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What Web Programming Language Should I Learn?
What web programming language should I learn? If you want to get into web programming, the first language to learn would be HTML. That's pretty basic. True, you could learn it in a long weekend. But if you master HTML5, you could get paid to update the millions of web pages in HTML4. Why does HTML5 matter? It is just HTML. HTML5 replaces the old website format with an HTML page and a CSS style sheet. And it will replace Adobe Flash and Silverlight plug-ins with a new element. That's a drastic change. And having Adobe Flash crash the web browsers of the fifty percent of users on cell phones is drastic, too. What about PHP and Python? JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for the client side webpages. It's used by Google and Facebook. And they are used by the NSA. On the back end, Python, PHP, Java and ASP.net are popular. ASP.net pretty much limits me to supporting websites on Microsoft Servers. That's a career dead end. Java is used darn near everywhere, so it is a good language to use. I could learn Ruby on Rails. Unless you are moving to Silicon Valley to work for a start-up, it isn't worth it. And you can't eat stock options, either. What about Scala? The only serious place that uses it is Twitter, and they make more noise than anything else. At least Python and PHP prepare you for work on websites and enterprise development. I don't know what good that is. The pay rate can be good. I was hoping for just one language to learn, the killer language so to speak. There is not one killer language, though Java can kill a lot of people's websites through security holes. You need to learn several, like Java, JavaScript and HTML to start. That's a long journey. Given the evolution of IT, it is rare to use a language that is as old is as the programmer using it. Get used to it.
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What Code Should I Learn to Make Apps?
What code should I learn to make apps? Part of it depends on what device you want the apps to run on. I'll sell the apps to whoever pays me for them. If you want to develop apps for the iOS, Objective C is best; and you want to learn to code in addition to using the iPhone software developers kit. I've heard of C, but you make it sound like there are different types of C languages. C++ is better for the Android. C# runs on both. I've heard of people building apps in Java, or was it JavaScript? Java runs apps. Javascript is more for web-based applications and internet functionality. I heard a joke that Apple versus PC was almost made irrelevant because everyone does the same thing through their browser. What if I want to make apps for the Windows phone? Uh, serious? Yes, seriously. If you want a web-based app, learn HTML5. It'll run on any Smartphone platform. What about apps for Windows PCs? Then you'll be better off writing in C#. I've heard of people writing apps in JavaScript. The problem isn't JavaScript, it is the fact that you have to use CSS and HTML, too, to make it work. A lot of apps from Silicon Valley are done with Ruby on Rails. For anything except prototypes and quick little apps, Ruby on Rails goes off the rails. It can't handle enterprise wide functions, scientific computing or high user loads. The app for LivingSocial runs on Ruby. That's talking to a bigger database, kind of like a weather reporting app that connects to a server. It has little computational power on its own. I guess the best language depends on which devices I want my apps on, and how much the app is supposed to do. If you want to do any development where you get reasonable pay, learn a variation of C.
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Should I Learn Programming or Networking?
Should I learn programming or networking? Programming has the benefit of being a higher paid position when you have the skills they want or need. Does networking pay well? You don't need a four year degree in computer science to develop networking skills. It is often an associate's degree or even a one year internship. And pay rates tend to correlate to your certification level. Which one is harder to learn? A lot of people can teach themselves programming. Networking is harder. Only because it is so hands-on. On the other hand, networking can't be outsourced to a code monkey in India or China. The guy might be from those nations, but he has to be here to install those new server blades. Which career do you think is harder? Programmers have to stay up to date with changes to the languages, like C to C++ to C#, whereas networking is more stable. LAN and WAN networking hasn't changed much except for the routers and such getting smarter. Two words: wireless and wi-fi. Or is that three? As the networking components get smarter, they don't need as many networking people. But routers and cables still can't install themselves. What do you think of the working conditions? Programming tends to have a high burnout rate. Companies like to push programmers to have high productivity levels, though they can't handle it for a long period of time. Then again, having to scoot around in crawlspaces and thread fiber through the walls is a challenge. What is that worth to you? Start out in networking, and you may make 30-50K depending on skill sets. For programmers, it is anywhere from 30K to 70K depending on what you can do. But I don't know if anyone has a networked hardware example they can cart into a job interview, whereas they can send demonstration executables or website links to perspective employers.
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Why Should I Learn Shell Programming?
Why should I learn shell programming? It seems like we have an app for everything, so why bother cracking that shell. The biggest reason to learn shell programming is to simplify system administration. Such as? When you rename a lot of files, you can rename each individually and repeat the process several hundred times or use three lines of shell scripting. I don't think I'm going to run into that problem. Shell scripting can be used to filter files by unique values using a one line command, without messing up the files' order or having to export the file names to Excel. That's done with the awk command. That sounds rather awkward. Shell programming lets you work without having to code or save the code. You'll learn how to use your command line effectively. The Python command line can replace a lot of shell scripting. Shell scripting can be used for database maintenance and backup. That's what DBA are for. Shell scripting is ideal for cron jobs, creating tarballs of your directory structure and automated backups. You can even add and remove PHP extensions on the web server. You make it sound like shell scripting does everything. Don't use shell scripts when you have to do heavy duty math or complex calculations. Fortran would be better. How about C++? That's less obsolete. That works, too. Shell scripting can tap into simple command lines that would take many steps with a graphical user interface or many lines of code in most other circumstances. What else can shell scripting do? Shell scripting is the best choice when you need to access the system hardware directly. OpenGL and C++ work well for that today. Backups are often done with shell scripting, where the shell command lets you automate it. I though there was automated backup software already. Or I just need to install it. You can get by without using shell scripting most of the time. But when you need to know your ip address fast, ipconfig/all is faster than trying to crawl under a desk looking for that info.
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Should I Learn Mathcad or Matlab?
Should I learn Mathcad, or Matlab? Mathcad is a good starting point. Mathcad lets you do simple analysis and plots. You make Mathcad sound like the introduction to mathematical software. There's Mathlab, Matlab, Mathematica and Maple -- the four big M or math software tools. Mathcad is almost the first level tool, whereas Mathematica is the second or third. What do I do for data analysis? Matlab is good for complicated math analysis. If it isn't symbolic, you could use Excel, too. Why is Mathcad popular? You don't have to learn programming to use Mathcad. Matlab almost requires learning Fortran. I've heard it was because Mathcad is cheaper per user license. That's a motivator, too. Which one do you think is better? Mathcad works fine for engineers. Matlab is needed for higher level math courses, and you need Mathematica if you'll be a mathematician. That's probably the source of the software application's name. When do Matlab's added functions matter? Matlab has more programming functionality, and it has physics modeling you can't do in Mathcad. I heard you could model prototypes in Mathcad. One weakness of Matlab is its graphics. It has trouble creating graphs Excel can generate at the push of a button, whereas Mathcad can save plots as a separate object. Why is Mathcad so much more popular than Matlab? Mathcad is cheaper per seat, though you can get a student version of Mathlab for $50 or so. But if you learn Matlab, you're getting a good basis in Maple. I heard Maple is the symbolic toolbox for Matlab. Maple and Matlab seem too advanced for my needs. Mathcad is the basic tool. If you're in advanced mathmatics or physics, you have to upgrade to Matlab if not Mathematica. Then I'll learn Matlab just so I don't have to learn two tools. Or learn Matlab so that I only have to learn Mathematica later, instead of three different apps.
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Should I Learn Oracle or SAP?
Should I learn Oracle or SAP? Oracle training can be expensive, but the end result is a higher pay rate for database management jobs. You can get a job in SAP management, too. Oracle is more widely used as a database tool. There are product verification, CRM and medical software applications built on Oracle databases. Whereas SAP has an entire payroll, inventory management and ERP software package. And you can only find a job at those companies that have SAP installed. SAP is a major ERP vendor. Which means there aren't many small or even mid-sized companies with SAP running on their servers. You can find small companies with access to an Oracle database, even if it is patient records in a larger medical data repository. I've heard that SAP technical consultants can make a lot of money. If they made their product more user friendly, the consultants couldn't charge as much. But if you spent that much to buy SAP products, you'll shell out more to figure out how to use it. SAP and Oracle aren't entirely exclusive. They both have a financial module. SAP financial is pretty much limited to the payroll, ordering, billing and financial planning of SAP. I could get paid as well as a CPA to work in that IT niche. Oracle financial skills don't preclude you from working as an Oracle DBA. SAP financial certification means you can almost only do that, and you'll be replaced by the first CPA or MBA with familiarity with the software. What should I do? Don't make me be a Cassandra. Learn Oracle so you can find a decent job. Who is Cassandra? She could see into the future but not prevent it. It's a lot like SAP financial projects. You want me to take an Oracle job. I see well paying positions in your future.
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Should I Learn HTML Before PHP?
Should I learn HTML before PHP? You can learn to program in PHP before you learn any HTML. However, since the majority of PHP code interacts with web pages, you really should know some HTML first. I've heard that PHP often interacts with AJAX. AJAX is built on HTML. And if you create a website with PHP, the HTML is the output of the HTML. In that case, I don't need to know HTML because the compiler or interface will create the HTML for me. You should know the HTML code so you can debug it or tweak it. Which one is harder? Most people would say learning PHP is harder. Learning HTML is faster, and it helps you when you start experimenting with PHP. I wonder if learning HTML is counter-productive, since I might learn PHP but have no need to learn HTML. HTML is the backbone of the internet, or at least, webpages. You can't go wrong learning it. I've seen plenty of webpages go wrong. If you learn HTML first, you might get paid to do web design or debug webpages while you are learning PHP. After you learn PHP, you can get paid to debug webpages, server applications and everything in between. I heard that HTML is pretty basic. You can get the basics from a good tutorial and get good at it over a long weekend. That's why kids can set up their own websites now to complain about their parents, long before they are allowed to drive. Are there any cons to learning HTML later? You might use the PHP web scripting to create a page and have no idea why it looks wrong afterward. I heard I might need to learn CSS or JavaScript instead of HTML. You'd have to learn HTML before you can do anything right with CSS or anything good with JavaScript. But PHP lets you make the website interactive without those two tools. Fine, all start with HTML. I'll start on PHP next week.
