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Explaining my absence- Toad Foal
So yeah this is my new channel, QUEEN Toad Foal, in my old channel PRINCESS Toad Foal, if you were a fan, I'm back, my old channel is gone forever, but I'm not, so here I explain why I haven't posted in like 2 weeks, and what happened after, I made it to California safely, and so did Mako of you know him. I also got 2 turtles named Jamison and Michelangelo Vega
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I sing "Shape of you" Ft. Danna
In this vid, I sing "shape of you" by Ed Sheeran, this is for someone who I love, also Danna is my little sister
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Singing Mako to sleep
I do care for my son, and he makes me do this EVERY night! The song sang was "Million Dreams" from the movie "The greatest showman" Mako and I loved that movie, and the song became his favorite GOODNIGHT!
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Stand by me
In this vid, with my son I sing stand by me, it's a great song that many people sing, and I will be one of them
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Raise your glass Ft. Prince Mako
Mako and I are back, but instead of me singing, the original song is played, called "Raise your glass" By P!NK, and liquid in the video is NOT real alcohol, its water, so don't make a big deal about it
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I posted something 🤣
So I saw fire works outside of the Angel stadium, and I started singing the National anthem, then I grabbed my phone and turned on my camera, I THOUGHT I was recording, but I was late, turns out that I wasn't and I just started playing, so I was going to sing again but couldn't get over the fact that I wasn't recording 🤣🤣 LOL
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I do some fan art
Watch me draw my Logo snake Songs used were Problem- Ariana grande ft. Iggy azalea Break free- Ariana grande ft. Zedd Worth it- Fifth Harmony ft. Kid ink Mamma Mia- ABBA Me too- Meghan Trainer
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Mako's self portrait
Today I draw my son, Prince Mako Vega and he said he loved it himself
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