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Drunk Night Out in Brown Micro Mini Skirt
Hey LOSER, You're ADDICTED to my LONG LEGS are you? Well this TINY BUM SKIMMING MICRO MINI SKIRT shows off my legs and YOU have GIVEN ME YOUR WALLET. Well, there isn't enough CASH in here, so why don't YOU COME OUT WITH ME and, when I'VE SPENT ALL YOUR MONEY, you can pay with CREDIT CARDS. Follow me around the NIGHT CLUB, watch me ENJOY MY NIGHT OUT, DRINKING AND DANCING in this LEATHER SKIRT and SPENDING YOUR MONEY. Watch the FULL video and many more at my website!
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Leather Micro Skirt at the Seaside
I am wearing my TINY LEATHER MICRO MINISKIRT today and CLEAR HEELS as I spend an afternoon at the SEASIDE. Watch me WALK along the pavement in my 6 INCH CLEAR HEELS and SHORT LEATHER SKIRT with LEATHER JACKET. Then I REMOVE MY JACKET and many people TURN AND LOOK at me as I walk. Watch the FULL video on my website
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Getting Fuel in Leather Pants & Sideboob Top
So, I've finished my SHOPPING and I need FUEL for my car so join me as I fill my car with fuel at this gas station in my TIGHT LEATHER PANTS , SIX INCH HIGH STILETTOS and SIDE BOOB TOP. You can so nearly SEE MY BOOBS in this PUBLIC VIDEO as I walk in to pay in the kiosk. Then a quick DRIVE HOME before UNPACKING my shopping.
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Visiting Coffee Shop in Latex Rubber Catsuit & Thigh Boots
I'm wearing a TIGHT YELLOW LATEX CATSUIT and BLUE PATENT THIGH BOOTS and going to a PUBLIC coffee shop to buy a drink. Watch this HD video as I walk THRU A BUSY SHOPPING MALL in my RUBBER CATSUIT and BLUE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS before waiting in line to be served. ITS VERY BUSY and I get lots of people looking at my AMAZING OUTFIT. There are some great close-up shots as I stand waiting to order and then WALK BACK THRU THE SHOPPING CENTRE with my coffee! Over 9 mins of sexy PUBLIC FETISH FUN ! Search #theleatherprincess for the FULL VIDEO
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Pink Micro Shorts and Glass Heels in Public
I am wearing my SHINY VINYL HOTPANTS as I leave the beach in Spain in this video. I dust off my BARE FEET and put on my GLASS STYLE PLATFORM SHOES. Then I slowly walk down the BUSY STREET in my PVC SHORT SHORTS with part of my BUM CHEEKS SHOWING - Watch for the sexy close up video of my feet and my high heels and also my HOT PANTS ! Enjoy this sunny video! Watch the FULL video at my clip site. Search #theleatherprincess
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A Squeaky Walk in Tight PVC Trousers
It was a warm evening in this Spanish town and, dressed in my EXTRMELY SHINY PVC TROUSERS and SIDEBOOB top I left my apartment and WALKED down the main strip to find a Restaurant. You'll hear my TIGHT GLOSSY VINYL PANTS SQUEAKING as I move and wander down the STREET and into the RESTAURANT complex. I attracted some attention in my SEXY OUTFIT and SIX INCH STRIPPER HEELS in this holiday resort!
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Blue Thigh Boots at Posh Dinner Date with Micro Miniskirt - Chantal Fox
I'm wearing MY FAVOURITE BLUE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS with a TINY LEATHER MICRO MINISKIRT today in HOT LANZAROTE. It is early evening and I am heading out for a DINNER DATE in a POSH SEASIDE RESTAURANT. Watch as I visit a local store to buy water then WALK along the seafront path as the PUBLIC LOOK at me! Visit my website to watch the FULL video - search #theleatherprincess
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Babe in Orange Leather Thigh Boots
Do you like my NEW ORANGE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS ? Do you like the way they make my legs look ? Do they look good with my MICRO MINI SKIRT ? Do YOU WANT TO TOUCH ? Hmmm, I would like to go SHOPPING. How about we go shopping and see where we go from there ? Watch the FULL video and many more on my website
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British Babe in Las Vegas in Double PVC
SHINY PVC MICRO MINISKIRT and matching VINYL TOP with STRIPPER SHOES were my clothing choice for a night in LAS VEGAS ! Watch as I walk down Fremont Steeet and DESPITE Superman etc walking past, I GOT LOADS OF ATTENTION - What a great night I had walking past the Golden Nugget hotel and enjoying the sights and sounds of LAS VEGAS - Enjoy the video - It was great fun. Watch the full video at my website
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Tourist in PVC & Sideboob Top
I am wearing my favourite SHINY VINYL PANTS and SIDEBOOB top as I walk around this Spanish resort checking the local area. As I look at the map by the beach, I know many people are looking at me, but I love to ATTRACT ATTENTION ! I love my glossy PVC Trousers , Clear Heels and Side Boob top - Do you? Watch the FULL video at my website - search #theleatherprincess
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Being Pretty Woman on Rodeo Drive
For a bit of fun, wearing a LEATHER MICRO MINI SKIRT and SHINY BLACK THIGH LENGTH BOOTS with a small white top I walked from the Regent Beverly Wilshire featured in PRETTY WOMAN up along RODEO DRIVE in BEVERLY HILLS past lots of EXPENSIVE SHOPS and STUNNED LOCALS. A tour bus full of TOURISTS EVEN STOPPED to allow passengers to TAKE PHOTOS OF ME! Watch the FULL video at my website.
