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Elton John - behind the scenes, in the studio
He talks about his fast song writing in 1973, during the making of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." He wrote and recorded four songs a day, plus vocals. see 2:26 This reminds me of the old days with Eric Goldberg and Lenny Delorey at Audiodrome in Beverly, Mass. They tweaked recordings in similar ways to make a finished song. Song construction is a delicate art. If anyone doubts it, just listen to when older artists do a re-release of an old song, as Michael Murphy did on "Wildfire." His new take of his very own song is poor. All the nuances are lost. And he flubs his own lyrics, disorting meaning for the worse. His second take would never have been a hit like his first was, in my opinion.
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Nick Diaz "It's a crazy business"
A peak inside the world and mind of Nick Diaz. A modern day American success story. A high-school dropout millionaire. Is he crazy? It climbs a mountain, in a sense, after his loss by TKO at 1:10, where the song starts. A motivational video. Please share it with all your friends. Song lyrics: ... "Ain't anybody ever gonna hold me down I'm one of the greatest ever, homie, I stole the crown I'm too strong and fast, you ain't slowing me down I'm gonna keep beating your head, call me Homie the Clown I hope that y'all are holding close to your rosaries now I think I got a couple snitches that's close to me now If I was them I'd keep it moving be ghost from me now And pray that they don't run into Vinnie socially now It's always one motherfucker trying to set you up Try snitch, take something from you, wet you up I was sleeping being dumb trying to protect the fuck He getting buck fifty, slice him from his neck to gut All in all ain't nothing changed, still the same squad Some are still hustling, some is at the same job Some is 9 to 5, some is on the graveyard I'd rather have them on tour with me so I pray hard ... I'm the truth motherfucker, not built to betray With the philosophy that Rome wasn't built in a day No matter how strong the body it wilts and decay After it's hit by a shotty that's silver and grey I'm a mess, bipolar, I'm willing to say That there ain't a woman that's living that's willing to stay Somebody please fix my head, I'm willing to pay I'm too at ease with the dead and the killing okay Damn, I'm anti-social I'd rather be home And when I'm drunk, Planet and Crypt carry me home I don't have a happy ending, just tragedy, homes You better address me as mister or majesty, homes I'm a messiah, I'm a liar, I have to be stoned I'm a pariah, I retire, I have to be cloned I have fire, I'm desire, this has to be known I'm a survivor, a relier on tragedies thrown" Event: UFC 158: St. Pierre vs. Diaz Date: March 16, 2013 Time: 10pm ET/7pm PT Location: Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Broadcast: Pay-per-view (I assert no copyrights and thank those who have them for their motivational use here. Thank you.)
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Wayne Newton - reacts to IMPRESSION of himself
Never seen Wayne look happier than this! From 1981. Three years later, Wayne sang live in San Diego during Pres. Ronald Reagan's final campaign appearance. (Luckily, I was there, and I saw him in Vegas in 1990, at the Vegas Hilton.)
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Neil Young - Guitar Solo [great]
His signature sound. No one else plays like this. The last section in "Hurricane." Berlin 1982. The famous "necktie" struggle. It served one purpose -- to show the wind of the hurricane, for effect, but he probably should have just taken it off with one hand at some point.
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Somali Pirates - TAUNT & GET SHOT
Pirates taunt the world, then face mercenaries and the Navy. They had expected little resistance, as before. Surprise!
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Norman Gentle - "I'm telling you" Idol Top 36 Week
The big note after 1:40. He delivers! This performance is among the top 25 all-time Idol performances, I'd say, along such greats as Melinda Doolittle's "Funny Valentive," Daughtry's "I walk the line," Adam Lambert's "Whole Lotta Love," Danny Noriega's "Superstar," Clay Aiken's audition, Jacob Lusk's "Alone," Casey Abrams's "Why don't you do right?" Blake Lewis's "You give love a bad name." and Bo Bice's "Vehicle." During season 8, Nick Mitchell was the first in Idol history to perform as a character on the show! Very creative! A breath of fresh air! He made it to the top 36 elimination week, where he was in the same sub-group as Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, the group of death, because of how competetive it was. He made it to the final cut, him vs. Adam Lambert in a nail-biter. Adam sqeaked past Norman, then had smooth sailing to the finals. When Nick looked at Kris Allen and Adam Lambert from the stairs at the start of this and said, "There's no way we will ever go," meaning his group, he was right. His group took the top two spots in the show finals, Adam & Kris. The group of death won in the end – on stage until the final announcement of the winner. Norman was right.
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Buddy Rich - Awesome drum solo (fast)
Jazz drum solo by Buddy Rich. Then, for comparison, some decent rock 'n' roll drumming from a song with a great intro, by Frampton.
