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A week-long view compressed to several minutes as a rhododendron bud explodes.
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2020 Oregon
Videomeme: Oregon Declaration of Energy Independence for 2020.
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Dark Days
Composed and Performed by Heff Munson, with a film shot and edited by Gus Frederick. The clip features rare footage of the February 26, 1979 total eclipse of the sun, as viewed from Maryhill, Washington.
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GeerCrest Promo
Video montage by Mike Turner from GeerCrest Farm and Historical Society.
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HyperState 5
A speedy cruise out of Pasadena up The Grapevine into the Big Valley ... at Warp speed. Shot with an interval of one frame every six seconds in the front of a Ford pick-up truck, this quick trip shows one just how flat a valley can be!
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Chicken Paella at Roger & Theresa's
A Time-Lapsed view of Chef David Fox's latest mega-paella creation at Roger and Theresa's annual field party, with fireworks...
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Welcome to Karstville
The Latest Final Version of this New American Classic, fabled in song and lore...
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Video Your Vote - Oregon Style
A report form my 2008 Polling Place with Vote By Mail in Oregon.
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Mt. St. Helens Ash Events
In March of 1980, after about a week of harmonic tremors, Mt. St. Helens, known as Loowit, or "Fire Mountain" to the locals, sprang to life with a series of small ash eruptions. Over the course of the next month and a half, the volcano continued with these small events, as the North face of the mountain continued to expand. The "bubble popped" on the morning of May 18, when about a third of the mountain was elevated to great heights. The small events featured in these clips were shot a month prior to the main event of May 18, the weekend of April 19 and 20, 1980. The location was a clear-cut hill several miles South of Kalama Springs. The footage was Kodachrome Super 8mm. Interval for the "slow" views was one frame every 2 seconds. The "fast" scenes were one frame every 20 seconds.
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Silverton Seedy Saturday
Time-Lapse view of the First annual Silverton Seedy Saturday at the Silverton Grange, Silverton, Oregon. One frame every 10 seconds.
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Annotated Cartoons by Davenport
The latest final version of the Kickstarter pitch video, to raise funds for the publication of an annotated version of Homer Davenport's 1898 book of political cartoons.
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Gordon House On The Move
In 2001, the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in the state of Oregon, was moved in sections from it's original location along the South bank of the Willamette River, to the Oregon Garden in Silverton. This Super 8mm film time-lapsed view shows highlights from the three-day journey.
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Movin' the Love Shack
In a truely tribal endevour, friends and neighbors gathered to move Jim and Sherrie's "Love Shack" to a new location on their own property. Great excuse for a party! over 70 feet in 2 and a half hours. Reduced to two and a half minutes of digital time-lapse.
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Second Annual Silverton Ad Hoc Parade
Silverton, Oregon's second annual Ad Hoc Parade held on August 1, 2009. This one-block parade between Oak and Main Streets for several hours. Here we condense those hours into several minutes. Music by the Austin High Gang.
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Three days at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon resulted in this collection of various time-lapsed views. The frame interval was seven seconds. Camera was a Canon A-60 PowerShot digital still camera. The resulting series of still frames were then loaded into Quicktime, and then edited in Adobe Premiere.
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Mid-Term Voting: 2018
An accelerated view of one member of the electorate in Silverton, Oregon doing his civic duty on Election Day...
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Podium Plaques Promo
The installation of the second Silverton Podium Plaque, located on the corner of Fist and East Main Streets...
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Homer's Trolley Ride
The view from "Homer's Trolley" created by Glen Damewood and Cory Ernst for the 2011 Homer Davenport Community Festival Parade, in Silverton, Oregon. Starring the Rose Family from Washington, the Homer Davenport Community Festival Board and the citizens of Silverton.
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Christmas in Silverton
First Friday in December always means Christmas Tree Lighting. But 2018 saw a new tradition added: A Children's Lantern Parade, featuring tiny-tots with eyes and hand-crafted lanterns a-glow, marching to the Town Square Park Lighting Ceremony
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Silverton Christmas Tree Lighting
The annual lighting of the Silverton community Christmas Tree. Friday, December 2, 2016.
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Homer Parade 2013
Time-Lapse view of the annual Homer Davenport Community Parade. August 3, 2013.
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Yachats Blow-Hole
The Blow Hole at Yachats, Oregon, as seen in Slow Motion with Balinese Gamalong music accompaniment...
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Blue Öyster Mushroom Cult
Digital Time-Lapsed Blue Oyster Mushrooms set to a downloaded MIDI file of "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by the Blue Öyster Cult.
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Polynesian Patio Pavement Party
Party at the Jungvirt's in West Salem, Oregon. On the freshly sealed pavement outside of the Eagle's Nest. One frame every 30 seconds with the PlantCam from WingScapes. Drums and yips by Arthur Lyman and his Orchestra.
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The Titanic's last Victim
Trailer for the upcoming documentary on the life and times of W.R. Hearst Cartoonist Homer C. Davenport. Coming Summer of 2012...
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Homer Days Parade
The annual Homer Davenport Days parade through downtown Silverton, Oregon. Shot in time-lapse at 1 frame every 3 seconds.
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Bad Weather
A strange and exotic look at Bad Weather as viewed through the infrared eyes of the GOES geosynchronous "Water Vapor" weather satellite. Note to those that think these colors mean something relevant. They don't. Just "Pretty Pictures." Digital music accompaniment by Heff Munson.
