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Super Mario World Secret Area Glitch
A REAL GLITCH IN SUPER MARIO WORLD! :O ...Not really, I made it up... obviously :P
Views: 115451 superjameskenny
Super Mario World Apple Glitches
Two REAL apple glitches with Yoshi on Super Mario World. (If you make a comment, please do not swear!)
Views: 479 superjameskenny
Sticky finds a Portal Gun!
A stickman named Sticky finds an "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device" from the video game "Portal".
Views: 294 superjameskenny
Get FREE puffles in Club Penguin!!!
How to get free puffles in Club Penguin! WOW!!!!!
Views: 132722 superjameskenny
EPIC BATTLE between the Teletubbies and Half Life Zombies!
Some footage in Gmod of a battle between the Teletubbies and Half Life Zombies! Wooo!!!!
Views: 3834 superjameskenny
Luigi's Mansion Prologue
A cheesily animated Super Mario animation that I made. It's my version of what happened before Luigi's Mansion!
Views: 1035 superjameskenny
Sticky finds a Mario Pipe
Sticky the stickman finds himself in "Super Mario Bros" where he discovers a secret warp pipe!
Views: 271 superjameskenny
How to get the cake in Portal!!! (The cake is NOT a lie!)
How to get into the cake room in portal! (Sorry about the poor quality) PS: Please do not leave rude comments!
Views: 222 superjameskenny
Fixed Diamond Ore Location in any World - Minecraft 1.8.1
Fixed location for diamond ore in minecraft version 1.8.1!?!? Easy diamonds in any server!
Views: 84 superjameskenny
Club Penguin Machine gun pin
How to get a secret machine gun PIN on club penguin.
Views: 59858 superjameskenny

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