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DIY  reborn toddler bed!
Hey miss you guys!❤
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Kid in my class raps (rap god)
Hear till the end
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Morning routine|reborn|💗
Come join me on my YouTube journey! #suby #notification 😃
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ASMR slime on Mic!!
This is so satisfying and there will be blowing noises and finger motions! Enjoy!!
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morning routine for school!
Thank u guys so much we are so close to 100 subscribers
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Day 17....... favourite quotes
Quote 1: people will hate you rate you shake you and break you but how strong you stand is what makes you! Quote 2: be strong but not rude be kind but not timid be proud but not arrogant Quote 3: practice like you have never won Perform like you have never lost! Quote 4: start be doing whats necessary then do whats possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible! Quote 5: try to be a RAINDBOW in someone's CLOUD!
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what i got for christmas
I started my channel in June. It was so fun doing it by myself but I said to my family lets make it a family Channel. So thank you so much!!
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Now vs Then
Thank you so much for watching vlog will be up so soon i promise love.you lots!!💞👍
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Singing|little do you know|
Singing comment
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Dollarama haul
If you wanna a givaway you guys have to get my channel to 20 subs!! Loves!!
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Vlog!!!!! Satisfying crackling noise
#Maddy T #lucas domingues
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March 18...... Cleaning top of dresser!
COMMENT: Do you clean? yes or no? if you do say what day! INSTA: knt_jules TWITTER: Juliann67331849 MUSICAL.LY: jules_p7 SNAP: julesposa
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100 Subscribers holy!!!
Thank you guys so much if u add me on snapchat we can ft!!! Snapchat:julesposa
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October 24.............. Read a book day
#doing the calender every month hope you enjoy!! Subscribe
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Reacting to cringy musicallys
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Extreme DARES W/ BFF!!
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1st changing video🎥📽
Zoe and sophia are my two little ones soon 1 more but thank you guus for all the support !! Subscribe if ypu haven't done so yet give all the love to me and Maddy T channel If you guys are wondering who is Maddy T ? Then check her out on her chanel MADDY T
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Lost in store!😂😣
Olie + Cruz = Maddy T Zoe + sophia = Me! Subscribe if you haven't done so yet Give Maddy T lots of love lots and lots of love❤ !!!!Thanks for watching!!!!
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Yes or No
Please put your answer below and make sure to follow me on my social medias. insta= @jules.positano TikTok= @jules_p7 snapchat# @julesposa
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Room Tour
Snapchat: julesposa Instagram: knt_jules Twitter: Jules69179400 Make sure to subscribe if you havnt done so yet and love you lots!!❤💞
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Cole doing my makeup
Ally~ insta: allyia_10 Insta: allyfx101 Youtube: Ally FX Cole~ insta: tanny7878 Jules p ~ insta: knt_jules Snap: julesposa Matt ~ matthewjushkevich Lucas ~ lucas_sasvari17 Subscribe hope you enjoyed!!😊
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Makeup for a wedding or an occasion tutorial
Snap~ julesposa Insta~ knt_jules
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We have to talk!!!
My insta: knt_jules Snapchat: julesposa Twitter: Jules69179400 Musically: jcheer_15 Love u❤💓
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What's on my phone!! New addition
Musically: @jcheer_15 Insta: @knt_jules Snapchat: @julesposa Twitter: @juliann67331849 Subscribe!! Like!! Comment!!! Love you guys so much bye tootles💜💛❤💓
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I'm so proud😃
Thank you so much I am so thankful I will try to post alot love you so much!!
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Box opening
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Cooking pancakes g Follow me on my social media Insta♡ knt_jules♡ Musically♡jcheer_15♡ I love u guys so much bye!!♥💗😃😎😜🤓
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Hamster fun
Friends hamster!!!!
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What is in my mini camera bag!
COMMENT: Do you film with your camera or phone!?
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my new outro I am in love with it!!
this is also made by: intro.paws follow him on Instagram this is truly amazing intro.paws you have lots of talent in this!!! thank you so much
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Talking together and helping you guys!
If you guys are saying that i dont like zoe I LOVE ZOE SHES MINE AND MINE FOR EVER Subscribe if you haven't done so yet Keep dabing on them haters and love you guys so much by!!!!!
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Vlog 1
This is vlog 1 cause it is and because vlogs are the best so i restarted
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Moening & night routine + GIVAWAY
Hey thanks 4 watching!! Subscribe if you haven't done so yet ! Givaway rules: 1. Subscribe 2. Like all my videos 3. Hit the bell 4. Follow my musically: jcheer_15 Thanks i will tell you guys the winner in 3 weeks!!!!!! Bye and thanks 4 coming to the discription story!!!!😃
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Be active💓
Make sure to be active!! Love u peace✌❤
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Night routine
3 vids in one day thats amazing!!
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changing my channel around
I started my channel in June. It was so fun doing it by myself but I said to my family lets make it a family Channel. So thank you so much!!
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Tips and tricks musically style 💓🔥☺😉😅
Lots of love to supports
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Talk time!!!
Talk time What should be her name👋😔
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Short vlog sorry
Im so sorry this was such a short vlog I was all over the place
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How to get a 100 subscriber facetime
please follow those rules to get a facetime if you are already subscribed than it's less for u !! Rules: 1. Add me on snapchat @julesposa 2. subscribe! 3. Say "Hi I'm a subscriber FaceTime please?!
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Changing intro
Musically: @jules_p7 Instagram: @knt_jules Twitter: @juliann67331849 Snapchat: @julesposa
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whats on my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!
I started my channel in June. It was so fun doing it by myself but I said to my family lets make it a family Channel. So thank you so much!! insta= knt_jules twitter= juliann67331849
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This card trick needs shuffling uf you do not know hot to shuffle than this card trick is not 4 you Subscribe if you haven't done so yet!!! Bye!
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Slime!! Video
Slime shop open!!
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Evening routine
Ive never done this before so i hope u enjoy!!
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Morning routine |sophia zoe and me|☆
All 3 of us yay
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Quick talk......
I need your help to figure out what videos I should make?..... comment
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Vlog 1 yay!!
Follow me on my social medias it will be in my video too!! Musically: jcheer_15 Intsa: knt_jules Snapchat: julesposa Twitter: Jules69179400 Subscribe.if you havent done so yet!!! Love you guys lots
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