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Trainz Railfanning Pt 99: Bullet Train Grade Crossing Malfunctions
The weirdest thing happened while I was recording this railroad crossing. It malfunctioned! After a train on the Amtrak side of the crossing passed, the gated didn't go up. This caused the whole crossing to be stuck in the "on" position. Later, I found out the cause. A train got stuck on the trigger. He also ignored my messages to stop at the station. He got stuck at a GREEN signal and couldn't figure out what to do next. I sent him home for the day, as you'll see in a later video.
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Trainz a new era wrecked my NJ Transit route
I installed my NJ Transit route on Trainz a new era to see if it would work. It does with a lot of errors. I need to do a lot of debugging to make a T:ANE version of this route.
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Trainz Gordon: The Big Express Engine
You can download Gordon and all the others at https://si3d.jimdo.com/ . It took a lot of fixing to get it to work in T:ANE.
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My favorite Trainz horns part 1
Some of my favorite horns in Trainz
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My New CSX Horns for Trainz.
I made some horns for the following CSX locomotives: CSX AC4400CW CSX AC6000CW CSX B40-8 CSX C40-8 CSX C40-8W CSX CW44-9 CSX ES44AC CSX GP38-2 CSX GP40-2 CSX Hi-Rail CSX MOW Crane CSX MP15AC CSX SD38-2 CSX SD40-2 CSX SD50 CSX SD70ACe CSX SD80MAC CSX SW1500
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That Time a Railroad Built a Diamond Crossover Without the Other Railroad's Consent
As far as we know, every diamond crossover ever built has ALWAYS been built with BOTH railroads' consent, but have you ever wondered what would happen if a railroad built a diamond crossover without the other's consent? Well, wonder no further. I was reading a railroad encyclopedia at a library and found a true story where this happened somewhere in New Jersey. One railroad wanted to build a diamond crossover, but the other refused. That didn't stop 'em. They snuck onto the property one night, dismantled the rails and built a diamond crossover. What happened next? Find out by watching this video. Enjoy!
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Trainz Railfanning Bloopers: Amtrak Train Collides With NJ Transit Train In Downtown
I was filming some trains at one of my American Bullet Train Railroad Crossing for an upcoming Trainz Railfanning video when something weird happened. A NJ Transit train was leaving the station near the railroad crossing when an Amtrak train carrying empty train cars to a facility for servicing rear-ended the NJ Transit train. Wreckage from both trains spilled onto one of the Bullet Train's tracks and both Amtrak tracks, leaving only one Bullet Train track operational. At this point, it is unknown what caused this collision, but there is speculation that the installation of Positive Train Control could've prevented it. Also included in this video is some news coverage of the incident. It'll take a while to clean up this mess, but in the mean time, here's a video.
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My New BR Class 143 Horn for Trainz
This is a horn I made for the BR Class 143.
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Testing Some Payware TRC Railroad Crossings From Reggies Trainz On My Trainz CSX Route TRS2019
In this video, I'm going to test some payware railroad crossings I downloaded from Reggies Trainz (https://www.reggiestrainz.com/crossing-signals) I tested two of the TRC Wig Wag crossings and three TRC WCH Crossings. I tested these TRC crossings on sections of my CSX route where a train might have to stop in front of a crossing. I programmed the crossing so it wouldn't make cars wait for a stopped train. Various CSX trains will be testing these crossings. Trainz Grade Crossing Trainz Railfanning CSX Trainz Routes Trainz Railfanning Videos Trainfan1055 CSX Trainz CSX Horn Trainz 2019 Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Trainz Railfanning CSX Trainz Railroad Crossing Download Trainz 2019 Railroad Crossing Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Railfanning Trainz CSX SW1500 Trainz CSX Trainfan1055 Reggies Trainz
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I'm making a fictional route for Trainz
This is a fictional route I came up with after making those Complicated Crossings videos.
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 55
In case you're wondering why the railroad crossings aren't making any noise, there's a glitch in this game that causes that to happen. The only way to fix it is by restarting the computer. After two tries, it still wasn't working... This is partially based on a real railroad crossing I saw in a YouTube video when I was a teenager. I took away the gates and replaced the BN locomotives with steam engines. Really, the only thing I left was the blizzard. Interestingly, it's been years since the last time I used the snow feature in this game.
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This is a NJ Transit Signal Guide.
