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Basic Stretches for Flexibility
If your legs hurt during sex because they don't have much give. It's time for you to begin stretching daily! This video gives you basic stretches that you can do in the comfort of your bed at the beginning or the ending of your day. Remember, practice makes perfect, so have patience with yourself and practice these stretches to become more flexible log on to Glamerotica101.com for more sex education tips
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How To Ride  - Basic Movements Part 1
You've asked me to teach you how to perfect being on top, and these are my basic pieces of advice. Riding your man is all about isolation of your hips and being confident enough to try anything. Lower body strength and correct angling is key to a successful riding experience. Look out for part two of this video with my partner and email me if you have any questions [email protected]
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Simple Trick To Reduce Gag Reflex
Tyomi from Glamerotica101.com explains how a simple trick dentists use on their patients can help reduce the Gag Reflex during deep throat action
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Basic tips for Kissing
Landing the perfect kiss can be intimidating for some, but I am here to show you some basic tips on how to get it right. Kissing is a simple yet effective form of foreplay that sends messages to the brain that signals sexual arousal. Get your lips ready and turn your partner on as well as your self with a simple kiss Have suggestions on videos that you want to see? email [email protected]
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5 Exercises to Make Riding On Top Easier
Having issues with riding on top? Get in Shape with these 5 easy to do exercises demonstrated by Sexologist Tyomi Morgan-Najieb. Remember Practicing is the ONLY way to see improvements in your riding skills! Use my Latest version of the How To Ride Workout to gain confidence and the skills to stroke your partner with precision. Visit Howtoride.net
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4 Reasons Why She Can't Take the D*ck
There are four common reasons why some women have a difficult time being able to handle the depth of penetration during intercourse, and I have the answers for you! Painful sex (medically labeled dyspareunia) is a common sexual concern for women, and with each reason there are solutions to make sex more comfortable. Follow me on Twitter @glamazontyomi Follow me on Periscope @glamazontyomi SNAPCHAT @glamazontyomi Log on to my sex education blog for more sex education www.glamerotica101.com
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For Men: How to Stroke Properly
Knowing how to stroke is essential to delivering sexual pleasure to your partner. Watch this video to learn 3 basic stroke moves. It's all in the hips! Follow me on Social Media: Snapchat: Glamazontyomi Instagram: theglamazontyomi Twitter: Glamazontyomi
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The Basics of Squirting
Squirting is a sexual response that many want to know how to master. In this video I give my advice on how to achieve this form of orgasm have questions? email [email protected]
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Less Gag More Deep Throat
I've shown you how to use the thumb in fist technique to reduce the gag reflex in a previous video but this video explains three different techniques you can use to reduce the gag reflex and become more successful at performing deep throat action. Remember: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT so whether you have a real penis, a dildo or a fruit/vegetable practice these techniques and discover what combination works for you. Email me [email protected] with questions Follow me on Periscope and Twitter @glamazontyomi
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How To Become Sexually Confident
Sexpert Tyomi covers the basics for becoming sexually confident. An answer to a subscriber's question
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Basic Tips For Going Down On Her
I'm excited to begin a new series of Cunnilingus videos featuring me and my lovely PEACH! In this video, I go over basic do's and don'ts when going down on a woman, and I show a few techniques to get you started Visit www.glamerotica101.com for more tips on how to eat the kitty better! Follow me on social media [email protected] glamazontyomi Instagram @Theglamazontyomi Snapchat @glamazontyomi Periscope @glamazonTyomi
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#30DaySquatChallenge Day 1
Get your buns in shape and join me for 30 days of committed squatting! Join us eepurl.com/cdCaGj
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Perfect Doggy Style: Throw That Ass Back
There are some women who simply aren't aware of how to receive a man's stroke when in doggy style, and because of it I had quite a few requests from women suggesting I make a video to teach this method of "throwing that ass back". This video features me and my partner giving you basic steps on how to take it from behind with ease. Deep breathing, proper back arch and slow strokes make all the difference. email me with questions [email protected] Want to talk to me one on one? Set your time and call me by following this link http://vrfd.co/sexperttyomi
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How To Ride   Basic Movements Part 2
Please Share this video and spread the technique! Glamazon Tyomi teaches basics of how to ride in cowgirl position. Woman on top positions can be very uncomfortable for many
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How to ride teaser  Tutorial
Sexpert Tyomi and her partner Brandon show women how to gain confidence in riding on top in this Teaser Tutorial Twitter @glamazontyomi Follow Brandon on IG @b.smith22
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Top 5 Fellatio Tips from Auntie Angel
Tyomi Interviews Auntie Angel, known for the infamous Grapefruit Trick, about her Top 5 fellatio tips for women
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Does Size Matter?
Sexpert Tyomi answers the age old question "Does Size Matter" when it comes to sex.
