inspiration is also shared by Fritz Hansen design philosophy and in particular in the design thoughts behind the N01 chair. Created by the merging of Danish and Japanese aesthetics and purity N01™ brings back nature and embraces today's life Shot by Dossier Denmark.
Fritz Hansen | Great Northern Food Hall
In the Grand Central Hall in New York Danish culinary entrepreneur Claus Meyer opened the Northern inspired restaurant Agern. The restaurant features Arne Jacobsen's Grand Prix chairs in a variety of versions. Designer behind the concept Christina Meyer Bengtsson calls in an ode to New York - and we agree.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | The birth of the Swan™
Watch how the iconic Swan chair designed by Arne Jacobsen is created.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Analog™ The Birthday
Unplugged relations. Analog™ table designed by Jaime Hayón. This video was made to be displayed on top of the new Analog table during Salone del Mobile in Milan 2014.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Presenting FAVN™
During this years Salone del mobile in Milan we presented our latest design a new, unique and different sofa concept. FAVN is the Danish translation for embrace is the result of a creative collaboraton between Republic of Fritz Hansen and Jaime Hayon.
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Table Series revitalised I Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson & Arne Jacobsen
Table Series is Fritz Hansen's vision to create a modern dining table enriched by its status as a long lasting design piece. The longevity is illustrated in the remarkable quality that Fritz Hansen created with Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson and Arne Jacobsen in 1968. This quality we have enhanced through a new laminate, a surface that is highly resistant to scratches. Visually, the laminate has a low reflection of light and the result is a beautiful, opaque surface that is easy to clean and that does not show marks like fingerprints. The matt surface comes to life through eight different colours. Whether you choose a Pink Colorado table top or a black table top with black legs for a minimalistic, monochrome look, Table Series new colours and bases brings personality in to any styling.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Salone del Mobile 2014
Jaime Hayon during Salone del Mobile 2014. Watch the video from the installation/exchibition in the Milan showroom.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Danish TV commercial 2013
This is the official TV commercial aired September 2013.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Sammen™  by Jaime Hayon
Sammen™ is the new soft and comfortable dining chair, designed by Jaime Hayon for Republic of Fritz Hansen. The design is straightforward, open and friendly and has therefore been named Sammen™, which is Danish for being together. That is exactly what this design does, as Sammen™ is designed for a pleasant evening in the company of good friends and family. An evening at the dinner table with good food, good conversations and many treasured moments.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Analog™ The Signature
Unplugged relations. Analog™ table designed by Jaime Hayón. This video was made to be displayed on top of the new Analog table during Salone del Mobile in Milan 2014.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Introducing PAIR™
PAIR™ is a stacking chair and comes in a mix of veneer and plastic that differentiates it from existing stackable chairs is our collection. The chair is composed of 3 different materials: translucent coloured plastic, oak and steel tube; in 4 backrest colours; white, red black and green and in 3 base colours; chrome, black and green. Futhermore, it can be accessorized with cushions in 4 different fabrics. With PAIR you can build up to 80 different varieties of the same chair by blending bases, materials, cushions and much more.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Analog™ The Breakfast
Unplugged relations. Analog™ table designed by Jaime Hayón. This video was made to be displayed on top of the new Analog table during Salone del Mobile in Milan 2014.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Series 7™ - Chevalier Orange, Tal R
Republic of Fritz Hansen has launched nine new colours by the danish artist Tal R. Chevalier is an oriental orange. With its air of aristocracy and fine riding horses, Tal R describes it as the most exclusive colour on the new scale. Tal R is internationally renowned for his extraordinary sense of colour; a talent he used to revitalize the world's best-selling stackable chair and present it in a new light.
Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | Analog™ The Date
Unplugged relations. Analog™ table designed by Jaime Hayón. This video was made to be displayed on top of the new Analog table during Salone del Mobile in Milan 2014.
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Republic of Fritz Hansen™ | The production of the Egg™
The Egg™ by Arne Jacobsen is an icon, that has always been and always will be a symbol of craftmanskip og great design. The making of the Egg is in itself an artwork and here is a sneak peak into the process. See the rest here: https://youtu.be/9UWFz9WheOA
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