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West End Henrico, VA - poor driving habits
Morons block intersection and helped me miss my turn. One stupid idiot is texting also. West End drivers are the worst.
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Reversing in wrong lane - Henrico, VA
More piss poor ability to properly navigate roadways.
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Red Light running truck driver - Richmond, VA
Not only running the light but speeding as well. Wish this clowns would stay off the road.
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Ferrari on PIR!?
Yes, a freaking Ferrari. Not even part of the showcase showdown. But screw that car, look at the delicious Manuela Arbleaz!
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Double standards at work
Resisting and attacking officers, yet taken in to custody safely. If he had not been Caucasian....
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[White] Man resisting arrests points gun at deputy. Lives to have his day in court.
Bottom line, if he were any other color....
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Dead tired or dead?  RVA 9,18,17
Did not notice this at the time. I assume he was sleeping. Not a good place to do so....
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Scissor doors on Buick - 5,4,13 avi
In the words of the ESPN announce team "C'mon man!". Well, at least the car is not old AND primer coated. But still...why would one do this!?
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