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The emoji chat episode 23 - panda
This was meant to be uploaded yesterday,but I forgot to
GoAnimate vs Plotagon
Just had the idea. made with Plotagon
The emoji chat episode 36 - shoot the moon
Moon’s singing is really bad Based off the mobile moon shooting game called shoot the moon and it ain’t based off the movie I think 🌙:bom bom bom bom boooooomm! ☀️:SHUT UP
Countryballs chat -S1E4- Baldi's basics
CONGRATULATIONS! U FOUND ALL 8 SCENES! NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS.....WATCH WHILE YOU STILL CAN! I dont own countryballs or baldi's basics. Countryballs belongs to no idea animations or uplain films ans baldis basics belongs to mystman12.
RUN - text story meme - the emoji chat episode 24
I just got inspired to do this by a run meme
Countryballs chat-S1E9- 4TH of July 2018
Happy 4th of july! And i dont own countryballs It goes to its rightful creator. K?
The emoji chat episode 42 - Plants vs emojibies
Inspired by plants vs zombies. Plants vs zombies HD, 2, and heroes made by electronic arts but plants vs zombies (original) and the others I just mentioned owned by popcap
Cuphead and bendy - stop the ships
I have had it with the ships
Countryballs chat -S1E5- smallest vs the biggest
Dont go for someone else if there tall. I dont own countryballs It belongs to no idea animations or uplain films
Countryballs chat: pilot
I dont own countryballs All characters owned and mentioned in the video are owned by no idea animations and uplian films. And sorry about the offensive great wall of china part to any chinese people.
Countryballs chat - S1E1 - TAKE THAT CHINA!
the fourth wall wasn't broken.THE FIFTH WALL WAS. yet again i dont own countryballs it belongs to uplian films or no idea animations. I just made this for fun
Cuphead  and bendy  episode 7- Mugman and Alice
This is the last episode..... I might do season two
Smile does roasts #1
Countryballs chat - S1E2 - FLAG STEALER!
Ivory coast needs to change its flag. I dont own the characters in this vid. They belong to no idea animations or uplain films.
The emoji chat episode 1 - stop talking about money
So I just wanted a story of two emojis just talking
The emoji chat episode 4 - smile goes to heaven
Smile ends up in heaven ....
The emoji chat pilot (read description)
I never decided to make a pilot for the emoji chat so so yeah I’m sorry I came up with this way before episode 1 came out 2 months ago
The emoji chat episode 37 - who cut the cheese?
Why must I write down here?
Countryballs chat -S1E8- the bet (4/4)
China wins Sorry about when i laughed at usa in part 2 of the bet in countryballs chat I dont own countryballs it belongs to its rightful creator (im just doing this for entertainment)
Countryballs chat - S1E3 - china and canada
I had the idea of butting baldi from baldis basics in this. But ill use it for episode 4. I dont own countryballs. It belongs to no idea animations or uplain films.
The emoji chat episode 16 - cringy love eyes (cringe warning in description)
WARNING: this video involves emoji cringe,if you still want to watch it then ignore the cringe and just get on with the video
Countryballs chat  - S1E7 - the bet (3/4)
the wall tho I don’t own countryballs. It belongs to no idea animation and uplain films.maybe