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How to Become a Freelance Programmer
I want to know how to become a freelance programmer. The first thing you need to learn is at least one programming language. While there are apps to help you make other apps, that’s rarely going to get you a job, unless you work for those companies to help those who cannot even use the app to make an app. I’ve learned more than one programming language. Hopefully more than HTML and JavaScript, though you can get some basic freelance projects with that. If you want to become a freelance programmer, you’ll need a portfolio too. I thought a laundry list of programming languages would be enough. If you say you know PHP, you need to be able to do more than build Word Press plug-ins, unless that’s all you’re going to offer. In order to sell your talents, you need to demonstrate them. That’s rather hard when so many people rely on their resume to do so. I’m not sure being laid off from a failed tech startup is better than being pure freelance, but you are competing with some of them. However, your portfolio is going to be the proof you can do more than quote the book on that particular language. What portfolio are you talking about? It might be a web page you create with shopping carts and interactive calculators or free online games on a website or a list of apps on the App Store that someone can check out to see what you can really do. So you’re saying I need the digital equivalent of an artist’s printed out portfolio to show to potential clients. And creating apps for the App Store or Google Android that meet someone’s needs will generate income for you too. Assuming they pay to download it. That’s why you might build in monetization with purchases of extra lives or bonus levels. Candy Crush made a billion dollars doing that. And most apps do not even make the seven to ten thousand dollars worth of time, licensing and fees it cost to make and place. So make a few apps that are free or cheap, or get paid by someone else who sees the need for the app, so you get paid whether or not other people pay for the app. What else can I do to become a freelance programmer? Start on various gig sites offering low cost services with a caveat that they have to give you a review on that site, so your score rises to the point that you are eligible for higher paying tasks. I suppose that’s better than working for free hoping to sell some apps. The other benefit of working through gig sites is you have the ability to lean on the gig hosting site to help you get paid if the client does not pay, whereas you have little hope if a guy won't pay you if you work with him directly.
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What a Java Developer Should Know
Can you tell me what a Java developer should know? First of all, know that Java and JavaScript are not the same language. That much I do know. Understand the Java SE libraries and understand the collections framework. Be familiar with data structures beyond array lists. And know what an array list is. I can give you more pointers - Isn’t that how you reference a value in an array? Yeah. You also need to understand the concepts of object oriented programming – and then how to implement them in Java. That’s what makes you a Java developer. Understand how the Java Virtual Machine works. The JVM is so powerful that other languages like Scala utilize the JVM to run their code. Should I know other programming languages to work in Java? I’ve heard people say you should learn Haskell to learn functional programming, for example. At least if you learn niche languages like French and Finish, you sound sexy or smart. If you are working on web applications, know JavaScript and HTML so that the web application works when run on a web page. HTML is so simple you can learn it on a long weekend. HTML5 and cascading style sheets are a little more complicated, so give it a week of study to be able to replace Adobe plug-ins with video tags. Yeah, half as many browser crashes. Should I learn some of the Java-like programming languages? You can skip CoffeeScript – and Mocha is too new to even debate using. This is like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch; I guess a lot of programming terms are beverage related. There’s a pizza programming language, so it is not just beverages. I did not need to know that. Do I need to know what Java means? You don’t have to know what Java means, since it is not an acronym, though there are jokes about it as meaning "Just Another Vague Acronym". What about Mocha? Mocha is supposed to look like Java, but has a lot of tags and constructs like HTML. You might as well learn Java and HTML. And then you’ll be a good Java developer. And know at least one framework, like Spring. Or Eclipse. Eclipse is a development environment. If you’re working on a server, learn JClearity to monitor the performance of your web based apps. I’m having horrific flashbacks to dreams of becoming a Unix admin. Learn Bintray to manage code imports and libraries from Java repositories. It is like a librarian for code libraries. That’ll save me a lot of time and from a lot of horror stories. Takipi is a tool to tell you why code breaks, like explaining where exceptions happened and other information beyond a standard warning. I’d love to sit with the programmers who designed a Java coding fix for dummies software app like that. If you want to be a Java developer, sitting down with the Java for dummies and idiots books is a great place to start.
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Why Should I Learn Advanced Excel?
Why should I learn advanced Excel? Microsoft Excel makes it easy to process large amounts of data. It has limited database capacity, and it can't do what Big Data can do. It is far better than the hand ledgers people used to do for book-keeping. And it is a good way to track expenses. If I'm going to track expenses, I'll use a financial software package like Quicken. If I want simple charts and graphs of my financial situation, Mint and other apps are fine. Quicken has excellent charting functionality and great data analysis. A lot of the functions and calculations are time consuming. That's where advanced Excel skills like Macro programming are invaluable; you get to leverage Excel and save time. Excel isn't a relational database. Yes, you can store a customer list there or track expenses, but it is limited in the types of reports you can use. One word: pivot tables. That's two words. Or four, depending on how you look at it. Excel doesn't let you use forms, unless you turn around and learn VBA. That's what Microsoft Access is good for. Excel doesn't do a good job of modeling. But every good modeling application lets you import Excel spreadsheets for the initial data input. And there are toolpacks for scientific data analysis to make Excel as good as many of the scientific applications, without having to learn another software package. Excellence in using Excel is important in the marketplace. Familiarity with Microsoft Office is almost a minimum these days, but being able to say you are familiar with VBA, data tables, pivot reporting or conditional formatting proves it. What if I learn Excel and they want to use another application? Advanced Excel skillsets include formatting and importing data to other applications. Then you can import their data to the new app or export it to Excel for that custom report someone over in marketing or sales always seems to want.
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Should I Study Computer Engineering?
Should I study computer engineering? You'll certainly get a lot better pay than if you're trying to do web design. And for 99% of people, you'll make a lot more than bloggers, too. I've heard programming is hard. Programming can be hard if you have trouble planning the logical flow of a program or mapping out data flow. I've heard that computer engineering is essentially programming. It depends on where you go to school. Computer science may be programming whereas computer engineering is hardware. Do you have to be a math geek to do computer engineering? No. Being an engineering type is a necessity for computer engineering. I kind of guessed from the major. Computer engineering is good for those who like technology, who are detailed and technical in nature. And it could attract those who want to make a killing like Steve Jobs. Or it could be those who want to design the next killer app. Is computer engineering for those who want to design the next generation of the iPhone? That's more the purview of electrical engineers than computer engineering majors. Can computer engineers design hardware? Yes, but most of their work and their classes focus on the software. Do I have to be good at math? You need to understand some math. Now spaghetti like flow charts, that's something you need to be good at. To understand the logic flow. And the variable references in object oriented programming and handling and transformation of data. Oh, and you need to be able to track the classes you create and class inheritance. What do you study in computer engineering, other than logic and diagrams? Several different programming languages. And you'll learn some math, technical writing and the standard educational core. Do I have to worry about my job being outsourced to India? Microsoft tried that, and they got Windows 7 and Windows 8 out of it. Do not worry about code monkeys taking your job just yet.
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Should I Learn HTML or JavaScript First?
Should I learn HTML or JavaScript first? Are you trying to decide which route you want to take to get into web design? They're both used for web design and web services. Which one should I learn? HTML can be learned in a few days of intensive services. There's an XKCD comic about all the different programming methodologies people learned and the value these things had to his career. A weekend spent dinking with a particular programming language was more valuable than some of the complex methodologies. HTML is as valuable as JavaScript. It is just easier to learn. Does that mean I should not learn JavaScript? You can't do much with HTML except for the basic creation of web pages. You need JavaScript to create responsive user interfaces and such. You can use JavaScript to make web pages responsive and interactive. So JavaScript improves the interface HTML creates. And you can use JavaScript to run animations without having to rely on buggy and plug-in dependant Flash. I heard you can use JavaScript to tailor the layout of a page based on the device or browser window size. That's critical if you want a mobile ready website. But you can use JavaScript to generate stock tickers and sports match results without implementing RSS and a lot of other functions. JavaScript generates a lot of warnings. You can choose to stop executing the scripts. And JavaScript introduces security holes. That's true even if the person's computer is disconnected from the internet but the JavaScript in the page is still running in an open browser. And having an internet connection puts your machine at risk of viruses. At least JavaScript gives you more ways to present data while saving them time and effort. I don't consider half-baked auto-fill boxes made in Java a major improvement over my own misspellings. Learn HTML first, since you need it to do anything decent in JavaScript. Then learn JavaScript so you can make great websites and interfaces.
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Should I Learn SQL or PHP First?
Should I learn SQL or PHP first? You can learn the basics of PHP in a few weeks on your own. It is regularly taught in a single semester of college. What about SQL? Depending on how well you can visualize the data, learning SQL can take weeks or years. I'd probably need to learn one of those flowchart tools to figure out the relations in a relational database. PHP is the backbone of the internet, or so I've heard. I know you can learn a lot because there are so many opportunities to use it. Basic SQL is easy. Stored procedures are supposedly hard. You could learn how to maintain and query databases with SQL. After you learn how databases and tables work, you can learn a web language like PHP. Which one should I learn first, if I'm pressed for time? PHP is harder to learn than SQL. If you are going to learn both, learn PHP first. You can build entire projects in PHP without ever using SQL. That would give me a lot of practice. But you can do a lot with PHP if you have a database. SQL and MySQL can do a lot with PHP, but you don't have to know both. I heard you can pick up phpMyAdmin and SQL in an hour or two. That's only their connection, not PHP and SQL's peculiarities. But learning the ins and outs of SQL and PHP will take a long time without adding phpMyAdmin to the mix. So I'll start with PHP. I'll have more opportunity to do something with it. And without possibly screwing up someone's relational database before you've learned to restore it. And if I learn PHP, I can get paid to maintain sites while I learn how to use SQL. Or decide to learn MySQL instead. Or NoSQL. Not a chance; it isn't mature enough to be practical.
