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How to Create a Slideshow using Jupyter+Markdown+Reveal.js
In this video we take you from start to finish all of the steps necessary to generate a slideshow in the Reveal.js presentation framework using the features of Jupyter notebooks. We assume that you have Jupyter and Git preinstalled on your system.
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Introducing Hunt the Yeti, a deductive reasoning game for the Amazon Echo.
Hi! I wrote my first skill for the Amazon Echo called Hunt the Yeti. It's an interactive game that requires deductive reasoning. In this game, you guide a hunter in a dark cave in order to find a yeti. You don't know anything about the cave layout or where you are in the cave. You only have your wit, your other senses, and a single spear. Meanwhile, there are bats and open pits which stand in the hunter's way. Once you have narrowed down the location of the yeti, tell the hunter to throw the spear to defeat the yeti. In this recording, I fail to defeat the Yeti, which is a tad embarrassing. Your goal to do better than me. Every game has a different layout. The full source code for this game is on GitHub. https://github.com/jcchurch/HuntTheYetiAlexa
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LEGO Mindstorm EV3 remote controlled using LeJOS
This is a LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robot. The operating system has been overwritten using the LeJOS operating system so that Java 1.7 applications can be loaded.
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CS 3005 Final Exam Project - Fall 2017
Here's your CS 3005 Final Exam Project for Fall of 2017
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Khan and Zoe's Christmas
Michelle, Barbra, and I played with iguanas Khan and Zoe on Christmas day, 2012.
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Ole Miss Rave at the J.D. Williams Library Spring 2010 - May 6, 2010
Jumping and screaming to loud music passes for entertainment these days.
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Write Hello World in C++ using Visual Studio Community
In this video, we start a new, empty C++ project and write the classic "Hello, world" application. We end the video by going to the learncpp.com website.
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Goofing Off and Spit Wads
So this is what goes on during Boy Scout meetings. I remember my high school years. Those were great. Awkward, but great.
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Creating BlockSlider in Unity
This is a super simple game which we create in Unity. It shows the parts of the interface and how to add cubes to the game and how to program those cubs to react to events. https://github.com/jcchurch/APSUEDGE/tree/master/Scripts/BlockSlider
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My Game of Life board is working!
I put together my Game of Life kit. I thought it deserved a youtube video.
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Python Antics in Apple Stores
This is a quick introduction to Python's random library. I use random for some personal antics in Apple stores.
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Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - (GCN) Baby Park
Mario Kart 8
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The Sand Falling Game in C#
This is a quick demonstration of an early stage of the sand falling game written in C# for our CS3005 class on Object Oriented Programming at Austin Peay State University.
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APSU Paint Application
This is a painting homework assignment for our CS3005 C# programming course on Object Oriented Programming at Austin Peay State University.
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Tic Tac Toe using C# Windows Presentation Foundation
This Tic Tac Toe game uses C# and WPF. The AI bot is making random moves and is simple to beat.
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