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San Antonio Riverwalk in Red Thigh Boots & Micro MiniSkirt
I visited San Antonio in Texas earlier this year and took a WALK along the Riverwalk, a FAMOUS TOURIST attraction in the historic town. DRESSED in SHINY RED THIGH LENGTH BOOTS and a BUM SKIMMING MICRO MINISKIRT other tourists looked at me as I walked along past the cafes and bars. At times I walked across busy roads and really enjoyed my day in San Antonio. You'll even see how short my MINI SKIRT is as when the camera records me WALKING UPSTAIRS! Watch the full video and loads more at my website
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Orange Boots Lapsitting and Walking Pt1
I am wearing a TIGHT LEATHER MICRO MINI SKIRT with my LEATHER JACKET and ORANGE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS today to go and visit my UNCLE. I have to travel to the other side of town and will need to WALK and TAKE THE TRAIN to get to his house. Watch as I sit down talking whilst CROSSING MY LEGS and TALKING ABOUT MY CLOTHES and ENJOYING MY BOOTS. Then I start my WALK down a quiet country road. You can watch my LONG LEGS and SHORT SKIRT as I walk or enjoy the NOISE of my HEELS on the ROAD. I even STOPPED to STROKE and HORSE in a nearby field for a short time before continuing on my way. See the FULL video on my website
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Valentines Day 2014 youtube
Well today you're in for a TREAT! Watch me in my living room weaing EXTREME TIGHT PVC PANTS and BARE FEET as I explain that you can TAKE ME OUT FOR THE NIGHT. I'll wear something SEXY and we can go DANCING. Right so I have got changed, you can admire my TINY LEATHER MICRO MINI SKIRT , RED CORSET and ITALIAN LEATHER THIGH LENGTH BOOTS in my well lit hallway before we head off to a NIGHTCLUB and I CAN DANCE IN PUBLIC FOR YOU. Watch me dancing in my SKIMPY SKIRT and SEXY THIGH BOOTS. Now you have enjoyed my SPECIAL VALENTINE'S DAY VIDEO, why not show your LOVE FOR ME by clicking on the TRIBUTE button at the top of the page so that I can carry on making great videos for you??? Watch the FULL video and lots more at my website
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This is a video from my HOLIDAY in beautiful Venice Italy. Dressed in FULL PVC - My TIGHT SHINY VINYL PANTS , PVC Top and Shiny PATENT LEATHER JACKET with my 6 INCH HEELS you can enjoy the video as I walk around this CITY in my HIGH GLOSSY OUTFIT - Other tourists are AMAZED as I walk around. GREAT VIDEO WITH GREAT SOUND AND REACTIONS! Watch the FULL video at my website!
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Day Walk in Red Latex Dress & Thigh Boots
It's a busy afternoon in the TOWN CENTRE and I have decided to cheer the PUBLIC up by taking a walk through the BUSY HIGH STREET in a TINY RED LATEX RUBBER DRESS and EXTREME THIGH LENGTH BOOTS - Watch the reactions of the PUBLIC as I walk down the street past BUSES , SHOPS , BUS STOPS and MANY PEOPLE ! I loved watching this back and SEEING THE REACTIONS to my FETISH clothing choice!
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Spanish PVC Walk in the Rain
I am dressed in a TINY LEATHER MICRO MINI SKIRT , a gorgeous RED PVC RAINCOAT and amazing RED THIGH LENGTH BOOTS - It's hot in Spain today and raining but I LOVE IT! Watch me as I WALK along the SEAFRONT and enjoy the fresh air and wonderful views as other TOURISTS ENJOY WATCHING ME as I walk up the path. See the FULL video on my website.
