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How NOT to land Blade 230 helicopter FPV
I am training myself for FPV spot landing and making notes on my own flights. So, the first problem is actually not landing related, at 0:26 , a car with loud engine passed in front of me piloting from inside my car. And an FPV pilot needs to be able to separate personal senses around your physical self from senses of the craft. I couldn't separate myself from the loud noise and stumbled. I lost the altitude management. The second problem is loosing my cool when I should lay back and abort this approach when altitude is too high. So, the distraction of the pilot's physical surrounding caused high altitude difficulty, then the cocky attitude crashed the heli. Luckily it landed on the short bush and nothing broke. Just a ugly video footage. It took off again in 5 minutes.
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Cloud Surfing - 250 Gram Single Rotor Helicopter FPV
Parts listings spreadsheets https://nocomputerbutphone.blogspot.com/2017/12/converged-drone-developers-platform.html https://nocomputerbutphone.blogspot.com/2018/08/converged-drone-at-edge-of-space.html
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Blade 230 Helicopter FPV ,  night flight
The camera is Caddx Turtle. The build blog post is https://blog.mpls-phone.com/2018/08/converged-drone-at-edge-of-space.html .
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Helicopter Floating Near Edge Of Space And Re-entry , blade 230 fpv
Blade 230 body Oxy210 rotor CC3D fpv diving. cc3d config is the one named ...terminal-dive.uav
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UART console access with USB-FTDI to Raspberry Pi Zero
The USB-FTDI is sold by Adafruit. Green female lead connected to green alligator jumper; white female lead connected to yellow alligator jumper. Red connected to second pin hole from top on the right. Black connected to ground that is connected to PCA 9685 breakout board's ground. Yellow and green connected to 4th and 5th pin holes respectively. Serial port setting 115200 8N1 , no hardware flow control.
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When you fly with a 4S pack but use 3S ESC for tail motor - 250 gram single rotor helicopter
The craft survived the crash and took off 5 minutes after the crash. But the lesson here is that 3S ESC has momentary failure even after a great start of punching the helicopter to a high altitude.The ascending was smooth and I tested adding extra torque to load the tail and all OK. Very surprising to see the momentary failure when the heli was entering a cruising after the dive pull-up finished. The question is whether or not this is the problem with the multi-rotor software of the tail ESC. The MULTI ESC means that when a tail lapse occurs, the braking stops the tail rotor completely, which results in delay of restarting tail rotor when the lapse goes 360 around to a fresh start position. So, the next thing is to change the software setting to non-braking.
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Collective Pitch Helicopter With Raspberry Pi + CC3D Flight Controller
Building materials and discussion: https://nocomputerbutphone.blogspot.com/2017/12/converged-drone-developers-platform.html
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Blade 230 Body Oxy210 Rotor CC3D Long Straight Dive , fpv
This is a practice session. Actual missions will be with landmarks and scenic locations, and with 1080P video cam.
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Drive-through FPV single-rotor helicopter landing
Recovering craft without leaving the car.
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Blade 230 body Oxy210 rotor CC3D diving ballistics right trajectory , fpv
The wind is ENE at mild 10 mph. The beginning of the dive shows the trajectory right on to the tree of the grid road. The right steering made the dive bottomed at the center of the field.
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Video blackout FPV goggle suspected
I flew it blindly from the left side fence to the right side fence and landed. AV input blacked(blue) out between 0:14 to 0:21 . After testing a different set of AV cable, same symptom. Ordering the authentic Eachine EV800D to replace Makerfire EV800D.
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Blade 230 body Oxy210 rotor diving optical illusion , fpv
At 0:02, it appears that the craft is positioned on top of the diagonal road. At 0:04, it appears that the craft is positioned on top of the residential house at the corner of the 2 right-angled roads. At 0:08, simply changing the camera angle seams to re-position the craft to the center point between the 2 baseball pitch mounts. What is going on it that the fish bowl optical illusion squeezes image of objects to the center of the view when the camera position is much further from the center. At 0:02 , the craft is position on top of the center of the field. At 0:04 , the house is at the center of the view, but our eyes know the aspect effect and tells us that the craft is positioned at the baseball field. At 0:08, our eyes tell us that the craft is positioned at the center point of the 2 baseball pitch mounts. But, the craft is on top of the center of the field all along. At 0:10, it starts to reveal that the craft is positioned at the center of the field. All these needs to be trained into the FPV pilot's brain. The right trajectory steer the craft toward the diagonal road at the bottom of the dive. It can not be further away from the residential houses at the corner the whole time.
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diving accident lesson
The furious long range vtx + runcam split mini 1080p camera is susceptible to main rotor noise. Before the spooling up, the goggle video is as clear as the tiny whoop goqotomo , both at 200mW . The tiny whoop has no white horizon lines when main motor tmotor air 40 is performing my first side/back flips. And the accident lesson is on the last second of the video. What can be learned there? Tmotor is better than rhd? furious vtx generates the white lines or the camera? The video is stitched from 2 3-minute clips of the makerfire goggle, and the stitch is at around 1:59 , but it is seamless.
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250-gram helicopter FPV. "factory" pids
proportional 5/8 is indistinguishable from "factory" setting, integral 167/250
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Double Rainbow
2 rainbows show up at the same time. All motorists slow down to enjoy the view.
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PXFmini ArduCopterHeli swash compensation and RC
I am setting up PXFmini from erle to fly with ArduCopterHeli.elf program. Will give updates.
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250 gram helicopter 20 minutes flight all while onboard 1080P HD video rolling and recording
Caddx Turtle voltage OSD 10.5V is 10.98V post flight measurement. 741mAh to full recharge. The HD video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP9l46jbgCU , but the HD footage is not full length of the flight because the size of the file is too big to upload to youtube.
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