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My iPad is Fully Charged But Wont Turn On
My iPad is fully charged but won't turn on. What can I do? You can certainly rule out that the reason it won't turn on is the charge. Well, that is totally obvious. Is the battery properly seated in the iPad? If it is loose, the iPad won't come on. I don't think it is an electrical connection. Some batteries have a memory, where it only charges up to a certain level even if less than the official definition of full. That is more likely to happen if you drain the battery all the way repeatedly. I usually charge the battery every night. Hold down the home and wake button at the same time. This can reboot it and get it out of suspend mode. I've never heard of suspend mode, but worrying if it is broken has been keeping me in suspense. If it is in suspend mode, holding down the home and sleep-wake button will activate it. What if it doesn't wake up and boot up? The battery may be totally drained and needs to be recharged. I already ruled that out. Try charging it via the computer instead of the charger. If it gets power via a USB cable, you might be able to turn it on even if the battery is the problem. It might be a hardware problem. Talk to the one of the geniuses at Apple. They won't let me in the door. I meant the genius bar at the Apple store. They'll either fix it or get you a replacement. I heard I should try to reboot it, but the device doesn't have a control-alt-delete. Hold down the sleep/wake button until the red slider comes up. Then turn it off. What then? You may need to tell it to force quit an app, if that's why the device won't come on. Then hold down the wake and home button. That's Apple's equivalent of the reboot button. If it gets the device to come back on, it is worth it. No, just worth the hassle.
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Do I Have Spy Software on My Cell Phone?
Do I have spy software on my cell phone? It can be hard to tell, especially if someone intentionally infected your phone. Why would someone do that? A parent who wants to know what you are text messaging or sexting, a jealous lover who wants to track your location. The NSA tracking our every move. Nah. They get all that data through the ISPs, so they don't need to put spyware on your phone. How can I tell if I have spy software on my phone? If the data charges are sky high and it isn't because you have location services on all the time, someone else may be spying through the phone. For example, an infected phone may record all your conversations and send the audio to a cloud server. I have high phone bills anyway. If the phone turns on after you've turned it off, that's a good indicator someone else is controlling it. So are weird background noises when you talk, because some spy apps turn every call into a conference call. My battery keeps running out. That might be because you don't charge it fully or it's in need of replacement. I get a lot of weird text messages. If you clicked on a link in one, you could have infected the phone with malware. I wish there was an easy way to tell it was infected like a file called virus. In the 1990s, there were tech support calls because the antivirus software was in a Virus file, so people called thinking their machine was infected. But modern spyware has a neutral sounding name so it isn't obvious. What can I do? Have you jailbroken your phone? That creates an open door on many phones, and in some cases, the jail break app is an infection in and of itself. How can I fix it? Turn it off and take it to the phone store to get scanned for a virus. Or restore factory defaults and see if the strange behavior stops. And if not, get a new phone. But be careful transferring your old apps and files, or you could infect the new one.
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Should I Learn Oracle or SQL Server?
Should I learn Oracle or SQL Server? While Oracle DBA certification pays well, the classes and getting a practice version of Oracle is expensive. I heard you could get versions of SQL Server for free. Part of it depends on the software developers you're working with. Use SQL Server if you're working with Microsoft's .Net, whereas Java developers are more likely to use Oracle. I didn't know that SQL Server was a Microsoft brand. So if you'll be working on MS servers and MS databases, you need to learn the SQL server. Which one is better for my career? There are typically more MS SQL jobs, but the Oracle jobs pay more. Oracle doesn't have as many jobs, but you have less competition. Those who didn't join the Microsoft cult pay a price for it. Which one is harder to learn? Oracle is rather complex, whereas MS SQL Server is simpler because it has a good graphical user interface. It's nice to hear that Microsoft made at least one good user interface. They usually put out crap, but once in a while, there's a good one. I've heard MySQL is more popular. Only because of the so called popularity of Microsoft. Oracle is the heavyweight database tool. Which relational database is better? MySQL works with almost any web-based application. Oracle is more stable, secure and scalable for enterprise wide applications. I'm glad to know that the big data that is running the world isn't all beholden to Bill Gates. No, but most PCs that generate the data still are. It sounds like I need to learn Oracle. Fortunately, you can learn Oracle inside and out and a little MS SQL and do almost any database admin job you'd like. You're guaranteed to get dates if you can proudly announce you have stable, well paying employment. It's like saying you're a musician, artist and athlete at once. Girls will just be happy if she doesn't have to pay for the date these days.
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Fastest Way to Learn How to Code
What is the fastest way to learn how to code? It’s a pity you cannot really download skills into the brain, like they do in the Matrix and a lot of other cyber movies. I need something about that simple. How about Khan Academy? That website is for teaching kids the confusing concepts of Common Core, the fancy math terms and new ways to do math that take way more steps to get an approximate answer that you’re just relieved to get. Khan Academy has sections to teach HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets, and that’s the basic of web design. I do not consider that coding per se. So take the Khan Academy lessons on JavaScript. It teaches you the basics of the language, animation in JavaScript and coding to the point you make a working game. That works for exciting children, but I do not know if it is enough for me to take seriously. You could go to Code dot org slash learn. They have online lessons on how to code in some of the most common languages, plus links to local schools with app clubs and coding camps. I think a site with coding with Disney Princesses is a little beneath me. So try Code Academy. Not only do they have a more mature name, they have lessons on jQuery, Python, Ruby and PHP whereas almost everyone has JavaScript and HTML. That’s because HTML and JavaScript are the basis of the internet. If I wanted to learn that fast, I’d mess with code samples saved to my PC. You can take the courses on CodeAvengers dot com. They have twelve hour courses you can finish in a weekend on JavaScript and others. I’ll start with the others. The Code Avengers site has the benefit of having a lot of free introductory lessons, but I think you have to pay for more advanced content. It is standard today to have to pay to level up, whether in education or games. Once you have the basics down, I’d suggest doing Code Combat. That site makes you use commands in code to control the character, essentially a gamification of the practice you need to really learn the commands well. I guess I’d rather die via troll in a game for not remembering the retrieve command, than have an app error because I could not reference it right. Code Combat has tutorials on the programming languages in addition to the games, though you have to have a subscription to access a lot of the videos. Candy Crush made a billion dollars or so selling extra lives, so paying to level up the content is standard. If you’re more advanced, do the Code Kata competitions to build shopping carts and other things online. You get points for completing the challenges. I only care if it levels up my resume.
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How to Become a Linux Administrator
Can you explain to me how to become a Linux administrator? I might say to start by getting a computer that has Linux installed on it and learning about the operating system. I’m already ahead of you. In theory, having a Linux box with admin rights makes you a Linux administrator. I want something I can put on my resume, not just have bragging rights as a Linux fan on online forums. Practicing installing software and configuring it. Take the time to understand how to install and upgrade Linux systems. What else would a Linux admin need to know, aside from the fact that Linux has that little penguin logo? To learn how to properly manage a Linux box, read a lot of literature on Unix before deploying a Linux distribution you can practice with. I’ve already gotten the advice to read Linux magazines and books. Is it any better to say I read the blogs instead? To be taken seriously as a Linux administrator, you have to know how to use VNC, SSH, tar, lists, system log files. You have to be able to manage kernel run-time parameters, virtual machines and networks. That does sound like system admin work. You’ll have to manage NTP, FTP and HTTP servers. And a partridge in a pear tree. No, fruit based references are pretty much just Apple. You need to be able to configure Apache and any thing else they want on the server as well as use cron jobs and bash scripts. I thought people bashed Bash because of the security hole found in it in 2014. That was newsworthy because Bash had not had any known holes before that, whereas Java updates at least once a year due to a security hole. Oh, you should learn about shell scripting. I hope I can come out of my shell to ask questions about it. There are plenty of how to resources from StackOverflow dot com to online how to instruction sets. Learn how to use VI, since this is critical to log analysis. I’m imagining that applies to user login logs. And security logs. You need to learn how to use MySQL command line tools effectively, even more so if the server actually has a MySQL database on it. I’d rather learn Oracle, since that skill set pays more. Only because Oracle is licensed and charges for a lot of the training in how to use it. MySQL is free and growing in popularity because it is free. I suppose that is your two cents worth on the topic. Consider it a free open source opinion. If you want to become a Linux admin, learn the basics through reading ebooks, real books and online resources. That gives me a good basic understanding, but managers may not trust it. Then you can consider going to the Linux Professional Institute and taking the LPIC1 test to prove you know the basics about administering a Linux box. The alternative is setting up the servers on a cheap contract basis.
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How is MATLAB Used in Engineering?
Tell me: how is MATLAB used in engineering? Matlab is a level up above the scientific calculator. Matlab gets used for complex data analysis, graphing equations because a picture is worth a thousand words - Or fifty lines of equations. Matlab can be used to create engineering calculators in a website, like showing someone how much torque is needed to turn a wheel based on the size and weight of the tire. That’s the engineering equivalent of a mortgage calculator on a website. You could use Matlab for that, too, but Excel could be used for that, as well. Matlab does better for things like mapping the pressure points on a structure when you add a load. I know Matlab lets you create pretty plots pretty quickly. Matlab can be used for array and matrix manipulation. I don’t think I’ve used arrays for anything except figuring out forces on a fictional arrow on a piece of graph paper. Plotting the air flow over a wing to study the aerodynamics is a real world use of that. So it's figuring out how the pressure can warp a material matters. That’s a lot of civil engineering, and maybe aerospace. The matrix manipulation is used to determine optimal solutions when you need to maximize production output and minimize cost when you’ve got multiple resource constraint equations. The most common of which is budget cannot exceed X dollars. Add an equation for X amount of material A and Y amount of material B equals Z finished products, plus D production lines can handle E volumes of material B and C can handle oh so many units. Now maximize production of units within the budget. You need to be an MBA to figure that out. No, a basic understanding of converting real world stuff to algebra equations and maximizing some value like production rate or profit within material and labor constraints is sufficient. That’s a lot of math. And that’s the industrial engineering use of Matlab. Though pretty charts from Matlab make it easy to show off the solution to the MBAs.
