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What is the Meaning of Holloween (I got anoyed at my webcam/internet at this ponyt)
I apolagise for the qolity of this video I need to get a camra.I'll put that on my list for christmas! :) lol
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Xenical Weird Side Effects.WARNING some info that some might not want to hear.
I dont no if the Side effects im haveing are normal or not it would be good if some of you who take it also could tell me what kind of side effects you get and if you get the same side effects as I get. I am alot more thirsty then normal.....and I costently have a sore head and body kinda feels like I have the flue. :/ I have Dizzy spells as well.
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My First Day at Positive Response Training.
My first day at the 3 day free cores im doing for my job I aplyed for...only 2 more days to go! feel like a t**t though for wareing my fitness clothes when I dident even need to on the first day! was just writeing down notes! xD
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RE:Women Dont Love Men.
I came across some Women Hateing channle on here and COULD NOT Baleve what I was hearing!!also the Hole Battle of the Sexes thing is getting so old and Boring!! Just give it a rest already!
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If you are having Bread craveings watch this. :)
If you are on a carb free Diet like me hopefuly this little tip will help you.I have lost wieght slowely but I allways feel Happy coz I no I have put effort in. you can do this. Rome wasent Bilt in a day ;) stay strong guys
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Getting fitter.just showeing people who might  want to no im trying to get fitter.
Me talking about how exspencesive desencet trainers cost. plus im going to start going to the gym as soon as I get some trainers. lol
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Sorry for not making any videos lately. my bad. (or my internets)
Update. blah blah...just wach it :P lol
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I havent really spoke much about my experience as a child/Teen as it was to painfull but I have put this up to let victoms of Bulling no your NOT alone and you DO NOT desrve this...if your being bullied as a child or Adult knowone deserves to be bullied and beaten down...im not a professional just a women that wishes to help thoughs who are going though bulling as I have been though it myself if I can give confort to anyone who is being bullied pleas ether mail me or finde me on my facebook "Hannadi Habbal" if you just need someone to talk to theres been to much deaths and vilonce over bullying and it cant carry on...if I can give just a little bit of confort to a victim thats all I need to no :)
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My blog on my wight loss/and saport to thoughs who are allso trying to lose wight. :)
Hey everyone.this is my first video so be kinde pleas thank you..so I have been trying to lose wight on and off for 5 years. I have gone up and down in wight more times then I can count but I think im AT LASTim getting the hang of it. one thing I did not saye is that I am dyslexic so im sorry if some of the things I type on here make nere to nothing sense to you.
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The ugly Side of YouTube.
I cant stand Trolls just get a Dam life.
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Abuse. :(
I had a friend back at school that got abused....I wish I had been older when I knew so I could of done something about it :( I was only about 6-8 years old....she would pass on some dirty things her father said were ok to do to me...And that even effected me I cant even begin to think how it would of been for her. I rely hope she exscapted that Bastard at 18 and if she has kids not to do what her father did to her.
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My dairy/talking about Art
wanna no whats in a Girls Dairy heres a QICK peek at mine. allso talking about my Drawrings. Cheers then :P P.S dont do drugs do hugs ;) x
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Crohns/ elsorsrative colitis short facks.
The facts about crohns. heres a better video http://youtu.be/wckDc68lQPw
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Slimfast diet. update.
I have gone back to slimfast again. I had stoppted at one poynt as the shakes were not working for me so I whent on the meal bars enstead. they have been working rely well I have been on it for 2 weeks and I have allready seen a difrence. :D
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Meeting Bullet for my valintineee!! Sorry the video got cut short!
While doing this I was so Excited I messed this video up completely!!😂 And yes I do reseble puff n resh right now and? Lol
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To the people that took offence to my last video im sorry I had only just finished watching the "Women Dont Love Men" Video and my emotions were still very high from it all I am really trying to say is stop with the Gendering blaiming.in my opinion there are good and bad people in both Genders we just haft to learn to Except that.as women who really dose care I must attmitt I found it upsetting to watch and do feel sad that theses men think all women are bad.
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Im back.....but then im gone.for a while.
Im sorry I havent made a video for a while. and I moste likely wonte be for a while :( me and my boyfriend are getting cut off from B.T so we wont have internet till we find another provider. I will be back soon hopefuly.
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London :P (sorry for seaming so down webcam cut out on me meny meny time :/ )
I stayed at premire inn in London county Hall. NEXT to the london Eye....I would love to go back I loved it :D
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