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My Christopher Walken impressions
Here's two of my quick impressions of Christopher Walken. For more of my impressions or to just get in touch with me my e-mail is: [email protected]
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Jay Mohr loved my call!
My "call of the day" on Jay Mohr's radio show back in 2010!
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Chris's "Running Man Challenge" 5-28-16
I'm proving that even as an older man that I still got some moves left from my hip hop days!
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Journey Lip Syncing
Me lip syncing "send her my love" by one of my favorite bands.
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1948 Sports Parity
My impression and parity of a corny over the top sports broadcast from 1948.
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Middle aged dude still has rap skills!
Even though I'm a 50 year old white dude I still haven't forgot my rapping skills from my youth.
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Lee Roy Selmon tribute
The Tampa Bay area & the world lost a great man on Sept. 4th, 2011 when Lee Roy Selmon passed away at age 56 from a stroke, and this is my personal tribute to this great man and hall of fame player.
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Be the thunder Tampa Bay!
Driving home through a bad storm trying to see the Lightning Stanley Cup game in 2015!
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Lip syncing to the song "No one"
I am a huge fan of Marc Anthony and this is one of my favorite songs of his, and I only "wish" I could really sing like him.
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"Can you smell what The Rock is cookin!" (Great impression of The Rock!!)
Big fan of The Rock Dwayne Johnson and do a great impression of him!
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Obama bathroom spoof
My impression of the President after just using the bathroom(p.s. I voted for him both times so this was meant for humor purposes only) For more impressions by me I can be contacted by e-mail at: [email protected]
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A quick clip of Obama's trip to Cuba
A little spoof done by me about President Obama's recent trip to Cuba.
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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay "Howl O Scream" 2015
Had a great time at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for Halloween night 2015 and filmed part of it!
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Al Pacino in the bathroom impression!
Here's a quick impression I did of Al Pacino about to use the bathroom. For more impressions by me please contact my e-mail address: [email protected]
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Full Moon Imagery/Photo Art Images
I am an up and coming photo artist from the Tampa Bay area who has created some unique photo art pieces available for framing, so please enjoy some of my latest work!
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Cirque Du Soleil magic mug!
Bought this mug at the Cirque Du Soleil "Volta" show and found out it had a little magic to it! Money well spent in my opinion!
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Hurricane Irma fully arrives at my condos 9-10-17!!
Although risky, I decided to try and film Hurricane Irma arriving full blast at my condominiums in Odessa, Fl Sunday night!
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No Rain - Lip Sync
Lip syncing to one of my all time favorite songs - "No rain" by Blind Melon.
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Great Godfather Impression!
Huge Godfather fan and I've always been able to do a great Vito Corleone!
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