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How To Play Jeopardy Like a Boss
Jeopardy contestant shows us how to play Jeopardy like a boss, the other players probably felt owned by his lead. http://www.wastehours.com/how-to-play-jeopardy-like-a-boss/
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Epic Bud Light Commercial
A funny and creative Bud Light clothing drive commercial. http://www.wastehours.com/epic-bud-light-commercial/
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Extremely Cheap New York Woman
This New York woman who seems to either be a extreme cheapskate or is very financially limited does not use toilet paper and rarely does laundry just to save a few extra dollars. http://www.wastehours.com/extremely-cheap-woman/
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Epic Beatboxing Street Performer
Street performers have progressed these days and you can find all kind of talented artists on the streets. Here is an epic beatboxer. http://www.wastehours.com/beatboxing-street-performer/
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Korean Dance Team Performing At All Boy School
An all boy school receives a hot performance from the Korean Dance Team, watch as the guys go all crazy as their minds get blown away. http://www.wastehours.com/korean-dance-team-performing-at-all-boy-school/
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Vote Obama Style a Gangnam Style Parody by A.P.T
Funny Gangnam style spoof made by a Barack Obama fan (by A.P.T) since the 2012 election is coming soon! Very creative idea in my opinion, Vote Obama Style! http://www.wastehours.com/vote-obama-style-another-gangnam-style-spoof/ Get this song, Now on iTunes - http://bit.ly/PKrC57 From the original Gangnam Style that went viral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0
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Korean Dance Team Dance To Gangnam Style
The hot Korean Dance Team teaches you how to dance to the viral Gangnam style dance by PSY that everybody is talking about. http://www.wastehours.com/korean-dance-team/ Dancing to the original Gangnam Style that went viral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0
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Rottweiler Almost Mauls Child
Cell phone footage of a Rottweiler almost mauling a child, it was a close one for this kid who escaped injuries from this 90lbs beast. http://www.wastehours.com/vicious-rottweiler-almost-mauls-child/
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Rolling Kick Takes Fighter by Surprise
The opposing MMA fighter sure was not expecting this rolling kick which took him by surprise and left him clueless. http://www.wastehours.com/rolling-kick-takes-fighter-by-surprise/
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Wasted Smack Talker Gets Knocked Out
Talking all that smack when you are drunk isn't such a good idea especially around men with their big pride and egos.
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South Carolina Thug Punches His Public Defender In Court
After getting sentenced 15 Years in jail this South Carolina thug sucker punches his public defender in court. http://www.wastehours.com/thug-punches-his-public-defender-in-court/
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The Oregon Duck - Gangnam Style Parody
Students from University of Oregon collaborated with one another to make a Gangnam Style parody! One of the best Gangnam Style remakes I've seen yet involving their school mascot, the duck. Gangnam Style gone viral! http://www.wastehours.com/gangnam-style-parody-by-oregon-state-university/ From the original Gangnam Style that went viral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0
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Funny News Bloopers of 2012
With news stations feeding us our daily news, they can still make many mistakes. Here are the news bloopers of 2012 that have been caught on video. http://www.wastehours.com/news-bloopers-of-2012/
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Elephant Poo Delivery
Elephant seems to not like being photographed so he throws his own poo at a man. http://www.wastehours.com/elephant-poo-delivery/
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Mario Kart in Real Life
A man dress up as Mario and uses a real go-kart to replay Mario Kart in real life! He even throws real banana peels on road from oncoming traffic. http://www.wastehours.com/real-life-mario-kart/ Play Mario Cart 3D: http://www.killhours.com/games/349/mario-cart-3d.html
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Leopard Kill Caught On Camera
Amazing leopard kill caught on camera, the leopard stealthily blends into the surrounding and waits for his prey.
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Mario Kart 2 in Real Life
This guy is back at it again as Mario, another real life race of Mario Kart. Watch as he drives his go-kart in public places in the city and causes mayhem. http://www.wastehours.com/real-life-mario-kart-2/ Play Mario Cart 3D: http://www.killhours.com/games/349/mario-cart-3d.html
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Mists of Pandaria Game Trailer
World of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer, the release of Mists of Pandaria on September 25th, 2012! For all you gamers, this is a must! Get Your Early Mists of Pandaria Guide: http://www.mistsofpandariahacks.com/new-warcraft-guide/ Mists of Pandaria Talents: http://www.mistsofpandariatalent.com/races-and-talent-trees-in-mists-of-pandaria/
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