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Oscar Isaac Can't Stop Talking about Sex
Just what the title says. ;-) But thanks to this Tumblr page for giving me the idea: http://isaacoscar.tumblr.com/post/138344464113/inappropriate-oscar-isaac-a-compilation-do-you To view the full interviews excerpted here, check my playlists.
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Oscar Isaac Tells Great Stories
Oscar Isaac never gives a bad interview, and here are some of his best moments. You can call them “There’s Definitely Going to Be Boobs in It,” “Fanboy Gushing,” “Pool Boy,” “Hurricane Andrew,” “Cats,” “A Shot of Tequila with Harrison Ford,” “Gonk Droid Cosplay,” “The Perils of Poe’s Perfect Hair,” “The Worst Audition Ever,” and “Ava’s Ladyparts.” The music is from Oscar’s song “The Measure of Things,” which you can find in my playlists. The full interviews behind these snippets are also in my playlists.
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The Temptation of Eugene Lee Yang
compiled from the Twitter feed of the illustrious Zach Kornfeld (@korndiddy) and featuring the unscripted performances of the renowed Eugene Lee Yang (@EugeneLeeYang) and the inimitable Keith Habersberger (@KeithHabs), further enlivened by a cameo from ScienBro Extraordinaire Ned Fulmer (@nedfulmer) Based on actual events (apparently)
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