When I was a kid, I used to ride on the NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line every week. An engineer gave me an official NJ Transit Signal Guide which explains all the signals on the railroad and what they mean. He also gave me a tour of the inside of a GP40FH-2B and when he found out I was making a replica of this line on my train simulator, he gave me an official track schematic (which I unfortunately lost in the move). In this video, I'll also tell a funny story of how I unintentionally caused the passengers to worry when I accidentally called out a "stop and proceed" signal as a "stop" signal.
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Trainz Crashes and Derailments Pt 2
This is a replica of a real crash of the German ICE. The train was travelling at its top speed of 186 mph when it derailed. The derailment destroyed an overpass causing the bridge to collapse on top of the train. This derailment was caused by a faulty wheel. The wheel broke apart while the train was moving. As it passed a switch, the broken wheel got caught on the frog and derailed.
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My New BNSF and Union Pacific Horns for Trainz
I've made some BNSF and Union Pacific horns for Trainz. They're for the DD40X, SD40-2, SD70ACe, ES44AC, GP60, SD9043MAC, C44-9W, SD60M, and Dash 8-40B.
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Trainz Crashes and Derailments Pt 1
This is a new series featuring train crashes. Some of these crashes are based on real ones, but some of them are just fictional.
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Trainz Crashes and Derailments Pt 7: Drunk Driving a Subway
We all know of the terrible repercussions that can occur from driving a car while under the influence of alcohol, but what about driving a subway car. Well, sadly, we don't have to worry anymore. Yes, in this episode of Trainz Crashes and Derailments, we're looking at a real crash in the 1990's. The driver of a NYCTA (4) Train was drunk. He drove too fast for the curved section of a switch and derailed. 5 people dies, over 200 injured. Occurring during rush hour, there were more than 500 people on board at the time. This man received 15 years in prison, but got out five years early. This episode of Trainz Crashes and Derailments is truly the weirdest I've ever done. You just don't hear of a drunk train driver everyday. Keywords: Trainz Crashes Trainz Simulator Crashes Trainz 12 Crashes Trainz Crash Videos Trainz Big Crash
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 5: NYCTA DeKalb Avenue Subway Station, NYCTA R32, NYCTA R46
In this Trainz Railfanning Video, we're visiting DeKalb Ave Subway Station in New York. It is located on the New York City Subway. The Subway you see skipping the station are the D and N lines, which don't stop at this station. You'll see mainly R46 Subway Cars and R32 Subway Cars stopping at this station. I also wanted to use Jeffmorris's subway cars, but I can't figure out how to program their destination signs when they come out of a portal. Trainz Railfanning Pt 5 NYCTA DeKalb Ave Station Trainz NYCTA Subway NYCTA R32 Subway Car NYCTA R46 Subway Car Trainz Railfanning Pt 5: NYCTA DeKalb Avenue Subway Station, NYCTA R32, NYCTA R46 Trainz NYCTA R32 Subway Car Trainz NYCTA R46 Subway Car Trainz NYCTA
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A sneak preview of a future railfanning video
This is a sneak peak of a future railfanning video. It's a replica of one of the most complicated road intersection/ railroad crossing I've ever done. So far, all I have is the traffic lights. I'll work on the crossing signs later. I built this crossing mainly for the purpose of testing the limits of my skills with the ATLS and NRC systems. Basically, I was trying to figure out, "What's the most complicated crossing I can create?"
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 15: UP, CSX, Amtrak, Conrail, N&W, Steam Tourist Train Route
In this Trainz Railfanning Video, we'll be visiting a tourist train. This is owned by a tourism company and owns many N&W locomotives and equipment on its roster, including steam locomotives. This tourist company owns all the railroad crossings in its system and decided to keep the wig wags for history's sake. There is one crossing that crosses a divided highway which has wig wags and added overhead flashers. Amtrak uses this line for power and equipment moves and CSX and UP occasionally send some freight down this line, but they have other lines nearby where most of their freight is sent. Though I don't have this route anymore, sense it did so well, I plan on reviving it.
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How to get railroad crossings to turn off while a train stops at a station in Trainz.
On some NJ Transit railroad crossings, as well as on other crossings, the gates will go up if the train stops at a station. When the train is ready to leave, the train must inch forward just enough to turn the crossing back on, then wait for the gates to go back down. Once the gates are back down, the train will move. I finally figured out how to get the crossings in this game to do that.
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 100: Shinkansen, Amtrak, PRR, MARC, Maglev and Subway Station
This is a train station I built next to my Bullet Train Grade Crossing. I also added brake squealing sounds for when the trains stop. I added coupler sounds because some of these trains start up and stop WAY too quickly. I placed those sounds so you could get an idea of just how terrifyingly uncomfortable those rides would've been.
