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Unorthodox materials
There is often a divide between content on TV and the average viewer. Anything on screen usually demands greater significance due to its limelight. Well, all most all materials used in both the video and installation (in the gallery ) were found and were either recycled or second hand. Most of which would be found in an average household. By applying a little creativity I hoped to produce something fun, sophisticated and suitable for the screen. Using items from humble origins bridges the content shown on TV with its viewer and their environment. The content of the video shows the designs created using these everyday materials and involve ideas surrounding male and female form, Identity and sexuality. Songs : 1. Lady Gaga - Telephone 2. Rammstein - Sonne 3. Buddha bar - Manvantara Enjoy ^_^
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I was inspired by the famous Dove advert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYhCn0jf46U This is my response. I do this on a weekly basis =) Music: Tom Hodge - Aerodynamic (cover)
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