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My Reason why the Nfl is Rigged. Super Bowl LI
I'm not a big football fan but hey stuff like this really upsets me We put are to Pashaion to sports and Why we love we don't deserve to get results like this. When the bad guys win and unfair calls are made.
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Del Mar Fair Vlog 2018 Del Mar CA
Just a vlog that I thought on having to up in Del Mar CA I did this vid just for Published on 7- 1-18
My first San Diego Comic Con and meating Austin Kelesha Cirea ,Geoff from Dodgerfilms
The good news is that I got an new camera the Bad news is that I need help on edting list some ideas please that I can use for edting.
Fate Stay Night UBW, Mana Transfer / Rin's tsundere scene
*No Sound to aviod getting strikes* Owned by Typemon footage Published, 4-17-18 Entertainment purposes only, I don't own anything For those of you who don't know what tsundere means here it it's Tsundere:A japanese term for charter delvopment process that describes a person who is initaly cold or can sometimes even hostile before gradually showing a warmer fredinler side over time. *For those who know me personally *NO THIS IS NOT A HENTAI*
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2017 MLB Draft San Diego Padres Mackenzie Gore
Published on July 7,2017.Lets see how this pick goes.1st Round 3rd Overall.
My Reaction to the Blue Jays winging the Alds in 2016
Rangers vs Blue Jays all content belongs to the MLB I do not own the Mlb or the blue jays and the rangers. When The League Championp Series is set I will promise I share my thoughts.
My Reaction to the Cubs Winning the World Sereis in 2016(Padres fan)
All content belongs to The MLB I do not.own the MLB or the Chicago Cubs or The Cleveland Indians. All rights recived.
Fun at David Busters With Baseball teamates.
For the Basketball game in the last part the guy on the right won.
Dragon Ball Super opening Limitx Break Surivor.(Universal tourment arc) Frieza FANMADE FANDMADE!!!
Published on September 9,2017.Dragonball Dragonball Z Dragonball GT and Dragonball Ball Super are all owned by Funmation Toei Animation,Fuji TV Shushea and Arkira Toriyama.Have a Good day.Yes this opening Gets me HYPE.
Mlb 16 The Homerun out of Dodger Staduim.
Published on August 11,2016
School Vlog
Just to upload something since its been a while. Uploaded on 9-25-18
My Reaction to the Royals winning the world sereis in 2015.
This was filmed last November all fotage belongs to the MLB.
Mlb 16 the show Perfect Game.
When I get a Camera I will be uploading more content.
Mlb 16 the show Road to the Show World Series Walkoff Game 1
As soon as I get a new camera I will be uploading more content.
Mlb 15 the show breaking home run record.
I have to do a retake on my rwby volume 4 trailer reaction soon and my I will try to get my mlb playoffs predictons the same day as it was uploaded.
My world series predictions 2016 Cubs VS Indians(listen to the audio
Sorry for the lack of videos. And the future vlog was not available for me to record fotage sadly. But I will get something uploaded. Go Cubs win.From a friars fan.
2016 mlb all star game Eric Hosmer MVP
Another Video Of The MLB All star game.
My thoughts on Superbowl 52 and how the NFL might come back in ratings.
Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android Published on February 4,2018 My thoughts on this years Superbowl 52 , I will talk about the Avengers infianty war TV spot in another video.
2017 NLDS Indians@Yankees game 3 Arron Judge robs home run and Zack Hamble appearance
Published on Octuber 8,2017 Nice Catch by Arron Judge Zack Hamble appearance All Content belongs to MLB all rights recived.
Rwby volume 4 chater short blind reaction please read the description
If you didn't like the reaction please tell me in the coment section below.If there is noise in the background I apologize.I will react to it again if you don't like it I still as exited to watch it again.
Mlb 16 The Show breaking the single season homerun record 74 HR
Rwby volume 4 reviews coming soon.
Rwby volume 4 episode 8 prediction.
Go check out the epsoide.
Mlb 16 The Show First MLB Homerun and Mlb Hit. (Anoucment in the description)
I will work on some reactions in the near future.
Mlb 16 the show RTTS World Series Win.
This may be my last video upload unitl the new year. Reactions are on hold since I don't have a proper camera for it. I will discuss RWBY Volume 4 with epsoide predictions.
A Tribute to Jose Fernandez R.I.P.
Let's us all show respect to Jose Fernandez
Mlb 15 the show Jose Fernandez pitching R.I.P
From 1992-2016 R.I.P You may be gone but you will be remberd we will miss you.
2016 Mlb all star game David Ortiz Farewell.
Sorry for me having to move my Camera around . Please enjoy.
Mlb 16 the show 1000 Homerun.
Once again new camera more content.
Mlb 15 the show world series walkoff please read the description
Some MLB 16 the show content will be released soon. With Rwby volume 4 coming out on October 22 I will do a reaction to some epsiodes and review them as well. And possibly a future vlog.
Taking swings with the easton mako torq juniors.
Taking Batting bratice enjoy.
MLB 16 The Show Carrer Homerun Record.
I plan on making a NHL playoff predictions but not until the later rounds so I have enough fotage to record.2.I don't have MLB 17 the show. When I get a new camera more content will upload and I will edit my videos.
Bryce Haper 2016 mlb all star game ground out.
2016 mlb all star game in San Diego.
Mlb 16 the show World Series walkoff homerun
Enjoy. Have a good one
The 2017 World Series Review and how I  think the series will go
Soory for my for my english grammar, Published on October 24,2017 Have a good one and lets see who will take the 30lb commissioner trophy.
Mlb 16 The Show No Hitter.
Rwby predictions are still going to be uploaded soon.
Beach/Bomfire vlog Vlog#2
Have a good one published on Octuber 5,2017.Look alot of you wanted me to post another vid which I havent in a while and I really wasnt paying attention to what I was recording which is probably the reason why its bad.
Belmont park vlog&Zipline
Belmont park vlog. published on July 20,2018
Mlb 15 the show David Ortiz walk off world series.
My mlb Playoffs predictons will be uploaded before the first game my rwby volume 4 reaction will be this week.