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My iPad is Asking for the Wrong Apple ID
My iPad is asking for the wrong Apple ID. What do I do? That's a common problem if you bought a new device and changed your Apple ID to a new email address. And it can happen if you upgrade the iOS. It keeps asking for the old ID credentials -- and you can't change the password or email address. The problem is probably because you have the old ID associated somewhere else like iCloud. Go to iCloud and verify the email address, or delete the old account. I don't have iCloud. You may need to go to settings, iTunes, Apple ID and deliberately log out with your old ID. After you've logged out with the old ID, log in with the new one. I don't think I'm still associated with the old ID. Go to AppleId.apple.com and verify which email address is associating with your account. Your new ID might simply be listed as an alternate, not the primary. Why does it keep remembering my old Apple ID? All the content you bought with the prior Apple ID is still associated with it. I don't want to delete all the content I paid for in order to eliminate a login problem. I have more money tied up in those files than I do the iPhone and iPad. You can eliminate that association by re-downloading all the old content from iTunes via the Cloud. I don't know if I know how to do that. A simple way might be doing a complete restore via an iCloud backup. Doing a full restore from backup is the Apple equivalent of Control-Alt-Delete on Microsoft machines. It's the default solution for a lot of conversations. The only problem with this restoration solution is that it only restores paid content, not anything else you have on the device. Don't worry. I can find the rest of it again on BitTorrent again.
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In What Order Should I Learn Computer Programming?
In what order should I learn computer programming? This is a mouse, this is a keyboard, and the computer brain is called a CPU. I learned that in fourth grade computer class. You might want to start with HTML. It is the foundation of the internet so it has immediate examples even on the results you get when you Google it, and you can learn it in a few days. Things like CSS and HTML5 sound a lot more complicated than what I can learn over a long weekend. That's the more advanced level of HTML website design. But you can learn the basics in a few days. What is the first programming language I should learn? Java is one of the easiest software languages to learn, and it is fairly ubiquitous. I guessed that from all the Java runtime errors I get when viewing various websites. What do you consider to be the first serious programming language I should tackle? Haskell, if you believe the gurus who think it teaches you purely functional programming methods. C++ if you want to know what the computer science geeks who will make 70K out of college do, instead of their professors. What language would I use for web design? Darn near any of them. You could work with Python, Perl or PHP. They like those P's. There are plenty of C's, too. C, C++, C# which is C on a .net platform and Objective C. What's the objective of that? Objective C is used to program iPhones. That's almost its entire objective, because it isn't used anywhere outside of the Mac universe. That's still a big and well paying universe. What should I stay away from? Aside from Unix and Linux geeks who want to convince you that open source is the only way to go? Or the Dungeons and Dragons weirdoes who still insist we learn Lisp? I heard I should stay away from Visual Basic, Visual Studio and anything .NET. It is easy to get tangled up in those programming languages and frameworks. Object oriented languages like Java are the best ones to start with.
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Should I Learn PHP or JavaScript First?
Should I learn PHP or JavaScript first? Unless you have to learn PHP right now for your job, it should be one of the last things you learn. Don't learn it unless you should. I'm trying to learn what I should learn now. Javascript is a client-side language with a lot of use in building apps. PHP is a server side language that is really only used when you have to connect to a database. I heard that Javascript generates more jobs but PHP is better paying. Javascript is a more forgiving programming language, used mostly for web browsers. More people work with JavaScript and jQuery, so greater supply decreases wages a degree. Which one is harder to learn? Neither is harder to learn. But if you study JavaScript, you should go over jQuery, too. I only want to learn one programming language. Do you know anyone writing in Basic or Fortran anymore? Even if you just learn PHP, you'll probably have to learn a new language in a few years. PHP is in major demand right now. It is even used to host Facebook and WordPress. PHP is used almost everywhere, since it runs on every type of hosting server. I heard PHP lets you do a lot more done on the server, compared to JavaScript. If you learn JavaScript first, you can get work designing JavaScript applications while you continue learning about PHP for enterprise wide, server based apps. That would probably overload my limited mind. Their syntax is similar. But they are totally different languages. True, as are the job markets. PHP is for back end web developers, in which case, you probably ought to learn SQL, too. Way too many TLA. TLA? Three letter acronyms.
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Should I Learn HTML or Just Use Dreamweaver?
Should I learn HTML or just use Dreamweaver? You can use Dreamweaver without using HTML, but HTML is faster to learn. HTML doesn't have all the fancy graphics or the what you see is what you get interface. If you don't see what you expect to see, you need to know HTML to fix it instead of reinventing it in Dreamweaver. Why not just create web pages in Dreamweaver once I get good at it? You should know HTML to add audio files, create references between pages, integrate CSS to make the page mobile-ready or update a website. Dreamweaver is superior to HTML. Dreamweaver is like a Ferrari, fast and beautiful but often not rugged enough or versatile enough to handle many of the more mundane chores. Who do you think only needs to know Dreamweaver? Someone who assumes Wordpress templates are a sufficient proof of their programming skills. I can give the Dreamweaver pages to a webmaster. And the web master may spend a few hours tweaking it in HTML to make it work right on the server, delaying the realization of your dream assuming it isn't a technical nightmare. What if I want to be a professional webmaster? Professional web designers and web programmers must know HTML. Even web programmers who write PHP programs need to know some HTML to properly display reports via a webpage. I'd hate to learn both. When you get into programming, you're opting for continual learning. Ask anyone who learned C+ a few years ago and now knows C++, C# or Objective C. Or they learned Erlang and now know Ruby on Rails. It's more like the Basic users learning Visual Basic, but you'll end up having to learn more than one language to stay in the job market. You think I ought to learn both. If you don't want to be stuck in a niche and risk being replaced by the person who knows both, yeah. And since HTML only takes a few days to master, not knowing it makes you look incompetent relative to the high school intern who does.
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Should I Learn Java or JavaScript?
Should I learn Java or JavaScript? While they have similar names, they are totally different. It isn't like HTML, where learning HTML gives you the basic understanding of HTML5. I heard Java and Javascript have similar syntax and structure. They both have syntax based on C, but they are totally different. How so, aside from the length of the names? Javascript is designed to run in a browser. Java is an object oriented programming language that runs within the Java Virtual Machine. Which language should I learn? It depends on what you want to do. If you want to create webpages or apps that run through websites like some games, learn JavaScript. And when is Java a good idea? You'd use Java to create games and programs that don't rely on a browser to run. I heard the choice of language should depend on your personal style. JavaScript is more fluid, while Java is more rigid but better defined. But unless you use server-side Javascript, there's no cross-over between what the two languages can do. I wonder which one is more valuable in the marketplace. Knowing JavaScript means you'll be able to get some project immediately. Conversely, if you're going to be an app designer, learn Java. I thought jQuery has more job opportunities. Though I do know app designers make more money than web designers in general. JavaScript and jQuery are two sides of the same coin. Pity, since JavaScript at least has Java in its name. If you want Java and JavaScript at the same time, take classes on jQuery with a cup of coffee on the side. At least if I learn either language, I'll make more than the person serving me the coffee.
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How Javascript and jQuery are Different
Can you explain how Javascript and jQuery are different? JavaScript and jQuery are the same thing. I know they both start with J, and both of them are used in web development. That doesn't mean they are the same thing. You're right, in that they aren't exactly the same. jQuery is a subset of the JavaScript libraries. What are jQuery libraries used for? jQuery is used to simplify HTML actions like traversing documents, animation, Ajax interactions and event handling. I've heard people say you should learn jQuery or JavaScript. If you know jQuery, you'll be able to do most of what you'd do with JavaScript without much more information or commands. So I do not need to learn JavaScript if I learn jQuery. You have to know JavaScript to make proper use of jQuery, such as linking it into the rest of the page. You cannot use jQuery to its full potential without learning JavaScript. And where would you use jQuery? JavaScript creates the interactive web pages people like to see. Slide shows, multimedia presentations -- Until they crash and error out. I'm tired of Java errors -- Java is not JavaScript. Two separate languages. And then there are the Adobe plugin errors when multimedia tries to run. The Adobe Flash presentation may use Adobe but be called via JavaScript AKA jQuery libraries. But the crashing is entirely Flash's fault, which is why HTML5 essentially eliminates the need for it. That's why Adobe isn't supporting Flash anymore. Why isn't JavaScript used more often? JavaScript was not rendered the same in all browsers, whereas Java is the same on all machines because it utilizes native libraries. Now web standards say it is, but that bad experience still affects everyone. Why is jQuery still dominant over JavaScript? A lot of people say they built a site in jQuery but not Java Script. jQuery was developed with web design in mind. You can spell out common scripting functions in fewer lines of code from jQuery than with other JavaScript methods.
