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Blocking popups on Android by NightDater.com
Blocking message popups on your Android phone.
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NightDater.com free online dating
Just a couple of words how to use a brand-new, free dating site. It's very cool and free - please, check it out! NightDater.com
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How to block calls on Android phone by NightDater.com
This is how I block telephone numbers of homosexual harassers. Being divorced and single now I had to acquire a couple of new skills I never needed before. I had to use tel. number blocking to get rid of unwelcome and unwanted calls from homosexual harassers. Unasked and uninvited they respond to straight men's online dating-site ads pretending they're females. Since the best thing to establish the identity is to talk to a person contacting you I ask for their numbers. Those lying males do give out their numbers but they do not talk: they only want to text. This is how I know I have a liar guy, not a woman in front of me. When called out on their lies they often go berserk and keep calling and / or texting for hours at a time, sometimes 200, 300 phone calls a day. Since the authorities and telephone companies do not give a damn about a straight guy being harassed by homosexuals we have to find ways to protect ourselves from those people. And there is a way! Thank God Almighty for the smartphone technology!
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Blocking messages on Android by NightDater.com
Block messages: spam and harassers on your Android phone. A very important feature. I got harassed by homosexuals responding - uninvited - to my ads in the men4females section. One of them, upon being rejected in not too polite manner, kept sending literally hundreds and sometimes thousands of messages per day to my phone. In 2 weeks I estimate he must have sent about 6,000 - 8,000 messages. Lol!
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