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Blonde in Venice Italy in Latex & Thigh Length Boots
In my second and final video clip from my recent holiday to VENICE in ITALY I took a walk around the famous St Marks Square heading away from the tall San Marco Campanile. Dressed in tight LATEX RUBBER LEGGINGS with WHITE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS and PATENT LEATHER JACKET which really TURNED HEADS OF OTHER TOURISTS! Watch as I stand in the middle of the square and pigeons land on my LEATHER GLOVES. What a gorgeous city! WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON MY WEBSITE
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Long Thigh Length Boots & Leather Shorts at Car Wash
So, I have driven from London to the south of France ready for my holiday. Watch me WASH MY CAR in my SHORT LEATHER HOTPANTS and LONG LEATHER THIGH LENGTH BOOTS . As I jet wash the car, you can enjoy the view of my LEATHER BUTT in my SHORTS and the HIGH HEEL STILETTO HEEL of my ITALIAN THIGH HIGH BOOTS - The FRENCH locals enjoyed the view! Watch all my videos on my website
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Hollywood Boulevard in Full PVC
Whilst in Los Angeles I went out for dinner on Hollywood Boulevard and dressed in TIGHT PVC trousers with matching SHINY PATENT LEATHER and CLEAR PLATFORM STILETTO SHOES. Watch as I walk along this BUSY STREET in LOS ANGELES looking at all the stars on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME
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Latex Interrogation Part2
Your ordeal continues in Part 2 of this video. Still tied up and stripped naked your blonde interrogator is still demanding you tell her where the key is. Wearing a TIGHT RUBBER CATSUIT and RED THIGH LENGTH BOOTS she continues demanding information from you as you watch her NATURAL BOOBS in that TIGHT LATEX CATSUIT. And you get some NICE CLOSE-UP VIEWS too!
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Latex Interrogation Part1
You were jogging along the road when you came across a sexy blonde wearing a SHORT LATEX DRESS whose car was broken down. Distressed, she begged you for help. As you look under the hood you get knocked unconsious and then, when you wake up you are tied up have been stripped naked in a room somewhere - The blonde is now wearing a TIGHT RUBBER CATSUIT and RED THIGH LENGTH BOOTS. Was this some kind of HONEY TRAP? Who is she? What does she want?
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Shopping in Tight Shiny PVC & High Heels
I am just going to the SUPERMARKET to get some food for tonight. My HIDDEN CAMERA follows me around as I walk through the store in these SKINTIGHT PVC LEGGINGS - Watch people look as I walk past, watch me BEND OVER in the SHINY LES CHIFFONIERS VINYL PANTS and HIGH HEELS - I love the attention!
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My New Neighbour Pt1
A new neighbour has just moved in next door. I've noticed he is always LOOKING AT ME using his CAMERA - I'm getting upset so I have decided to check out his house. I changed from my TINY LEATHER MICRO MINI SKIRT and THIGH BOOTS into my YELLOW BILL STYLE LATEX RUBBER CATSUIT and THIGH LENGTH BOOTS. I then sneaked through his garden and climbed through a window into his house. Then, systematically checked each room. As I explored his house I was surprised that it looked so much like mine. Watch the FULL video at my website
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My New Neighbour Pt2
Did you enjoy Part 1 of this video, well I am now IN MY NEIGHBOUR'S HOUSE. Upstairs I opened a cupboard and HE HAS PAIRS AND PAIRS OF THIGH LENGTH BOOTS, then I discovered LEATHER MINI SKIRTS and CORSETS JUST LIKE MINE! No wonder he watches me all the time, I MUST BE HIS FANTASY! Then I saw some photos of me, that's what he uses his camera for! Then I get hit hard on the BUM. I am TIED AND BOUND as these hands start caressing my LATEX CATSUIT and THIGH BOOTS and even UNZIPPING MY CATSUIT ! Watch the FULL video and many more on my website
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Tennis Fun in White Thigh Boots & Leather Mini Skirt
Here we are WIMBLEDON TENNIS time again! I am getting into the spirit of the competition by practicing tennis at my local court. I AM WEARING A TINY LEATHER MICRO MINISKIRT and a TIGHT TOP with my WHITE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS - I'm not very good at tennis so I have to BEND OVER to pick up the balls often! Enjoy WATCHING ME PRACTICE! Watch the full video and loads more at my website
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Double PVC at Shopping Mall youtube
Sexy BRIGHT YELLOW PVC MINI SKIRT and Lilac PVC TOP with GLASS STYLE HIGH HEELS - And I am GOING SHOPPING ! Yes, it's a nice day and I am going into town to look around the MALL. Watch me walk towards the MALL, turning lots of heads as I do so. Then, using my secret camera I walk through the mall and take a look around. Then I decide to get a milkshake before leaving. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT, DO YOU? Watch the FULL video at my website