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Easiest Way to Learn HTML5
What is the easiest way to learn HTML5? One of the standard ways to learn HTML5 is to open up website browser code in your browser and learn from it. I know you can learn by tinkering with it, but I do not want to mess things up. One of the easiest ways to learn HTML5 would be on Khan Academy’s website. They have introduction courses for free on learning HTML5 and CSS. If they can teach kids common core math, I’m sure I can learn about HTML from them. The neat thing about their site is that they also have free introductory content on JavaScript, which is what the HTML5 standard encourages for in browser web based apps. I remember the XKCD comic about how the Apple versus Microsoft wars were irrelevant, because everything was delivered through the browser now. It is now part of the HTML standard, and JavaScript is encouraged in place of Java apps. But Khan Academy covers how to use CSS, too. Cascading style sheets, making the web colorful. It is certainly easier to use than PHP based plug-ins for functionality on WordPress. And it lets you put the same color scheme on all your web pages, or copy that from a site you like. I’d take a class on that. You could learn HTML from Udemy in depth, if you pay for it. Or get a good synopsis on the various elements and attributes for free from W3schools dot com. I know they have lessons on several other languages. Learn how HTML5 changed from HTML4, the new attributes and elements in version 5, how to handle tables and best ways to edit it. I’m presuming that is not in the browser. HTML5 is more complicated, since you have to put the CSS file in the same directory as each web page. At least JavaScript makes coding simpler if you load it along with the web page. Except for slowing down the webpage’s loading. You can reference JavaScript software on the server side, too, or Java code modules on the server, within the HTML5 page. You seem excited about HTML apps. It comes with a geolocation tag to enable location based advertising and maps with minimal effort. It has local storage API to eliminate cookies. I do not know if that is better or worse than cookies. It cannot be worse than what Google and the NSA already have on you. I think you’d like the HTML5 video and audio elements, though, since it gets rid of Adobe Flash. That does not even run on a lot of mobile devices. There are tools on converting Adobe flash content to HTML5 compatible files, but you need to go to Adobe’s website for their instructions. I might as well go to Microsoft’s site to learn about converting Silverlight to HTML5 file types. MSDN dot Microsoft dot com does have a fair five minute introduction to HTML5. Microsoft Virtual Academy has even more content plus videos. I’m virtually there already.
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Should I Study Networking or Programming?
Should I study networking or programming? Programming is often popular for math majors, whereas networking is more popular for those who like hands on experience. Socialization? No, but the male plug to female plug analogy is not off. Networking guys are going to install all the right cables, blades for servers and routers and such. I'm worried about programming work being outsourced to India. You get tons of code, but it is full of bugs. And that's aside from a data pull popping up a notice that it is pooling. There are tons of online libraries of code modules for Java, Lisp and others. Doesn't that eliminate the need for new coders? You still need programmers to thread those modules together to make something that works. And programmers should be around to create better versions of those existing things. So you need some new programmers to fill in IT security holes. Is that a good long term job prospect? It is if only to keep up with the hackers. What is your opinion of networking? Networking is one of those jobs you can outsource to a consultant downtown but can not send off to India unless you send your servers there, too. Given the revelations that the NSA has been putting bugs in the hardware being shipped overseas, I'm pretty sure no one will send their hardware abroad again. And upgrades to routers with build in firewalls or network appliances that automatically store network traffic require someone with the right skills to do it in house. Yeah, because though the NSA has all your files, they won't give them to you if you need them restored. They only get the metadata of the emails you send outside the corporate network. They do not have copies of intra-office email that never leaves the corporate network. I heard the cloud was going to eliminate the need for networking. Even if you use cloud computing, you still need networking gurus to maintain server farms. And since the NSA considers everything in the cloud public information, a lot of companies are reinforcing their private networks to keep their data private. At least that means I should go into networking.
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Should I Learn 3DS Max or Maya?
Should I learn 3DS Max or Maya? 3DS is popular because it has a larger user community. That makes little sense. If a lot of people already use 3DS, it is the de facto design software where they work. So other people learn 3DS to get a job at that place. That makes sense. Why was 3DS more popular? Maya was a lot more expensive than 3DS Max. Schools bought the cheaper software to teach their students, and it grew from there. I guess that's why a lot of companies have cheap student versions. No, it is why smart vendors gave schools free software to train students in, who then buy that for their companies and demand it of new hires when they grow up. It seems like a silly contradiction since both are owned by Autodesk now. The tools and user interfaces are becoming more similar, but Maya is still the higher end tool. It isn't like Dyson keeping the fancy name while downgrading to cheaper and cheaper parts. I heard Maya was more stable. Maya is used for VFX. 3DS Max is better for architecture and stable models. I wasn't sure if Maya was better for animation. You can do some animation in both, though 3DS is bigger if you do game development. I heard Maya was better if you want to work in the film industry. Maya is ahead in terms of adding special effects to film. It's scriptable too, meaning programmable, though the MEL programming language is proprietary and hard to learn. Which software package should I learn? 3DS is more forgiving as you learn to work with it. And your pocketbook will be more forgiving, too. But Maya is higher end and has more job opportunities. Learn 3DS to get the basics, since it will give you a short learning curve if you need to upgrade to Maya. And learning the simpler one gets you in the market faster.
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Why Should I Learn C Programming Language?
Why should I learn C programming language? It is one of the widest used of all programming languages, including its variants. And it has been around for a long time. That's like saying I should learn Latin; it was used for centuries across Europe and in theory learning it makes Italian and Portuguese easier. Learning C teaches you many good practices that help you as a programmer, though it can be time consuming to learn. C is often called a low level language. You can jump in and get started with other languages high level languages like Java or JavaScript. Learning something like C teaches you more about data types, pointers, passing values by reference. In the end, this makes you a better programmer. That's as bad as someone saying I should learn Haskell to learn programming discipline. Yoga would be better. If you want to get into programming, learning C is going to give you a phenomenal head start. Because it has been around for 30 years and I can find a job migrating their systems? Because it is hard, so once you learn that, everything else is easier. If it is that hard, I want to learn an easier language like Objective C or Java. Learn C, and C++ and C# and Objective C are all minor variations you pick up quickly instead of three new languages to tackle. C is a functional programming language. Most modern applications are object oriented. Object oriented code is easier to use and re-use. C is far faster to execute on the server. So my efficiency is irrelevant. They only pay you once to write or edit the code. On the plus side, you don't have as many code modules to debug if something goes wrong in C. This feels like I'm asked to master the difficult task of changing the car battery and replacing tires before I'm allowed to drive. You should understand what goes on under the hood before you start driving. Then you'll realize when things go wrong before the damage is too great and you wreck. I figured the red check engine warning lights were good enough. That warning is as indecipherable as most software error messages.
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Should I Get Oracle Certified?
Should I get Oracle certified? Oracle certainly thinks so. Have you seen the prices for their classes? Oh, getting Oracle certification is expensive, and their product line is so complicated that you need multiple courses. Between the classes and the tests, it can cost as much as a year or two of college to get Oracle certified. Actually, you can take the Oracle certification courses at a number of junior colleges. College is still expensive, even junior college. Oracle courses taken as downloaded classes or online virtual courses or in person are still expensive. One value of Oracle certification is proving that someone without prior work history regarding Oracle did well enough with Oracle certification exams to pass. If you’re new to IT or just Oracle admin, the certification could be worth it. AKA, the ability to move from help desk tech to service technician and go from 30K to 80K a year. I’ll say that Oracle database administrators can make 60K or 70K to start and up to 100K depending on their skill sets. That’s worth getting an Oracle certification. The Oracle skills are certainly valuable in the marketplace, though they are not the regular 100K paycheck anymore. I know MySQL and other databases are growing more popular. Mostly because their software is not as expensive to license, and in part because people can learn about the software through casual experience on a server just like they learned PHP. There are not many decent PHP certifications that are worth much in the marketplace. Unless you are new to the Oracle field, you do not need the certification. I’m sure there are Oracle professionals with certification. How does it improve their pay grade, since paper usually does in other fields? The premium for the certification among those who have experience and experience plus a piece of paper from Oracle is practically zero for Oracle admins. Yet I’ve heard the certifications are worth a lot. Now, if you’ve taken classes on their Payroll systems, Fusion procurement tool or JD Edwards enterprise shop floor and manufacturing data management tool, that’s worth a lot in the marketplace. Glad to know certification is worth something somewhere. Those skills are worth 5K to 15K more in the marketplace than just managing a database. But certification is only highly linked to those skills because it is harder to find a position at the bottom to learn it as part of the job, much less on your own. You can install MySQL on a database and get MySQL for dummies books, but no one wants to trust their payroll system to a newbie. Anyone willing to trust a new hire with their payroll system is either working off Excel or Quickbooks. The hard part is that I am new to Oracle so I probably need certification but balk at the price of the classes. So read all the books and blogs and take the online modules for what you cannot learn on your own. Then pay the couple hundred dollars for the test and see if you can pass without paying several thousand for the Oracle course.
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Should I Learn Python or Objective C?
Should I learn Python or Objective C? C++ is often done for Windows programming projects, while Objective C is more for Mac. If you want to do iPhone development, you have to learn Objective C. What good is Python? Python runs on any platform that supports C, so it isn't limited to the Mac. Which language gives you more options? When it comes to programming, Ruby, Perl and Python are nearly cross-platform and can be used anywhere. Objective C is primarily limited to the OS X, the iPhone and some OpenStep environments. So learning Objective C means I'm joining the cult of Apple. There are Objective-C bridges for Python and C, so you could write Python for Apple devices if you really wanted to. Or a really niche OpenStep app developer. And Python at least lets me work on Unix as well. Python is also more versatile. I've heard Python is a good language for developers. You can use it or its spawn PyGames to create games, and Python is used for graphics and desktop applications as well. In short, you can develop almost anything with it. I've heard of it being used for web projects. True, but you could use JavaScript, too. Which one has a better library? Python, definitely. And Python is easier to prototype in. Then it sounds like I need to learn Python. Or you could learn both software languages and PyObjC, the bridge between the two. One is hard enough as it is. If I have to bridge a gap, I'll invest the time and learn both. At least Python has a massive library to make the process of learning it easier, and tons of learning resources. You get that with any long standing programming language. Then you can get with the Python program and get going.
