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Denise Huxtable's ode to valuing your parents.
I saw this episode of the Cosby Show and had to praise this moment when I have the time to, because it reminds me of me and my mum and dad. They are my rock. There is no one else like them that care for my best interest..... except my sister ^_^ I love them all so much! hearts&happiness
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Berlin 2010 Field Trip -  A. City. Divided.
Fooling around in Berlin - Architecture Students on the prowl :) I filmed this in Berlin. Awesome trip was awesome. UBAHN!
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The Decemberists - Down by the Water
Filmed at Lewiston New York, The Decemberisst did their last tour before their sabbatical in 2011 and despite Colin having trouble with his voice and Jenny not being there due to recovering from cancer it was awesome! First time seeing them in America and totally hoping it won't be the last!!!
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Bay of Islands - Dolphins
More Dolphins at the shore of Russell, New Zealand. Awesome experience. Houses on private islands? pffft? the dolphins were a hundred times more interesting. :)
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Bay of Islands - New Zealand
I went Swimming with Dolphins in a town called 'Russell' in New Zealand's Summer of November 2011 and it was AWESOME. This is a little snippet of what I could record with my own camera. :)
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Down the Streets of New Orleans
I took this in my opinion one of the USA's most amazing cities - New Orleans. A part from New York City, San Francisco and Seattle. It's my favourite city in the USA!
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My First Tattoo
I decided to get the Celtic symbol famously promoted on the show 'Charmed' as my first tattoo. The symbol 'Triquetra' represents the stages of a female in Neopaganism - The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone.
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Me, Bungy Jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand :D
Felt like a geek and wanted to upload this moment with the most appropriate song.
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Beirut - The Canals of Our City
I am obsessed with Zach Condon and his trumpet. FYI. I recorded this during a summer festival in My hometown - Londooooooon!!!
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