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Red PVC in Cool Spain - Thigh Boots & Vinyl
It's a cool evening in Spain. Wearing SHINY RED THIGH LENGTH BOOTS and a matching RED VINYL MAC with contrasting GLOSSY YELLOW MINI SKIRT I am watching the Sun set over the sea. Then I will be heading into town for DINNER. Watch me CLIMB STEPS then negotiate a SLOPE in my HIGH HEELS before walking along the SEAFRONT past MANY PEOPLE, across a BUSY ROAD and through the MAIN STRIP of the RESORT in my SEXY OUTFIT! Would you like to have DINNER with me dressed like this? Visit my website for the FULL video
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4th July Independence Day in Latex & Boots
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ! I am GOING OUT tonight for 4th July and am trying to decide WHAT TO WEAR! I am DEFINATELY wearing my LATEX DRESS with the stars and stripes design. Now should I wear RED , WHITE OR BLUE THIGH HIGH BOOTS ? I will try each pair of boots on to see which pair I prefer to wear tonight.
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Walking in Leather Skirt and Taking off Stilettos.
This is a video from my holiday on a lovely Spanish Island last year. I was WALKING down the street in my LEATHER MINI SKIRT and CLEAR PLATFORM STRIPPER HEELS, then I stopped, REMOVE my STILETTOS and MASSAGE MY FEET then WALK on the BEACH BAREFOOT - Get a great VIEW of MY BAREFEET and HIGH HEELS in this video. Watch the FULL video at my website.
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My New Neighbour Pt4
When I awoke again, I was TIED UP IN THE KITCHEN - BLINDFOLDED AND HANDS BOUND - Someone came over and started to TOUCH MY LATEX CATSUIT and ITALIAN LEATHER THIGH LENGTH BOOTS - Then he handed me a knife and left. I quickly cut the ties and ESCAPED through the door. Then I woke up. Was it a DREAM? Was it a NIGHTMARE? Wait, what is this under my pillow? This is the last part of this 4 part series Watch the FULL video and many more on my website
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Visiting Texas in Red Thigh Boots & Micro Skirt
I've just visted TEXAS USA - This is the first video. I visited a great little town called Gruene and shocked people in my TINY DENIM MICRO MINISKIRT and GLOSSY RED THIGH LENGTH BOOTS . Watch as I walk around this old fashioned town in my BUM SKIMMING SKIRT and LONG SHINY BOOTS. Even the DJ in the famous Dance and Music Hall can't believe what he is seeing! Watch all my videos at my website
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Chantal   Sexy Leather & Boots at Cambridge University youtube
I'm at the FAMOUS CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY today in my LEATHER OUTFIT. I decided to take a visit to this famous BRITISH UNIVERSITY and it was a little cold so I dressed warmly in my GORGEOUS MISS SIXTY LEATHER PANTS and 100% REAL LEATHER RED PATENT BURBERRY JACKET and ITALIAN PATENT LEATHER KNEE LENGTH BOOTS. Watch as I walk past loads of people in one of my MOST PUBLIC VIDEOS YET as I wander in my SHINY JACKET and 6 INCH HEELS through one of ENGLAND 'S MOST HIGH CLASS AND POSH INSTITUTIONS - I LOVED making this video and I am sure you will LOVE WATCHING IT! Watch the FULL video at my website
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Secretary Picks Up Client in Thigh Boots
It was a normal day at the OFFICE. I was working on my PC, My BOSS LOVES LEATHER & BOOTS so I sometimes wear A LEATHER SKIRT and OVERKNEE BOOTS. I did some filing and my boss seems to like me BENDING OVER. Later in the day my boss asked me to collect a VERY IMPORTANT CLIENT. He must impress this business contact so asked me to collect him in a hot outfit. Hmmm, time to get changed. He wants me to dress in TIGHT DENIM JEANS with REAL LEATHER THIGH LENGTH BOOTS and ELBOW LENGTH GLOVES so I dressed up and jumped in the car. You'll watch me in my THIGH BOOTS as I pump the pedals and change gear in my LONG LEATHER OPERA GLOVES as I race to the airport car park. Filmed POV, I have arrived to collect you, my boss' VIP CLIENT from the airport. Once I am there DRESSED IN TIGHT JEANS AND THIGH LENGTH BOOTS with LONG LEATHER ELBOW GLOVES we WALK to my car and YOU KEEP LOOKING AT MY BOOBS. It's a few minutes drive to the office and every time I put my hands on the gear stick, you put YOUR HANDS ON MY LEATHER GLOVES, then when I reject your advances you put YOUR HAND ON MY LEGS and LEATHER THIGH BOOTS. However, I have to be nice to you, you're MY BOSS' VIP CLIENT. I have finished work and I'm just arrived home. What a tiring day, My Boss wanted me to collect the VIP client in my TIGHT JEANS with THIGH BOOTS and LEATHER ELBOW GLOVES but the client couldn't stop LOOKING AT ME and trying to TOUCH ME. Anyway, I am home now, I might just lie on the bed for a few minutes..... - This a short clip from the whole video which is available on my website.