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Crystal Method - live at Fashion Show RARE | Models
They performed two of their hits on the show Fashionably Loud in the mid-90s. Second song starts at 6:44. These guys are f****ing geniuses. This is hard to do! Try it sometime. I did.
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Dom Deluise - on his marriage and on life
Note his delivery, the little things that distinguish a pro, the way he milks it when he says it feels like 39 years. My mother died in 1977, and she loved you, Dom.
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Clay Aiken - Best Audition [HQ audio]
This is my favorite audition in Idol history. Back when they were looking for pop stars, Clay looked like a nerd, but surprised them with his clarion voice. Notice how Simon says he doesn't look like a pop star, and Randy has to think before putting him through to Hollywood. Clay would sail through today.
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Holland's finest: Ramon Dekkers, Ernesto Hoost & Bas Rutten
Three dominant world champions from Holland. Each is the "Dutch Uncle" you never had.
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Louis Farrakhan - Saviours' Day speech, Chicago, 1996
Highlights from that famous speech, by request. Min. Farrakhan showed that he was the finest orator of his day.
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Culture Club "Black Money" Live (1983) with Helen Terry
Boy George's most underrated song. A touching love song about those who try to buy affection, a common phenomenon which he was one of the very few to ever write about. Black money is blackmail of sorts... Plus, as a bonus, the song "Mister Man." I think he is a better singer/songwriter than Sting, and his body of work proves it.
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Pedro Martinez - Pitching tips & his grips
He shows how to grip all his pitches and shows his form and what mistake to avoid.
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Jerry Lewis speaks FAKE Japanese!
He could master a new language in a matter of minutes. He was a riot while ordering in a Japanese restaurant, I imagine.
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Ronda Rousey "All I Want"
A fast-paced highlight video set to the right song!
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Rant against College Feminists "safe space"
Mark Steyn gave an interesting rebuttal to a Harvard college student who published a letter in the newspaper. Why do feminists seem so anti-male, anti-capitalist, and anti-white? They demonize while playing the victim, pretending to be against sexism during their own anti-male rants and anti-racist during their own anti-white rants. Hypocrites. They hide their own sexism under a false veneer which we can see through clearly when their objection to books is because they were written by dead, white males. Only a racist would ignore the merits of a book and object due to race. Only a sexist would object to a book because of the gender of the author. Yes, these little evil hypocrites on campus are just reverse sexists and racists. All "diversity" is asking for special treatment and advantage because they cannot compete fairly on the merits, so businesses and colleges were bullied to be "diverse," which means discriminating against whites and males on purpose by those who claim to be against discrimination. They are moral monsters and frauds. They are the exact opposite of what MLK wanted. Today, if someone judges someone by their character, they are called racist. That's how illogical liberal PC liars are. The biggest evil our culture faces is the crime and welfare culture. And which race exceeds all others in those two? Blacks. So why don't they change their conduct instead of blaming others? Because it is easier and feels better to pretend their own failings are due to racism and not to their own decisions and values. The NAACP should be honest and say the best way to improve life in the USA tomorrow is if blacks would just reduce their crime and welfare rates to the same level as whites. Is that so hard, Mr. Sharpton? Get your fucking house in order before you scapegoat whitey, you fucking racist!
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Denise Rutkowski - doing DIPS & CHIN-UPS
How many of each can you do? I like her expressive eyes in that artistic angle shot after 2:50. Press 9 while it plays and see a chin-up that is all willpower and guts. Her muscles are maxed out by then. You can see by pressing 2 why dips make the front delt's sore.
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Machida - KNEE strike
Lyoto Machida is good at stopping a wrestler's takedown with a counter-knee. He also has good footwork, timing, and distance..