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How to Get Freelance Programming Work
I need to know how to get freelance programming work. Go onto sites like Guru and Odesk and look for programming jobs they’ll hire you for. I get rejected for a lack of experience. Set up your own website with interactive graphics and functionality so you have an online digital portfolio. Link that to your digital business card and web page on social networking websites so that anyone you communicate with can see it. That’s more like tossing out business cards and hoping you get business. It is just as likely as applying for work and they reject you due to lack of experience. Another option is going on a site like Fiverr and doing really quick, fast jobs for money while building up an online reputation. Though the digital reputation there is about as valuable as positive reviews via Craigslist. Fiverr charges five dollars for basic work, but you can charge more for more complicated projects, like someone charging five dollars for making a small 2D CAD design of your pencil sketch and charging fifty for making a 3D model. That might lead to a little work. Your small jobs could lead to regular work from the same people, as well as higher paying work from them and those who they send to you via word of mouth. Assuming it leads to much of anything. Go to Craigslist and look for people needing a website updated from general text saved to an HTML file to CSS and interactive functionality in JavaScript or their Adobe Flash ads updated to HTML5. Those are usually small shot jobs and do not pay much. But it is simple programming work many fancy web design firms won’t touch, where they want to be paid thousands for setting up a shopping cart, fancy ads, social marketing campaign and linking the website to your customer relationship management tools. I might be able to do that too. Another option is going to small business association meetings and offering to do work for them and their clients at a discount, or offering to do work for local nonprofits updating their websites and fixing their software. I do not think you can write off services for a nonprofit as a donation on your taxes. You’re already getting paid nothing for doing nothing. If you do something for them for free, you get great word of mouth and a demo project to promote yourself with, assuming they don’t pay you some money for some work. So offer to do a website update for every group I volunteer for. Small improvements like being able to get donations online, linking their storefront to an online shopping cart, or scanning their site for malware and improving IT security, can generate a lot of business for you and could lead to more paying work from them. I am my own favorite charity.
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Fastest Way to Learn PHP
What is the fastest way to learn PHP? I’ve heard it is one of the most popular scripting languages, and free to learn, but I do not have as long as it seems to take. I suggest the w3schools dot com and their PHP tutorial. It runs on through everything from what PHP is, to the installation of the necessary software, to explanations of data types to advanced things like file handling and MySQL. I thought MySQL was a separate database tool. It is, but a lot of PHP websites pull data from MySQL websites, whether for a shopping cart or generating a price quote. I’m no where near that skill level. Learn-PHP.org has free interactive tutorials for PHP. What do I have to download to get that to work? Nothing, it is all through the website. However, that site is not as complete as W3schools dot com. I want a complete resource if I can find it. Go to the source. Start with PHP.net. If reading all of their specification documentation taught me about the language, I’d have Java down by now, from all the time spent trying to figure it out. PHP.net has basics like the language reference, the FAQ to answer most basic questions and the guide. PHPacademy dot org has a lot of decent, free beginner PHP tutorials. What else do you recommend? LearnXinYMinutes dot com is a good resource. I want to learn PHP, not X. I know there are a few one letter programming languages like C, F and R, but that website is supposed to teach you the basics of any programming language, in a number of minutes. That does get points for being fast. I’ll give them points for the basics of syntax and program structure, but it is not as thorough at explaining the how and why as some of the other sites. I’m barely at the point of programming hello world; I’ll worry about advanced structure later. Try Code Academy. They have a lot of good free online tutorials to get you up to speed once you’re past Hello World, around four hours for the beginner level and a long weekend to get to the advanced stuff.
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Should I Learn ASP.NET or VB.NET?
Should I learn ASP.NET or VB.NET? Which one is more popular or has more job options? ASP.net is used for programming web application web forms. VB.NET is often used for Windows based applications. I heard someone say that they knew .NET. Is that a third language? ASP.net is more of a tool than a language, or rather, a web development framework you build sites on. You can use languages like C# or Visual Basic on ASP.NET. Is VB.net a framework or a variation of Visual Basic? VB.NET is a .NET language. When you use C# on an ASP.NET, you get C#.net, and if you use Visual Basic or VB on ASP.NET, you have VB.NET. Which language should I learn if I want to use ASP.NET? One advantage of ASP.NET is that it doesn't rely on a particular programming language. C# and VB are the major competing language-framework combinations for web development. We've talked about all these languages on .NET. ASP.NET means there is an ASP language. The old ASP language, though, has died. ASP let you work in VBScript and JScript, both of which are pretty much gone. So I should just learn VB.NET. Any programming language compile-able by the .net bytecode is able to use asp.net or a different framework like WPF. So you could find a job whether you learned VB or C#. There's even an F#. Don't get me started on that. But there are lots of options. I heard VB.NET can be used to build web applications, too. ASP.NET is the part of the .NET library used for creating websites. You could use the MVC library, too. And .NET is rivalled by the newer Windows Presentation Foundation or WPF. Even if you are familiar with VB.NET, it doesn't mean you know ASP.NET. Don't make the mistake of learning the first and then listing both on your resume. If I flub on something that major and the recruiter knows the difference, I'll look like a fish out of water.
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How to Learn HTML5 and CSS3
Can you advise me on how to learn HTML5 and CSS3? Reading the code might be a fair starting point, especially if you already know HTML. HTML is easy to learn and can be picked up in a few days of study. That’s why every failing artist is a web designer today. Is that where I can download sample HTML5 code? You could do a search for that and get results like HTML5 tutorials. You could look for a site written in HTML5 and download sample code, but that’s harder to tell. Yeah, I don’t think they post we’re upgraded to HTML5, though it is easy to tell which sites have Java and JavaScript when they error out. One way to tell is to look at the Cascading Style Sheet. That’s CSS. CSS3 has several different modules to add capabilities or new features CSS2 doesn’t have. If the browser isn’t HTML5, it turns off the modules and shows you just the CSS2 compatible elements. HTML5 is supposed to be similarly smart, rendering itself in a lower tech way if the browser can’t handle it. Sure, even if you just have a window of text that would have been normal in 1999. What is the best way to learn about CSS3? You could read the reports of the CSS Working Group, the group that devises and updates CSS. That’s a great cure for insomnia, but otherwise too much. There are plenty of idiots and dummies books on CSS and HTML that are updated every time the standards are. That’s a guaranteed source of work for at least a few writers. And it is a good source of information for readers, like you. Is HTML5 always CSS3 compatible? A browser that is good for one is supposed to be good for the other. However, you may need CSS hacks like defining borders and handling models to get it to work right. Compared to trying to get Silverlight or Adobe Flash to work right without endless updates and plug-ins, that is easy.
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Fastest Way to Learn Linux
What is the fastest way to learn Linux? Go to a Linux guru forum, and paste the reasons I hate Linux list by a Windows fan, and read all the replies. That does not answer the questions I have about the OS, though it is pretty sure to get me trolled if not hacked. I’d say then to do the Linux Foundation course, called Introduction to Linux. I cannot afford their fees. They moved the course to EdX, and that version at EdX dot org is free. Linux Torvalds even makes an appearance. That sounds like a promising start, especially if it is free. What else can I do? Go to Linux dot com slash learn and go through their free training course, though it is the EdX class. But that same page has links to a lot of other resources, too. What do you recommend other than the EdX course? LinuxSurvival dot com has a lot of information on Linux commands, especially the dirty dozen you need to do most things. I do not even know the most basic commands. Try LinuxCommand dot org, which teaches you the basic commands and all about the Linux shell. Or you could go to the site learn Linux the hard way. That may be the best way, long term, but I need something easier. I know that a lot of Linux gurus are certain we’ll have cybernetics in a few years, but we cannot yet upload Linux to the brain. You’re going to have to read and watch videos and such. What are some other resources I can use? UC Davis has an online Unix and Linux tutorial center. They even give an introduction to the VI text editor and Emacs editor. So then I’d understand the VI versus Emacs wars. And a ton of XKCD comics. You might like the University of Surrey’s Department of Electrical Engineering courses. I want to learn the software, not the hardware. With Linux, the hardware is almost peripheral. You have the right mindset for Linux. But their EE department has several tutorials on Linux. Not as easy as Khan Academy, but it is a start. If you get past the very beginning, try IBM. As an employer? For Linux training at IBM dot com slash developerworks slash linux. They have a lot of information for Linux programmers, system admins, Linux apps - And a lot of ads saying buy IBM. More like install IBM apps for your enterprise servers, but yes. But free content targeted to the areas you want to learn once you’re past the EdX course level helps you get the info you need fast.
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Why Python is the Future
Can you tell me why Python is the future? I think you've been listening to too many Python fans. Ian Bicking wrote a blog about why you ought to leave Python. I'm sure you could find someone proclaiming why Lisp will be the future despite not taking off after forty years. And there are millions of Python users who are voting with their installations. One of the reasons Python is so popular is because of GitHub. That makes it much easier to add patches to a project. So much for a community getting together and recoding something instead. Another advantage of Python is its large, supportive community. You get a massive code library from it, open source support, free learning resources and online discussion boards. That's where inertia takes over. What was popular before remains popular because it has the larger customer base. And having a large user base does mean that Python has more tools for everything from debugging, to testing to custom plug-in design relative to niche languages, where programmers have to invent that neat little feature they want. Windows has a lot of tools, and inertia, too. That does not mean it has a future. Python is one of the most commonly taught programming languages, as well as an easier to learn one. You may find as many jobs in Java, but working with it well is harder. Whereas Ruby will only get you a job in Silicon Valley. Ruby on Rails is good for programmer productivity at slapping together apps. Python lets you build everything from software interfaces to websites to games. What about languages like PHP and C#? I'd say C# is a niche for those who want to use Microsoft servers but avoid ASP.net like the plague. PHP is a niche, far smaller than Python, which hinders its future. Lua and CoffeeScript I know are flashes in the pan. What keeps Python from following that path? When you install Linux, there are two major dynamic interpreters -- Python and Perl. And Python has more uses. So the open source community has made it a default language for itself. And that's why it has a bright future.
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Should I Learn jQuery or JavaScript First?