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Homer's View - June 5, 2011
The following is written in pencil on the West wall of GeerCrest Farm by Homer Davenport on April 11, 1904: "I want to say that from this old porch I see my favorite view of all that the earth affords. It was the favorite of my dear Mother and her parents and of my Father; And why shouldn't it be the same to me? Its where my happiest hours have been spent." This premiere edition of "Homer's View" features the GeerCrest sheep, as they work the fields, set to the fiddle strains of "The Old Hen Cackled" by Homer Davenport and the Young Brothers, recorded in April of 1925. (Obviously a different Homer).
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Centrifugal  Sickness  Machines
Another GoPro Photo-Phun-Run. This time with Slow Motion and spinning "amusement rides" at the Oregon State Fair. These were shot at 240 frames per second, rendered out 12%, slowing the motion by a factor of eight. I neglected to use the "Flux" feature of GoPro Studio for all the clips except one, due to the super-long extra render time. But that one did seem to come out somewhat "smoother" than the rest. The music was from an old album of "production music" geared towards "sinister settings..." Seems to fit!
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Weed Whack
A morning with the Weed Whacker, clear-cutting the Backyard.
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CONTACT XIV: Inside Space
A segment from the SciFi Channel's "Inside Space" program featuring CONTACT XIV held in Sunnyvale, CA on March 7-9, 1997. Hosted by Geoff Fox, and featuring the usual CONTACT suspects.
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2020: Dear Governor
Six Silverton, Oregon neighbors join together in this Video Letter to Governor Ted Kulongoski to promote our meme, the Oregon Declaration of Energy Independence for 2020.
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Strummit 2011
Time-Lapse action at the 10th Annual NW String Summit, held at Horning's Hideout, near North Plains, Oregon. A classic Bluegrass festival for four days. Thankfully the weather held!
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PowerPoint Green Screen Test
A short video "proof of concept" of using an LCD projector to create a green screen for Keying, by way of a single-slide PowerPoint file and a solid green background. First half shows the composite, the second shows a split screen with the "green" projected on a standard ground-glass screen. Keying and tracking mask done in Adobe Premiere CC6.
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35mm Movie Film Conversion Test
Initial tests results from the DIY Digital 35mm Movie Film Scanner. Making use of an old modified hand-cranked projector mechanism for registration, coupled to a Wolverine F2D 35mm Film to Digital Converter, (purchased at the Salem, OR Goodwill for $9.99) equipped with the optional roll film adapter, ($8.99 online from Wolverine). This is one of two short clips received with the projector. It is on highly distressed nitrate film stock.
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Silverton Dam Awareness
Silverton, Oregon resident Steve Payton addresses the Silverton City Council with his concerns about the Silverton Dam
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The Lesser of Two Weevils
A carefree romp through time-lapse basement rock and roll at the annual Weevils Birthday gig.
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Shuttle Endeavour Launch
On November 14, 2008, The Space Shuttle Endeavour, STS-126, launched, carrying Silvertonian Don Pettit into orbit to the International Space Station for the second time.
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Solo voice with crow and jet accompaniment. Song performed and composed by Ann Zeleny, filmed and edited by Gus Frederick.
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Silverton Seedy Saturday - 2013
The third annual Silverton Seedy Saturday, seed swap meet. Held at the Silverton Grange Number 748, Silverton, Oregon.
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A short sampling of my digital animation skills.
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James Dooley for Chemeketa Board of Education
James Dooley addresses the Candidate's Forum sponsored by the Chemeketa Faculty Association. Video taped on April 10, 2013 at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon.
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Silverton Dam Awareness
Silverton, Oregon resident and Dam Awareness Committee Chairman Gene Pfeifer addresses the Silverton City Council with his concerns about the Silverton Dam.
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Seedy Saturday II
Another Seedy Saturday at the Silverton Grange. A time-lapsed view from 9:00am through 4:00pm. Relive the excitement of a entire seedy day in a matter of minutes!
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Command Performance
A documentary on how phonograph records are created. Produced by William J. Ganz for the RCA Victor Company. Public Domain, via Archives.org.
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Solar-Powered Peace Booth
The fifth annual Silverton People for Peace information booth at Homer Davenport Days, Silverton, Oregon annual small-town festival. At 1 frame every 5 seconds over five hours. Computer and camera powered by a 72W PVC...
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The Past is Calling
The crowd-sourcing pitch for a brand new Musical Play, written by Dennis Nyback with original music by Buck Evans. Looking to raise $10,00 for production costs. Premieres in Portland, Oregon at the annual "Fertile Ground Festival" of new original works.
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Podium Plaque Two
The second edition of the much anticipated Podium Plaque program has another installation, this time at the corner of First and East Main Streets. With additional donors, out goal is to have up to 20, maybe more, all around Silverton. Special thanks to Bryan Rose and CL Rose Construction for donating time, expertise and materials for the actual installation, and a lot of appreciation to our patron, Walt Pelett, whose generous donation made the first two podiums possible.
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Equinox Fox Fire
Another Drumming Circle at the Foxes. To celebrate the Fall Equinox, three days late on September 25, 2010.
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CONTACT Update 1
CONTACT Conference, celebrating "The Cultures of the Imagination," is ramping up for our 2016 edition. Co-Founder Jim Funaro briefly explains the CONTACT Concept. Join us for CONTACT 2016, April 1-3 in Sunnyvale, California at the Dominion Hotel. Visit our Website for more information: Contact-Conference.org
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