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Specific Symptoms of Rape Trauma - an Acupuncturist's Perspective
An acupuncturist shares information about symptoms of rape trauma when the victim's life force has either been completely depleted or in cases of emotional overwhelm. Brought to you by www.projectacuhope.com
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How to Re-Virgin Yourself - Part 2 - The Virginity Double Standard
An acupuncturist talks about old school virginity as a double standard, and distills the essence of what virginity and purity can mean in our modern times. A realistic vision for females and males is offered.
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Rape Trauma and Spirit Attachment
Although it's not commonly talked about, rape trauma can cause negative spirit attachment. Information about how to diagnose it and how to clear it is shared. Please visit: www.projectacuhope.com Books mentioned in this video include: Spirit Releasement Therapy by William Baldwin http://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Releasement-Therapy-Technique-Manual/dp/092991516X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1458970229&sr=1-1&keywords=spirit+release+therapy The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine by Lonny Jarrett http://www.amazon.com/CLINICAL-PRACTICE-CHINESE-MEDICINE/dp/0966991613/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1458970261&sr=1-1&keywords=lonny+jarrett+clinical+practice
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WARRIOR healing technique for times of trauma
An acupuncturist explains and demonstrates EFT - emotional healing technique which is a broad-brush way of using tapping to activate all of the body's meridians to clear trauma.
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How to Re-Virgin Yourself - Part 1
An acupuncturist talks about "re-virgining" yourself. We live in a fallen world full of broken people. It's not too late to do a U-turn.
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Trauma Clearing Therapies for Rape Survivors
ALL THERAPIES MENTIONED IN VIDEO ARE LISTED BELOW IN THIS DESCRIPTION. An acupuncturist talks about somatic (body centered) therapies for rape survivors. Some require help from a practitioner, others can be self administered. These techniques are good for other types of PTSD as well. Brought to you by www.projectacuhope.com Therapies mentioned in this video include: http://www.emofree.com http://traumaprevention.com http://orgonomictherapy.com/about-us/reichian-therapy/ http://www.emdr.com http://www.snowlotus.org/triple-goddess-rose-oil-vaginal-serum/ http://www.amazon.com/Rainforest-Home-Remedies-Maya-Replenish/dp/006251637X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1454443744&sr=1-1&keywords=rainforest+remedies http://www.amazon.com/Karsai-Nei-Tsang-Therapeutic-Massage/dp/1594771146?tag=duckduckgo-d-20
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Rape Trauma is a Treatable Injury
An acupuncturist talks about treating rape and sexual assault trauma. Referenced are Alex Grey (visionary artist), ancient healing techniques and info about spirit attachment. www.projectacuhope.com https://www.acufinder.com http://www.emdr.com https://www.emofree.com
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Child sexual abuse - an acupuncturist's perspective
An acupuncturist explains why child sexual abuse is particularly damaging, and also offers a vision of hope. For more information go to: www.projectacuhope.com Further interesting testimonials from the patient of another acupuncturist using the KOSA method can be found here: http://saahm.proboards.com/thread/656/ptsd-child-abuse-trauma-testimonial
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What's the Big Deal About Virginity?
In today's modern, hypersexualized world, it's almost impossible to hear anyone talking about virginity. An acupuncturist talks about early sexual imprinting, and why it's important that it is based in love, and the consequences of when early sexual imprinting is not based in love.
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Incorrectly Applied Forgiveness causes rape culture
An acupuncturist talks about how erroneously applied spiritual principles contribute to rape culture. The critical elements of atonement and restitution is needed for forgiveness to be complete. For more information visit: www.projectacuhope.com
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Kiwi the Hahn's Macaw in his new Happy Hut
Our beloved Hahn's Macaw enjoying his new Happy Hut
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Sex Offenders -- Some Observations
An acupuncturist shares observations regarding sex offenders, porn culture, and the normalization of deviance. Also discussed are spirit attachment, the weaponization of society and the importance of healing. IMPORTANT NOTE: AT 9:50 WHEN I SAY MORE RESISTANT TO HEALING, I MEANT MORE RESISTANT TO TRAUMA - I stumbled my words. Sorry.
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The Sacred Energy Flow of Human Sexuality
An acupuncturist talks about the sacred energy flow of human sexuality. Why there are blocks, and how blocks are resolved to maintain the connection between the sacred feminine and divine masculine.
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Self Defense for Girls - Every Rose Needs It's Thorns
An acupuncturist discusses self defense for girls, and how being overly reliant on laws and systems can provide a false sense of security. Also discussed is the importance of using your God given instincts, as well as recommendations for being able to protect and defend yourself as a girl or young woman.
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Self Sexual Abuse
An acupuncturist talks about self sexual abuse. Though rarely talked about, it is very common. Self sexual abuse can come from past trauma repeating a pattern, peer pressure, toxic cultural programming, poor values. Regardless of the origins, the soul records everything and self sexual abuse needs to be uncovered and healed in order to move into a better future.