Should I Learn jQuery or JavaScript first? JavaScript is considered the programming language on which the internet is built. That's why I've heard so many recommendations for learning it. And I've heard I need to learn jQuery. jQuery relies on JavaScript, so learning JavaScript improves your jQuery coding. I thought they were two separate animals. jQuery is a set of JavaScript libraries. Learning jQuery without knowing JavaScript is like learning MS Access queries without bothering with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite. One reason not to learn it would be efficiency, because I'd save time. The other is the pay, since employers seeking jQuery experts pay more. You would not be very effective if you didn't understand the whole foundation of jQuery, which is JavaScript. JavaScript is used for web interfaces. jQuery is used to perform common scripting functions of JavaScript while using less code, via the jQuery libraries. You can do everything jQuery does in Javascript but with more code. That makes jQuery sound better. jQuery works well enough for most web development projects, and it is rare you have to use JavaScript. However, using just Javascript slows down the project because it takes so long to code. So I'd rather learn the language I'll just be using. Learning JavaScript helps you learn the Document Object Model your jQuery projects will use. I heard that JavaScript is not as good at creating universally readable web pages. That's only because some JavaScript programmers did a bad job creating websites that were cross-compatible with all the major types of browsers. Less code in jQuery means faster debugging of a project. If you know JavaScript, you can debug older apps and re-code them in jQuery. And many companies pay a lot of money to those who can migrate their obsolete software applications. I could bring in a JavaScript expert for the few things jQuery can't do. Or you could spend a weekend learning JavaScript and put two programming languages on your resume.
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Should I Learn C or JavaScript?
Should I learn C or JavaScript? C teaches you a lot of basics of programming. JavaScript is the basis of web programming, in addition to HTML. That only tells me where they are used. What should I learn? Part of this depends on what you want to do. JavaScript is what you need to learn if you want to be a web developer, and learn C if you want to be an application or server programmer. Which one is easier to learn? C is a hard programming language to learn. That's especially true if you don't know any other programming languages to teach you the logic of object oriented programming or syntax. At least learning C gives you a good introduction to the syntax used in Objective C, essential if you want to be the cool guy programming apps for Apple. C is good to know, but primarily because it teaches you more about how the computer works. It is closer to the assembly language level. I'm planning on programming apps, not OS or device drivers. JavaScript is good for learning on your own, though. JavaScript is rather clunky, but you can work on a lot of projects using it. You can get JavaScript to explore just by saving an interactive webpage to your computer and experimenting with the code. If you plan on being an app developer, learn JavaScript at a minimum. Especially if you'll be doing webpage design, web apps or addictive flash games. None of which pays particularly well. If money is the objective, learn C or Objective C. A lot of people learn HTML at home and Java in high school and start slapping apps together for the Appstore. But at least that kid who made Bustin Jeiber made hundreds of thousands of dollars before he was 13. A lot of which his parents are saving for college where he'll learn more serious programming languages like C.
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How to Learn C Language at Home
I need to know how to learn C language at home. You want to learn one of the basic languages of computer science without the computer science program tuition. Colleges are charging more for high demand majors like nursing and engineering. And I don’t want to sign up for college if I can learn it at home on my own time. And you don’t get an F on a transcript. So how do I learn C at home? Try reading the programmer discussions on Stackoverflow dot com. They can answer almost any question you might have, and probably already have. I’m not to the point of asking what some specific error means or which command is better in a certain situation. For most programming languages, I’d say go to code academy’s website, but they don’t teach C. You could go to Learn-C dot org instead. As long as it is easy. C is not easy, which is why many sites eager to teach you PHP and JavaScript don’t have lessons on C. You could go to the website Learn C the Hard Way. I’ve heard of the book. Someone is creating a free resource based on the book, though I don’t know if it has a paywall section, too. Free and online are enough for me right now. I don’t know what else to do until I know how to do something. The learn C the hard way website even has the Hello, World program in C on the site. That’s often considered the standard first program for many people. Given how widely used C is, I’m surprised it is not taught more online. C is closely related, or at least the base language, of C+, C++ and Objective C. You can even plug C code modules into Objective C, and it will work in theory. I’ve seen Objective C classes online. I know it is at Apple University and probably on iTunes, too. There are a lot of online resources, especially sponsored by Apple, to learn Objective C online. Unfortunately, since Objective C is object oriented and has added functions and syntax, learning that language isn’t preparation for C proper. I hate how Code School and some other sites offer Ruby but not in depth courses on C. C is so big, with such a large syntax and command set, it is hard to teach in a few hours online. Whereas you could learn the basics of HTML in an evening and become proficient in a weekend. That was before HTML 5 came out. You could go to CProgramming dot com to learn the basics of the language. It even has tutorials on C and C++, source code snippets, syntax reference and programming tips. As long as you don’t quiz me on that list.
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How to Know if Your Phone is Tapped
Do you know how to tell if your phone is tapped? Given all of the NSA revelations, you can bet all the metadata for every call is recorded, if not the actual content. The NSA is the only government agency that we know does, indeed, listen. I mean tapped by law enforcement or a snooper. It is hard to know 100%. You could track your battery levels, because a rapid draw down is a sign it is on more than usual. Why would that reveal if it is tapped? You put your phone in hibernate mode or shut it down. The listener activates it to listen in, or the software kicks in when there is a conversation. So it is used more, using up the battery. What's another way? If it is your land line phone, call the phone service provider and report a problem. A technician should come out and could tell you if it is tapped. I have a cell phone. Your cell phone could be tapped via software. You should look at the cell phone processes. A secret software application probably won't be in the list. No, but an unusually high resource usage level would be a sign. Take it to a cell phone repair shop, they could identify tapping software and likely remove it. How can I tell for myself? Background noise and pulsating static are good signs. So, I guess, is third party laughter when I ask if this is between just me and you. One option is to speak in a type of code, referring to events as weddings instead of gatherings, like terrorists did. Another option is the old fashioned one. What's that? Only arrange a date and time to meet over the phone, then only discuss the highly sensitive topics in person. So for privacy, we're back to World War 2 methods of communication. The prime minister of India says he's NSA proof, because he has no cell phone or email address. I can't go Amish -- or Indian -- like that.
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What Should I Learn After JavaScript?
What should I learn after JavaScript? I’m assuming you’ll have already learned HTML, since HTML5 mandates using JavaScript for interactive website functionality. I know HTML, but it sounds like I need to learn HTML5. HTML5 is the new standard for the internet. I think the thing most people like most is the eliminating of Adobe and Silverlight plug-ins for audio-visual files via the HTML video element. I know you need to know JavaScript to make good, interactive websites. What else do I need to know? You could learn PHP or Python for the server-side maintenance, such as setting up servers and designing large scale applications or systems that can run server side software more complicated than JS code in a browser. That’s kind of like running Citrix on a server to run database search software and data management tools on the server. Python, PHP and some other languages let you set up and manage servers and control how the applications run. I can see how that’s useful, but I thought Unix was better than a server built with PHP modules. If you learn C, you’ll be learning the language Unix was built in. C and its variants is the basis of several operating systems, a lot of device drivers and some video games that need to tightly control sound and video cards to keep up with the action. C is a large, verbose, complex language. It also seems obsolete, since it has been around a long time. Objective C used to be the go-to language for programming applications for Apple’s iOS and they rolled out Swift in 2014. At least C on its own is still good for a lot of stuff. Is it proprietary? C is not proprietary like Objective C belonging to Apple, and C has the advantage of running on pretty much any computer. It is even used to run some servers. PHP and Python have a lot more plug and play modules. And you can use them to make Wordpress modules. That’s not going to make me much money, especially with cascading style sheets proliferating across the web. If I use PHP or Python, I could set up blogs and maintain a whole host of sites. You can do that with Wordpress, too. What do you think I need to learn? Learn enough Unix to reboot a server if you need to. What do you think about Java? It is one of the few languages that beats JavaScript in terms of security holes. More than half their updates in the past few years have been to fix security holes, not improve its functionality. So that’s why JavaScript is the standard per HTML5. Java Virtual Machine may run on pretty much any machine, but it is a wider security hole than JS running on a webpage. So JavaScript is harder to infiltrate. They’d have to corrupt all the pages that might load, to make all of them potential infection vectors. They only have to get the home page or login page. Java applets could be attacked through the webpage, or the server side code to infect your machine. I know what I need to learn – whatever is critical to IT security, because that’s where the money and long term job security is.
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Should I Learn ASP.NET or C#?
Should I learn ASP.NET, or C#? C# is the C programming language on the .net framework. C# is C on dot net. Do you have to learn dot net along with C#? If you want to learn C#, learn it without ASP.NET. Then you can develop console applications. What's the use of ASP.NET then? ASP.NET is only a web framework with a lot of libraries to help you build websites. You have to have some sort of code to build on it, whether it is VB.NET or C#. There is even an F#. Which language do you think is better? C# is probably the easiest language on the dot net framework to learn. Is there a lot of demand for it? C#'s biggest rival is VB.NET, not ASP from which ASP.NET drew its original name. If you really wanted to push the limits, learn something like IronRuby or IronPython. If I've never heard of it, neither has an HR manager, so I won't bother learning it. I heard that it is probably better to learn ASP.NET and C# simultaneously, which I think would help me in the job market. Dot net is just a framework. Learning both simultaneously lets you do more because you learn both a language and a framework. I'm not sure that would make a difference. All dot net languages and platforms compile to the CIL or Common Intermediate Language. The biggest difference is the classes and the lifecycle. Which one do you think I should learn? If you're going to pick one, learn C#. Then you aren't limited to the Microsoft suite of tools. Which language is better if you want to be a developer or a sysadmin? You don't need to know C# if you are only going to be system administration. You need to know both if you'll be doing development. I think I'll go with C# to get both the language and framework. I'll go back to ASP.NET if the price is right.
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Why HTML5 is Better than XHTML
Can you tell me why HTML5 is better than XHTML? HTML5 is better than XHTML because it was written to be backwards compatible with HTML4. For example, all your existing forms aren't obsolete though you can rewrite them with the forms elements of version 5. You could argue that the latest version of a language is always better. XHTML is not fully supported by IE 8 or earlier Internet Explorer browsers. HTML5 is. Who cares about IE 8? In fact, given the security holes, who is using Internet Explorer anyway? You should not design a website that could block a large number of customers, IE users or not. In fact, it isn't supported by the older versions of most browsers. What is another reason? HTML5 can handle XTML-style tags, but the reverse is not always true. Java isn't always backward compatible, either. Java is its own horror story. XHTML is a stricter version of HTML, and a lot of programmers do not like to be forced into strict constraints. That probably accounts for the popularity of PHP. You can integrate PHP into an HTML page, but XHTML's strictness acts as a framework to make that integration easier. You just gave a factor in its favor. XHTML does have the benefit of creating websites that can be read by XML parsers. But HTML5 has XML syntax, one of the few things XHTML had in its favor until HTML caught up. XHTML is still superior. The World Wide Web Consortium supported XTML5 as the de facto standard, instead of XHTML2. So it may be better, but standard tools are what everyone else will choose to use. XHTML does a better job rendering unusual media formats, and it will be the future of web design. XHTML is over-rated, and its impact is overstated. I'll stick with HTML. Even if your document type says it is XHTML, the browser treats it as standard HTML if it is delivered as standard text or HTML format. So even using the so called better option, your pages may still end up in HTML on my screen.