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A Sneak Peek Of A Future Trainz Railfanning Video: Czech Level Crossing
This is a route I'm making for a future Trainz Railfanning Video. It is a Czech Level Crossing with various trains from České Dráhy (ČD - Czech Railways.
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What If American Railroad Crossings Sounded Different Pt 1: Finland
I live near this railroad crossing that doesn't make a sound. I started thinking, "what if it sounded like a railroad crossing from another country?" "That might be interesting..." So I edited in some sound from a Finnish level crossing. Enjoy this Norfolk Southern GP38-2 blowing its horn for a Finnish level crossing!
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The most glitched up locomotive in Trainz 12
This steam engine has a bunch of weird glitches. NYC 0-8-0 6825
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How to fix faulty content in Trainz pt 1
In this video, I will show you how to fix a few faulty content that won't appear in Trainz 12.
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 31
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Someone Stole One Of My Videos And Uploaded It As Their Own
Thanks to a YouTuber named Poland ball, I was able to find a link to a video where someone stole all of one of my videos. They put one of their intros in front of it, then the video played all of Trainz Railfanning Pt 101: Thomas and Friends Meet British Rail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9CHM2BKQf0&t=474s The description was even the same! I have never seen such blatant plagiarism! The video is now gone because I already filed a claim against it, but in this video, I'll show you just how much of this video they stole from me.
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 187: CSX and Amtrak Railfanning, Trainz Simulator 2019
This is my first Trainz Railfanning Video to use Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019. In this Trainz Railfanning Video, we'll be visiting my fictional CSX and Amtrak route with CSX radio in the background. This is a two-track railroad crossing with cantilevers and a four-lane road in a small town. Trainz Railroad Crossing Railroad Crossing Trainz Trainz Grade Crossing Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 TRS2019 TRS2019 Gameplay CSX and Amtrak Railfanning Trainz CSX and Amtrak Railfanning Trainz Railfanning Trainz Railfanning Videos Trainz CSX Horns Trainz CSX
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 157: CSX, Sun Rail and Amtrak Railfanning (Stuttering Defect Detector)
In this Trainz Railfanning video, we'll be watching some more CSX and Amtrak trains. I managed to fix the issue with the Amtrak trains stopping at the railroad crossings. I replaced all the TPL signals with NEC-style CPL signals. That seems to have fixed the problem. The other signals were creating false reds and slowing down the trains, causing a traffic pile-up. This route exists in a series of small towns that CSX and Amtrak run through. There are plenty of Grade Crossings on this route, so the trains will be blowing their horns a lot. Amtrak: SC-44 Siemens Charger F40PH P40 Genesis P42 CSX: SD40-2 SD38-2 C40-8W C44-9W SD70ACe ES44AC SD50 SW1500 SD80MAC SunRail: Bi-Level Cab Car Trainz Railfanning Videos Trainfan1055
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 103: Amtrak, MARC, Shinkansen, Maglev and Subway Station
Featured in this Trainz Railfanning video are all of Connyxy's Amtrak and MARC content. I made a video of where to find them here: Trainz: All of Conny's Amtrak / MARC Content HHP-8, Amfleet, MARC Bi-levels, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp2sY-a3JfM&t=3s I also made a tutorial video on how to download them here: I FOUND THE TRAINZ HHP-8! LINK IN DESCRIPTION! AMTRAK HHP-8! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQVl3UhjJIo&t=1s
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Testing my new largest crossing in Trainz
This is probably the crossing I've built in this game. It has 64 traffic lights, 40 crossing gates, 286 flashing lights and a 24-lane, 4-way intersection crossing a two-track railroad at a 45-degree angle. In this video, I test all the gates to make sure they're all working.
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My New [Fixed] Freightliner Class 66 Horn For Trainz
In a previous video, I made a horn for the Freightliner Class 66. Unfortunately, I made a mistake with the file and there was no doppler effect and it was too loud because the game couldn't process it correctly. I now fixed it.