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I'm on VACATION in SPAIN and Its early evening - Im heading out to watch a show. While other people are wearing shorts and trainers in this heat, I AM DRESSING SEXY ! I have my TINY DENIM MICRO MINI SKIRT and LEATHER CORSET on with my AMAZING 1969 RED SOLE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS and I FEEL GREAT ! Watch me as I casually walk up the beachside path, go into a STORE to buy a drink and then head to the show venue.
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Venice in Latex & Thigh Boots
No trip to VENICE in ITALY is complete without visiting the FAMOUS RIALTO BRIDGE. It was a foggy morning when I took a walk there and my TIGHT LATEX RUBBER LEGGINGS with SHINY PATENT REAL LEATHER JACKET and AMAZING WHITE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS were really causing a stir with the locals and tourists here who watch me climbing and decending steps and walking around. Do you like my LEATHER GLOVES too? I JUST LOVE TURNING HEADS AROUND THE WORLD with my FETISH CLOTHING and SIX INCH HEELS. Watch the FULL video at my website
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My New Neighbour Pt3
Part 3 of my series. Eventually I woke up, although I felt dizzy and I decided I needed to LEAVE QUICKLY BEFORE I GET SEEN. Zipping up my LATEX CATSUIT I carefully walk downstairs in my LEATHER THIGH LENGTH BOOTS and make my way through the house. Noticing an antique bracelet on the table I get to the door before A HAND GRABBED ME AND PULLED ME BACK INSIDE and LANDING ON THE FLOOR IN A HEAP! Watch the FULL video and many more on my website.
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Crushing Nuts in Latex & Thigh High Boots
I'm wearing BRAND NEW SHINY PVC THIGH BOOTS and a fabulous LATEX TOP and RUBBER MICRO MINI SKIRT - Watch me as I discuss CRUSHING NUTS - YES, PEANUTS ! The bag is tough to open so I have to put it on the floor and SMASH it open with my HEELS - Then, after emptying the contents on the floor I systematically CRUSH THOSE NUTS with my HIGH HEELS - Be careful though, I might KICK AND SMASH YOUR NUTS next time. Caution: May contain Nuts. Watch the FULL video on my website
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Walking in Tight Leather Pants in Paris France
Last Summer I took a HOLIDAY in PARIS in FRANCE - It's a beautful city and I visted the Eiffel Tower in MY MISS SIXTY BROWN LEATHER TROUSERS with BLACK LEATHER VEST and 6 INCH HIGH HEELS . Watch as I walk around this BUSY TOURIST location in my TIGHT LEATHER PANTS. Watch this FULL clip and all my others at my website.
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Dancing Cowgirl in Leather & Thigh Boots
I'm wearing my favourite SHINY BLUE THIGH LENGTH BOOTS , a SEXY MICRO MINI SKIRT which doesn't quite cover MY BUM and a GORGEOUS LEATHER FRINGE JACKET today for this video. For the first couple of minutes I am sitting on a bench ENJOYING MY BOOTS and FEELING them, CROSSING MY LEGS SEVERAL TIMES. Then I DANCE to some LATIN MUSIC - I LOVE DANCING LIKE THIS! I LOVE THE OUTFIT and this entire clip!
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Dancing in Tight Leather Trousers in the Kitchen
Wow, you caught me clearing up the kitchen in my MISS SIXTY TIGHT LEATHER PANTS dancing to classic songs on my iPod. As the MUSIC plays you can watch me move my BUM and HIPS to the tunes. You'll see me DANCING to "River Deep Mountain High" and "Rock Around the Clock" - Want to see more of me dancing? This FULL video and many more are available on my website
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