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surfs // #OGK Challenges You Response
my #OGK Challenges You Response thanks for 200 subs it means a lot http://twitter.com/surfsily
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surfs // "ae"
35 likes? yo guys! I thought that my edit in after effects deserved a upload. Keep in mind this was my first ever edit in ae. Hope you guys enjoyed! Leave a like and comment. http://twitter.com/surfsily
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surfs // FFA For Dummies #1
35 likes? Did you find the hidden text? wassup guys! I'm bringing you a new series that I thought of. Its really simple to understand. Basically, it's me playing FFA against bots. I know its easy but thats why its FFA For Dummies. Hope you enjoyed and please like and comment. -surfs http://twitter.com/surfsily
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BO2 Mini #1
40 likes? new editing style. hope you liked it http://twitter.com/surfsily
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Surfs FTB // 'Pub"
waddup guys? I thought I would bring you this pub shot I hit to stay active. I just recently got Sony Vegas 12 and lost all of my render settings. I probably will be slowing down with my uploads because I will be going out of town soon. I will try to bring you hommies as many uploads as I can. Don't forget to like and comment. - surfs twitter.com/SurfsFTB
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Daytage w/ troc FTB (MINI) By troc
wassup guys! here are a few clips me and troc put together to bring you guys a daytage. I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to leave a like and comment. make sure your subbed to FTB it's going to be a great addition to the community http://youtube.com/user/FTBGANG editor ~ http://youtube.com/user/binqvideos shoutout to the crew Misfit FTB -http://www.youtube.com/user/fuckregulars Shore FTB - https://www.youtube.com/user/sleightufhand Rocks FTB - https://www.youtube.com/user/McDonaldsBills troc FTB - http://www.youtube.com/user/binqvideos
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surfs // "New Gamertag"
what goings on hommies? I change my gamertag yesterday night and hit this dope shot. I decided to me a edit out of it that i thought turned out nice. hope you all enjoy! Don't forget to like and comment. I'm still FTB co lead
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Friday The 13th
wassup homies? I hit this dope wallbang a few days ago. I decided to save the clip to bring you guys this video. Thanks to Misfit for the edit and recording the killcam. Leave a like and comment Twitter : https://twitter.com/SurfsFTB FTB : http://youtube.com/user/FTBGANG Misfit : http://youtube.com/user/fuckregulars
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surfs // "You And Me" (DESC)
wassup guys! Im starting school next week and have football so I won't have much time to play. I will cut down on xbox time and youtube time. I will be back soon just need to figure out what times I can play. Hope you enjoyed this ghosts clip and please like and comment. http://twitter.com/surfsily
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Surfs FTB // "Chilly"
whats up homies? I thought i would stay active and bring you guys a 2CE I edited. I know its long but I think it turned out nice. Don't have as many clips as i could like for a full ep so I just picked 2 and made a video. I thought this turned out nice, hope you enjoyed. Please leave a like and comment. -surfs.
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"Rocks FTB" by Surfs
wassup homies? Here is a mini I edited from Rocks FTB. This was my first edit after 3 years of not editing. Im still learned all of the new effects. Show some love for these insane shot. Like and Comment Rocks FTB : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClJfG-oXMTvrTt7QbyQ_eog twitter.com/SurfsFTB
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surfs // new wallbang
30 likes? hit this dope new wallbang and thought i was good enough to upload. i made this quick edit and uploaded. i upload this so late at night because im going on vacation for one week. peace out -surfs http://twitter.com/surfsily
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Highrise  Hitmaker
hows it going hommies? I wanted to show you guy my dope highrise hitmarker I got yesterday. I also started editing and will be editing for people. If your interested message me on xbox or skype. Leave a like and comment and this hitmarker -surfs. twitter.com/SurfsFTB
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2 Hitmarkers w/ Mid Game
twitter : https://twitter.com/akaSurfs editor : https://twitter.com/misfitsog Tain : https://www.youtube.com/user/Taineternity
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beautiful days
this is for vipera don't have much time for this but still managed to get this done http://twitter.com/surfsily
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sadness http://twitter.com/surfsily
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took about an hour just wanted to try some new effects there is some hidden text in the first clip http://twitter.com/surfsily
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first edit back scrap
anyone alive lol? vegas crashed so i just scrapped
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Surfs FTB // "Skate 3"
whats up hommies? I decided to bring you something new. I was getting sick of cod so I started playing some of my old games. I hope you all like this new idea and if i get good feedback this might turn into some type of series. Like and Comment please and thanks. -surfs
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