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 4: NYCTA DeKalb Ave Station, R46, R32 ⒹⓆNⓎ
This is a replica of my DeKalb Ave NYCTA Subway Station in New York City. D and N skip this stop. The rest of the lines stop here. There are 4 tracks and 2 express tracks for trains who bypass the station. Trainz Railfanning Trainz Railfanning Videos NYCTA DeKalb Ave Station Trainfan1055 DeKalb Ave Subway Station DeKalb Ave Brooklyn, NY R46 Subway Car R46 Subway R32 Train Trainz NYCTA NYCTA R32 Subway Car
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Trainz Horns: My New NS ES44AC Horn For Trainz - Trainfan1055
In this Trainz Horns video, an NS ES44AC Horn. This is a Norfolk Southern ES44AC Horn I made for Trainz. For more Trainz Horns videos, consider subscribing to my channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU__uSfBhTpotRj26K0IGDA?view_as=subscriber
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 79
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I Made More CSX Horns For Trainz
I bought some more locomotives from Jointed Rail and made some horns for them. These horns are for the CSX ES44AH, the CSX ES44DC, the CSX SD60M and the CSX SD70MAC.
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I made a fire truck horn and siren for Trainz
I made a fire truck horn for trainz. Press the H button for an air horn and the B button to hear a siren.
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Trainz Railfanning Bloopers: Bullet Train Railroad Crossing Malfunctions
Well, I was working on a new Trainz Railfanning Video. This was going to be a railroad crossing with all the high-speed trains. The Shinkansen, The Acela Express, the TGV, the ICE, etc. Unfortunately, the game was to slow to run this large railroad crossing. As I tested it, the game got slower and slower. Eventually, the lag was causing the railroad crossing to malfunction. The Shinkansen gates kept getting stuck half-way down, they also kept vibrating in a strange way. Eventually, the gates went up before the train finished crossing because the game was too slow to keep the gates down. They immediately went back down and got stuck that was throughout the remainder of the video. I don't think I'll be using this crossing in the future...
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Unstoppable: Facts the movie missed pt 2
This is part two of the video I made earlier called, "Unstoppable: facts the movie missed." In this video, I retest whether or not one SD40-2 in reverse can catch up to two SD70's. This time I added another factor: uphill grades. Will this slow down the train so that I can catch up to it? Find out in this video.
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 9: Amtrak, Shinkansen, NJ Transit, Metropark Station, NJ
In this Trainz Railfanning video, we'll be visiting a fictional station at Metropark, NJ operated by Amtrak, Shinkansen, and NJ Transit. There are two Island Platforms. One for southbound trains and one for northbound trains. On the southbound platform one track is used solely by the Bullet Trains which operate from Portland, Maine to Washington, D.C. or from Boston to Chicago, while the other is used by both southbound Amtrak trains and southbound NJ Transit Trains. On the northbound platform, one track is used for northbound Bullet Trains, which operate from Washington, D.C. to Portland, Maine and from Chicago to Boston. the other northbound track is for northbound Amtrak and NJ Transit trains. There are two tracks in the middle of the station for Shinkansen trains that skip the station. There are also two elevated tracks for Amtrak trains that skip the station. Trainz Railfanning Pt 9 Trainz Railfanning Trainz Railfanning Videos Trainz NJ Transit Trainz Amtrak Trainz Amtrak and NJ Transit Trainz Shinkansen Trainz Shinkansen Horn Trainz Railfanning Pt 9: Amtrak, Shinkansen, NJ Transit, Metropark Station, NJ
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I made some French train horns for TGV, TGV Duplex and SNCF
I made some horns for SNCF locomotives as well as the TGV and TGV Duplex.
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Trainz Thomas: The Tank Engine
I showed my little sister the episode when Gordon, James and Henry went on strike when they were tired of shunting. She could not stand them after that. She said, "Seriously, they're tired of doing their job?" To be honest, I can understand why they would be upset. Neither of them were designed to pull freight. I'm guessing whoever built them probably told them what they were meant to pull or something else happened during construction to make them believe they weren't meant for shunting. Either way, I'm surprised Sir Topham Hatt didn't threaten to scrap them.
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 32
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Trainz Railfanning Pt 139: NS, 12th & Vultee St Allentown, PA Railroad Crossing - Trainfan1055
In this Trainz Railfanning video, we visit Allentown, PA. This is a replica of a railroad crossing that crosses 12th & Vultee St in Allentown, PA. This railroad crossing is operated by the Norfolk Southern Railroad. I created this route in Trainz: A New Era to honor my favorite railroad crossing in Allentown, PA. The trains you see going through here are mostly based on actual trains I saw while railfanning at the real railroad crossing. The bell sound effects you hear at this railroad crossing were all created by me. Enjoy! - Trainfan1055
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