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harvest time
after growing it for 3 months solid i chop it down didnt even let dry for a week do taste the grass taste but the smoke is so chill after you hit it in a bong to filter out what i should of let cured but ha i cant wait so ohh well enjoy. i order my seeds online herbies or seed supreme
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dead kitten eaten by mother
kitten loses head after death mommy cat ate it for some reasn
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cannabis ghetto grow
grow room is your own in the country
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grow set up pt 3
growing cannabis for about a year many mistakes i made but im learning now my buds smoke good
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Cat time before bed
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Crazy people on T.v
dont trust white people all the time... they can get a bit coo coo for coco puffs
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Flat Earth pt 2
just enjoying some this White Widow and I notice the Sun always come up at the same time but the moon never moves doing this time as the Sun rises....strange according to our science books we should not be seeing the moon should be moving and being the moon is between earth and the Sun we should always see a dark moon but we dont how is the Sun moving but the moon remains in the sky and this same moon was in the same place for three days im recording the 3rd day...enjoy 1 Chronicles 16:30 New International Version (NIV) Tremble before him, all the earth! The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved
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flat earth evidence part 3
Moon and the sun in the sky at the same time and its not an eclipse this video give some consideration the moon has its own light and not reflective of the sun very amateur plus i was kinda high so bare with me as i become more better in presenting videos to uncover the truth.....please stay tune
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Cat Porn......Pg 13
Mating seas again i need get something done about this
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Smoking and Driving same time
Smoking a bowl of kush while driving baton rouge
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smoke weed
smoking weed of the main road in the woods no traffic just you and the weed hit it real good
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smokin Good Cannibas at Work Before i Get Fired
FAIL drug test so i might as well get high for my last few days working for the white man.
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