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#30DaySquatChallenge Day 7
This is the last video that will be uploaded for the Squat challenge, but the challenge will continue on! Join the mailing list to get daily motivation to KEEP GOING http://eepurl.com/cdCaGj Follow me on Facebook FB.me/Glamazontyomi
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Orgasmic Sex Position: Lock and Key
Sexpert Tyomi and her partner Eden demonstrate how to get into the Lock and key sex position from the self help book "50 Shades of Ecstasy" by Marisa Bennett Log on to www.glamerotica101.com for more sex positions
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5 Sex Positions that Make Riding Easier
Many women have an issue with being on top primarily because they are out of shape, the position hurts or they are just down right LAZY. BUT, there is no need to worry! This video covers 5 sex positions that make riding on top easier. Grab a pen, take notes and practice these positions as much as possible. Log on to www.glamerotica101.com for more sex advice Email [email protected] with your questions and video requests Follow me on social media: Snapchat @glamazontyomi IG: @theglamazontyomi Twitter @glamazontyomi
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Improve Fellatio With Popsicles
Women are always wondering how to improve upon oral sex skills. Well, If you're not up for sucking on cucumbers or dildos, here is a fun and tasty way for you to work out your mouth in building your tongue and lips to become a fellatio master. By using a Popsicle as your subject you not only get a treat for your mouth but you also gain control over its parts while giving your guy a show!
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ASK TYOMI: What to do about girlfriend's dry mouth during oral sex?
Sexpert Tyomi answers a question from an anonymous viewer about how to help his girlfriend avoid the dry mouth to perform better oral sex Shop the Glamerotica Store! Free shipping for orders over $75 www.glamerotica101.com/shop
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How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Sexpert Tyomi explains how to prevent Premature Ejaculation www.glamerotica101.com log on! Follow me on twitter! @glamazontyomi
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Playboy Radio: How to Have Phone Sex
Every Tuesday at 5pm Pacific on Playboy Radio.com I broadcast live with My radio show "Glamazon Tyomi's Sex Academy In this episode, I take you into "Couple's Therapy" along with my partner Naz to show you how to have a successful phone sex session. Phone sex is a great way for couple's to spice up their sex lives using role play and mutual masturbation. Sit back and listen to my partner Naz and myself lead you through a lesson in Phone sex. Listen to more clips from my radio show "Glamazon Tyomi's Sex Academy" here on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/glamazon-playboy
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Kink Play: How to Spank that Ass Properly
NEW PARTNER, NEW VIDEOS! Spanking is a very common form of Kink Play performed by the average person during sex. This video instructs on how to go into spanking properly and the rules for kinky play. Follow my on screen lover on Facebook: Keyword search Nite Ryda Follow me on Facebook Fb.me/glamazontyomi Follow me on Periscope and Twitter: @glamazonTyomi Add me on SNAPCHAT: @glamazontyomi Log on to www.Glamerotica101.com for more sex advice
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Orgasmic Sex Position: Powered UP
Sexpert Tyomi of Glamerotica101.com shows how to get into the "Powered Up" sex position Need Advice? Call Tyomi Directly http://vrfd.co/sexperttyomi
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Glamazon Tyomi Interviews Roc and Shay
Roc and Shay are LEGENDS in the adult industry. The are a married couple known for their passionate amateur porn scenes, and have inspired couples around the world. I had the chance to work with the couple while in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and I learned more about how they ended up where they are now. Watch us have a chat about what's to come, and follow this dynamic duo on social media Twitter: @rocandshayxxx Instagram: @rocandshay Website: www.rocandshayxxx.com
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Foreplay Technique: Basic Erotic Massage
Relaxation is key to having an enjoyable sexual experience. Adding erotic touch or sensual massage into your foreplay routine can set both partners on a path to relaxation and release. Here are my basic tips on how to get started. Follow me on twitter @glmazontyomi
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In Bed With Tyomi: Spooning Position
Sexpert Tyomi from Glamerotica101.com demonstrates the spooning position with her partner Rafael. Log on to www.glamerotica101.com for more tips and sex education! Follow Tyomi on twitter! @glamazontyomi
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Tips on performing the Deep Throat oral sex technique
Glamazon Tyomi from Glamerotica101.com gives a few tips on how to perform the deep throat technique during oral sex.
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Riding The South Face
Sexpert Tyomi Explains how to get into the Cunnilingus positing "Riding The North Face" Log on to my blog www.glamerotica101.com Call me for advice! Click the link http://vrfd.co/sexperttyomi
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Last Longer During Sex with Promescent
Want to last longer during sex? Try Promescent...a simple to use, over the counter medicated spray that helps men increase their time within sexual activity! Check out www.promescent.com/tyomi to learn more and to get your sample size.