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Denise Rutkowski - SEXY
One of the best female bodybuilders of all time. Someone to never forget. This is from a former Wiki entry on her, before the petty, pedantic Nazi editors on Wiki butchered it: "Denise Rutkowski (nicknamed the Golden Panther) was an American professional female bodybuilder during the 1990s. Her professional bodybuilding career was as remarkable as it was brief. It lasted only a few months. She won her first professional show on 31 July 1993, the Jan Tana Pro Classic in Roanoke, Virginia. [1] In late November of 1993, she finished in second place at the Ms. Olympia contest, out of a field of 32 women, the largest field in the history of the contest, losing to Lenda Murray. [2] After the 1993 Ms. Olympia, at her peak, she suddenly retired from bodybuilding. She would never compete again. Her sudden retirement shocked the sport, as she was seen as an easy contender for the Ms. Olympia in 1994, and women she beat in competitions later became Ms. Olympia winners.[3] In 2001, when asked to explain her sudden retirement, amid rumors of drug use, she said, "I just went overboard. I did too much of everything, and I began to find myself on a downward spiral." [4] In 1994, she had a religious awakening, returned home to Forth Worth, Texas, and enrolled in Calvary Cathedral International Bible College, where she studied for two years. [5] After graduation, she traveled the country with a religious purpose. She was spotted walking her dog on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland one day by the publisher of Women's Physique World, Bill Jentz, who thought she looked familiar. In 2000, she returned to Forth Worth, Texas and started lifting weights again, initially to lose weight, she said. Soon after, she considered making a professional comeback at the age of 38. [6] But it was not to be. On July 13, 2012, she was charged with Evading Arrest Detention in Fort Worth, Texas. Her mugshot photograph suggests she has undergone gender transitioning and no longer presents herself as female. [7] She won her first amateur bodybuilding contest at the 1987 Metroplex Championships in Dallas, Texas. [8] During her bodybuilding career in the 1990s, she lived in Venice Beach, California, and had an interest in improving the quality of life for underprivileged children in the neighborhood. She spent time traveling with youth from Venice, California to WWF shows, Disneyland, and sporting events. In 1994, she had a brief appearance in Dream On (TV series). Career • 1987 Metroplex Championships, Dallas, Texas • 1988 NPC South Texas, middleweight • 1988 NPC Spring City Classic, heavyweight • 1990 World Gym Classic • 1991 NPC Orange County Muscle Classic, heavyweight & overall • 1991 California State Championships, heavyweight & overall • 1991 NPC USA Championships, heavyweight • 1993 NPC USA Championships, heavyweight & overall • 1993 IFBB Jan Tana Classic • 1993 IFBB Ms. Olympia -- 2nd place" What are the current "hot spots" in this video so far? -After times 1:52 and 4:10.
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Denise Rutkowski - more rare photo's
Most photogenic female BB ever....
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Top 10 Dead Porn Stars
As Lincoln put it, they gave the last full measure of devotion. So it is entirely fitting & proper to remember them. Unlike other videos in this genre, this one has interestin' tidbits about the stars. Since this was made, many stars have died. But #11 is Judy Starr. Judy started out as a lesbian at age 18 in Montreal and was a virgin with men until her first movie, in which she lost hers to Rocco S. She had a double-pierced tongue and live with a female lover off camera, but still loved sex with guys, especially black guys, on camera. Which other contenders did not make the top 11? Savannah, Missy, Megan Leigh, Brittany Madison, Kandi Barbour... I felt their work was second best to these 11 stars... No. 12 is probably Amber Rayne - one of the biggest cock pigs ever. Arcadia Lake – a deep, dark beauty who died of a drug overdose in 1990. I want to give a "shout out" to Joe Gallo and Joseph Silakowski from Las Vegas. If either of you guys see this, please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing these days. ;)
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Anderson Silva is Michael Jackson
MJ is immortal. Silva keeps him alive.
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Abby Wambach
Clips of Abby Wambach from Rochester, NY in the World Cup, in interviews, and with Hope Solo on David Letterman. Btw, she had a stellar career at U of Florida on a soccer scholarship. She remains their all-time leading scorer with 96 goals, including ten hat tricks. She won the national title in her freshman year. Courtesy of the much-appreciated cable and network stations indicated. Thank you! If you have any copyright issue, please let me know, and I will remove this video. Please do not flag it, since YouTube closes entire accounts for that. Just send me a message. Thx. Imagine how proud her brother and all the people at his bar in Rochester were when she scored that header against Brazil in the last few seconds that "saved the USA's life," as the announcer said.
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Denise Rutkowski - Dancing Sexy
Pro bodybuilders have to do their cardio. Denise liked to strut her stuff. And she had the stuff to strut. ;}
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Mystery girl on "Soul Train" was hot!
We learned from the comments her first name is Barbara, aka the Cuban Barbie. Her last name became the mystery. Some suspected Santos or Mitchell and we ruled out Scott. Some think it's Paula Abdul. The latest suggestion is her last name is Pena. It has been confirmed by others too. So they mystery seems closed. A new mystery has arisen: HER CELLPHONE # IS A MYSTERY! ;0 Lyrics to the song "PASS THE LOVIN'" by Brownstone: "Pass the lovin', need ya kissin' & ya huggin'. You givin' me somethin' special. Oh the man ain't never buggin'. You got it goin' on from the flesh to the bone -- a rough neck tender always down with Brownstone. I know that soon & very soon it's gonna be a'ight. So won't ya ring my numba, meet ya at my crib tonight. We'll go from A to B to C & then we'll jump to Q. I'll blow your mind with all the nasty things I'm gonna do."
