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2016 Ford Edge Sport by Grant Henderson at Tuttle Click Ford/Irvine
Sales guy Grant Henderson describes just why he loves the newly designed Ford Edge! This was his first and only "selfie clip" on the Edge, and without any editing, went ahead and posted it to show just why the new Edge is going to be a huge winner for Ford!
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"Showroom Showdown!"
Grant Henderson from Tuttle Click Ford & Lincoln explains the changes to the new 2017 Ford Fusion and why he believes it is the best in class for all mid-sized sedans on the market!
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Kevin Hanaway funny Ford Fiesta walk around
Salesman Kevin Hanaway has too much fun with Pat Rice demonstrating the 2016 Ford Fusion at our dealership!
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Earning ones sales commission
Grant texts his sales buddy Rex ....about how he goes the extra yard to earn his commission .... Even when everyone has gone home for the night!!!!
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Grant texts Rex at 6am
Grant texts his sales buddy Rex a motivational speech at 6am ....even though they both start at 8.30am!!! Lol!!!
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Front impact at 55mph in Ford Edge
One week ago I had a front end collision in my beloved Ford Edge Sport. Despite the mental trauma of the accident I was truly blessed to walk away with no apparent injuries. This is a huge testament to Fords modern day safety standards!! (As well as God watching over me!)
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