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Sexpert Toy Review:  The L'arque
Looking for a sex toy that provides g spot stimulation while making it easy to penetrate? Watch my latest tutorial on The L'arque by AdamandEve.com Get 50% off any single item by using the code GLAM on Adamandeve.com + FREE SHIPPING! Follow me on Twitter @glamazonTyomi Send your questions to [email protected]
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Sexpert Toy Review: G3 Vibe
Tis the season to be Jolly and the gift that keeps on giving is a vibrator! Watch my sex toy review on Adam and Eve's G3 Vibe Grab your own or any other toy from Adamandeve.com and receive 50% any single item plus free shipping by using the code GLAM
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Keeping The Vagina Tight With Kegals
Glamazon Tyomi Explains why kegals are important for vaginal health and how to execute them properly
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#30DaySquatChallenge Day 3
WE are still going strong!! No days off! Join us and get daily motivation from me to TONE THAT BOOTAY http://eepurl.com/cdCaGj
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Having a Threesome Just Got Easier
Looking for a third play partner for your intimate moments? Join the Largest Threesome Dating App on the Market! Download 3somer App from Google Play or the App Store Check out www.3somerapp.com Follow me on Social Media! Twitter @glamazontyomi Instagram @Theglamazontyomi
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Product Review: MY favorite Lube..ASTROGLIDE
Tyomi from Glamerotica101.com reviews Astroglide's natural formula...the best Lube on earth (well, in my opinion lol)
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Adameve.com Toy Review: Satisfyer
It's a new year so that means New Sex Toys to review! Check out My Review of The Satisfyer Clit Stimulator, my favorite toy to date! Use the code GLAM on Adameve.com at checkout for 50% off almost any ONE item plus FREE standard shipping in the US and Canada. Follow me on Social Media! Twitter @GlamazonTyomi Instagram: @TheGlamazonTyomi
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Splash Water Falls: All about Squirting
Sexpert Tyomi from Glamerotica101.com Talks about female ejaculation and how to achieve the coveted art of Squirting! Learn all about why it happens, where the fluid comes from and exactly what it is. log on to glamerotica101.com for more sex ed info
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Glamerotica101.com Street Show: Does size matter?
Glamazon Tyomi of glamerotica101.com hits the streets of chicago to ask women "does size matter when it comes to sex"
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Orgasmic Sex Toy for Couples: Keri by SVAKOM Review
Get Keri for yourself by using this link goo.gl/DkCT5v (copy and paste) Use code GLAMerotica8 to receive $8 off your purchase (US residents) Keri by SVAKOM is a great accessory for couples looking to heighten their sexual experience. Enjoy the review and treat yourself to a gift that will keep on giving.
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Position of The Week: Folding Deck Chair
Marcus Desion and Glamazon Tyomi demonstrate the Position of The Week for Glamerotica101.com
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Body to Body: Nuru Gel Review Part 2
In one of my review for Mr. Nori's Magic Gel, you saw me give my partner a little body glide massage to get the night started. Now in part two, he reverses roles and massages me. Watch the video and get your own Nuru Gel massage kit at www.mrnorimagicgel.com Follow me on social media Instagram: @theglamazontyomi Snapchat: @glamazontyomi Twitter @glamazontyomi Check out my sex ed blog www.glamerotica101.com Email questions to [email protected]
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Let's Talk About Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
What is that fishy smell? It's a common issue within Feminine health and it affects 21 million women annually. The smell comes from an imbalance in vaginal bacteria and the condition is called Bacterial Vaginosis. This video features Sex Expert Tyomi Morgan and Clinical Sexologist Shannon Boodram and covers the causes of Bacterial Vaginosis and how to treat it.
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Fellatio Technique: Fire and Ice
Sexpert Tyomi explains how to perform a unique fellatio oral sex technique called Fire and Ice. ***This technique is only for those skilled in fellatio technique***
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Sex Toy Review: Endless Pleasure Rabbit
This is my last sex toy review sponsored by AdamandEve.com, but this toy is one of my favorites. I used to be intimidated by the rabbit until I actually used this one and it realized it was the best dual stimulation toy I've had yet! Not only does the Endless Pleasure Rabbit bring on strong orgasms but it made me squirt like a faucet! This one is a must have Get 50% off almost any single item on adamandeve.com plus free Shipping by using the code GLAM at checkout. You're welcome :-)
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Baby Oil is the Condom and Vagina's Enemy!
Sexpert Tyomi Explains why baby oil shouldn't be used during sexual intercourse
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Improve Oral Sex Skills With Lemons
Sexpert Tyomi shows how to improve oral sex skills for both cunninglus and fellatio using LEMONS! Grab some lemons and get to work improving your sex life! **If you're allergic to lemons please do not attempt!**
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Sexpert Tyomi from Glamerotica101.com takes viewers on a trip to the local drug store to buy condoms while educating about how to make the correct choice when purchasing.
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