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Should I Learn HTML5 or JavaScript First?
Should I learn HTML5 or JavaScript first? HTML is easier to learn, no matter the version. HTML5 is just the latest version. I've heard I could do a lot more with JavaScript. You can't do a lot with the JavaScript if you don't understand how it affects the HTML. Or what you can fix with the HTML after problems with the JavaScript. There are way too many people who think they can fix hardware problems with software. You're proposing solving software problems with more software fixes. Other software fixes. At least HTML is easy to learn. You could get the basics in a weekend, fluent in two weeks. That sounds like one of those Rosetta Stone commercials, promising to teach you a new language in just ten minutes. You probably already know bits and pieces of HTML already. That will accelerate the process of learning it. So JavaScript is hard to learn. It is an object oriented programming language. It takes as much time to learn as a lot of others. I thought that was Pascal. Pascal is just old. When I was researching object oriented programming languages, at least everyone directed me to learn JavaScript. Well, there were a few saying to learn Ruby. JavaScript is a mainstream language, widely used and likely to be around in 20 years. There's a possibility a lot of Ruby on Rails sites will get migrated to JavaScript in a few years. I think Groupon already migrated. But you know whatever website you make, it will still be made from HTML. I can't do everything in HTML. After you learn HTML, you can save sites from DreamWeaver and other software to make websites. You don't have to have JavaScript to do it. I'll learn HTML, JavaScript later.
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Should I Learn ASP.NET or PHP?
Should I learn ASP.NET or PHP? Some people say they hate ASP.NET because it was developed by Microsoft, ignoring the fact that you can work with C#, C on a .net platform, and VB.net. Because the ASP language is dead, ASP.NET really just refers to a framework anyone can build on. Working with anything by Microsoft is expensive. So use the Mono project. What are the benefits of learning asp.net? First, Microsoft and colleges have tons of learning resources, from online tutorials to in person classes on it. I'm sure I can find resources on PHP. Second, they have massive libraries and it is all made for enterprise level applications. After all, Microsoft wants you building world-class, big name company systems on asp.net. All of that is simply because Microsoft is behind it. PHP supports some of the biggest websites in the world, such as Facebook and WordPress. ASP.NET runs faster than PHP in almost every instance. What's another reason? There are people who say that hosting a PHP site is easier, and you don't have to mess with the licensing of a Microsoft Windows host. I've heard PHP has an easier learning curve. That it does. So what should I learn? If you want the best paying job opportunities, learn ASP.NET. If you don't mind only running Linux and Unix web servers, you can stick to PHP. PHP is running on over 200 million sites because it is free, and it has as many tools as ASP.net. Or you could have the ultimate in employability and know both. Then I'll learn PHP first, because it is easier and I can practice for free on my own computer sandbox. I'll learn Windows ASP.NET if I have to. Or if someone makes it worth your while. The lure of the Linux and Unix free domains is pretty tempting.
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How to Learn Python Programming
Can you tell me how to learn Python programming? I would start with a few beginners books on Python programming. Dummies, idiots - I'm not stupid. I'm not saying you are stupid. I am referring to the programming for idiots and dummies books series. OK, that makes me feel a little better. You could start by looking at sample code. It is not as simple as trying to decipher the Java errors I get on a page or downloading JavaScript on an interactive website. Python is known for its readability, but it is harder to get code samples from the websites you visit. However, you can read code samples at Python.org. I thought everything was a dot com. Python.org is the website of the Python language. While it mostly offers the various versions of Python, it has code samples, tutorials, references, best coding practices, etc. Do they have good tutorials? Sure, but there good ones at LearnPython.org. They even have free windows where you can do basic practice lessons and verify the output. That's kind of like an IDE. If you have a Linux system, it comes with Python on it. It even has the command line Python application on it. I'd rather have the interactive interface. So install another Python IDE. Or get Ubuntu, which has the IDLE IDE on it. Any other tips? Read the stackoverflow site questions before you ask your own. Which books would you recommend? You could try Dive Into Python; it is available for free but may be too advanced for you. Or read the Code Like a Pythonista or any other content on Python.net for a good introduction. As long as they are not peddling snake oil. No, mostly books or seminars or newsletters you'd pay for. And Python is not named for a snake, but actually named after Monty Python.
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Should I Learn XML or JSON?
Should I learn XML or JSON? JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is sometimes called the fat free verison of XML. What does that mean? XML files are bigger, so they take more time to transfer. JSON files are smaller and faster. I guess that makes sense. I heard XML was used everywhere. XML used to be the standard for data interchange. XML was way better than SGML, the data transfer method it replaced. It is easy to read when properly formatted. But that isn't reason enough to keep using it. XML is still used for everything from log files to configuration files to email. It is used for APIs, too. XML still dominates APIs, but the APIs for Twitter and Foursquare are now JSON only. Doesn't it interact with databases? Big Data doesn't have a standard data exchange format like many apps do. However, JSON is preferred by NoSQL databases. NoSQL databases aren't standard, either. That's dominated by Oracle and other tools. Amazon's DynamoDB uses JSON. And Amazon is a major player. I've read about this language will replace this one and this software will wipe out the others, and yet the standard-bearer remains. And XML is pretty well entrenched. JSON doesn't use as much bandwidth. JSON is lightweight. It might not work well enough to replace XML. JSON is better than XML for the data exchange required for an internet of things, like smart meters and appliances that report their energy usage. That's a niche application, though with a billion devices it would be a big one. JavaScript is the basis of much of the internet. JavaScript's full stack version supports JSON. That will propel its usage, along with its smaller file size. Why are JSON files smaller? XML likes to model data as trees, whereas JSON can model data the way it is, even as a list. Ah, they've pruned the tree structure. JSON doesn't require schemas and avoids tree manipulation. That's attractive from an admin size. Surely XML has some advantages. XML is flexible. It has name spacing, and it is very extendable. But unless the data itself has a tree structure, JSON sounds better. Why not learn both? Then you can get paid convert XML structures to JSON.
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Should I Learn Django or PHP?
Should I learn Django or PHP? Django is a framework. In that regard, it is like Rails and CodeIgniter. And PHP is a programming language. PHP is one language you can use to create websites. And PHP code is often not based on best practices. I've heard PHP is easy to learn. Django is also one of the best documented frameworks. That makes it one of the fastest frameworks to learn. Should I learn PHP to code and Django as a framework? You can, though there are plenty of Django projects written in Python. A lot of PHP programmers haven't heard of the major PHP frameworks like Zend and Sembony. PHP has the LAMP and WAMP stacks that make it easy to get started in the language. That's almost like a framework. Django is one of the longer lasting frameworks, in a marketplace where many have come and gone. If you're going to program, you should learn a framework and Django is one of the better choices. Yet I see people proudly carrying textbooks about Ruby on Rails. Ruby and Rails is more popular than Django as a framework, but part of that is because it is popular in Silicon Valley. Where is Django superior? The Django framework tends to lead to the faster development of applications with less code. Less code means less that can go wrong. As long as you don't leave something important out. Why does PHP get such a bad rap? Many people think that because they've learned how to create a plugin for Wordpress they are now serious software developers. So you've convinced me to learn Django, regardless of the PHP language. What are the benefits of PHP? Django is a faster framework to work with because it already has a good, set way to do many things. Whether you learn Python or PHP is your choice. I'll go with PHP since it sounds better than listing a snake in the grass on my resume.
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Fastest Way to Learn Java
What is the fastest way to learn Java? It’s a pity you cannot learn anything from Java from standard use aside from how often it updates. Well, you do not learn much from the error messages, either. You could try Code Wars. That sounds like a video game. They have katas or challenges that you do in Java, or another language like JavaScript or Haskell, earning points as you complete them. It is the merging of gamification with coding, and that can motivate people to practice enough to get good. Haskell? They really did geek out to have one that nerdy. Practicing the defined drills gives you practice to get better or proof that you’re actually coding right before demonstrating a game and getting as many errors as a badly written website. What else can I try, something that is taken seriously if I tell a potential manager that’s where I learned Java? Try LearnJavaOnline dot org. That site has interactive Java tutorials where you enter commands, see the outputs and contain the errors to the virtual world. Isn’t all coding in the virtual world? Fine, contain the errors where it won’t crash your computer. Or you could try java-made-easy dot com, which has info on Java updates and programming tips and tutorials. It sounds promising, though not something I’d admit I used. Is it free? The basic tutorials are, though I do not know if all the content is. If cost and quality are a concern, try MIT open courseware. I can believe it is high quality, but I cannot afford MIT, even online. MIT open courseware is free, as long as you are not trying to get college credit. They have an introduction to programming in Java that’s in depth, as long as you do not need the practice of actually coding in it. I guess that is what Code Kata and Code Wars are for. You could try TheNewBoston dot com. What’s wrong with the old one? TheNewBoston.com is a website that has a lot of tutorials on how to program in Java, especially to make apps for the Android. And a lot of their educational videos are free. Free is good. Knowing how to link Java to actual app development is even better. In theory, you could sit down and watch all their tutorials back to back while sipping on a cup of Java and get the basics of Java down in a weekend. That sounds like practice for being a developer anyway. Only if you throw in a couple of boxes of pizza, too.
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