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Louis Farrakhan - Saviours' Day speech, Chicago, 1996 Pt 2
More from that historic oratory. His first major speech in the USA after the Million Man March.
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Top 8 Manson-Family Girls - in order
Suppose you dropped by Spahn Ranch in 1969, and Charlie told you to pick a girl. Who would it be? This is my top 8, in order, starting with my first choice, and so on... Both songs in this video are written and performed by Charles Manson. To read the text better, just hit 'pause' when it comes into focus. I'd hand Charlie a note that said give me the first available girl in this order, and then I'd have sex with her in front of everyone: Simi Valley Sherri Cappy Ouisch Lulu Brenda Stephanie Sandy Sadie – since making this, I saw an interview with Sadie in 1976 in which she looks very good, better than in these photo's; based on that, she just got bumped up to #5, ahead of Brenda.
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Ronda Rousey "I can't stop" (pre-loss highlights)
Latest highlights set to a better song. Uploaded just before she fought Holm.
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Acting 101 - Jesse Pinkman wins Award
Aaron wins an Emmy for his Jesse Pinkman character on Breaking Bad. I think he's a good actor. Three clips thrown in too.
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Clay Aiken - blows his partner off the stage
Clay has a strong voice, which can make his singing partner seem weak. Here he is with Arsenio Hall and then with Michael Sandecki.
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Jerry Lewis gets Funny Tennis Lesson
This is how he got so good at tennis, I think.
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Joe Biden | Bumbling Mistakes & Screw-ups
Remix of some of his verbal miscues over the years -- quotations, gaffes.
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Louis Farrakhan - BLACK lawyers vs. white lawyers ("crackers")
After his world tour in the mid-'90's, he returned to Chicago and spoke to the Nation of Islam.
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Acting Lesson - Billy Bob Thornton
Michel Caine's acting lessons are illustrated by Billy Bob's work.
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Taylor Hicks "Tobacco Road" Harmonica, Idol Finale
Back when contestants were not allowed to play instruments while competing, Taylor slayed it during the final show, before the winner was announced... He had to win, being so talented, I thought after seeing this...
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Arnold's Tip - "The mind is more important" Bodybuilding
Arnold S. gives some tips.
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"Let the Music Play" - Dance along version
Shannon's classic song, the remixed extended version, with DarkClaw [mask] and Tank9 dancing along in public. Imagine a boombox outdoors and a bold attitude. Fun to loosen up to before a workout. I just learned Shannon didn't even sing the chorus in this song. It was a studio singer, a guy! After 3:12, you can hear Shannon sing "Let it play" while the guy sings the chorus. Wow!
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Warren Buffett – How Capitalism Helps You!
Free-market capitalism allows you to start a business like Southwest Airlines and beat the big airlines, to start Wal-Mart and beat Sears, to start a Shaw's carpet or a Nebraska Furniture Mart. It also allows you to shop at such places and be treated like a king. The customer is king in capitalism. When government runs things, what do you get? Cuba. Bread lines a mile long in the Soviet Union; no mobility in N. Korea; inability to buy food in Venezuela because Chavez scapegoated business as evil capitalists and buried them. Now government can't feed or help the people and inflation is huge. Government bashes capitalism to support its own power grab, then fails the people every time it has been tried. So what do the Democrats like Hillary and Elizabeth Warren do? They scapegoat business to grab more power for government! They will raise your taxes and hurt your ability to shop. Are you dumb enough to fall for it? They bash capitalism with false analogies of exploitation dating back to Marx, forgetting that you choose what job to take voluntarily and quit when you like. They also focus on the employee/employer relation as coerced, forgetting that employees become employers some day and they never look at how we are all customers in capitalism, which means kings. They want to ban bosses for dictators and knock customer-kings down to peasants when shopping. You should reject their anti-business propaganda as false. Vote for liberty not Big Brother.
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Dance moves for the funky  "Return of the Mack"
Here are some basic moves to copy...
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Thomas Sowell - Trump is still the best choice!
The essay "Words vs. Deeds" by T. Sowell from Townhall.com on 10/14/16. Hillary is a self-dealing liar. Idle locker-room talk from over ten years ago is nothing compared to her level of evil and deceit and potential tyranny and abuse. Plus, the lady Trump spoke of sent him a glowing email this April.
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Chris Crocker - highlights of his first 50 videos - in order!
Clips from his first 50 videos in chronological order. In two parts.
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Nick Diaz | Attitude
This song suits Nick, I think. I took some clips from my bud Johann Lemoine's recent video on Nick and quickly refitted them to this, for a fun experiment; thus, the ending credit.
