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Medabots AMV: Young
I own nothing from this video. I am dissatisfied with the end of this video, but it's no master piece anyways. I might make a better vision, but most likely not (Cause I'm Lazy). Medabots (C) Director: Tensai Okamura TV Studio: Bee Train Song: Young (C) Artist: Hollywood Undead Record Label: Polydor Records, Universal Music Group, A&M/Octone Records
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Steven Universe DBZ Opening (Story Board)
This is just a story boarded slide show. I am not an animator. But if any of you have interests, I challenge you to animate this whole thing :) I might draw an George Lucas Edition version of the storyboards, updated artworks, change some scenes, actually ink them (maybe), etc. But that'll be another 100 years or so.
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Comic King Choo Choo Train
Warning: Do Note that this video sucks ASS. Can some one comment how this video is getting so much views.
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High School People 3 Xmas Special
Feliz Navidad people!!! If you can't see the picture try zooming the screen. Artist:羞恥心 Song:弱虫サンタ
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Comic King LOVEマシーン
It's me Comic King dancing Love Machine, made by Morning Musume. Song: LOVEマシーン (C)
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Comic King Mortal Kombat
This music is made by Midway Game Company, and the music is titled: Mortal Kombat. Watch as I do many ridiculous things in this video. P.S. The cat is fake
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Comic King Livin' On A Prayer
Comic King is Livin' On A Prayer. This music is made from ©Bon Jovi: Livin' On A Prayer
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Catching A Turkey
Another Sucky Video of the month. Based on a true story. No one came... I'm wondering, how is this shit load of fuck get so many views? Sorry if I mumbled through out the film. The Chainsaw noise is really cheap.
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Attack Of The Vampire People From Outer Space
I don't know what made me make this fake trailer. It paradies Plan 9 and Twilight. Now I enjoy Plan 9 but I hate Twilight. Music Used: Plan 9 From Outer Space Main Theme (C)
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Comic King Mortal Kombat Again
This music is made by Midway Game Company, and the music is titled: Mortal Kombat. Watch as I do many ridiculous things in this video AGAIN. P.S. The cat is fake along with the skull
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High School People 2
People I know (part 2) in high school that are drawn by me. Song is written by 羞恥心: Shuchishin.
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Halloween Scary Pictures II: The Dead Arises
Here's the second treat for this year on Halloween, but don't worry there's always a trick in between them... Song Used:Halloween Theme (C) Artist: John Carpenter
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Duck And Cover
Spoof that's from the Cold War/50s. I don't really know why with that accent. Song: Duck and Cover Music (C)
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Comic King's Villains and Stuff
I had many adventures (Don't Trust Me) fighting crimes all over the places.
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My First Animation
My first animation made since fifth grade. It's Crappy. No Audio.
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Halloween Safety
It's me teaching you trick or treaters all about Halloween safety. I made this because I was bored.
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The Slugees
Stupidest commercial on earth. And finally got the audio working. PS I got nervous while filming.
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100 Grands
This super hero doesn't have any powers but he can kick some mutant's a**.
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Comic King Never Gonna Give You Up
I'm gonna Rick Roll you all!!!! I'm gonna remake this... Song: Never Gonna Give You Up © Artist: Rick Astley I could of made this video with my friends but I don't know how to get contact with them.
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Comic King Unmasked
Finally I can show my face, without that damn mask!! I look like an idiot with that junk.
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Halloween Scary Pictures III: Return Of The Terror
This is probably the last part of the Halloween Scary Pictures Trilogy. Enjoy :) Artist:Jack Nitzsche Music: The Exorcist Theme (C)
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High School People 4
People I know (part 4) in high school that are drawn by me. Song is written by T-REX. Song: 20th Century Boy (C)
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Welcome To Da Cul-De-Sac by The Lords Of The Pigs
A very shitty prototype of a cover/parody of Guns N Roses, performed by the worlds shittiest Heavy Metal Band known to mankind. Hopefully we'll get to rerecord and make a music video for it.
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12 Pains Of Christmas
True story but I still love Christmas. I might remake this to make it tolerable to watch. Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Song: 12 Pains Of Christmas (C) Artist:Bob Rivers & Twisted Raido
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My Harlem Shake Video
I was bored as hell. Song: Harlem Shake (C) Label: Jeffree's, Mad Decent (C)
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Comic King doing the Carameldansen
Hey it's me Comic King, I made a new (Crappy) video of me dancing in a song called Carameldansen made by I think Sweden person.
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Happy Birthday Lip Sync
Happy 15th birthday for me:D And don't complain that I did my lip syncing bad because I felt very wild that I forgot about my mouth movement. Song: 青春 Special Edition Artist: 矢口真里 X エアバンド There is a reason why I'm wearing a leather jacket and you can find out went it's probably February.
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Halloween Scary Pictures
Drawings of Halloween's scariest monsters and serial killers I drew when I was 7. Music: X-Files (c)
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High School People
People I know in high school that are drawn by me. Song is written by 羞恥心: Shuchishin. P.S. It entertains me when Jamie is in pain, or when a girl is much more superior than boys.
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Comic King Numa Numa
I got bored so I posted this video. But I can't what till december. (I look ridiculous, look'en like Iron Fist) Artist: O-Zone Song used: Numa Numa ©
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Macho Macho Man
I AM NOT GAY, FIRST OF ALL, I LIKE THIS MUSIC BECAUSE IT'S CATCHY!!! And yes I'm working on Middle School People 4. Artist: Village People Music: Macho Man (C)
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Valentines Day Lip Sync
Happy Valentines Day Folks!!! Artist: KISS Song: Forever (C) And Yes I do have a crush.
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