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Rape - A Deeper Explanation
An acupuncturist talks about the reptilian brain and other biological processes and how they work and how rape can be the unfortunate consequence if we don't understand our biological selves and why they do what they do. Brought to you by Project Acuhope http://www.projectacuthope.com For more information about sex being a stairway to heaven or hell, please visit the Gnostic Trilogy which talks about: Sex: A Scientific Approach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtSUaeWn9d4&list=PLqv3rePA6dYJfX_jheieAP1N9hjfeTOK5&index=1 Sex: A Religious Approach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmUEm9tYAhA&index=2&list=PLqv3rePA6dYJfX_jheieAP1N9hjfeTOK5 Sex: An Esoteric Approach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-ELQZ0FPcg&list=PLqv3rePA6dYJfX_jheieAP1N9hjfeTOK5&index=3
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When Forgiveness is Abused
An acupuncturist discusses the spiritual mandate of forgiveness. Is forgiveness sometimes abused in society? Why does the Lord's prayer state "forgive those that trespass against us" versus "forgive those that trespass against our property, or our nation". Forgiveness is a complex matter than needs to be looked at in a realistic way.
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Balancing YIN and YANG, Masculine, Feminine, Left and Right, Matriarchy, Patriarchy
An acupuncturist talks about how to climb the stairway to heaven - which is ascension to higher states of consciousness by balancing YIN and YANG, Masculine, Feminine, Left and Right, Matriarchy, Patriarchy, Connection and Division
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The Subtle Energies of Healthy Sexuality
Understanding the subtle energy field of sexuality for creating great sexual exchange and for ending sexual abuse. Brought to you by Project Acuhope www.projectacuthope.com
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Men and Women - Equal Value Different Function
An acupuncturist explains some similarities and differences between men and women, referring to the wisdom in the Yin Yang symbol, natural male and female roles and offers ideas on how each sex can better understand each other.
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Why do People Blame the Victim?
An acupuncturist talks about why sometimes people blame the victim in cases of sexual assault. Discussed are awareness of body energies, the importance of spiritual housekeeping, fear of retaliation, shortcomings of the existing justice process.
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Strange Modern Sexual Behavior vs. Normal Human Mating
An acupuncturist discusses normal human mating versus today's bizarre modern sexual phenomena (lots of promiscuity and lots of rape victims).
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Trauma is a Block in the Energy Flow
Please forgive the bad rendition of Amazing Grace, but it's to make a point. Trauma is merely a block in the energy flow. When the energy in our bodies is unblocked and flowing correctly, and not reversed, AND we invite in the Holy Spirit, anything is possible.
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The PEDOPHILE AGENDA -- insights based on NATURAL LAW
NOTE - THIS CONTENT GETS ATTACKS BY PEDOSEXUAL GROUPS. THE THUMBS DOWN IS AN ATTACK AND NOT A REFLECTION OF THE CONTENT. GOD BLESS. A licensed acupuncturist talks about what's really going on with pedophelia based on an understanding of Natural Law. Have you notice it's never the kids protesting.... "Please.... free us... we want to have sex with old people". It's always the other way around. Makes you think....
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Does rape change you forever?
An acupuncturist describes the historical reasons why rape survivors may feel they will never be the same again. For more information go to: www.projectacuhope.com
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How to Re-virgin Yourself - Part 3 - A Message to Doubters
An acupuncturist talks about re-virgining the body, mind and spirit. She delivers a message to people who doubt that this is possible and offers parallels of how this may play out in other areas of life. Re-virgining is about healing, restoration and taking the time to cultivate a wholesome essence that can be offered to a life partner.
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Domination breaks the spirit - an analysis
An acupuncturist discusses a spirit broken through domination as it relates to animals, boys, girls, men and women. Also discusses the healing of the broken spirit. For more information, go to: www.projectacuhope.com
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False Assumptions of Consent
An acupuncturist discusses False Assumptions of Consent in a sexual interaction. In some cases, False Assumptions of Consent could result in what some label False Rape Allegations. But it's really a communication breakdown with sometimes tragic consequences. Also discussed is who has what responsibility in sexual interactions.
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Misogyny and Misandry - a childhood trauma based perspective
An acupuncturist talks about deep, early childhood trauma and how these wounds can result in the later psychological manifestation of misogyny and misandry.
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Forgivers and Predators
VERY WELL WRITTEN ARTICLE: http://psychopathsandlove.com/forgiveness-the-other-f-word/ The spiritual principle of forgiveness is deconstructed based on Natural Law, and looked at from a variety of angles. Is it working for abuse survivors? Why are sexual abuse survivors hurried towards a forgiveness resolution and why are other types of victims urged to seek justice and awarded reparations? Seems like cultural hypocrisy. Taking a personal commitment to self defense and warning others and communities taking up the responsibility of outing and ensnaring predators is not to be confused with bitterness. On the contrary, it is the most sane action that can be taken.
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For Male Survivors of Sexual Assault
An acupuncturist talks about specific concerns of male survivors of sexual assault. The information shared can also be relevant for gay men who are questioning their sexuality and would prefer to live as straight (cis) men.
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#metoo movement - Where to next?
An acupuncturist discusses the #metoo movement, responses to the movement, and how the human species can go forward at a higher level of consciousness.
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Allegations of False Rape Allegations
An acupuncturist talks about False Rape Allegations as well as Allegations of False Rape Allegations.
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Kiwi the Hahns Macaw as "The Great Toe Hunter"
Our beloved Hahns Macaw developed a fetish for toe hunting. Watch your feet!
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Sexual Predators - Deconstructing a Complex Problem
An acupuncturist talks about sexual predation in society, what predators truly target and the dangers of deconstructing this paradigm.
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