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Top 10 Porn stars of all time!
Tied for #11: ANISSA KATE, ABELLA DANGER, DANA DeARMOND, JADE NILE, BELLADONNA, Bridgette B, Katie Kox, Rebecca Linares, Judy Starr, Britney Stevens, Angel Smalls, Cherri, Pinky, Brianna Love, Chelsea Rae, Rachel Star, Hyapatia Lee, Erica Boyer, Carmella Bing, La Ciccolina, Taryn Thomas, Sabrina Johnson, Mary Jane, Michelle Wild, Johnni Black, Nikita Denise, Jeanna Fine, Debi Diamond, Seka, Tori Welles, Lois Ayers, Ruth Blackwell, Daniella Rush, Bree Olsen, Lou Charmelle, Jessica Bangkok, Gina Lynn, Ryan Conner, Eva Flowers, Bobbi Star, Saha Grey, Keisha, Janet Mason, Jada Stevens, Cory Chase, Karin von Kroft, Alena Croft, Syren de Mer, Bobbi Bliss.
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Neil Young & Stills | their old magic
They were a great duo. They played "Down by the River" live on TV before the studio version was released. For those who don't remember, this was at the time when lead guitar was supreme, around the time of Hendrix, Clapton, Alvin Lee, Jimmy Page, all at their peak.
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"Big Mouth" - Jerry Lewis film
A fine comedy film from 1967. Posted for educational purposes. To learn from the deceased master. YT wouldn't allow more than the first 35 mins to be uploaded for some reason. I tried it several ways, but no dice. Sorry.
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Internet Idols
What qualities make an Internet Idol? Chris illustrates a few qualities here. Don't let the fact that he can be a meanie on a one-to-one basis prevent you from appreciating his video skills. Notice the timing of the shot with the music after 0:38 and 1:39. Makes it tight. ;)
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Matt Drudge Radio (2001) "Everything's made in China"
Some clips from Matt's weekly radio show, which had a cult following. It aired every Sunday night for a few years, a sneak peak at the week ahead. Ending song was Matt's signature bumper music for the show.
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MMA fighter gives Mike Tyson boxing lesson
Mike Tyson trades punching pointers with Johnny Hendricks of the UFC. Thanks to Eric G. for the insane clown laugh. ;)
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David Cassidy - Alzheimer's?
From a press release on the lost45s.com, where David won the all-time teen idol contest and has been interviewed about his career............ Latest news: "Former teen idol David Cassidy did not have dementia, as he claimed before he died, and lied about giving up drinking, the singer told the makers of a documentary about him in the months before his death. Cassidy, 67, who shot to fame in the 1970s TV show "The Partridge Family," died of organ failure at age 67 in Florida in November 2017, nine months after declaring he was fighting dementia in a bid to stave off reports about odd behaviour. But in an excerpt released on Wednesday from documentary "David Cassidy: The Last Session," Cassidy told producers that his problems were due to alcoholism. "I have a liver disease," Cassidy told one of the producers in a recorded telephone call after an emergency hospital admission in September. "There is no sign of me having dementia at this stage of my life. It was complete alcohol poisoning. The fact is, I lied about my drinking," he added. Cassidy, whose hits "Cherish" and "I Think I Love You," had teen girls swooning in the 1970s, was arrested three times for drunken driving between 2010 and 2014 and ordered to rehab as part of his sentence in 2014. Speaking of his alcoholism, Cassidy told the documentary producers, "I did it to myself, to cover up the sadness and the emptiness." Former teen idol David Cassidy did not have dementia, as he claimed before he died, and lied about giving up drinking, the singer told the makers of a documentary about him in the months before his death. Cassidy, 67, who shot to fame in the 1970s TV show "The Partridge Family," died of organ failure at age 67 in Florida in November 2017, nine months after declaring he was fighting dementia in a bid to stave off reports about odd behaviour. But in an excerpt released on Wednesday from documentary "David Cassidy: The Last Session," Cassidy told producers that his problems were due to alcoholism. "I have a liver disease," Cassidy told one of the producers in a recorded telephone call after an emergency hospital admission in September. "There is no sign of me having dementia at this stage of my life. It was complete alcohol poisoning. The fact is, I lied about my drinking," he added. Cassidy, whose hits "Cherish" and "I Think I Love You," had teen girls swooning in the 1970s, was arrested three times for drunken driving between 2010 and 2014 and ordered to rehab as part of his sentence in 2014. Speaking of his alcoholism, Cassidy told the documentary producers, "I did it to myself, to cover up the sadness and the emptiness."
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